His Old Boots

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Ben was never a fan of strong smells. In fact, he didn’t like smells at all. He always avoided wearing strong deodorants, or perfumes, and he felt uncomfortable when someone entered a room and the whole place got filled with their perfume.

The bad odors were the worst part. He avoided the smell of farts as best as he could, always leaving the room when someone farted. When he took a piss, he would close his nose for a minute; and when someone forgot to wear deodorant, that was considered a hate crime.

It was a big surprise when Ben fell in love with his friend’s extremely stinky boots. George was a big guy, tall and meaty, and slightly overweight, and his entire body was covered with hair, which helped accentuate his masculine smells. Ben was always complaining about those smells, mocking George for stinking like a sack of cheese, especially when they had a beer at the local bar, after a day of work.

George worked in construction for many years, while Ben worked at the office. They were friends since high school, but they had few things in common. While they shared a similar sense of humor, Ben was physically smaller than George’s alpha male body. In fact, Ben was an average looking nerd, with an average lean body, blond hair and fairly good-looking face, while George was a school jock, with his large frame, dark hair and a slightly arrogant face.

“Damn, brother… You fucking stink,” said Ben, while covering his nose. It was one of those days where they met at the local bar. That afternoon was particularly hot, maybe the hottest day of the year so far, and Ben’s sensitive nose was immediately hit with George’s sweaty stink.

“It’s the smell of hard work, my man,” replied George, with an evil smirk. “What’s the matter? You don’t sweat at the office?”

“Then you must’ve worked a lot,” mocked Ben, “because you smell like a bag of Cheetos or something…”

“Oh, that’s my big old boots,” George chuckled, while raising his size thirteen brown construction boots.

“Ew, they look grimy as fuck, you dirty fucking pig,” Ben couldn’t believe George was still wearing those. They must have been ten years old at that point. “You want me to buy you some new boots?”

“Shut the fuck up,” replied George, and then he gulped some beer down his sweaty, bearded neck.

“Seriously, man. I think it’s time to throw these in the nearest trash possible, cause they smell like spoiled fucking cheese. Your feet are always stinky…” reprehended Ben, feeling a little nauseous.

“That’s the smell of real man feet. Hard-working, alpha male feet,” said George, while bringing his boot all the way up to Ben’s face. “You wouldn’t know that smell, would you?”

“I don’t want to know that smell,” Ben laughed, and George followed.

They got a little drunk and then George went home to his wife. Ben stayed for a while, with the cheesy smell still in the air, and then he felt a strange tingle in his crotch. A strange, intrusive thought occurred in his head: George shoving the opening of his boot on his face, and then he sniffed it. Ben shook his head and walked out of the bar.

Many days passed and George’s birthday approached. Ben decided to buy him a new pair of boots, more as a joke, but he ended up spending a lot of money in some quality designer boots. At George’s house, the entire crowd got the joke when he opened Ben’s gift, and his wife laughed loudly and thanked Ben for what she thought was a miracle. God knows how much stink his wife had to endure with those old boots laying around the house.

“Thank you, Ben,” said George, holding his new expensive boots. “I’ll try my best to make them stink just like the old ones,” and the crowd laughed.

George told his wife to bring the old stinkers, and placed them into Ben’s box, handing it to him.

“Here, take my old friends as a sign of appreciation, they’re all yours now,” announced George, with an evil grin.

“Thank you, friend,” replied Ben, holding the box and pretending to be nauseated, making more people laugh.

“Make sure you give them a good whiff once in a while,” George winked and, while everyone laughed, Ben felt his dick twitch in his pants.

What was happening to him? Sure, Ben had a small crush for George since high-school, but that crush died many years Bostancı Escort ago, when George got engaged. Ben was embarrassed of that feeling, especially because George knew about it somehow. After all, Ben was gay, and although his friendship with George was so old, George wasn’t oblivious to the fact that he was an attractive jock, and that Ben’s partners all looked like him. They never touched the subject, but George sometimes used it as a joke, to embarrass Ben when he deserved it.

Later that night, Ben went home and brought the shoe box to his bed, seriously staring at it. His mind started to wonder about George’s masculine, hairy body, and his sweaty muscles. His dick got instantly hard, and he decided to give in to his desire. He opened the box and there they were: the big old brown boots, dusty, used and abused by George’s large, sweaty feet for so many years. The stench started to fill the room, and Ben didn’t feel disgusted anymore… he felt horny and attracted to that cheesy, earthy smell of foot sweat mixed with mud and dust.

“Give it a whiff,” said George in his head, and Ben could see his bearded face and sexy smirk.

He took the right boot with his hand, holding the soles, making his palm dirty, and faced the big opening. He could see the inside and how used it was. The insole was shredded and discolored, marked with a dark shape of George’s feet. That thing was probably soaked with years of sweat. George’s strong, powerful, alpha male sweat…

He couldn’t resist any longer. He shoved his face in there, reaching for that used insole, and then he took a big whiff, just like George had ordered, and his eyes rolled back in ecstasy for the first time in his life. The stink was so cheesy, muddy and gross, but the fact that it belonged to a big, strong man, a man he had secretly dreamed of since high-school, made it bearable.

“I’m sorry, George,” thought Ben. “I can’t resist…”

He took another big whiff, savoring the strong stench, like a bitch in heat.

“You’re too hot… I’m sorry…”

Ben’s eyes continued to roll back in pleasure, and his dick was painfully pulsing in his pants. He knew that if he touched it, he would ejaculate in a matter of seconds.

He then placed both boots over his pillow, not caring that they were filthy, and laid in bed in front of them, his face shoved inside the right boot, and then the left boot, alternating between them over and over again, sniffing them like a desperate foot slut.

Ben just wasn’t able to control himself anymore. A warm desire for humiliation took over his brain. He started to kiss George’s boots profusely, desperately in love with that big foot stench. The pressure he made on his crotch while laying in bed was enough stimulation to make him wet his pants. He had the best orgasm in years.

Then he felt immediately ashamed, and quickly got up and hid the boots underneath the bed. He felt exhausted, in a trance of pleasure and humiliation, and fell asleep over his dirty pillowcase.

The next morning, Ben woke up and took a shower. He changed his pillowcase for a clean one, and sat on the bed, reflecting on what he had done. A feeling of regret filled his mind, and he started to cry. He had betrayed his friend, in a way. He acted like a pervert, using a friend’s object to get off. That was unacceptable. He decided to never think about it or mention that moment ever again.

He squatted down and pulled George’s boots from under his bed, decided to throw them in the trash immediately. But then he looked at them…

That big pair of brown, worn out man boots. Ben thought about George’s big, veiny feet and the fact that they were inside those shoes for so many years. He thought about George’s big muscular body, his cocky smirks and his alpha male confidence. Those boots were so damn hot, he thought.

He lost control again. He laid on the ground, burying his face in them, sniffing that stench, kissing all over them, thinking about his friend working under the sun all day, his huge hairy body glistening with sweat and steam. George… What would George say if he saw what was happening? He would certainly burst out laughing. He would mock Ben forever. He would turn that moment into a cruel joke until the day he died. George would be disgusted, Ümraniye Escort shocked, but most importantly, he would laugh at Ben forever. Ben convulsed on the floor and came in his pants. Then, he quickly hid the boots under his bed again.

Later that day, he reflected on the duality between his desire and his regret. George deserved an apology. He would not throw the boots in the trash anymore. In fact, he would keep them as a sign of his respect and admiration for George. He wrote a message to George and hit send.

Ben: I want to apologize for making fun of the way you smell. You are a hard-working man, and a dear friend, and your feet smell just fine.

A few minutes passed and George replied.

George: No problem. I know you love me, man. Did you give them a good whiff? 😉

Ben’s heart jumped faster.

Ben: Yes, I did. They smell great.

George: Tell me more. LOL.

Ben: They smell of alpha male and hard work.

George: Did you actually smell them?

Ben: Yes, I’m sorry.

George: LOL.

Ben: …

George: Did you like it?

Ben: Yes.

George: Come sniff the real thing, then.

Ben: Anytime.

George: I’m available. Wife’s out.

Ben: Can I come?

George: Sure. Bring my boots.

Ben’s heart was practically jumping out of his chest. He didn’t know what was happening. Was George making fun of him? Did George believe his confession, or was he treating it like a joke?

He took the boots and drove to George’s house. When he arrived, his friend was in fact alone inside the house. His wife left to her mom’s house. George had a big, cocky grin on his face. Ben knew he would make fun of him.

“So you’ve been getting along with my big old friends?” said George, sitting on the couch and offering Ben a cold beer. The TV showed some sports channel.

“Yes, very,” replied Ben, sitting on the other couch, and placing the old boots on the floor, next to him.

“How do you like them?” asked George. His face showed that he was trying not to laugh.

Ben took a deep breath.

“Like I said, I want to apologize for criticizing the way they smell.”

“Apology refused. I will only forgive you if you do one thing.”


“Bring me a sandwich.”

Ben stared at him for a second, and then got up. He searched for the ingredients inside the fridge and prepared a king-sized sandwich for George.

“Here you go,” Ben said, offering the sandwich with a serious tone.

“Man, relax,” said George. “I know you have a thing for me…”

“Shut up,” replied Ben.

“I didn’t know you were into feet, though. That was a surprise.”

“I’m not into feet…”

“Well, I am,” confessed George. “I’ve always had a foot fetish, remember? Although mine only works with women’s feet.”

Ben suddenly remembered a small moment during high-school, when George admitted he had a crush on a girl’s feet. Ben mocked him for a whole month. But since then, they never talked about it again.

“It’s fine, Ben,” said George, now using a more mature tone. “Let’s have fun. I have this fetish, and you have this fetish. Let’s try something.”

“What do you mean?”

George raised his big leg on the couch, wiggling his toes.

“Show them some respect,” he commanded.

“Is this a joke?” Ben’s voice was shaky.

“You know you want to. You didn’t have to actually take my boots with you, last night. You want them. Say it,” George said, smirking like a mean bully.

“I want them,” Ben whispered.

“Good boy,” George nodded. “Come here. Sniff my toes.”

Ben couldn’t resist. A warm feeling of excitement filled his brain. He got on his knees and planted his face on George’s big size thirteen foot. It was warm and sweaty, and slightly dirty. He felt a strong trace of foot cheese invade his nostrils, while he shoved his nose between George’s toes.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” mocked George. “Sniff up and say you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry, George,” obeyed Ben, taking big whiffs of George’s strong alpha stink.

“For what?” asked George, aggressively.

“For disrespecting you,” replied Ben, his eyes rolling back in ecstasy.

“Are you going to respect me from now on?”, barked George.

“Yes, I will… I will respect Kartal Escort you… You smell great,” confessed Ben.

George burst out laughing.

“After so many years, you’re finally learning to respect me,” he noted.

“Yes, George. I’m an idiot.”

George laughed even harder.

“I can get used to this,” he mocked. “Say it again… You’re killing me.”

“I’m an idiot?” said Ben, pathetically, while his friend was out of breath.

“Keep sniffing,” he ordered, after recovering from laughing too hard. “Here, sniff the other foot. That’s right. Get your nose in there. Now say: ‘I’m a dumb fucking idiot.'”

“I’m a dumb fucking idiot,” said Ben. He suddenly noticed his dick was pulsing in his pants. Was it from the foot odor or the humiliation?

George kept ordering him around his feet, and laughing like a bully. It was really funny to see his old friend act like a total bitch in front of him. He was used to being mocked by Ben, and now there he was, worshiping him and apologizing for everything. George would never let Ben forget about that moment.

“Kiss my soles, foot fag,” ordered George, grinning in disbelief.

Ben started to give little kisses to both his soles, going from left foot to right foot, from top to bottom. He was in a foot worshiping trance at that point.


He obeyed, planting big wet kisses all over his soles, moving his head back and forth like a chump. The wet sounds made George giggle – he was savoring every moment.

“It’s about damn time you taste them,” George suggested.

Ben backed off. That was too much. Too disgusting.

“What?” barked George. “You like the smell but you don’t want to know the taste?”

“Please…” Ben was reluctant.

“Do it! Lick my fucking feet. Now, or everyone will know about this.”

“George, I think we’re going too far…”

“Fuck no. Just lick my damn feet. Pretend you are a dog.”

George would not give up, so Ben decided to give in. He stuck his tongue out like a loser, and tasted big alpha feet for the first time. The salty, dusty flavor immediately invaded his brain cells and became an instant addiction. He almost came in his pants.

“Fuck yes!” George shouted. “Taste the grime at the bottom of my fucking feet, you foot slut.”

The verbal abuse sent Ben over the edge, and he started lapping those big stud soles up and down, tasting every drop of sweat, every bit of dirt and dead skin on his friend’s feet.

“Do you like the dirt I’ve been cooking up for you?”

Ben nodded in approval.

“Then get in between these toes. Taste my toe jam.”

Ben stuck his tongue in between those huge, sweaty toes and when he got the first taste of that nasty, cheesy toe jam, his dick spurted in his pants. He moaned in front of George.

“Holy shit! Did you just cum from tasting my toe jam?”, George laughed the hardest.

Ben nodded, pathetically, still bathing his toes.

George grabbed Ben’s head with a firm grip and shoved his foot in Ben’s mouth, making him gag and choke, forcing him to go down on it.

“Suck it like a big cock, come on!” ordered George.

Ben gagged on that foot and tried his best not to puke. His eyes rolled back while he lost his breath from sucking big foot. He felt so low and pathetic.

He slurped big feet for about thirty minutes, going from one foot to the other. George just wouldn’t get tired of seeing him choke on his feet. His jaw began to hurt a lot, but his dick was hard again.

He suddenly looked up and paid attention to George’s big, hairy calves, and his thick man thighs. George was so big and strong. Ben’s dick twitched in his pants.

Finally, George seemed satisfied with humiliating him, and laid back on the couch, cackling.

“Man, that was fun. Thank you for this,” he said, waving his foot in front of Ben’s face. “Get me a towel, will you?”

Ben obeyed, not knowing what else to do. George cleaned his own feet while Ben regained his composure. Then, he caught the towel and cleaned the mess inside his pants.

“Are you okay?” asked George.

“I’m… I’m okay… thank you,” replied Ben.

“That stays between us, right?”

“Yes, George. Definitely.”

“Cool. Hey, I really enjoyed this. I’m not into guys, but I think I’m into dominating you,” explained George, while pointing to his own crotch. He had a big boner.

“Okay,” said Ben, deeply surprised.

“Okay?”, asked George, playfully.

“Okay,” confirmed Ben.

“Great. Go home and take a shower. You can keep my boots.”

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