Fun on the Lake

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Do we all have one moment in our sexual pasts that rises above all others?

Here’s mine.

I was two summers out of college and I still hadn’t figured out what I was going to do with myself. I ended up working at one of those big warehouse-type office supply stores. You know, the national brand with the circular in the paper every Sunday and advertising during football games?

I had been there maybe four months after bouncing around a few other jobs. I became friendly with my manager at the time, a guy named Matt. We’d go out after our shifts ended sometimes and have a drink or two then we became friends. We saw a couple of ballgames together and he invited me out to a barbeque at his house one weekend day that we had off.

About three weeks after I started, a woman named Beth-Anne started, too. She and Matt and I worked a lot of the same shifts and we all clowned around a lot and got on really well. I used to call her BA, after Mr. T’s character on the A-Team. Beth-Anne flirted a lot, more with Matt than with me, but I still felt there was a little bit of mutual attraction between the two of us. Beth-Anne liked to come into work and come up beside you and whisper things in your ear like “I’m not wearing panties today.” She was silly enough that she could say things like that and get away with it without making it seem like she was completely hitting on you. She also had terrific breasts…the customers noticed this, too, a lot of the time.

Matt always talked about going up to the lake, to a place his parents had on Lake Wallenpaupack in the northeastern part of the state. Apparently Matt’s dad and uncle owned a small business and his folks had enough money that they had a house up there. He went on about the three of us going up to the lake for weeks until one day he came in, sat down with the shift schedule and gave us all three days off so we could go.

So that’s how I found myself at Lake Wallenpaupack with Beth-Anne, Matt, and Matt’s fiancée, a very pretty asian girl named June. Matt was right to always go on about the house…it was amazing. It had a huge deck with a hot tub and a smaller deck upstairs attached to one of the bedrooms. It wasn’t right on the lake, but set back a bit in the woods and it was just a short walk to a boathouse.

The first night we got up to the lake pretty late. Matt drove the whole time and went to bed before the rest of us so I got to hang out in the hot tub with June and Beth-Anne. I wasn’t complaining at all. June was a beautiful girl—dimples when she smiled, straight, black, shiny hair, straight white teeth, and a small frame. She wore a black bikini and I could see her flat stomach had a bellybutton ring. Beth-Anne was nice to look at, too, and until I finished my second beer I was feeling very self-conscious about her noticing me looking at her chest. It was hard not to, though…she had on a two piece as well and her tits were just hanging all over the place. Beth-Anne was a bigger girl than June. Maybe it was the reason her chest was so big. Whatever it was, I couldn’t help but look at her tits pressing out against the fabric of her top.

Even though we joked and slightly flirted at work I didn’t feel all that comfortable flirting with her in the tub, especially in front of June. I could feel her looking at me sometimes, and that was nice. I kept hoping that June would join Matt in bed so that Beth-Anne and I could be alone. It didn’t work out like that, since it was Beth-Anne who got up first and left. I had a great conversation with June and I felt like we really connected but it wasn’t like I was going to come on to her at all. The house was big enough Beth-Anne and I each could have our own rooms so I went to bed alone and jerked off thinking about her.

The next two days were the best of my life. Matt made this massive breakfast Saturday and then we spent all day on the lake waterskiing and cruising around. We were completely whipped by about four in the afternoon. We took naps, showered, grilled steaks, and started on the two cases of beer we brought for the weekend.

Something seemed to have changed Saturday night, because it was definitely on between Beth-Anne and me. We danced a bit on the deck later at night after the sun was down and I kissed her when I could tell that she would be okay with it. She rubbed up against me just a little and my cock ached inside my shorts. At one point she said, “I hope you don’t think you’re going to sleep alone again tonight.”

From then on it was almost hard for me to enjoy myself since I didn’t want to wait. I just wanted to take her upstairs and rip her clothes off. I don’t want to say I didn’t have a good time, but I literally was counting the minutes until I felt we would be going to bed. I tried to make sure Beth-Anne didn’t get too drunk, either. I don’t know why I felt weird about it—we were all adults, but it was almost like I didn’t want Matt and June to know that Beth-Anne and I were bursa escort going to hook up. They could probably tell anyway, because by late in the evening she spent a lot of time in my lap and the two of us had been dancing together. I don’t think it could have been more obvious anyway when the two of us walked upstairs together and left Matt and June alone on the deck.

We practically did rip each other’s clothes off when we closed the door of the upstairs bedroom. I’m embarrassed to say that I went straight for her boobs. To this day, they’re still the largest pair I’ve touched. I am also embarrassed to say that I was so curious to know how large they are that when I saw her bra on the floor the following morning I looked for the tag…38C, I found out.

It would have been fine with me to suck on her nipples and play with her enormous tits all night, but she was tearing at my clothes, too. I found myself standing at the foot of the bed, my shorts and boxers pulled down to below my knees but my t-shirt still on. My cock stuck straight out into the fabric of my t-shirt. She sat on the bed, her shirt off as I awkwardly tugged at her waistband while she was sitting. She propped herself up on her hands enough to get her ass off of the bed and I pulled her shorts down, too. It was just like she often said at work…no panties. Her pussy was shaved down to a sort of stubbly but neat brown triangle above her slit. I had to pull her shorts off of one of her ankles so I could spread her legs open.

Before I could do anything further, she reached under my t-shirt and grabbed my cock. She looked at me and I looked at her and I think maybe she could tell that my eyes were saying “put that in your mouth.” She made a face like she was going to smile but before she could she leaned forward and covered the head of my cock with her lips. I swear that for the next several minutes a host of angels descended from heaven, crowded around, and high-fived each other as she worked my dick in and out of her mouth. I don’t know what stopped me from coming in her mouth. Maybe it was the unfamiliar surroundings, or the fact that I still not quite believing that this was happening, or maybe I just felt uneasy coming in her mouth without knowing whether she’d be okay with it. I think it might have been the angels.

I took off my shirt and stepped clumsily out of my shorts while she sucked me off. Sometimes she’d stroke my shaft with one hand and sometimes she played with my balls. She kept the other wrapped around the small of my back and my ass like I’d actually back away from her if she didn’t hold me tight to her mouth.

“How was that?” she said, after the blissful few minutes had passed. My face was hot and I felt like my legs could buckle, but I just told her it was fantastic and I wanted to taste her. She actually giggled a little and then just laid back on the bed and opened her legs right up, letting them dangle over the edge. I sat down at the foot of the bed and pressed my face between her legs, kissing her pussy like it was a mouth and sucking and licking her lips. I grabbed her thighs and ass with my hands while I moved my tongue up and down her slit.

She tasted tangy when I pushed my tongue inside of her. I ate her pussy for what felt like a very long time. It’s a big turn on for me when a woman is vocal when I’m going down on her, and Beth-Anne kept moaning while I licked her. I idly wondered whether Matt and June could hear us, but I didn’t care. Actually, the thought of them hearing us turned me on more and I found myself wishing Beth-Anne would be louder. I loved the feedback as I kept my tongue sliding back and forth over her clit. She took one hand and used it to spread her lips for me, exposing her clit. With her other sometimes she’d run her fingers through my hair and sometimes she’d slide it up and down her body to her tits and back.

There came a time when her legs and ass tensed and her breathing got very ragged and she grabbed my hair with a closed fist and moaned. I’d like to think it’s because she came. Right after, as her fist was loosening its grip on my hair, she said, “Fuck me now, fuck me, fuck me.” She started pulling at me to move me up onto the bed and a few seconds later the tip of my cock was rubbing against her slick pussy. “I don’t have a condom,” I said. I hated to say it and I sort of blurted it out. She didn’t so much answer me as she just grabbed for me and I guess she didn’t care. It was so easy to push myself inside of her because she was wet and my cock was slick from the precum that had been leaking out ever since she stopped sucking me.

Once I was inside her, I didn’t last nearly as long as I did in her mouth. I was too worked up from eating her pussy for so long and it just felt unbelievable to be inside her. I felt the swell of pressure start to build between my legs and I said, “I’m coming now,” and pulled out of her. Just before I started, she said, “Come on my belly,” so I bursa escort bayan stroked my cock and sprayed her stomach and chest with my come. One of the gobs went all the way up to her neck and she started to laugh.

She went off to the shower and I cleaned up. I felt like I was on top of the world, having just fucked a girl I had been fantasizing about for a few months. It was only a night ago I was stroking myself, trying to imagine how her body would feel.

It was a bit awkward when she got out of the shower because I wasn’t sure where we were going to sleep. I didn’t want to be the first to say anything, then Beth-Anne said, “Stay here.” We got into bed and talked for a while and then we both got really quiet. Instead of falling asleep, Beth asked if I wanted to walk out on the deck. I said okay.

We sat in two directors chairs and didn’t say much but it was nice to be outside. It wasn’t nearly as late as I thought…probably because we had started drinking so much earlier in the day. I asked if Beth-Anne wanted to go back downstairs but she said no. That made me feel good, like she really wanted to spend time with me. There were lots of breaks in our conversation but they weren’t awkward. Then I could tell Beth-Anne was looking at something and she pointed and said, “Hey” in a real soft voice. She motioned by moving her face for me to look over the side of the rail and put her finger to her lips like she was going to say “Shhhh.”

Below us and up against the wall of the house, Matt was laying in a lounge chair. June was kneeling in front of him, her head bobbing up and down above his lap. She held her hair in a sort of ponytail behind her with one hand as she blew him. Right away my cock stiffened in my boxer shorts. Both of us watched them for a minute or two and I got more aroused as I watched. If either one of them looked up they could have seen us looking over the edge at them.

Then Beth-Anne said “Getting any ideas?” Before I could say “A few,” Beth-Anne was on the floor, tugging on my waistband, trying to pull my boxers down and over my erection. Another few seconds and her lips and tongue were all over my cock again, licking and kissing my shaft and knob. I found the situation highly erotic—receiving a blowjob while I watched a friend get one at the same time. It wasn’t too long before I saw Matt give a start like he was going to sit up out of the lounge and he grabbed June’s head at the same time. Then June pulled back from his lap and I knew he must have come in her mouth. Just knowing that made me lose control and a few seconds later I was spurting my own come into Beth-Anne’s mouth. She swallowed it and then kissed me right away. I could taste myself in her mouth but I was so turned on I didn’t mind. While we were kissing I groped her ass and started pulling her shorts down. She stepped out of them and stood in front of me, naked from the waist down.

I took her hand and led her to the balcony railing, moving her so she could face away from me and look out into the woods. I kneeled down behind her and spread her legs a bit and then started licking her from behind, sliding my tongue in between her asscheeks and working my way down to her pussy. I ate her in that position for a bit and then moved so she was straddling my face, sitting on the ground with the railing to my back. She made my lips and nose wet as she ground her cunt into my face as I licked.

We ended up back in the bed before she finally came. I licked her slit while she rubbed her clit with two fingers, eventually giving a sharp but soft cry and pushing my mouth away. I had a big grin on my face all day Sunday thinking about the night before. I didn’t even worry anymore about Matt and June knowing Beth-Anne and I had hooked up. All through the morning and during the first few hours on the lake I wanted the clock to speed up so I could get Beth-Anne back into bed. Let me tell you, it’s tough waterskiing with a hard-on.

Just about one o’clock the weather changed abruptly. The sky darkened, a breeze blew back the leaves on the trees, and all of the boats made for the shore. We secured the boat just as the first fat drops of rain fell on us. They started picking up in intensity and we all ran for the house.

“Looks like we’ll get a head start on that beer,” Matt said. And we did. We drank ourselves pretty much silly and by the time five o’clock rolled around we were all smashed. I can remember snippets of the afternoon and one of us somehow managed to order Domino’s since I can recall about a half dozen pizza boxes laying around.

We all fell asleep for a while but we were still drunk when we woke up…and we went right back to the alcohol.

When we decided to watch a movie, Beth-Anne and I laid down together on one couch and Matt and June sat together on an enormous overstuffed easy chair that was just big enough for both of them. The lights were out and the only light came from the glow of the escort bursa television screen.

Not long into the movie, Beth-Anne started grinding her ass into my crotch. My cock hardened right away and I ground back a bit. Then I moved my hand from her hip and sneakily tried to massage her breasts. She was wearing an oversized sweater so I spent almost five minutes trying to slip my hand up from the bottom without being too obvious. Matt and June never looked over but I got a thrill from grinding and fondling Beth-Anne’s tits with our friends just feet away. I was drunk enough that I didn’t think about being caught.

Not being caught didn’t last long. The more Beth-Anne pushed her ass against my hard on, the more daring I got with my hands. I had only just managed to unbutton her shorts with one hand and slide my fingers south when June got up.

I think she was starting to say something else when she said, “What are you two up to?” I was tremendously embarrassed and didn’t speak. Beth-Anne said, “What?” and I could hear the smile in her voice, but the two of us didn’t move. We just laid there, my cock pressed into the warmth of her ass and my fingers brushing the top of her pubic hair. Matt was looking at us, too. “Don’t let us stop you,” he said.

Beth-Anne told him that we wouldn’t. Knowing that they knew what we were up to was powerfully arousing for me. From that point on, we didn’t hide our make out session. We just went into our own drunken, hormonal world and made out on the couch with our friends sitting next to us. We stopped paying attention to the movie and Beth-Anne turned to face me so we could kiss. It wasn’t long before she had reached for my cock, rubbing it through my shorts.

Between being still drunk and in the heat of passion, we just got carried away. We started pulling each other’s clothes off. Matt and June started to fool around, too. June was in his lap with his back to him, both of them facing us, rubbing and grinding into her while his hands were all over his body. All of us were now openly looking at each other. Our clothes all came off piece by piece until we were all naked or nearly so. I’m not ashamed to say that I had my eyes riveted to June as she stripped out of her tiny shorts and sweatshirt.

For a while I couldn’t see much because I kneeled in front of the sofa and went down on Beth-Anne while she held her knees up and spread her legs. The volume of her moaning was hugely erotic. With every lick she groaned, obviously not caring—or she was enjoying—being watched by Matt and June. Although I couldn’t see it, I could hear June making noise, too—sharp, throaty cries one after another.

I pulled myself up from between Beth-Anne’s thighs, my cheeks glistening with the wetness from her pussy. I saw why June was yelping. Matt had her bent over the armchair, fucking her from behind. Then they changed positions, with Matt sitting in the chair and June sitting on his lap and leaning back into him. He had his hands all over her body, cupping her breasts, rubbing her tummy, and working her clit with his fingers.

While I watched my friends fuck in front of me, I leaned back on the sofa and let Beth-Anne take me into her mouth. I didn’t last long with her mouth on my cock. Watching Matt and June writhe on the chair in front of us and feeling the wetness and warmth of Beth-Anne’s blowjob brought on my climax. I shuddered and gasped as my come spilled into Beth-Anne’s mouth. I lay there, wiped out, on the sofa.

Beth-Anne wiped her lips with the back of her hand, then stood up and walked over to Matt and June. She straddled them, pressing her body and buoyant tits against June as June shimmied against Matt. She reached around June and kissed Matt full on the mouth. This was all Matt needed apparently because he bucked twice hard causing June to scream, then slumped into the chair. Beth-Anne and June climbed off and June walked to the kitchen. When she did, Beth-Anne dropped to her knees in front of Matt and started sucking him.

It didn’t even occur to me that June might have a problem with this. That was just how the atmosphere was. This became even clearer a moment later when she walked back into the room and came right over to the sofa. My cock had never softened from Beth-Anne’s blowjob and I could almost feel it jump at the sight of June walking up to me. I loved looking at her body. Her nipples were a dark brown and they poked straight out of her chest, on top of her small breasts. Her pubic hair was black and shaved in the shape of something that looked like a diamond or a star.

June surprised me with her aggression. She stood up on the sofa cushions astride my face so that her cunt was right against my lips. I opened my mouth to her, licking her slit deeply and sucking on her lips. She was extra wet, and I knew that some of this wetness had to be Matt’s come leaking out of her into my mouth. I could taste a bit of bitterness in June’s pussy to go along with the tangy flavor that I knew to be her. I didn’t care. At that moment I was turned on enough to do anything. If Matt had wandered over and stuck his dick in my face I might have sucked it just because it tasted like June’s pussy.

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