Hiking Ch. 2

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“Excuse me but I don’t crawl,” I tell her.

“Oh I suppose that you renege on all your bets as well,” she asks sarcastically. “Just like a man who loses to a woman.”

“Now wait a minute, we have not agreed to what the winner will get or the looser to loose. I don’t like ambiguity. We need to discuss the options before we go further,” I state.

“It sounds like you are afraid of the unknown. To boldly go where no one else has gone is not for you! I tell you what big boy, I want you for my sexual slave for the rest of the day, and night if I so choose.” she says. “Can you handle that?”

As I contemplate what she has just offered, she turns and walks away. I watch as her beautiful ass cheeks rise and fall with each movement of her legs. I want more of this woman. What can she do that I won’t like? Sexual slave, it doesn’t sound too bad. “Wait,” I cry out.

She turns her head and tells me to pick up her clothes and follow her. Scrambling I pick up her clothes and mine, and run to catch up with her before I loose her in the woods. As I catch up with her she tells me to walk behind her as a slave should. Hey with a beautiful ass like that I could follow her almanbahis adres forever.

Coming upon a clearing I see her campsite. There is another woman there. She has long and flowing red hair. She is dressed in denim shorts and a shirt tied beneath her breasts.

“Justine,” my new master calls. “Look what the mighty hunter has brought home!”

“Wait a minute!” I say. I’m not too sure about being around two women at the same time.

“Shut up,” my master yells. “I will tell you when you can talk, and it is damn sure not now!”

Hey, I shut up. Two really nice looking women, it could be worse.

“Whoa… Great Hunter, where did you find this game? And what are we going to do with him,” Justine asks.

As The Great Hunter walks up to Justine she gently kisses her lips and says, “This my dear is my sexual slave and if you are nice to me I might just share him with you.”

Hey, it is starting to sound good to me. Lucifer is starting to stir.

“Drop the clothes and gear and crawl over here. Now!” the Great Hunter commands.

I drop the stuff and start to crawl. My knees hurt as soon as they hit the ground but I keep quite and crawl almanbahis adresi till I’m in front of them both.

The Great Hunter reaches down and ruffles my hair like men do to their dog at home. “He barked and growled a lot when I bagged him but now he will do whatever I say,” the Great Hunter tells Justine.

“Really?” Justine asks.

“Boy when I peed back at the stream I didn’t have anything to catch the few remaining drops and it is still wet. Lick me clean,” the Great Hunter commands as she spread her legs and places a hand on Justine to keep her balance.

As I rise up she places her left foot on my shoulder exposing her cunt once again to my eyes. I stretch out my tongue and lick. Other then a little bit of saltiness it is the same sweet pussy I sucked just a few minutes ago.

Justine bends over and says, “He likes it doesn’t he?”

“Oh yes he does,” the Great Hunter tells Justine, “and I like it too.”

Holding my head she comes again as she grinds her pelvis into my mouth.

Justine tells the Great Hunter as the Great Hunter recovers from her climax, “You know he is kinda big, and you never know what a wild beast will do. Don’t almanbahis adres you think we should tie him up for our safety?”

The Great Hunter smiles and agrees.

I start to protest but the Great Hunter speaks, “Shut-up! You agreed, now live up to your word!”

Justine goes into the tent and removes a sleeping bag. Unzipping it she places it upon the ground. Then she gets what appears to be tent stakes and drives them into the corners just outside of the bag. Then digging into a bag she removes a nylon rope. Looking up at the Great Hunter she raises an eyebrow.

“Lie down on your back,” the Great Hunter commands.

As I lie down as the Great Hunter commands, Justine grabs my left arm and ties it to the left stake. Then she ties my right arm to the right stake, and then both legs to their respective stakes. I am now spread eagle and unable to move in any direction. Justine stands and admires her handiwork. Then I notice that the Great Hunter had vanished.

I hear rustling from inside the tent and then see the Great Hunter as she exits and returns to stand beside Justine with both hands covering her pelvic region. There is something different about the Great Hunter. She smiles and slowly spreads her hands.

My eyes bulge, my mouth drops open, I attempt to speak but I can’t find my voice. “Oh no,” I cry as I find my voice, “Not that!” I can’t believe my eyes!

To Be Continued…

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