First Step to Love is Friendship

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Jess and I walked into the club and quickly spotted our group. I had recently met Jess in class and wanted her to meet my friends. I was a junior in college and I loved it. I had turned 21 just the summer before and junior year was shaping up to be the best ever.

I waved and walked over to the table to take a seat next to my best friend Colin and his new girlfriend Sarah. I introduced Jess to everyone and she was taken out onto the dance floor by Colin. I was left sitting next to Sarah. I felt pretty uncomfortable because Sarah had always been quite frosty to me for some unknown reason. She was insanely jealous and she never let Colin go out alone if there were going to be girls anywhere within a 100 mile radius.

As a result, I was a bit frosty myself because Colin was my best friend and I didn’t see him as often as I used to. I had grown up with him living two houses down and I was used to him always being there. I didn’t say anything to him though because he didn’t have lots of girlfriends. He was kind of quiet, but if you get to know him, you realize that he’s got a killer sense of humor and he’s not obnoxious about it.

I was relieved from my uncomfortable silence by my other friend Jason who invited me to the dance floor. We danced a couple of songs before he saw a girl looking at him and asked if it was ok if he could ditch me to go talk to her. I agreed since I was a little tired anyway. I made my way back to the table to find Jess.

“Where’s Colin and Sarah?” I asked after noticing their absence.

“When he brought me back, that girl was glaring at him and he took her out to dance.” she replied. “I think he deserves better than her, he’s really cute!”

I laughed “I bet that better person is you huh?”

It felt weird when anyone said that Colin was attractive. I had grown up with him; went through all years of school and we were now in college together. I suppose he was handsome. He was 6’2” and had thick jet black hair and dark green brooding eyes. He looked much older than he was because of his defined jaw line, lean physique and stoic nature. He had also worked on a construction crew for the past few years and he had grown muscles to match his great personality.

The night went by without much incident. I danced with a few more guys, pendik escort though none that were too interesting. Sarah clung to Colin like a barnacle and didn’t even let me talk to him. Jess and I finally decided to leave and I said goodbye to everyone and told Jason to say bye to Colin and Sarah for me as she had dragged him to the dance floor some time prior. I drove her to her apartment and we talked for a while before I started home. Upon reaching my house, I realized that Colin’s car was parked in the street. I was confused as to why he would be here so late. I walked into the house and found him in the living room. I had told him where the key was a long time ago for nights when his roommates were loud or if he didn’t want to drive home from a party. He looked away from the TV and over at me.

“What are you doing here?” I asked. He turned his head away.

” I uh… I broke up with Sarah tonight.” he looked back up at me.

“What? Why?” I went over and sat next to him to put my arm over his shoulder.

“She got mad at me after you left for dancing with your friend. Then she accused me of cheating on her, so I… we…” he gave up and trailed off with a vague hand gesture and shook his head.

“Oh Colin, if she thought that of you, then she doesn’t know you at all and your better off without her.” I put my other arm around him and hugged him tight with my head resting on his shoulder. His hands came up to run along my arm. He suddenly gripped my wrist.

“You don’t know me as well as you think.” he spoke softly and lowered his eyes.

I picked my head up and looked at him. “What are you talking about? I know you better than anyone.”

He turned and looked me directly in the eye and asked “What if I told you that Sarah was right? At least in part.” I drew my brows together but he stopped me before I could voice my question. ” I don’t sleep with other women, but there is one girl who I…” he seemed at a loss for words.

Without warning, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me into a fierce kiss. I was so surprised that I didn’t protest. When he pulled away, he saw my shocked face, but also saw the lust in my eyes. I wanted him. I had never realized, but the lust had always been there. I now realized why all of my relationships never pendik escort lasted. What I really wanted was right in front of me.

That is why I let him push me down onto my back and kiss me again. This time slowly, carefully, and deeply. Just how he does everything. My arms encircled him and clutched at his back while his hands explored my body, this he did hungrily and almost impatiently as though he had waited too long to do what he was now preparing to do and he could wait no longer.

His hand ran up under my shirt to pass over my taught belly. My body shuddered as his fingertips found my breast. My nipples hardened and puckered under his skilled attentions. My hands too found their way under his shirt in order to luxuriate in the feeling of his already sweaty frame as his muscles that knotted and rolled under his smooth skin.

He pulled back slightly and murmured ” No, I want to do this right.” he rolled to his feet and swung me up into his arms. He carried me to my small bedroom and laid me onto my bed. The bed was large, but taken up by an excess of bedding. Giant afghans, fluffy comforters and a slightly ratty quilt that my grandmother had made for me when I was an infant. I never really made my bed, I just made a sort of nest for myself to curl up in. I then found myself surrounded by fluffy mountains on all sides, and before me I saw Colin lift his shirt over his head revealing his broad chest and toned arms leaving him in his stylish jeans barely clinging to his trim hips.

He then swooped in over my body and caught the bottom of my shirt with his nose in order to plant some very stimulating kisses along my stomach and removed my shirt in this passionate fashion. We lay there with our bare torsos pressed against each other. I could also feel his readiness pressing against my hip. My hands slid down his spine to slide beneath the waistband of his jeans to clasp his buttocks and pull his hips hard against my own. I had always been a little dominating, and it felt like the time I should take control.

I nipped his neck and growled in his ear, “I want you in me. I want you in deep and strong.” he grinned and ran his palms down my body to meet my raised hips in order to remove my jeans. His jeans soon followed revealing his considerably pendik escort well-endowed package. I had seen his cock on a few occasions, like the time I accidentally walked up on him pissing in the woods, and the time that we and some friends had gone skinny dipping, but never when it was hard and throbbing, and I had never really considered the size that it would erect to be.

He was again over me and I spread my legs as far as they would stretch. I flung my head back as his cock came to rest at the straining opening of my cunt.

“Fuck me Colin. Fuck me deep and hard. Do it. Do it now.” He thrust and I was consumed by the feeling of completion that I felt, as though our bodies had been made to fit each other. He seemed to fill me up and still have length to spare. He thrust with strong deliberate strokes. His breath began hissing in through his teeth and out with an intent “HAH.” I loved the way that he took so much pleasure in making love to me.

I let one of my hands slide from his body in order to slip between the mattress and retrieve my small vibrator. I flicked it on to the highest setting and slid it down my own body in order to touch it to the base of his rod and he gasped as his eyes flung open. He grinned as he lowered his head to taste my body once more. His pelvic trusts seemed to be independent from the rest of his body as he explored mine.

The movement of his muscles felt so good under my roving fingers. The long thrusts and my own efforts with the vibrator soon had my insides roiling and my knees drew up as my toes literally curled in and I was taken into the ecstasy of my first climax brought on by my best friend.

As I breathlessly cried out with my own release, Colin’s body arched back and he choked out his own cry of ecstasy and I felt his cock spasmed and he shot loads of cum deep inside me. He then collapsed in a heaving weight atop my own sweaty body. Little sounds still escaped my throat with every breath. When we had somewhat caught our breath, we repositioned ourselves so that we lay on our sides with me wrapped tightly in his arms. In this way, we fell asleep.

I had never been with anyone who I trusted so completely. Who I felt that I could truly let go and just enjoy my time with him. I didn’t have to worry if I was good enough because I knew that he loved me for me. He knew the good, the bad, and the “that-time-of-the-month.” I didn’t know what was going to happen the next day, but I knew that what we had done was too right to be regretted and I would always love Colin the same way I always had.

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