Funland Ch. 01

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This is the first part of a much longer saga I have written in my head but am only now getting round to putting to paper. All characters involved in sexual acts are 18 or older if noted. Fair warning, this story involves peeing, drinking pee and girls eating each other out. If that’s not for you then feel free to find another story.

Still with me? Good. Comments are appreciated, and try to be kind as this is my first submission.


Chloe was annoyed. She had arranged to meet her friends at the amusement park outside of their town. Initially reluctant to come, they had persuaded her that it would be fun, a reminder of the great times they had once shared when they were kids. One great summer hangout before real life intervened and they had to split up for separate colleges and relationship commitments. So she had set out this morning for the hour long walk through the woods, planning to meet her friends who would be arriving by car. Now that she was inside the gates though, she could not find a trace of her three “besties” anywhere.

She sat down on one of the hard wooden picnic benches and rummaged through her bag for her mobile. Finally she had a missed call from Kimmy. Unlocking the phone, she swept her long blonde hair away from her ear and tried to listen to the message her friend had left. “Heya hun! Look I’m sorry but I won’t be able to make it to Funland today something’s came up. And Sammi and Debs told me to tell you that they’re ill or one of them’s ill and the others busy or something, I dunno but they won’t be down either… Hope this catches you before you leave. Sorry babes, don’t be mad? Byeeee.”

Chloe sighed as she deleted the message. She had known that something like this would happen, although it gave her no pleasure in being proven right. She had barely seen the sisters Sammi and Debs since they had been accepted into their colleges, both purging themselves of small town relationships to provide room for the friends they would make in their dorms. And as for Kimmy she guessed that the something that had “come up” was her boyfriends cock, she had barely spent any real time with the gang since she had got with Andrew. Boyfriend Induced Asshole Syndrome they had called it, a disease which claimed those who forgot their ‘Besties B4 Testies’ rule. Andrew had a great dick and could make you cum repeatedly with his tongue…if you believed the stories Kimmy liked to regale them with when she could pry herself away. Chloe couldn’t really blame her though. In fact, if she hadn’t decided to be here, she probably would be calling up one of her semi-regular fuckbuddies and getting off on someone’s face herself!

She slid her phone into the pocket of her cargo pants and looked around. As tempted as she was to head off for a hook-up, after paying the fee for the wristband she might as well get the most out of it. Scanning the small park didn’t give her much hope though. Carousels, slides and motorised swings seemed to make up most of the rides on offer, with only three or four rides requiring a height of over five feet. There was a reason that the gang hadn’t visited here since they were eight year olds. Come on, she thought. There must be something that she could do here.

Her gaze settled on one of the numerous food and drink stalls that had been set up around the park. A mile or two away from the nearest fast food chains, the park owners knew that the children and parents had no other choice but to buy their meals and soft drinks on site. On hot days like today the slushie stall usually did excellent business, but at the moment the guy behind the desk looked bored. Kinda cute though. She dug her purse out of her bag before slowly strolling over. He looked over as she stood up and she was glad to see his eyes travelling briefly over her body before making eye contact with her. His smile seemed to indicate that he liked what he saw. He cleared his throat as she approached and as he covered his mouth with his hand she noticed his eyes jump down for another quick glance at her pink tshirt before returning to her face. He liked her enough for a second glance then. Even better, he was polite enough to try to hide it instead of openly leering as most teens her age did.

She brought her left hand up to play with her lip while her right hand crossed over and supported it at the elbow. It was a stance she adopted often when trying to make up her mind about something. In this instance though it had the added benefit of squeezing her medium sized breasts together and lifting them up. A quick read through of the four different flavours on offer gave the cashier plenty of time to admire her assets. Looking back at him she saw that he had indeed taken the bait. Clearing her own throat she gave him plenty of time to hide his actions and their eyes met again. After he had made her order she paid, letting her hand linger on his a little longer than necessary to pick up her change. Stuffing Bayan Escort Antep that back into her purse she lifted her drink and stood holding his eye contact while sucking through the straw. The suggestion was not lost on him and she grinned as he blushed.

Returning to her seat she accidentally-on-purpose managed to spill some slush on her hand. Instead of wiping it off she raised it to her mouth and licked it off, suggestively sucking on her thumb and index finger to ensure that they were clean. Looking over she checked to see if he had noticed but his head was turned in another direction. Following his gaze, she swivelled in her seat to see what could have been better to look at than the show she was putting on for him.

It was a redhead who had just gotten off the water ride. Chloe instantly forgave the slushie guy for looking away, she was stunning. One of the few other customers who looked to be Chloe’s age, she was wearing a white top which the ride had turned see through. Her simple black bra contrasted the golden crucifix she was wearing and the wet cotton tshirt clung to her like a second skin that could be seen through. On her lower half she wore sparkly leggings that were snug against a perfect ass that Chloe was instantly jealous of.

Picking up her drink again Chloe sipped slowly as she watched the redhead rush over to the rides photo booth. Having to bend over to peer in, she offered a great view of her lovely ass as she laughed at the photo the automatic cameras had taken of her being splashed. While she purchased a copy on a small keyring, Chloe felt herself being turned on by the beautiful woman. She was not surprised at this as she was openly bisexual and redheads were an admitted weakness to her, but never before had the attraction been so instantaneous as the one she was experiencing right now. Already her pussy was dampening, her nipples hardening and she hadn’t even learned this gorgeous creatures name!

The redhead was apparently happy with her keyring and was moving on to the next ride. Luckily it was close so Chloe could follow her from where she sat, but when she saw which ride it was she almost choked on her drink. The redhead had scanned her wristband and sat down on The Funland Drop. A few chairs were attached to a tower so that they would lift in the air and then suddenly drop halfway down, repeating a slow ascent and unexpected drop a few times and from various heights. Chloe’s heart beat faster as she realised the beautiful woman would soon be bouncing up and down in front of her, her wet tshirt little protection from anyone who cared to see.

Chloe was close to drooling as she watched the ride, her drink forgotten and her eyes fixed on the redheads breasts bouncing between the sparkle of the crucifix. It didn’t take a tremendous amount of imagination to picture what the redhead would look like bouncing on Chloe’s strap on at home. The redhead herself seemed oblivious to any attention she was receiving and screamed and laughed along with the much younger kids who were seated beside her. On one particularly large drop her left breast jumped out of the cup of her bra. Still inside her tshirt, no one would have noticed if her tee hadn’t been see through from the water ride. On the ground Chloe felt herself holding her breath as she watched the escaped nipple rub against the tshirt and grow hard. She realised that the safety bars on the ride would not allow the woman to fix herself, and her voyeuristic view could continue for a while. She captured every detail and movement and committed each one to memory. Oh how she’d love to suck and bite that lovely little nipple as she fucked this goddess for hours on end.

Like all good things though the ride had to end, and with it Chloe’s peepshow as the redhead popped herself back inside her bra. Coming down the steps she headed towards the main building of the complex. Lifting her bag and binning her now melted slush, Chloe gave a quick wave to the cashier and hurried after her. As cute as he was, and as much fun as it had been to tease him, right now she had to follow the redhead and convince her to become her lover.

Weaving through the screaming kids she followed her prey. Noticing the signs that she seemed to be following Chloe allowed herself a smile. The lovely redhead was going to the toilet! Thinking up a quick plan as she watched her disappear into the door the smile turned into a full grin as she noticed the keys were inside the main door to the toilets. And further still, a sign slightly tucked away behind the door itself, advising of other toilet locations within the building. Ducking inside she noticed that only one stall seemed to be occupied. She hung the sign on the outside of the main door and taking the keys, locked it from the inside. ‘It’s just you and me now my pretty’ she thought and took a deep breath.

“Jane?” Chloe called as she opened the cubicle doors on the way past. “Jane, I know you’re in here!” Soon every door was open but the redheads. Chloe stood beside it and knocked, “Haha found you Jane. Let me in babe and you can pee on my face again! And then I’ll lick you all clean just like before, what do you say sweetie?”

“…Erm, I’m not Jane. Sorry!” came the rather confused reply.

Chloe smiled as she popped open the button on her trousers and slid a hand inside, this was far too easy. “Yes you are Jane don’t be silly! Look, I know we broke up and you were trying to be straight now but we both know that I’m a damn good pussy licker. And it’s just us girls in here, I’m starting to finger myself and I’ve already locked the door… “

“You what?! Look seriously – I’m not Jane! My name’s Marie and I’m trying to pee! Now could you go away please? I’m finding it hard to concentrate.”

“Alright Marie who needs to pee, or whatever your name is. You look like Jane and you sound like Jane so I’m not leaving here until you prove to me that you’re not Jane!” Chloe pulled her trousers and panties down to her knees and jumped up on the counter between two sinks as her right hand began to rub her clit. Let’s see what pretty little Marie does now!

Marie sighed inside the cubicle. Whoever this crazy girl was she wished she would just bugger off and let her pee in peace. The movement of the Funland Drop had jolted her bladder into desperately needing to relieve itself, but now she couldn’t go with this girl outside. Who wanted someone to pee on her face? Whatever, maybe when she saw that Jane wasn’t here she would go away. Marie stood up and leaned forward, unlocking the door and pulling it open.

“You see, I’m not Jane…” Her words ended in a gasp. Perched between two sinks opposite her cubicle door was a great looking blonde, masturbating! With one hand on her clit and the other squeezing a breast through her pink tshirt, it was the most unashamed and erotic sight that Marie had ever seen. Slowly the blondes eyes focused on Marie’s face and her hands slowed down.

“Oh my god oh my god! Fuck! Shit! You’re really not Jane! Oh holy crap! Please, please forgive me I’m so so sorry!” Chloe stammered as she stopped playing with herself and jumped down. “Look, I, er, you really do look like her you know, well, a little bit, from behind anyway, you’re younger than she is too, how old are you? Nah erm, nevermind, you’re not Jane! Fuck haha! I should go now, sorry!” She began redressing as the redhead stood just inside the stall, speechless. This was make or break time for her plan. There was a sliver of hope because even in the midst of her acting Chloe had noticed that Marie’s eyes were glued to her shaved cunt, and she took her time pulling her underwear back into place. This seemed to break the spell and release Marie’s tongue.

“No, no it’s ok I suppose. I mean, if you thought I was this girl, but I’m not, I’m nineteen, well nearly, but yeah…” She watched the blonde prepare to leave, but with that went the hope of finding an answer to the question burning in her mind. “Erm, look, I know it’s none of my business but what if I had been Jane? Would you really have let her pee on your face in a public bathroom?”

Chloe smiled sheepishly. “Yeah, I would’ve. I know it seems weird and all but it’s something she was really into and she got me into it as well. Just something about it…well, you saw what I was like before. It really turns me on! And as for here, well like I said I locked the door and there’s a sink and soap dispensers. Plus I’ve got wipes in my bag if they were needed.”

“Be prepared, huh? I went to St. Anthony’s and I’ve never even heard of such things, nevermind met anyone who practiced them! But like I said I’m not Jane…”

“Yeah Jane’s twenty four. I’m eighteen so there was a bit of an age gap which is why we split up but I just thought…nevermind.” Chloe lifted her bag and turned away.

Marie looked down at herself, as if realising that she was still semi naked. “I’m not Jane…but I am Marie, and I still really need to pee!” She gasped again. Why on Earth had she just said that?

Chloe stopped walking away and turned back to face the redhead. “Wh…what d’you mean by that?”

Marie’s brain seemed to have left her, and she blurted out “Well, well, I mean, I need to pee and you came here wanting someone to pee on you so I could maybe let you watch if you wanted. It’s just you seemed so disappointed and I could help with that I guess… if you wanted to?”

“If you’re sure?” Chloe managed quietly, while inside her head she jumped for joy. Her harebrained scheme, within a few seconds of failing, had actually gone and worked! She was gonna have her moment now with the beautiful Marie, of that she was sure.

Marie herself had not replied but had retreated back into her stall to sit on the toilet again, leaving the door open this time in invitation. Chloe put her bag down again and stood at the entrance, marvelling at how beautiful Marie was, and how perfect her skin was up close. And moreover, how blissfully unaware she seemed of her natural beauty.

Marie looked up from her perch on the seat. “I, I’ve obviously never done this before so what do you want me to do?”

“Just wait, and try not to pee just yet,” Chloe replied. This was too perfect. Not only had she let Chloe into the space with her, she was now relinquishing control and willing to take directions. Chloe really felt that this was her lucky day. She smiled to put the redhead at ease, and then knelt at her feet. Quickly untying Marie’s shoes she pulled them off her feet and slipped the sock from each inside it’s shoe. Next she slipped the leggings off and folded them on top of the shoes. The panties she noted were of a simple black to match the bra she had glimpsed earlier and these quickly joined the pile leggings. “Now the tshirt…and bra please!” Marie seemed confused at this but did as she was told. If pressed Chloe would have made up a story about them getting splashed but really Marie could have kept her top half covered. It was for Chloe’s own lust that she wanted the redhead completely naked.

When she got the crucifix she paused, and Chloe saw that Marie’s religious upbringing could be a real catch in her plan and throw the whole thing off. Chloe herself had went to the local public schools, unimaginably named after the town with either Elementary or High School tacked on the end. She didn’t know much about St Ant’s except that it was an expensive private school up on the hill, and the girls there were usually snooty bitches. Marie seemed nice though, if a bit gullible. “You can leave that on if you want. I know lots of pastors are homophobic, but I think the good lord himself would be ok with it. Anyway all you’re going to do is something you biologically need to do. If anyone’s going to hell for this it’d be me, and I’m an atheist anyway so I’m not bothered. Can’t threaten me with a hell I don’t believe in eh?” Marie digested this information but ultimately decided to take the crucifix off. Telling Chloe that she didn’t want it to get ruined, she nevertheless felt guilty and slightly shameful until it was nestled in the pile with the rest of her clothes.

Now that the crisis of conscience had passed, Chloe set about disrobing herself and placing her own clothes in a similarly neat pile, moving both piles to a safe distance away from the stall they were using. Marie was slightly confused about this also but accepted it anyway as it gave her a chance to look at this girls beautifully shaved pussy again. The only one she had seen other than her own, she compared it’s smoothness to her own hairy thatch. She trimmed it with scissors every few weeks, having a vague idea that it shouldn’t get too overgrown, coupled with another impression that hair marked a woman instead of a child and it shouldn’t be completely bald either. And yet here in front of her was a pussy as old as herself and yet totally devoid of hair, and all the more beautiful for it.

Chloe had brought out the wipes she mentioned earlier, plus a towel and a swimmers cap which she put on and tucked her long blonde hair into. “Now stand up and move your feet back so that you’re still over the bowl. Now lean forward just slightly…there we go! Don’t worry, we girls can pee standing up. It gets a bit more messy if you’re not prepared, but we’ll be fine now. Just go whenever you’re ready to.” Chloe knelt just in front of the toilet, sitting back on her heels as Marie looked down at her. She saw the desire to please in the beautiful redheads eyes, but she also saw trepidation and knew that the girl was too wound up to let her bladder go just yet.

“I’m sorry. I really want to but I don’t know if I can just yet.”

“Shh it’s ok,” Chloe soothed her. “You needed to five minutes ago and you will need again, just close your eyes and try not to think about being watched.” Marie did as she suggested, closing her eyes and thinking of fountains, waves, anything water like that they tell you might help. This gave Chloe another chance to openly ogle her and marvel at her good looks. From her perfectly symmetrical breasts, now both free from the confines of bra, to her taught stomach muscles and cute bellybutton. The flare out of her hips, down her long smooth legs and then up the inside of those to the trimmed red bush just inches away from her mouth. She was so close she could smell Marie’s arousal and she felt extremely tempted to just dive into that lovely smelling snatch.

After what seemed like an age for the poor redhead, she felt her internal muscles finally relax and almost yelped with excitement. “Here it comes! I’m gonna..I’m gonna…aaaaaah!” She sighed as the stream of yellow liquid fell from her, splashing into the toilet bowl below. Chloe had been intently trying to memorise each and every detail of her areole but quickly shifted her gaze down to follow the golden stream pouring forth in front of her. It was mesmerizing and she leaned slightly closer to take in as much as she could of the sight, sound, and smell of the stream.

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