Friendly Fantasy

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At times it seems I had wanted her forever. The time we had spent together as lovers had been fantastic, once I’d gotten over my shyness and realized she really truly wanted to “experiment”. But I was stupid and fell in love with her and she fell in love with him. C’est la vie?

So they got married and I got to spend nights in frustration, just me and my favorite neon blue vibrating friend. Needless to say, I was pretty shocked when less then a year later, they came to me with their idea. A threesome, with what I considered to be two of the fucking sexiest people I’d ever met in my life? Who would say no? Who could possibly resist!?!

Well, evidently, me. Did I mention I was stupid? I hemmed and hawed and worried about the consequences, the implications and frankly, the idea that I was either going to ruin their marriage, or get my heart broken, again. I wasn’t a casual sex kind of person, it just wasn’t me. But they teased and taunted and flirted and I slowly went mad.

It really was inevitable, when you think about it. I mean, you can’t have that kind of sexual chemistry with someone, much less two people, that much sexual tension, and not act on it. As every good TV series tells you, SOMEDAY, that couple WILL kiss. In this case, that threesome was simply destiny. It was all about getting past my own stupid inhibitions.

So they knocked them over with a wrecking ball…

If my brain hadn’t been put on idle due to hormones, I might have noticed something was up that night. The baby was already in bed, and the lighting was scarce. Some action flick was on the DVD player, little plot, lots of eye candy. The drinks were flowing and I never bothered to notice I was doing most of the drinking. By now, I was almost “used” to the flirting and suggestive innuendos, although it was getting harder and harder to laugh them off. So I probably didn’t notice how much more implicit they were this evening. I definitely didn’t notice when I got sandwiched between the two of them on the couch. Ok, maybe I did, but maybe, between the booze and my own heightened desire, I really didn’t care. So when his hand ended up on my thigh, his fingers idly stroking, and the back of her hand began to slowly brush against my breast, I just kept drinking, my eyes glued to the TV, my brain moving in circles at a 150 mph and going nowhere. When his hand moved farther up my thigh, his fingers brushed against my neck, I stifled a moan, although I couldn’t help the shiver. When her lips brushed şişli escort against my earlobe and cupped my breast, I drew in a deep, hard pant of air…

And shot off that couch like there was a firecracker in my back pocket..”Be right back, uh gotta go to the bathroom, I’ll uh, yah.”

Poof, I disappeared, darting into the bathroom, hearing her giggle. I shut the door and stared at my reflection in the mirror. Why me? I wasn’t pretty, I wasn’t sexy, I wasn’t even remotely attractive. Sure I had a nice smile, pretty eyes and sense of humor, but who ever wanted to fuck someone for their eyes and sense of humor? Yet it sure as hell looked that way. My mind tried frantically to work, but my nipples were hard, my pussy was already wet, and frankly, the brain was no longer in control. ‘I can deal with this’ I thought. ‘Damn teases, I can control this’ I chanted to myself. Who the fuck was I kidding?

After about 10 minutes of pep talking to myself, I stepped back out, only to hear her call out, “We moved in here to watch TV.” I looked down the hall. The bedroom. Of fucking course.

Now keep in mind, if I really didn’t want this, I could leave. I could say it was late, I was tired, I needed sleep, whatever, and walk out the door, no harm, no foul, like I had so many nights before. But I didn’t. I knew what I was doing, in the back of my mind, when I walked down that hall. But I sure as hell wasn’t going to admit it to myself anytime soon.

So, I walked down the hall, and joined the pile on the bed, ending up with my head on his tummy, and hers on mine, watching the flickering blue light of The Tonight Show. As nothing happened I relaxed. As we idly talked and bullshitted, the tension left my body and the alcohol left me with a heavy, sensuous lazy feeling, that soon had me dozing. I felt movement, but it didn’t seem to affect me much and I drifted. Until I felt the cool air blowing across my chest and my eyes popped open.

“What the fuck?” were the immediate words out of my mouth, followed by “what the hell is going on?” Did I mention I was pretty stupid? Because frankly, with my wrists tied to the headboard, my pants off and my t shirt up around my neck, if I didn’t know what was going on, well I had to be pretty drunk. She just grinned at me and quietly told me to shut the hell up, it was time I got what I wanted. I struggled briefly, trying to ignore the flare up arousal that being tied always gave me. I mean, I knew I was kinky, but her? I’d never mecidiyeköy escort thought of her as kinky, but fuck, was she out to prove me wrong. He sat on the other side of the bed, as naked as she was and I admit, I looked my fill of them both. My nipples tightened up again, seeing her sexy full breasts, his hard cock in the dim light and I bit my lower lip, letting out a stifled moan. She laughed and reached over to pinch a nipple, while he lowered his head to take the other one into his mouth, providing an instant jolt of sexual arousal to shoot through my body. If at anytime I had thoughts of getting out of it, in that moment, when they actually touched me, I was gone. I was theirs, and nothing was going to change that now, not even me.

We had joked and laughed about my being their sex slave, tied to their bed for their whims. I had loved the idea secretly, but had no idea.. well you know how it is. You never think someone can be as dirty as you are. Ok, maybe YOU do, but I don’t. It looked like I was going to get my wish.. I arched my back as she bent over, both of them now sucking and licking and kissing my nipples, their hands caressing over my body, stroking my thighs, gently pulling them apart. I let out a gasp as one, then the other bit my sensitive nips, my back arching again and shuddering from the arousal of the slight pain. Fingers began stroking my inner thighs, I couldn’t keep track of whose fingers were where, only that they felt so good. He moved to begin licking and kissing both my breasts, tugging and squeezing them as she moved to kiss me, deep, langorous kisses that melted me. She sucked and bit at my tongue, while he nipped and suckled my tits and I was in fucking heaven. I tugged on my restraints, but I was tied good, and as frustrating as it now was, when I most wanted to touch, damn it felt good to feel helpless, at their mercy. My legs spread of their own volition now, my body on fire, eager and willing. I felt his fingers slide inside my moist lips, blushing as he moaned..

“My god, she’s so fucking wet” he growled. I moaned and pushed my hips against his fingers, shamelessly wanting more. She lifted her head to laugh softly. “Told you she was a hot bitch.” She turned to me, and stroked my cheek, smiling..”Aren’t you, baby? Are you our hot bitch now?” I moaned and nodded, my eyes begging her for more of her kisses, more of his touches, just more. I felt him shift, his mouth back on my breast, his fingers still playing with my pussy, then pulling out to tease and tug on my clit. He moved his hips forward and I could feel the tip of his shaft against my lips. I moaned frantically, grinding my hips forward, and she reached to ruthlessly pinch one of my nipples..

“Shhhh, baby, you’ll get it.. you’ll get it all, just like we like it, like you need it. I told you we wanted you, but you wouldn’t believe me. Now I guess you know for sure don’t you..” I closed my eyes, almost wanting to cry for all the wasted nights, when I could have had this, been this, felt this. She shifted again, and next thing I knew, she was swinging her leg over my head and straddling my face, presenting me with the intoxicating sight of her pussy, glistening with excitement. I eagerly lapped up, flicking her lips with my tongue and she moaned softly. “Yes, such a good girl” She moaned and lowered herself onto my face, allowing me to lick and suck and nibble against her pussy, finding her clit with my tongue, flicking it and sucking eagerly on her juices. Then at the same time, I felt him grip my hips and slide his cock inside my waiting cunt.

Oh fuck, the feeling was indescribable. My two best friends, fucking me, using me in the very best, most erotic and arousing way to be used, and wanting it, needing it desperately, knowing that now that I’d gone this far, I’d never hesitate again. His cock, full and hard and thrusting inside me, filling me up, over and over. Her pussy, sweet and juicy against my face as I licked and sucked and worshiped her as she ground against my face, both their moans music to my ears as they fucked me..

I writhed beneath them, my hips grinding and bucking against his thrusting cock, squeezing my pussy tight around his length, feeling him so hot and hard inside. My tongue licking and flicking frantically against her, first her clit, then thrusting into her pussy, coaxing her juices into my mouth. I felt her shudder and opened my mouth wide to receive the rush of juices as she came hard, grinding and jerking, moaning my name.. As she rolled off panting, turning to curl up against my side, I felt him grip my tits, really starting to pound me, the sight of his wife getting off on my tongue making him even harder inside my cunt. I grunted and pushed against him, licking my lips, tasting her on my lips, and he leaned down to kiss me, tasting her as well..I felt him shudder and growl then, his own orgasm triggering mine as I came, the whole sensation, the whole experience taking me to the ultimate sensation. As we lay panting together in the aftermath, curled up around the two of them, she grinned at me and said.. “So when do I get to tell you I told you so?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32