I Am Superman Ch. 04

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I ran over the details in my head, how I ended up here. It was, by far, the most compromising position I had been in since Sue Kennings played the “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” game in the fifth grade. While innocent and enjoyable, Sue failed to recognize the hazzards that can come from explaining to your older brothers that some boy at school showed you his “willie”.

It was, by far, the finest beating I ever took.

I wouldn’t even be thinking of Suzie, were it not for the similarities between then and now. Oh, there are differences, it’s four cheerleaders and not four older brothers… but just like then, I’m hanging upside down naked from the waist… er… up, I guess.

Oh, and I didn’t have “Goodcock” in permanent marker written on my penis. That’s a new one. I don’t think I’ll be able to explain that one away.

They watched me in silence, surely contemplating their next move. Well, have at thee, bitches! You’ll not get the best of me, today! I am beyond embarrassment at this point, and I can wait all night.

Paula eyed me up and down, holding the cat-o-nine-tails lookin’ thingy. I took my time running over the series of events that led up to this bizarre moment.

. . .. … …..

I remember Paula being mad. My girlfriend, the “love o’ my life”, the horrible she-bitch that considered it her goal in life to deprive me of the one thing two consenting adults should be engaging in as frequently as possible… Bostancı Escort simple gettin’ freaky-freaky.


She’d flipped out on me the night before, given that she had woken up naked after falling off of my roof–long story, no time to go over that now. After verbally abusing me, and an embarrassing moment when she’d tried to hit me with an alarm clock (which landed right where she’d intended, laying me out on the floor cold), I gather that she left and got her friends to come back at some point in the night to abscond with my unconscious body.

One day, when retelling this story, I’ll leave out the part about being knocked out by an alarm clock thrown by my girlfriend. I’ll blame it on… oh, a biker or something. A big guy with tattoos named “Bubba” who thumped me with a baseball bat or something.

When I came to, I was in a barn.

At least, I think it’s a barn. As there are bales of hay and a pitchfork and the place looks wooden. I could be in a garage for all I know. The lights from the ceiling make it hard to make out what I’m tied to, but I think the chain fastened around my legs and leading up through the lights is on a winch of some kind.

Who knew cheerleaders could find a winch?

My pants and underwear lay in a pile underneath me, I suspect one of the “softer-headed” ones thought they might break my fall nicely if I fell. I don’t credit them with being the smartest kidnappers, just the foxiest. Anadolu Yakası Escort In another world, I would be at the center of a sexual revolution… they would suck and fuck me six ways till Sunday because I am a man with a cock and they are cheerleaders–and we’re all of age and consenting. And they would do this and I would gain the sexual upper-hand and make my escape after shooting off the largest cumshot in the history of cumshots.

But, had I even considered that to be a possible scenario, it ended abruptly when Paula came down on me hard with that leather thingy…

…on the cock an’ balls.

Have you ever been whipped on your “swimsuit area”? The sensation is somewhere between “sliding thirty feet down a greased razor blade” and “naked re-entry into the atmosphere”. The whole world when red and then white as I heard her say something like.

“Do it again!”

The second smack almost made me lose my lunch (ladies, keep that in mind, it’s a natural reaction). I then heard…

“Clark? Clark, are you o.k.?”

When the world came back into focus, there was Paula and the rest standing there looking concerned.

“Shit, I didn’t mean to… did that hurt?”, she asked politely. “I thought… I thought this was what you wanted.”

Looking her right in the eye, I mustered the willpower of a god as I questioned her without losing my fucking mind.

“What… makes you think… that THIS is anywhere Ataşehir Escort NEAR what I want?”

The other cheerleaders giggled to themselves. Paula took charge and hushed them up. Turning back to me, I could see she was all broken up about this.

“Well, you… you like it, you know… kinda kinky.”

Bless her stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid heart.

“I mean, I figured you didn’t want ‘normal’ sex. You keep wanting to take things further and I’ve been too scared to try any of it.”, she pleaded… almost crying.

My heart just melted.

“Oh, baby… no. No. I know I’ve been kinda strange lately, but I just want you. However you’ll have me. I didn’t mean for you to get all self-conscious about it. Look, I’m flattered that you’d try… this… whatever this is.”, I told her, ignoring the stinging in my balls.

Even Goodcock was sympathetic.

“Clark, really? Do you really want me?”, she brightened up and started beaming, oh, what a disarming smile on this girl. Her red hair and tanned skin, those pearly white teeth and adorable eyes. I’d have forgiven her the world.

“Baby, of course I do.”, this was the most tender moment we’d ever shared–despite my hanging off the ground, upside-down, with a mild concussion, and the worst ache in my groin I’d ever experienced, in front of half the cheerleading squad in a barn in God knows where…

…and then she stopped smiling.


She scowled for just a moment as I felt a needle poke me in the right butt-cheek and saw Lisa moved into my viewing angle holding a hypodermic. The world got hazy, and the last thing I remembered was Paula saying something like…

“…hook him up to the machine.”

I told you she was a bitch.

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