Heaven Next Door Pt. 03: Taboo

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Author’s Note: This story starts out in the “First Time” category, and continues with the second chapter in the “Mature” section.

After the incredible night and morning I had enjoyed with my sexy next-door neighbor, I really struggled to keep from staring lustfully at her for the rest of the day. It actually helped when I bonked myself on the head with a long strip of crown molding. I shook my head and paid closer attention as we worked.

We managed to get the crown molding up in Melissa’s bedroom and the dining room before we took a break to go next door for breakfast with my mom. It was obvious from our appearance that we had been working, and yet that made her feel free to make more innuendoes. Catherine played along, and I blushed when she mentioned how I had “surprised her that morning.”

“I couldn’t believe how much energy he had, and how enthusiastic he was that early,” she murmured.

They both laughed, and I shook my head and turned off the burners before serving up our breakfast. I was really hungry, but managed to mind my table manners as I ate two full plates of rich breakfast food. Naturally, they commented about me “getting my energy.” It was obvious they both enjoyed it, and I really enjoyed being the center of their attention.

That lasted until my mother stood up from the table, and then I was shocked. She was wearing a thin nightgown, and her nipples were completely hard. My eyes shot open and then I quickly looked down at my plate and kept my eyes there until I finished eating every morsel of that second plateful. My mind was reeling.

All I can think now is that it was my single-minded obsession with Melissa that kept me from noticing before what an incredible body my mother has. Of course, she was a school teacher, and she always dressed conservatively for work during the school year. Still, my mom has huge natural breasts with thick nipples. They reminded me uncomfortably of Teresa’s massive tits, and I had thoroughly enjoyed sucking on those marvelous mounds while I fucked her.

It seemed impossible that I had failed to notice at all before that point. But…the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I hadn’t noticed Teresa’s tits until I knew I was going to have sex with her. By then, I had begun to take notice more and more often of the bodies of the women around me. I had to wonder how often my mother had paraded her stacked body around me before in that same revealing nightgown, and I just hadn’t noticed.

I was still extremely uncomfortable at my body’s reaction. It felt completely wrong for me to get hard from seeing my own mother dressed that way. I mean, I get it. My dick didn’t care that the incredible stacked brunette sitting to my left was my mother. After all the sex I had enjoyed over the summer, my body’s natural reaction when this sexy woman flirted with me was to get ready to fuck her.

I chewed my lip thoughtfully and tried to figure out how to get my erection to go away before my mother saw it.

That turned out to be impossible. The two of them kept teasing me as Catherine brought me a fresh cup of coffee. When I got up to clean my dishes I was still achingly hard, and Mom looked at my crotch and smiled. She didn’t seem shocked at all, which was a relief. But then I had to wonder how long I had been getting erections around her without knowing she saw them.

It only troubled me until Catherine and I left “to get back to work.” Then I was completely focused on my sexy-as-fuck next door neighbor. We really did get right to work when we returned to her house. For the next three hours, we installed the rest of the crown molding and finished the baseboards in Melissa’s room and the dining room. Then Catherine excused herself to go to the bathroom.

I was disappointed when she emerged wrapped in a bathrobe and with a towel wrapped around her hair. She chuckled and shook her head.

“I missed you in the shower,” she murmured, “but I had my reasons. You need to go home for your shower today, so your mother doesn’t think about you showering here with me. Plus, I needed to get my asshole nice and clean for you, and I didn’t want you to watch me doing that.”

I nodded and then she kissed me and led me by my hand into her bedroom. I shed my sweaty work clothes and took her from behind as she leaned over the side of the bed and eagerly gave me her ass. It was every bit as incredible as that first time, and all too soon I was unloading deep inside her. She cried out in her own orgasm, and her asshole clamped down around the base of my shaft until she had gotten every drop I had to give her.

She kissed me hungrily afterwards, and then sent me on my way. “You need to get dressed and go home for that shower,” she urged. “The way you look right now is just perfect.”

I nodded and pulled my sweaty clothes back on. They actually felt a little gross at that point, and I was ready for a shower. When I got home, I gave my mother a smile. “I’m going to head upstairs and grab a shower,” yalova escort I informed her. She just nodded and I turned and trudged up the stairs.

I realized with a start she was still wearing that same nightgown, and that I hadn’t taken notice of her body at all. That was almost as much a relief as the warm water of my shower. I still missed having Catherine’s sexy body with me in the shower, though.

After I showered and dried off, I put on a fresh pair of boxers and took a nice nap.

* * *

It was a little disconcerting when Catherine and my mother both came into my room to wake me up for lunch. At least they were both dressed, I reflected. They had nice, lightweight summer dresses on and I could tell that they both had bras on beneath them. After I sat up in my bed, they closed the door to my room and gave me privacy to get dressed.

I could hear them chatting as they headed downstairs, and wondered if Catherine expected me to help her get any more work done at her house after we ate. I was a little sore after all my exertion the past two days, and rather hoped for a break. Still, I pulled on shorts that I could work in if I needed to and a polo shirt that would be easy to clean.

I guess I looked tired when I joined them in the kitchen. They were very solicitous, and kept lightly touching my shoulders and rubbing my back. Mom squeezed my right bicep and gave a surprised little squeal when she felt how firm it was.

“Goodness, Greg, I had no idea you were getting this buff!” she exclaimed softly.

“Thanks, Mom,” I replied dryly. My eyes shot open when Catherine wrapped her arms around me from behind and pressed her breasts into my back.

“Oh, he’s turned into an incredible man,” she murmured dreamily.

My mom chuckled then and leaned up to give me a brief smooch, and I realized they were just messing with me. It didn’t stop me from getting hard, but those thick cargo shorts at least concealed the extent of my arousal. We shared a light lunch and then Mom asked if I wanted to go with them to her friend Gloria’s pool.

“Gloria invited us over to use her pool,” she said. “You’re welcome to come with us if you’d like. I’m sure the water would be refreshing after all the hard work you’ve done.”

I nodded. “That does sound nice,” I replied. I just couldn’t for the life of me place who “Gloria” was.

After lunch, I changed into my swim trunks and waited while Catherine went next door to change and my mother went into her bedroom. They both returned wearing long, baggy t-shirts over their swimsuits. I hopped into the back of the minivan and listened rather inattentively while we drove over. My eyes went wide when we pulled up to the house, and I realized that “Gloria” was the woman I knew as Mrs. Standish. She was a science teacher at the junior high, and she was gorgeous.

When we got to the front door, she opened it and greeted us with a dazzling smile. She was also packed into a slinky, white string bikini that left nothing to the imagination. Holy fuck! I tried my best to keep my eyes on her face and to not drool all over the place. She led us through the house and out the sliding glass door to the pool deck. Then my mother and Catherine pulled those baggy t-shirts over their heads and my jaw almost hit the ground.

I would never even have guessed that my mother owned such a tiny bikini! “Gloria” had long, curly blonde hair and generous breasts, but my mother’s huge tits were packed into a tiny top that was basically two little triangles of blue cloth that barely hid her areoles! The pink string bikini that Catherine wore was sexy as fuck, but it at least covered her breasts for the most part. That was a relief, until she turned around and I saw the tiny thong disappearing between her ass cheeks.

I realized I was standing there and staring, but not until my mother noticed and laughed softly. Then I gave them a sheepish smile and walked over near the little picnic table to kick off my flip-flops and remove my own shirt. That earned me quite a response.

“Oh, my!” Gloria gasped, sucking in a surprised breath.

“Mmm-hmm,” my mother agreed.

“Told you,” Catherine murmured.

I gave them a smile, but it was incredible the way they were staring at my chest and licking their lips. Gloria’s mouth actually hung open slightly. I was faced with three sets of rock-hard nipples, and it was warm outside. It was impossible for me to look at them and not think, Smoking-hot blonde, brunette, and redhead, and all for me! All three of them—including my mom—looked like they wanted to eat me up.

I tested the water with my toe and then jumped in. The last thing I wanted was for my mother to see me getting a big hard-on under all that scrutiny. The water was actually a little warm that afternoon, but it felt incredibly refreshing as I swam laps and let my back muscles relax. That was great, until all three of those sexy older women joined me in the pool. escort yalova Once those tiny swimsuits got wet, they were almost transparent.

They seemed to take great delight in hanging on me in the water and pressing their lush bodies against me. It took a while for me to figure out that my bulging erection was just as obvious in my wet swim trunks as their hard nipples were in their little bikinis. I was standing in the middle of the pool with my head just above the water when Catherine swam over and wrapped her arms around my neck. She leaned forward and gave me a slow, sensuous kiss on the lips. I was shocked that she had done it right in front of my mother like that.

She leaned her head back and chuckled softly, and I heard my mother and Gloria giggle. Then Catherine wrapped her legs around my midsection and I felt the heat of her crotch against my belly. When I wrapped my arms around her she cooed, “Oh that feels so nice.” But at the same time she had pressed her hips down so that the head of my hard dick was pressed into the crease of her pussy.

If we hadn’t been wearing swimsuits, I think my dick would have slid right into her. I just moaned helplessly when she kissed me again, and it felt like my head was spinning. It didn’t get any better when my mother swam over, her tits damn near spilling out of that obscene little top.

“Ooh, that looks nice,” she murmured. “Do I get a turn?”

Catherine got a wicked gleam in her eye and said, “Sure!” as she released me and drifted backward away from me.

“But, you’re my mom!” I spluttered in protest as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed those massive tits against my chest.

“Oh, shush,” she muttered. “There’s nothing wrong with giving your mom a nice hug.”

I sighed and wrapped my arms around her, silently praying this would be over before she felt how hard I was. That little prayer was in vain. She wrapped her legs around my midsection just like Catherine had and sighed happily when she felt my hard dick pressed into her the same way. I felt her calves flexing against my lower back and knew she was pressing her pussy against the head of my dick. All I could do was stare into her eyes in helpless disbelief when she started kissing me and humping against me.

It was almost a relief when Gloria demanded her turn. Unlike the previous two women, she wrapped her legs around me much higher, so her crotch was barely below my belly button. However, her kissing was much more insistent and she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I moaned and closed my eyes as I returned her kiss, and in that moment I missed who it was that reached down to untie my drawstring.

I didn’t feel it when it happened. Gloria still had both arms around my neck, so I know it wasn’t her. It just felt different when she slid her hips down and pressed the head of my cock against her bikini bottoms. We spent about a minute kissing and humping against each other before she brought her right hand down from my neck and reached behind her.

She pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and pressed forward, and my eyes shot open in surprise when my dick slid inside her. Then I could feel my swim trunks as they drifted down my thighs. I was alarmed because I knew my mom would be able to see that, and might even be able to see my hard dick buried in her friend’s pussy. My eyes roamed frantically from side to side, but I couldn’t see my mother or Catherine.

Gloria looked pleased with herself, like a kid who had gotten away with a clever prank. That lasted until my cock slid all the way into her snug little pussy and nailed her cervix. Then she stopped kissing me and gasped in alarm. Her eyes were huge as she looked at me in disbelief.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” my mother’s voice carried from behind her.

“Um, um, yes,” Gloria stuttered. She shook her head and her look changed as she slowly slid my cock out and back into her snug sheath. “I just didn’t realize how much of a man Greg has become.”

Mom and Catherine both chuckled at that, and Gloria wrapped her arms tightly around my neck so she could pump her hips and really fuck herself on my dick. I was worried again when she shuddered and came. It just seemed way too obvious to me, and I was certain my mother would see it. I just didn’t know what I could do about it. So I held her in my arms for almost fifteen minutes as she drove my hard dick in and out of her. I suspect she only stopped because the pool water was washing away her natural lubrication.

As soon as Gloria shuddered and released me, Catherine was sliding into my embrace once again. “My turn!” she announced.

Her little thong bikini bottoms were already pulled just to the side of her pussy lips when she put her arms around my neck, and my dick slid smoothly inside her. She kissed my neck and then whispered in my ear. “That was so hot! Thanks for doing that, Greg. Poor Gloria really needed it.”

“You’re not mad?” I whispered in reply.

“Do yalova escort bayan I feel mad?” she countered, urgently driving my hard cock all the way inside her.

“No, not at all,” I answered with a shudder.

Catherine really went to town, driving her hips back and forth and fucking almost my full length in and out of her. She shook all over when she came, but I was so light-headed with my own arousal I didn’t think to complain. I didn’t think at all about my mother, sitting in the shallow end next to the deeply satisfied Gloria and watching as Catherine rode me hard in the pool.

It wasn’t until Catherine had her second orgasm and lay back in the water that I thought about my mother at all, and then only because she was swimming right toward me. When Catherine let her legs slide from around my waist, I bent to pull my swimsuit up and quickly tied the drawstring. Mom kept smiling, wrapping one arm around my neck and slithering around until she was on my back before wrapping her legs around me.

“Why don’t you give me a ride around the pool, stud?” she whispered in my ear.

I was just relieved she didn’t expect a turn with my dick inside her pussy, and leaned forward to start cruising around the pool. My arms moved in broad strokes, pulling us along at a nice, leisurely pace. Mom sighed happily and wrapped her right arm around my chest. I spent the next fifteen minutes carrying her around the shallow end of the pool, and then it was time for us to go.

Mom and Catherine got out and started drying off, and Gloria swam over to give me another hug and kiss in the shallow end of the pool right by the stairs.

“Thanks,” she whispered in my ear. “I really needed that.” I smiled down at her face, and then she stepped back and announced, “You’re welcome to come over and use the pool any time you’d like, Greg.”

I was blushing and Mom and Catherine were both grinning when I thanked her and got out to dry myself. As we drove home, I realized I was really tired and a little sunburned on my shoulders. I had put on sunscreen, but we’d been in the water for the better part of two hours. Plus, of course, all those women hugging on me had removed some of the sunscreen.

It wasn’t like I was going to complain of course. I was simply exhausted and had a lot on my mind. The way my mother kept smiling and looking at me, I was certain she had known what was going on beneath the water. When we pulled up in our driveway, Catherine headed home to shower and change clothes. I trudged up the stairs for my own shower.

Out of habit, I locked the bathroom door behind me. I didn’t even think about it until I heard the door handle rattle briefly while I was in the shower, and even then I wasn’t sure I had heard it. Had my mother come upstairs, planning to join me in the shower? After I had showered and gotten dressed, she didn’t do or say anything to give herself away, if she had.

* * *

Catherine joined us for dinner that night, and my father chuckled and shook his head when he saw my eyelids drooping. “You’ve really worn that boy out,” he said.

“He has been a really hard worker,” Catherine replied, reaching over and giving my hand a squeeze. “It never ceases to amaze me, just how much he’s been capable of.”

Mom’s eyes lit up, and she carefully chewed her food so she wouldn’t laugh out loud. When Catherine saw Mom’s face, she fluttered her eyelids briefly before turning to my father.

“After dinner, you should come over to the house,” she said brightly. “We’re not finished, of course, but at least you can see how much work we’ve gotten done.”

I begged off accompanying the three of them when they headed next door. Instead I put some aloe onto my shoulders and neck and crawled into bed. I was asleep almost instantly.

Some time later, I was awakened by the insistent beeping of my phone. It took me a moment to realize it wasn’t the alarm function, but I had missed a pair of calls from Catherine by the time I was awake enough to figure it out. It was already after midnight, so I had slept three or four hours. I called her back immediately.

“Hey, sorry I missed your call,” I whispered.

“Are you coming over?” she asked.

“I would love to,” I replied. I did a quick calculation in my head. “Give me seven minutes.”

“Okay,” she chuckled.

I quickly brushed my teeth and used the bathroom before I left. I was wearing cargo shorts and a work shirt when I let myself out the front door and made my way next door. Catherine smelled wonderful as she pulled me into her arms for a hug and kiss just inside the front door. She looked lovely in another translucent nightgown.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get all dressed up for you,” she murmured in apology. “I actually fell asleep after I called you that first time. Then, when I woke up alone, I just hoped you could come over and hold me.”

I knew she was referring to the sexy lingerie she had worn the night before, but I looked her over and shook my head. “You still look incredible,” I murmured. “I want to eat you up.”

We kissed some more and then headed upstairs to her bedroom. After I stripped and joined her in the bed, she sighed happily and leaned her head on my right shoulder. She ran her hand over my chest and down to my abs, and then let out a soft chuckle.

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