Felt Like a Virgin Again

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My visits to the strip club became less frequent because of work, which meant I saw less of Ben. I hadn’t been back to his house since I took his huge cock in my mouth.

One Friday I decided to go to the club one last time to see Ben. I wore my old bosses favorite dress with a firm bra to work with my sexiest panties. I carried my sexy half bra with me to change into before I got to the club.

As the day went by all I could think about was seeing Ben’s large member again, feeling myself getting wet, wondering if I could take it into my pussy.

I drove to the club and changed bras in the parking lot. Little did I know I was being watched. He walked by as I was putting on my sexy bra, waved and smiled, much to my delight, as he was good looking with a nice smile. My biggest weakness is a nice smile as that says a lot. He went into the bar where I was meeting Ben.

I entered and walked back to Ben’s corner table. I ordered a drink and put my hands on the table. Ben reached out to hold my hand and I took it and placed it on my tit, just as I had before. He smiled a big smile as he pinched my nipple through my dress. Almost as if he knew what the night was to bring.

The waitress brought my drink and I asked Ben if he wanted to take me across the street when I finished kızılay escort it. His face lit up as said “hell yes.”

Just then I noticed a figure standing beside me. I looked up to see the guy who I unknowingly flashed my tits to. Ben said “Cindy, this is my friend John, we go back to when I owned this place, he was just a kid then.” I told Ben that we had sorta already met. John stayed a few minutes talking to us then left for the bar area. He seemed quite nice I said to Ben. Ben asked how we sorta met. I explained I was changing my bra from work to pleasure in my car and he walked by, smiling at me.

Lucky John was Ben’s reply. He continued, “John used to clean the bar for me when he was just a teenager. He’s a really nice guy. Got divorced a few months ago, wasn’t pretty.”

We talked as I finished my drink, then out of the blue. Ben asked If I would mind if he asked John to join us. If you read my previous stories, you would know It wouldn’t be the first time I was with two men. And he had already seen my tits. I agreed, saying, “If you’d like that.”

Ben left to talk to John and John looked at me with a large smile on his face. I knew what his answer was! John came back to the table with Ben and asked, “Are you maltepe escort sure you want me to come over with you?”

I love your smile, and we headed across the street.

It didn’t take long for John to come up behind me and cup my breasts, saying, “I wondered what these would feel like.”

John proceeded to strip me as Ben watched while rubbing his cock. Soon I was naked and John took his clothes off. I watched as his cock came out, standing straight out, about 6 inches, not nearly as big around as Ben.

We embraced, our naked bodies pressed against each other, his cock finding it’s way between my legs, rubbing against my pussy. John pushed me down and I dropped to my knees and took this stranger’s cock in my mouth, licking and kissing his shaft and sucking on his balls. I could take his whole cock in my mouth easily, not like Ben’s huge monster.

John pushed his cock hard in and out of my mouth, running it across my lips as I sucked him off. He began to quiver and I knew he would soon unload his man hood into my waiting mouth. He let out a loud groan as his cock emptied while I swallowed without losing a drop of his nectar.

John gathered himself and thanked me as he took his leave.

After John mamak escort left I took Ben’s hand and led him to his bed. He stripped and his cock was at full attention. Ben laid on his back while I straddled him as he fondled my tits. I rubbed my pussy on his waiting cock then licked his head trying to lubricate him as much as I could before lowering my very wet pussy on him. He reached over to his nightstand and had a tube of lubricant, applying it liberally to his cock.

I was able to get the head of his cock into my pussy but his girth made it seem impossible to take his full length. I worked my pussy, impaling myself on him until I could feel him starting to spread me enough to fuck his gorgeous cock. It felt like my first time fucking all over again, only this hurt more. I finally decided I just needed to force my pussy on him and pushed down hard taking him in me as he thrust upward to meet me. It hurt like hell but also felt so good.

We fucked slowly, working myself up and down his shaft. I felt I could go harder and told Ben I wanted him on top. We rolled over, making sure his cock stayed in me.

He worked my pussy, pumping his cock in and out. I couldn’t believe I was actually able to take his huge member into me. As he pumped my pussy I felt my orgasm building inside me. I came hard almost screaming with pleasure. Ben let out a sigh and I could feel his hot cum flowing into me.

Ben collapsed on me and we laid there, enjoying our love making.

We got up and showered together, touching and enjoying each others body.

I dressed and left, not sure whether we would see each other again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32