Fucked by My Hubby’s Friends Ch. 05

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Hi guys, Nina here!

Up until now I’ve managed to keep my husband in the dark about this entire situation, however, certain events have transpired over the last few days that have made this all come to light. My original draft of part 5 was focused on one of my sexual adventures from the past, however, I have decided to jump ahead to the present to discuss what is happening with us currently.

My life has been pretty crazy ever since I got married, as I started to learn things about myself, my likes and dislikes and how far I would be willing to go. Once my husband allowed two of his friends to fuck me over a pact that they made years ago, I knew my life would never be the same. From his point of view, this was a one-time thing, a deed that would fulfill his obligation and would never be spoken of again.

But from my point of view, this was a major turning point. He didn’t account for how much I would actually enjoy the pounding his friends gave me, so much so, that I started to sneak behind his back to get gangbanged, went on a 5 day vacation to Mexico with his friends to have my pussy exploited and punished and continue to give them subsequent opportunities to fuck the living shit out of me in twos, threes and fours.

He knew it happened the first time because he arranged it to satisfy the pact, but he was completely oblivious to the monster he created in me and all the other poundings I took from his friends.

So far, you’ve met four of the boys: Ken, Alex, Jamal and of course, Rodney, whose approaches I simply couldn’t resist. There is also a fifth guy, Nick, who I had not had any sexual encounters with due to his long term relationship.

A few days ago, Nick messaged in our Whatsapp group chat which consists of the 5 guys (not including my husband) and me. He informed us that his girlfriend of two years broke things off with him. Nick was devastated and distraught and I wanted to do whatever I could to make it okay.

While the relationship between the guys and I may seem one dimensional and only sexual in nature, in truth we have developed a strong friendship and I genuinely care about them. I wanted to do whatever I could to help him, to make him feel good about himself again and to help him get his confidence back.

The boys and I held a group video call.

“Nick, I’m so sorry. Tell me what I can do for you.” I said.

Nick was sulking as he said, “Thanks, Nina. Honestly, there’s just nothing that can be done. I feel like I wasted my time, invested so much energy into this relationship, all for it to go up in smoke. I didn’t even have a choice in the matter.”

I couldn’t bear to see him this way. Nick was such a sweet guy, the nicest of all of my husband’s friends, and he didn’t deserve any of this. I pressed him further as I said, “Nick, don’t be like that. I know it’s tough right now, but you need to start moving towards some semblance of normalcy.”

Jamal interjected by suggested, “Nina, why don’t you go see him for a bit, give him a little pick-me-up. Nick, you don’t know what you’ve been missing out on, man!”

We all laughed, and Nick even gave a smile. “How ’bout I come see you, Nick. Just for a while,” I said. He agreed as we ended the call.

I started to think of excuses in my head that I could use to go see Nick. My regular excuse of ‘seeing the girls’ wouldn’t work amid the lockdown. I hadn’t left my house for a month. My husband and I had decided that only he would leave the house if we needed groceries or other essentials to minimize our exposure to the virus. I had asked him a few times over the past month if I could go out, even if it was to go to the store, just so I could see the outside world again, but he flat out refused.

He was taking the entire situation very seriously, as we all should be. I racked my brain but couldn’t think of a valid excuse that he would buy. I decided that the only way forward was to tell him what my real intentions were with Nick. I would need to be tactful and smart and only tease the subject to see how he reacts. Based on his reaction, I would either continue with my suggestion or abandon it right then and there. Surely he would understand. Nick is one of his best friends. He has to agree. Right?

Later that night while we were laying in bed, I broached the topic of Nick’s breakup. bursa escort My husband said, “Yeah, it’s a sucky situation. I feel terrible for the guy. He’s been through a lot with her.”

“Right?! He really has! I’m so upset. They were so good together. I just wish there was something we could do for him. I really, really wanna make sure that he’s okay.” I said.

“Yeah, but what can we really do? It’s just something he’s going to move on from. I just hate that we can’t even go see him. If it wasn’t for this lockdown, me and the boys would probably take him out for drinks, get him hammered…maybe a lap dance.” my husband replied laughing.

“Okay, I get that babe. But we can’t do that right now and he’s our friend; we can’t just let him be alone right now.”

“What did you have in mind?” he asked.

“I don’t know.” I said as I chose my next words carefully. “I just think that he needs a boost, something to make him feel good about himself, make him feel like a man again.”

“Okay…” my husband said as he studied me.

“I mean, it’s just a thought…” I felt my insides tightening and my body getting hot with fear and nervousness thinking about how my husband would react to my next words. “I was just thinking that maybe…I could do something for him. I mean…only if you…if you think it’s okay.”

He turned his body towards me. “Wait…are you saying what I think you’re saying. You want me to let my boy fuck you?”

“Well you already let two of ‘your boys’ fuck me and that wasn’t an issue for you, so how could you be completely against this? Why is it an issue now?” I replied as I found my voice getting louder. “Your so-called pact only called for Ken to do me, but you let Rodney have me too. You could have said no to him but you didn’t, because he’s your friend and you wanted to repay him. Nick is your friend too and he needs your help!” We argued for another 30 minutes, neither of us willing to listen to the other.

“Fuck it, I’m done with this conversation!” he yelled back as he left the bedroom to sleep on the couch. I buried my head in my pillow, face red with anger at my husband’s hypocrisy and inconsistency. I bet if Nick had asked him himself, then he wouldn’t have an issue with it! But it’s a problem because I’m asking? Fuck him!

I drifted off to sleep but was awoken in the middle of the night by my husband. He crawled back into bed and hugged me from behind, reaching his hands over my breasts and softly kissing my neck. “You really wanna do this?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said as I slowly opened my eyes, coming back to my senses. I felt his dick poking my ass as he started to rub my nipples. I turned towards him and started kissing him. “Do I see someone coming around to the idea?” I asked playfully.

“Well, it sounds kinda hot,” he said in between kisses. “As long as you promise to share all the details.”

“I promise,” I said as I pulled his pants down and started to suck his dick. My husband quietly moaned as the wetness from my mouth warmed and excited him. I jumped on top of him and lowered my pussy down to his cock. I rode him hard for a whole minute until he told me he was close. I jumped off his cock and started stroking him as he came all over my hands. I helped him get cleaned up as I said, “Love you, babe…and thank you. Goodnight.”

I sent a text in the group chat the morning after to tell Nick that I’m coming over in the evening. I started to get ready late afternoon, going through my ritual of getting ready, same as I always have. I showered, shaved my pussy to keep it fresh for Nick’s first time with me and did my hair and make up. I picked out a tight black full sleeve top and paired it with a black mini skater skirt that complemented my thighs. I decided that I didn’t need a thong as my skirt fit loosely enough that it probably wouldn’t ride up.

I did however wear one more thing. Over the past few months, I’ve started to experiment with toys to arouse me and to help stimulate my sex life with my husband. I especially got hooked on anal toys, butt plugs in particular, that I would occasionally wear in public. I applied lubricant in and around my asshole and pushed the plug up slowly and gently, wincing at the subtle jolts of pain and pleasure as I forced the plug further up inside me.

Once I was confident that it was all the bursa escort bayan way in and secure, I made my way downstairs to see my husband. He offered to drive me to Nick’s place because he didn’t want me to get exposed to germs in Uber cars. My husband complemented my outfit as I turned around, bent over and lifted my skirt to show him my butt plug. He pulled me close by the hips and bit my ass cheek playfully, slapping it as we started to walk towards the door.

We got to Nick’s place quickly with the lack of traffic in the city. I kissed my husband goodbye as he saw his wife walk towards another man’s house. My husband waited for me to go inside. Nick opened the door and my husband waved at him from the car as he said laughing “You owe me one!” Nick gave him a thumbs up as he proceeded to hug me and let me in.

I went inside and was pleasantly surprised to see that Nick had dinner on the table. “Oh Nick, you didn’t need to go through the trouble,” I said.

“That’s all right,” he replied. “I just ordered in. Hope you’re hungry!” We sat next to each as we talked and laughed at how crazy this entire situation was and how awkward he felt with my husband dropping me off to his place. His ex didn’t come up in conversation at all and I could tell that he was already feeling better. I had a couple glasses of wine with my dinner and took a third glass to the sofa where Nick joined me.

I adjusting my skirt, setting it so that it looked neat and proper. This felt like an actual date; he actually made the effort to clean his place, and have dinner and wine ready. He even looked and smelled good as we sat close together on the couch, my legs crossed and my body turned towards him. His ex clearly fucked up by leaving him. This guy is amazing.

We finished our wine as I squeezed closer towards him, the alcohol getting me nice and tipsy. He put his hands on my legs as I uncrossed them. I went closer towards him, moving my lips an inch from his as he proceeded to give me a few soft kisses. The kisses started to get longer and harder as our tongues wrestled. I got up off the couch and sat on top of him, my pussy resting on the bulge in his pants and my breasts aligned with his chest.

His hands reached up my skirt as he cupped my meaty ass cheeks, squeezing them hard. He continued to touch my ass, until he slid his hand between my cheeks to feel the butt plug. “Is that a…” he asked.

I cut him off as I said, “Yeah…”. We both smiled as he felt the plug and pushed it deeper into my hole. I moaned hysterically while continuing to bury my lips into his and grinding my pussy on his bulge. My wet pussy started to leak on to his pants. He took my top off to expose my hard, pointy nipples, lifted me, and put me on the couch. Nick got on his knees and pulled me closer to the edge of the couch as he spread my legs and put his mouth on my pussy.

He was gnawing at my pussy lips and biting my clit, driving me wild. I held him by his head and pulled his face into my pussy, burying it deep and suffocating him with the aroma of my tight fuck hole. He continued to lick me, moving his tongue up and down and sliding it inside. I was going mental, screaming in anguish as he rocked my world with his tongue.

We both took our clothes off as Nick laid down on his back on the couch. I went face down on his body, my face at his cock and my pussy directly positioned over his mouth. He continued to eat my pussy as I took his cock in my mouth. It was long, hard and thick and much bigger than my husband’s. I guess I married the shortest straw of the bunch. Oh well, at least his friends make up for it.

I sucked and slurped his cock, licking every area with my tongue, giving it the love and attention it needed. I could feel his cock pulsing like a heart every time I took it deep in my throat. I got up off of Nick and asked him to stand up as I got on my knees. I cupped his overflowing balls in my hand and put them in my mouth, sucking and rinsing each testicle, one at a time, slowly, carefully and methodically. This drove him crazy as he held my head and pulled me closer towards his balls.

“Get up,” he commanded. “I wanna see this legendary pussy that I’ve heard so much about.” I obeyed him like a good girl as he picked me up and put me on the sofa arm rest. He stood in front of me and I wrapped my legs escort bursa around him, aligning my pussy with his cock. He licked his hand and slapped my pussy hard. I squealed. He kept doing it, slapping and flicking my clit with his hand, punishing it for taking so long to present itself to him.

Nick breached my pussy gates with his long pole as I screamed in pleasure. He wasn’t playing around. He was angry at his situation and his ex and wanted to let off steam. And I was his willing and obedient outlet. He continued to fuck me, each subsequent stroke deeper and harder than the one before as I wrapped my arms and legs around him.

He would occasionally reach into my ass, and push the plug in, moving it around, giving me double the pleasure. My body was shaking as I continued to take Nick’s brutal punishment. I screamed his name over and over again, telling him how good he was, how good he made me feel. He kept going, his stamina unwavering, his intensity consistent, and his passion unmatched in that moment.

He told me he was about to cum. I got down on to my knees like the good girl I am and opened my mouth wide for him, waiting for him to dump his load into me. His cum shot into my mouth and I took it all, gagging, but maintaining control as I swallowed it all. I licked his cock again as it started to limp after the action, cleaning it nicely like a good slut.

I took my butt plug out and put it away in my bag to get more comfortable and lay down on Nick’s chest, kissing it occasionally. He fucked me two more times that night, once in my ass and again in my pussy. When we were done, he asked me if I wanted to stay the night. I texted my husband to let him know that I won’t be coming home tonight. Nick took me into his bedroom and we slept naked.

He fucked me in his bed the morning after when we woke up. When we were done, I asked my husband to come pick me up as I put my skirt and top back on. While we waited for my husband to arrive, I asked, “So, how are you holding up?”

“Much better now. But I’m gonna need you to come over again,” he said smiling. I agreed and proceeded to sit in his lap, kissing and talking, as I waited for my husband. He opened the door to let me out and waved to my husband who was in his car. Nick pulled me close to him and purposely gave me a kiss in front of my husband, telling me that he wants me back soon. I kissed him back and told him I’ll come whenever he needs me. He nodded and slapped my ass to dismiss me.

I sat in my husband’s car when he asked me, “So…I take it yesterday went well.”

“Yeah, it was great babe. A lot of fun! I think I’m gonna see him again later this week.”

“You’re the boss,” he said as we drove away. On the ride home, I gave my husband all the juicy details. I saw a bulge appearing in his pants as I started to stroke him while he drove, telling him how his friend fucked his wife’s pussy and ass. When we got home, my husband didn’t give me the chance to get changed out of yesterday’s outfit and proceeded to fuck me. He let out his load all over me, covering my pussy with his hot, sticky juice.

After I cleaned up, I started to reflect to myself. My husband was extremely turned on by this. First, it was Rodney and Ken and now Nick. To his knowledge, I have fucked 3 of his 5 friends. Moreover, we just had great sex together. Could he possibly be okay with the existing nature of my arrangement with the boys? Is it possible that I can convince him and have him come around to the idea of me being their personal, dedicated slut?

Sooner or later, he’s going to find out about this whole thing. I’ll slip up somehow, it’s bound to happen. There were too many variables to keep track of and the chances of getting caught red handed were getting higher. I knew that I didn’t want to stop with my new lifestyle, but also that I didn’t want to run the risk of losing my husband. If I don’t tell him and get caught, he will leave me for sure. But if I was somehow able to convince him, like I did for Nick, then maybe, just maybe, I could bring him around to the idea of accepting my choices.

I thought about my words, what I would say to him, how I would broach the subject and the different paths the conversation could take. He would either get so pissed that he would leave me. Or, it may be something that I can work with him on, to get him to accept, and maybe even enjoy.

I mustered all the courage I could as I walked over to my husband and said, “Babe, I have to tell you something.”

*To be continued in part 6*

– Nina

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