Costume Party

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I left Jennifer and Jerry’s house after a great breakfast and several cups of coffee. I had a lot to do that day before even getting ready for the evening’s events. The day had turned out just as the weatherman had predicted the night before, a balmy warm day in the low seventies and the evening wouldn’t dip too far into the high fifties and the same weather pattern would last about three days. It was looking like a nice weekend and the possibility of riding the bike to the party that evening was pretty good.

I took a shower, smiling the whole time as I thought about the night before. I thought of the smell Jen’s perfume and Jerry’s cologne, the thoughts of the wonderful sex, the idea that I could enjoy them both or by themselves as we like and can, and the idea of getting to be introduced to another group.

After toweling off, I dressed, grabbed my grocery-shopping list and headed out the door. I wanted to get all of my Saturday “To Do” list completed with enough time to get some rest before heading out for the evening. I knew I would be dealing with a very long night.

As I walked back into my kitchen from the garage with the last bag, my home phone rang. I glanced at the caller identification and saw that it was Jerry and Jennifer’s number. Of course I would answer the call. Glad I did. Jennifer let me know that she had contacted the members of the group and had noted that they were bringing me as their new addition for their monthly get together. I wouldn’t exactly skip initiation, but would agree to be available to all members of the group tonight. I remembered the video and, of course, I agreed.

I put away my groceries and went upstairs to take a nap. I was tired, but the anticipation and excitement made it difficult to fall asleep. I’m glad I had set the alarm because I doubt I would have woken up on my own in time to get ready. I showered and shaved. Yes, I know what you are thinking. I did, as I like to stay slick. Seeing that we had agreed to the biker theme, it was pretty easy to get ready wearing a black mesh low rise brief, black jeans, black button down shirt, and my black leather biker jacket and chaps, and a pair of black boots.

I had packed a bag with some toys, lubes, condoms, and toiletries and placed it in the left side tour pack of the Ultra. No need for a helmet since we were staying in Pennsylvania. I grabbed my glasses with the clear lenses for night driving and opened the garage door to feel the nice and balmy temperatures hadn’t changed. Strike one up for the weatherman. He was still on target for the weekend forecast. I started the bike and rolled out of the garage. I hit the garage door button and watched the door fully close before pulling over into Jerry and Jennifer’s driveway. As I rolled up to their garage, the door began to open.

Jennifer was standing in the kitchen entrance and waived a finger at me indicating it would be another minute. I turned the bike around to point back down the driveway and turned the bike off, set the kickstand and climbed off. As I turned, I saw two exquisite biker babes standing right there. Holy crap! All I could muster was, “Wow!”

Jennifer and the other babe were both dressed nearly exactly the same, clad in a black leather miniskirt, spike-heeled black leather thigh high boots, red blouse under the black leather biker jackets. Jennifer’s red hair was pulled back in a ponytail while the blonde’s hair fell to her shoulders. Jennifer’s grin was priceless. But my look must have been better. “She’s pretty hot, isn’t she?” Jennifer asked.

I checked her out and if I didn’t know that the three of us were going out tonight, I never would have guessed she was Jerry. “Jerry?” I asked.

“Meet Jessica, Jerry’s alter feminine ego. What do you think?”

Jerry, I mean, Jessica stepped forward with a killer strut. She was hot. The makeup was awesome with ruby red lipstick, cheeks blush, eyeliner and mascara and wearing enough Obsession perfume to make my cock hard.

Jennifer walked up and patted Jessica on the ass. “Lift your skirt baby and show off your legs.”

The black leather miniskirt was small and tight enough but when Jessica’s fingers slid the side up, you could see the lace of the black stockings and the garter clips. The skirt barely covered the lace of the stocking tops. I noticed that she had long fingernails painted to match her lipstick color. She even wore jewelry. Jennifer’s nail polish also matched and she raised her skirt to show off as well. Good thing we were blocked by the bike and it was dark enough that the neighbors would have a hard time seeing us. The frontage on our properties gave nearly a half-acre before hitting the street.

Jennifer strutted back to their mini van and opened the driver’s door. “You two ride the bike. I will follow. I want to see the looks you two get. Jessica knows the way there.”

“Aren’t you going to have a difficulty in that skirt?” I asked.

With a grin, Jessica responded, “Nope. We’ve done this quite a few times. I’ve even been fucked bent over the seat of a bike.”

I balıkesir escort slipped the passenger foot boards into the down position and climbed onto the bike, standing it up for Jessica to get on. Jessica stepped up onto the footboard and spread her legs slipping the other over the side to straddle the bike and slide in behind me in the throne. She wrapped her arms around my waist and said she was ready when I was. I looked down to see her skirt barely covered the garter snaps on both sides and her thigh-high leather boots looked sexy.

“I kid you not, Jerry. I never would have guessed you dressed, let alone were bi and now seeing you dressed this way…”

“Thank you. And, last night was pretty awesome but you and I, as well as you and Jennifer, will get plenty of time to play together now that we’ve found out that we do enjoy the same things. Don’t worry, I have quite a collection of lingerie and clothes. I’ll dress specifically for you as many times as you like. I’m looking forward to it.”

I started the bike and let it settle into idle before squeezing the clutch and putting it into gear. The Rinehart exhaust’s throaty rumble sounded off as I let out the clutch and hit the throttle. I pulled out of the driveway and down the street to head out of the development with Jennifer close behind. We had to ride past our favorite watering hole and there were people going in. They waived as we went by and Jessica returned their waives. I asked, “Do you think they know?”

Jessica chuckled. “So you know, a couple of the group’s members are regulars at the bar. They will be where we are heading. You’ll see.”

I didn’t know that and began to wonder who they were. We approached the traffic light before getting up onto the highway and had three cars pull up to us in the straight through lane. Jessica gave them a show by rubbing my thighs with her hands, reaching in to make sure she rubbed my cock. I, in turn, slid my left hand along her thigh, sliding the skirt up to expose her thigh and the stocking tops. We got honks. The light changed and we both had to put our hands back to work instead of pleasure.

The ride wasn’t any longer than twenty minutes, but was a nice evening out with a hot blonde on the back of the bike. We chatted and Jessica would snuggle up tighter as we rode, playing the biker babe part quite well. Jennifer stayed close behind. As we pulled off the highway and into the subdivision, I saw large brick homes similar to the size and some bigger than our own.

Jessica directed me to a long wide driveway where there were several cars out in the street and some in the driveway. She had me pull up closer to the garage door with the bike while Jennifer parked the van at the end of the driveway. We dismounted the bike and I grabbed the bag, locking the tour pack afterward. Jennifer strutted up the driveway with their bag over her shoulder. Jessica pointed the way to the front door.

Jennifer rang the doorbell. After a few moments, the door opened and we were greeted by a woman gorgeous woman with long black hair, dressed as Elvira, with the long black breast-displaying dress. She was stunning. Jennifer introduced me to Gloria, the homeowner. Jennifer noted that she and her husband were one of the original members of the group. Jennifer pointed out that we saw her husband, Tom, enjoying Jessica last night on the DVD. He was the one with the massive cock and always does Jessica when she dresses.

Gloria grabbed my hand and led us to the den, near the front door. The room was being used as the coatroom for the evening and a place to store our bags. Gloria wouldn’t let go of my hand and led the way out into the main floor family room. She smiled and leaned in to whisper in my ear, “Jennifer told me about last night. Last night, you were theirs. Tonight, you are ours.” Her smile was sensual and erotic.

“I look forward to meeting everyone here this evening.”

Gloria responded, “Right answer. Now look around and mingle. Things will heat up soon enough. I’ll find you.” She let go of my hand and put her arm around Jessica and led her off down the stairs to the lower level.

“She’s taking Jess down stairs to where Tom is to show her off. Last month, Jerry dressed in a little black dress. This should stir Tom.” Jennifer grabbed my hand and showed me around the main floor, introducing me to many of the members that were mingling.

Everyone in a different costume or dress and then downstairs where I got to see the lower level, the bar where Tom was serving up drinks, and the outdoor hot tub area. Things were still in the social hours and hadn’t begun to heat up just yet but there was plenty to drink and some finger foods to eat.

Jennifer introduced me to a couple, a doctor named Brian and his wife Susan. Brian was dressed as the Great Gatsby. His hair was slicked back and he wore a tux. Susan was a flapper, wearing a silver dress complete with the shimmying tassels, the seamed hose, silver high heels and her hair cut and styled short as in balıkesir escort bayan the time period complemented by several long strands of beads that she swung on her fingers. Jennifer smiled and told me to have a good time and she would find me later in the evening.

Tom walked out from behind the bar, dressed in his toga and sandals. He brought a round of drinks for Brian, Susan, and myself and handed them out as he introduced himself to me. “So, you are the new neighbor with benefits, I hear.”

“I am at that.” I responded. “And Tom, you put on quite a show. I get to enjoy this evening first hand instead of seeing it on a DVD.”

“Well, it is good to have someone else who enjoys delicious pussy and great cock.” We all toasted to Tom’s comment.

“Well, enjoy yourselves this evening. I look forward to having you soon myself.” He turned back toward the bar where other guests had gathered. Tom grabbed the remote control for the video system and the main screen changed. A DVD started and it was an orgy video from a party in Germany. This signaled the opening of playtime.

Susan grabbed my hand and led me back to the stairs as Brian followed. There were already couples on the first floor in various stages of undress as Susan made her way to the upstairs level. She peeked into the first bedroom at the top of the steps that had two full sized beds in it and found it already occupied with several couples. She moved to the second room, a guest bedroom with a king sized poster bed that was unoccupied and guided me into the room. “Strip, and then put the leather chaps back on.” She commanded.

I obliged and began to remove my clothes. My cock was already straining and both Susan and Brian watched as I stripped. Susan shimmied out of her panties and sat on the end the bed, spread her legs giving me a wonderful view of her shaved pussy. Once I was standing there naked, cock bouncing and erect, I slipped back into my chaps.

“I love leather.” Susan chimed. “Now, unzip his pants and pull out his cock for me. I want to see you suck my husband’s cock for me.”

Brian moved to stand in front of the bed giving Susan the best view. Her fingers were stroking her swollen pussy lips, dipping into her wetness with one then two fingers as I dropped to my knees before her and reached for her husband’s zipper.

“Just unzip and remove his cock. Don’t remove his pants.”

I did what I was told. I placed my hands on the front of his pants to feel his cock and adjust it before unzipping his fly. He was already hard. I slowly pulled the zipper down with my right hand and reached into his fly to find that he wasn’t wearing any underwear and it was a good thing I straightened his package before unzipping. I might have caught some meat if I hadn’t. That just might have ruined the moment.

I worked my fingers around his throbbing member and pulled his cock out. I reached up with my right hand and guided his shaved balls out too. Now, I had the whole throbbing package in front of me. Keeping my right hand on his balls, I slowly massaged them, the sack tight and the cock throbbing before me.

“Yes, that’s it. Show me how you suck cock.” She now had both hands busy between her spread legs.

I leaned forward and slowly let my tongue run up the length of the shaft to the head before me, letting my tongue swirl gently and teasingly around the head before slowly letting my lips envelope the head. His cock was of average length, just over six inches but his cock had a nice curve when throbbing erect. I leaned in further now with my left hand on his ass pulling him to me and my right hand busy with his balls and slowly massaging the perineum. He slid forward allowing my fingers to make contact with his luscious anal opening.

I leaned back on my heels and wet the index and middle fingers of my right hand with my saliva before reaching back into his fly and placing my fingers back at his tight hole. I engulfed his cock, slowly taking him down to his balls, the head hitting the back of my throat on the first stroke. One my way upward, I let my middle finger dip into his ass causing him to try to let me in deeper. He let out a moan and is wife took a deep breath.

“How does he feel baby?” Susan asked wantonly.

“Oh baby, I have a finger in my ass and his mouth feels so good.”

Now I went to work on him and turned so that Susan could watch the whole show. I took my time teasing his cock, making him tremble as I slowly engulf his cock and then work him with my tongue. Susan continued to moan at how hot it was. I was paying attention to the cock I was sucking on and not the audience we had in the doorway as we put on a show for the others.

I have no idea how much time had gone by, only that there were more people watching and Brian had placed his hands on the sides of my head trying to guide me as he began to fuck my mouth. I was determined to have him last as long as I could, teasing him as much as I could. His ass fucked my finger and when I added the escort balıkesir second finger, his cock stiffened and his moans louder.

A couple entered the bedroom and slid up on the bed to watch the show. He was dressed in a kilt and she in a harem girl’s outfit. She pulled his cock out from under his kilt and began to suck on his throbbing member. Jason was his name and the girl was Janet. Their spouses were off somewhere else in the house.

When Brian announced he was going to cum, it was a loud, “Oh shit, I’m going to cum baby!”

I dipped my fingers in deep to massage his prostate as his cock began to leak more hot delicious semen. He tasted deliciously. It was time to make him cum for me. He began to guide my head more tightly and fuck my mouth with abandon. I felt his cock begin to jerk and spasm before delivering a load against the back of my throat. I tried to pull back to show Susan that he was cumming. No need as he yelled it out for everyone in the room to hear. He filled my mouth and some escaped my lips. I wanted to show the others the load before I swallowed. I held out as long as I could as his cock began to soften and he let loose of the grip on the sides of my head.

As he slipped out, I opened my mouth for Susan and the others to see before swallowing some, licking my lips, and finally swallowing the last of his salty sweet tasting load. Susan smiled and clapped causing everyone in the room to comment on the show.

Susan patted the bed and motioned for me to move over to her. She spread her legs and offered up her nectar and sweet pussy. I dove in pulling her closer to my tongue. She began to fuck my tongue, telling me how good it felt. Her juices were flowing. I felt a pair of hands on my hips and then a hand slid down the crack of my ass and some cool lube was worked into my ass. I didn’t turn around to see who was going to use me. I just wanted to enjoy the feeling.

There were two fingers in my ass before I was positioned with my ass up a little higher in the air for easier access. I spread my legs to get comfortable and was rewarded with a hard cock trying to ease its way into my tight ass. I heard Susan tell William to ease into me. He did. Not seeing him first, I wasn’t sure how big a cock I was going to be taking in my ass but as the head popped into my ass, I pushed back against his cock to help him bury himself in me. As he began to slowly ease in and out of my ass, I looked back over my shoulder to see one of the other single males members, mocha colored skin and an eight inch cock, concentrating on fucking my ass. So that was William.

His cock felt so filling as he fucked me. He hit all the right places and I was thinking how his hot molten cum would have felt shooting into my depths had he not been wearing a condom. It was my turn to call out in ecstasy, “Oh shit yes! Fuck my ass with that tool. Fuck me!”

That set off Susan’s climax. She began to shudder and her whole body shook as William rode me from behind. Susan arched her back pushing her pussy harder against my tongue as her spasms continued. As she went limp, William began a determined slow deep fucking of my ass. I felt the head of his massive cock pull out of my ass before sliding back into me. I must have been wide open but it felt amazing.

Susan slide out from my reach and a throbbing cock appeared to my side. I turned to take it in my mouth and began to suck him off as well. A voice whispered in my ear, “When you are done with those cocks, it is time for you to drill my pussy. I do hope you are up for it.”

I glanced up to see Gloria leaning over and smiling. She gave me a kiss on the cheek. She was still in her Elvira costume. As she stood up, she spread her legs, pulled the slit of the dress over to show me her smoothly shaved pussy, agape. Then she stepped back out of my view. There were several couples fucking on the bed and several still watching from the doorway.

The cock in my mouth lasted about five minutes before he shot his load. It was a little saltier than Brian’s load but tasty just the same. In the mean time, William kept up the smooth fucking of my ass. He gave me four fast thrusts and buried deep in me. He ground his throbbing member in me and asked me where I wanted him to deposit his load. I motioned him to come around and told him, “Don’t waste it in that rubber. Pull it off that cock and bring me that load.”

He responded, “That’s what I needed.”

He pulled out of me, his cock looked like it was ready to burst, veins pulsing and the head covered with precum. I sat back on my heels and flicked my tongue over the head, around the helmet edge and down the underside before slowly letting my tongue glide back up to the head, his tool twitching. I slowly took it in my mouth and began to let him fuck my mouth. I had my left hand on the massive cock, stroking it as I bobbed up and down on it and my left hand massaging his balls.

“I’m going to cum. Oh fuck yes!” William moaned.

I began to massage his asshole with the fingers on my right hand. He lifted his left leg up onto the foot rail of the bed to give me a wide-open access to his ass. My fingers slipped in to search for his prostate. When I hit it, William’s cock let loose a huge first spurt of cum. I was relentless and didn’t let a drop go to waste. When I had devoured his cum, I slowly slid my fingers from his ass and looked up at him with a mischievous grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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