Fun Cougar Peeks into the Dark Side

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[Bonus Turn On Tip: If your older girl is shy about trying something kinky, she may be curious and you don’t want to scare her off!!

You might want to do what one of my erotic pen-pals did to introduce me to the dark side.

He actually wrote me a story where he wrote me in the dominant role in a fantasy. It was very tame, just using his tie to tie his wrist to the headboard, but it was enough to tempt me.

If your girl is into your story (make it tame to start…you are just testing out the water!) she will respond. If she is not into it, let it go. You may want to share this story with her.]


The Time Angel Peeked Into The Dark Side

Watching the gorgeous dark-haired man sitting on the low stool in front of her, Angel took a deep thoughtful breath. Kneading her calf with deep knowing strokes, he held her foot snugly under his arm against his side, she put her phone down and sighed.

It was impossible for her to concentrate with his hands wringing the days misery out of her spent calf muscles. Sighing, she resisted the urge to run her fingers through his thick hair. She hated the whine in her voice but she couldn’t help herself, “Gino, I’m tired of being home alone on date night. Why are all the beautiful men gay or married?”

“Come on. How can it be hard for you to get a date?” His eyes sparkled at her. If he wasn’t attached Angel would definitely spend more time with him. Brazilian and a closet worshipper of women’s feet, his cousin’s wife’s sister’s girlfriend lets him do his foot magic for tips at her salon. It can be a long wait to get an appointment with Gino. Angel has him on speed dial.

“Aw, I love you! Over the last year, for sure I have met some great guys. Intelligent, funny, adorable, curious, interesting, did I say funny?”

“And the problem is?”

“The problem is I can’t get a second date. The men that are attracted to me don’t follow through. Arrrggghhh!”

Laughing, “Easy girl, give me that foot.” Squealing in fake panic, She tried to pull her foot away from his masterful hands. Knowing that the acupressure he used during her weekly pedicures always took the edge off her anxiety, she trusted him, even though it hurt like bloody hell.

“Have you ever thought of being dominant in your intimate relationships?”

“Funny you should say that.” Looking around the salon to make sure there were enough casual listeners to make telling this story fun, she went on. “When Fifty Shades came out a few years ago, I was completely turned off to the idea of rough or kinky sex. The whole idea appalled me. Ew. Ew in a big way.”

“In fact Fifty Shades of Grey was pretty much responsible for getting me into writing erotica in the first place. Oh that feels so good.” She paused to allow him to penetrate her calf with his fingers. Angel squirmed but surrendered. “Let go of the stupid shit.” He crooned. She howled. “I love you, Gino.”

Moving down to her feet, oh my god, the pain ahead made her bolster Picture upload her courage, Gino purred, “Go on…”

“Well, little did I know what a full circle would happen. Four years later and I am writing hot vanilla erotica. Fantasies designed to educate and titillate. Training men to be Turn On Masters. Me, a grown up catholic girl and former bible study teacher.”

“No poking for you today, I have something else in mind.” He grinned smoothing the golden jojoba oil into his palms. “Tell me more.” Tuning in to exactly what she needed, Gino prepared to give her the legendary specialty massage he was known for.

“Well I have a certain erotic pen-pal who has been a pleasure partner of mine for about three years now. Sometimes, when we are in the groove and the turn on between us is full throttle, I swear to you it is better than in person.”

“When I gush when I am sexting an erotic pen-pal, the emotional relief of being fully orgasmic in complete safety can bring me to tears. We don’t really role play, but we do play out convos in random public places.”

“It’s a kinky game of Let’s Pretend with me and men thirty years younger or more. I love it.”

Gino stopped stroking her foot and looked up at her. Biting her lip, she looked down at him and for the first time looked into his eyes. Gulp. Eyelashes that shouldn’t be on a man, framing deep brown eyes, he blinked up at her.

“Oh?” He stammered out, suddenly drained of his cocky confidence. Licking his lips he nodded at her to continue as he subtly changed his pressure and stretched and stroked her foot.

“That feels so good, Mmmmm.” That’s putting it mildly. Sweet, powerful Turn On rolled over and through Angel and took her words away. Breathing deep, all she could think about was this beautiful man zoning in on her pleasure. She wanted to let Turn On take over. She needed to let Turn On take over.

“Dare I? Would he be able to tell I was turned on?” Angel thought to herself before she told him, “I am going to just close my eyes for the rest of the pedi, we can talk later.” She shivered wondering if he would know. Electrified with anticipation she could sense the flood of arousal coming her way.

Pressing the remote control to get her chair into the exact right angle and massage intensity, she closed my eyes and surrendered to his touch. Forcing herself to breathe deeply she stifled moans nearly immediately.

She wouldn’t let herself open her eyes, all she could do was to keep her breathing as regular as she could as he pulled and stroked each toe with the tiniest torturous twisting and a little snap of his fingertips as he released each one. Oh god who would think something so simple could feel so good.

“Ok, fuck,” she thought, “I don’t care.” She pressed her foot into his hand, meeting his touch. She wanted him to know. She wanted more. Angel’s breath went out of control as everything below her waist melted in surrender.

“Don’t Move. Just hold images upload my feet.” She whispered to him. “Just hold them and do nothing else.” (Bonus Turn On Tip. “Don’t stop” is a major score, whatever you do, DON’T STOP when she says Don’t Stop!)

“Yes, Mistress.” He whispered back, looking Angel straight in the eye. She bit her lip and tipped her head back on the chair. “Mistress.”

The very word shot a wave of pleasure from the top of her head to her now curling toes. The rollers ran up and down her back released tight muscles and moved the turn on energy through her body in waves of delicious.

Breathing fast and trying not to be overheard in the busy salon, she gave herself the ok to let the energy have its way with her. Gino held her feet as directed with gentle firm pressure as if anchoring Angel in place. She relaxed even more deeply and let the energy flow through her. Yes. Please. Oh. Yes.

Was she saying that outloud? Did she care? (Bonus Turn On Tip: Watch her breathing. When your girl’s breathing changes, her turn on is ramping up. Hard for her to fake that. If her breathing has slowed down, YOU slow down. Easy Peasy.)

Angel’s arousal echoed and throbbed through her until shivers rocked her mercilessly. “Fuck. What am I doing?” She thought groggily coming out of her pleasure fog. She opened her eyes to see everything just like it should be in the salon.

The manicurists were busy chatting with one another in Russian. No one was looking her direction at all. She glanced down at Gino busy sweeping over her feet with a scalding white terry cloth towel as if nothing had happened at all.

His shiny brown hair was right there for her to touch, he was so close. But no. He isn’t hers. “I wonder if he knew. Could he tell?” She thought to herself, no one else in the salon seemed to know. He looked up at her, “Feeling a little better now?” There was definitely a knowing twinkle in his eyes.

Flushed and a little breathless, Angel stuttered out. “Oh my goodness. Gino that is one delicious foot treatment you give.”

“I am glad you are pleased, Mistress Angel. Now let’s solve that dating problem of yours.”

Hearing him call her that, Mistress Angel, made her blush. “You crack me up, Gino. What is your advice?” (Bonus Turn On Tip: This is a classic from the days before dating apps. Try to listen for things your girl needs advice on. She may be lonely and not have many friends, if you step in to advise her on her car, home repairs or even her dating, she may feel you are watching out for her. The safer she feels, the hotter the play can be.)

Taking her hand in his hand and pressing into her palm with his thumbs, he looked at her with open loving eyes. “You don’t know what you don’t know.” His gentle words sunk into her. “Angel, there is a reason you respond to me the way you do.”

She instinctively reached over and put her hand on his hand. “Ok, do you want to go out?” We both howled with laughter. “Here’s an idea for you.”

Gino put his other hand on top of her hand. “How about you do an experiment and just dip your toe into the darkside, so to speak.”

She cocked her head to the side. I couldn’t help but be intrigued. “I am so vanilla, and…”

Gino interrupted her complaint. “I know! That is the experiment. Can you write your vanilla delicious into the darker side of pleasure?”

Slipping a hundred dollar bill into his hand, this time Angel did ruffle his hair affectionately. “You are on, Gino! I have a story idea in mind and I am going to try it… Angel Goes Darkish. And, Gino?”

“Yes, Angel.”

“Thanks for the Turn On.”

“Always my pleasure, Angel.”

Hailing a cab outside the salon, Angel directed the taxi driver to drop her off at The Martini Bar on 14th street. She was scheduled for a Happy Hour with a new client. Gino’s words echoed in her mind. What if the darkish side is, dare I say it, fun?

Reminded of her mentor and Turn On Master Gaelforce and how he teaches women that acting slutty is hot, Angel wanted more and knew she was’t a “slut”. (Gaelforce Spice creates ASMR audios for good girls that want to explore their naughty side.) Acting slutty does not mean you are a slut.

(Bonus Turn On Tip: Gaelforce whispers great stories and advice for hot and sexy fun in his arousing and inspirational audios available on Patreon, take a peek!)

Taking a deep breath, Angel opened her computer and fingers flying across the keyboard typed the sentence that kept repeating itself in her brain.

“It will go better for you if you follow directions.”

Instant turn on her me. WTF? Then the rest of the story tumbled out:

He froze in place, heart pounding in his chest. The blindfold just tight enough to insure his isolation, he stood poised to respond. Ever since Angel decided to visit the dark side, his dick twitched at the very thought of her games.

One more diabolical than the next, Angel’s version of restraint debilitated him completely and he couldn’t get enough of it. “Vanilla Vengeance” she calls it. Sensuality disguised in innocence. Dommination. Bondage stronger than any wimpy steel handcuffs or spiked collar.

He knew clearly to stop what he was doing when he heard the call for the game. He never knew when she would text it to him. It could happen anytime, anywhere. “It will go better for you if you follow directions.”

Time with Angel was earned. Compliance to the game earned credit. Feeling her breath on his skin was all he could think of after that first time together. Would it be his body who is the next she picks to breathe on? Dare he take his attention away?

Hmmm, Angel wondered, “Will anyone else think this is hot? Would anyone like playing this kind of Turn On Game? Clicking her computer closed, she picked up her cell phone and grinning an evil, well as evil as Angel can be, little grin and texted:

“It will go better for you if you follow directions.”


(Bonus Turn On Tip: What do you think, hot or not? Add a comment and let me know! Is compliance your turn on? We shall see. BTW, Angel rewards those who follow directions. Hehehe)

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