I Had to Have Her

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Hello, this is my first submission and I would love feedback and ratings, to know if my readers thoroughly enjoyed it. I do want to give a huge thank you to Marion Clarke for being my editor on this particular story.



I rose from my bed to the smell of bacon and cinnamon. It was so nice to be back home for the summer to take some time off from school and the chaos that came with it. The nonstop stress of exam after exam kept me restless, and always praying for the end of the semester to where I could finally breathe again. I walked downstairs to find my sister sitting at our wooden table with an array of food in front of her. Looking at her no one would ever guess she could eat so much.

“Good Morning Maddie, I’m so happy you are staying the whole summer and I know Mom is too,” I said spreading the butter on my warm toast.

I sat facing her intertwining my legs with hers underneath the table.

“Good Morning Scar, you wouldn’t believe who is joining us for breakfast this morning,” she said as she began wolfing down her bacon and French toast.

“Who . . .?” I said as a list in my head began to form.

“Do you remember Quinn?” she said taking a sip of orange juice.

I almost choked on my egg. How could I not forget Quinn? There was something about Quinn that always made the hair on my neck stick up. She made my skin dance with the way she looked at me. Quinn always had me questioning my sexuality each time she was near. I’ve never been with a girl before, but when I was younger I used to imagine Quinn putting her soft lips on my skin and making me beg for her touch.

“Hellllooo Earth to Scarlet!” my sister said waving her hands in my view.

“I’m sorry . . . yes of course I remember her,” I said trying not to turn another color.

“Quinn was able to come down for the summer, she’s also in the nursing program.”

I began to imagine Quinn on a Pediatric floor helping a small freckle faced girl back into bed and giving the little girl her medication. Quinn could manipulate anyone with her voice. Her voice was like velvet to my ears smooth and calming. I was in the nursing program, so I knew what Quinn was going through and she was probably hoping just to relax this summer.

My thoughts came to a halt and my heart began to race as I heard the door bell ring. I wanted to drop my fork right there and then and rush upstairs and underneath my covers. Maddie walked to the door and I felt like I was growing older by the second from the anxiety of waiting to see who was on the other side. She opened the door and I swallowed hard.

“Hey Quinn come in please,” she said gesturing Quinn inside.

Her eyes met mine and I instantly froze. She was drop dead gorgeous. She had been beautiful back then, but she still like a child with her very soft features. The age gap between Quinn and me is three years. Quinn was wearing a yellow summer dress with a deep neck line revealing her strong collarbones and two perky breasts, partly on display. Her cleavage made my mouth water. Her skin was a shimmering bronze that sparkled like little grains of sand reflecting off sunbeams. Her honey chestnut hair was pinned back in a loose low bun with her ears tripled pierced on both sides making her summer dress attire look a bit edgy. Her eyes were a bright blue and her lips curved to a beautiful grin as she walked through the door.

“Hi Scarlet It’s so nice to see you again,” she said as she opened her arms to hug me.

“Yes. . . It’s a pleasure,” I said getting a whiff of her perfume which smelled like a perfect sultry blend of berries and spices.

God I wish I could taste her skin.

My sister grabbed Quinn by the arm and walked upstairs. I suddenly felt myself disappointed knowing that Quinn was not holding me. I couldn’t believe I was acting this way, I barely knew Quinn. I walked upstairs and crawled back into bed deciding to take a long nap to escape my thoughts.

I found myself on edge when I woke up. I moved my legs to stretch them and instantly felt how easy xnxx my pussy lips were sliding. I tried to recall my dream but I could not remember anything. I got up from the bed and made my way to the shower to wash away the slippery aftermath of an unknown dream. I undressed taking my pony tail holder out of my sun streaked blonde hair that went a little below my shoulders. Next my shirt and bra revealing my boobs that bounced right back into place as my bra fell to the floor. I stared into the mirror and found myself imagining Quinn behind me holding my breast and whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

My legs began to grow weak and I knew I had to hurry and get into the shower. I slid off my shorts and my panties and jumped into the shower. The water was cold making my skin snap out of its hot and horny trance. I’m hoping Quinn left already so my body could return to normal.

“Hello?” Quinn said knocking on the restroom door.

“Shit . . . of course.” I said fumbling through the towel cabinet trying to quickly wrap a towel around my body.

I opened the door and saw her eyes trailing my body making it a point she was watching me. She bit her lip and I instantly melted.

“Yes . . . did you need something?” I said closing the door a little more so she could only see my face.

“I wanted to let you know I’ll be spending the night and if you had a few extra pillows to spare could you drop them off in the guest bedroom when you are done finishing up here” she said as she winked and turned to exit the room.

“Yeah sure I’ll bring them . . . no problem,” I said my voice trailing off feeling like she wasn’t listening anyways.

I began to feel my cunt throb and tried to ignore the slow warm sensation building between my legs.

I got dressed quickly and realized I must have slept the whole day looking out the window seeing a dark sky and beautiful white full moon.

I grabbed two pillows and walked over to the guest bedroom that was just across the hall. The door was ajar but I still decided to knock so as not to invade Quinn’s privacy. She didn’t answer and I slowly pushed the door open then realizing that was a big mistake. Quinn’s head was thrown back with her soft lips open and her hand was moving in a circular motion against her wet glistening swollen flesh. I closed the door slightly not wanting to interrupt her but not wanting to stop watching either. I felt like a horny little boy waiting and watching her. Her forehead was damp with strings of honey chestnut hair that turned into dark brown from sweat. I could see her chest fall up and down with each moan she let out. She bit her pink lips trying to quit herself as she slipped two fingers into her shaven glistening hole. She was beautiful. I felt my own body begin to respond with pleasure and knew I could only take so much more before I would cum.

She began to pump her fingers and buck her hips into a slow deep rhythm, circling her hard clit with her finger. I could see her wet pussy turn a deep red knowing she was going to cum at any second. I was barely able to breathe at this point and felt like a string was tied around my neck and my clit. The tension was too much and I slowly closed the door. I sat down because I did not have the energy to walk. I rubbed my hard clit through my panties and did not care who was going to walk past because my body was commanding release. I rubbed faster and faster loving the soft silk of my panties against my swollen clit. My fingers were unbelievably wet for them to be outside my panties. I started to imagine Quinn’s wet, smooth pussy lips with her hard red clit and my hips began to buck. My orgasm dragged first hitting my body deep and sharp then turning into a beautiful fire that slowly burned. I sat in the afterglow for a few minutes then headed back to bed hoping that was the end of this bizarre day.


“Mmmm that was delicious,” I said sucking my fingers from a beautiful orgasm.

Seeing Scarlett again I couldn’t help myself. When I was younger I use to always watch Scarlett either reading bakire porno books with her perfect arched eyebrow raised, her beautiful blonde hair in a pony tail, and her brown speckled glasses that made her hazel eyes pop. She was definitely my first girl crush and made me the lesbian I am today.

Scarlett was like a view you could live and wake up to every single morning. When her sister and I would hangout I would always ditch her sister for a few moments to see what Scarlett was up to. When I would spend the night I would sneak into her room and just watch her sleep. Sometimes I would get a bit daring and kiss her very softly on her neck or trace my finger up and down her slit through her panties. I loved how she only slept with her panties on and I hope that is what she will be in tonight. Seeing her today made my stomach sink and my clit rise. She looked absolutely sexy.

Her skin even in the summer was fair which I loved, it reminded me of her personality; innocent, clean and with smooth exterior. I would always imagine my hands changing the color of her skin to red from the desire that would build up craving orgasmic release. Her eyes were a mix of green and brown with a hint of want when looking at me, that almost made me look away instantly. Tonight I’m planning to make my move and definitely do my old time ritual but this time she will be joining me.

I showered while waiting for Scarlett to get really relaxed and fall asleep. I knew her bedtime was around midnight so I waited till one to make my move. My nerves were blown away and filled with desire. I always came in nervous, when I was younger, scared she would freak out if she ever caught me but today I didn’t care if she did. I wanted to show her how much I’ve been waiting to finally kiss and taste her.

I walked into her room and closed the door quietly behind me. Her room was still the same as it was when she lived here. The walls were a light blue and she was soundly asleep in her bright white solid comforter. She looked so peaceful and warm.

I sat on the bed and kissed her cheek softly. I then slowly trailed my fingers against her neck removing her hair and began kissing her neck softly. I slowly removed the white comforter and exposed her whole body to me.

“WOW she is beyond sexy,” I said really taking in her gorgeous toned body.

Her nipples were a rosy pink that went so well in contrast with her beautiful milky skin. Her stomach looked soft but toned like she really kept up with her body. I imagined her getting all sweaty as she did sit ups and it made my skin grow hotter. She wore light pink silk panties which were my absolute favorite on her. Her legs were long and beautifully shaven.

I ran my hands along her legs and curled my fingers into her silk panties right above her hips. I had a huge urge to pull them straight down but I didn’t. I unhooked my fingers and trailed very lightly along her slit. I brought my finger up to my nose and got a whiff of her addicting scent. The smell of her made me wet instantly. I began to increase the pressure on her slit as I stroked her. I could see her chest begin to move slightly faster and deep. I couldn’t tell if she was awake, but at this point I wanted her to be. I gently moved her panties to one side and dipped my fingers into her slit right near her hole.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she said still looking like she was just dreaming.

Her cunt had become very wet and my fingers were moving gently across her glistening pussy. I decided to make my move and thrust two fingers deep inside her. Suddenly her whole body tensed and her beautiful green eyes stared right into mine. Her pink lips softened as she relaxed.

“You’re soooo sexy. . .” I said as I leaned forward to kiss her beautiful lips.

She let out a moan as I pressed my lips softly on hers. I kissed her softly a few times then explored her mouth with my tongue. I moaned as her soft tongue danced and swirled with mine. She began to run her fingers along my spine with soft light strokes making the hair on bedava porno my neck stand up. I sucked her lower lip and she groaned causing her mouth to open and her back to arch.

“Quinn pleaseeee I want . . .” she said grabbing my body closer to hers.

I flicked my tongue over her bottom lip making her moan louder.

“I know what you want baby you’re going to have to wait a bit longer,” I said starting to trace my long slender fingers along the sides of her creamy soft mounds.

My fingers were lightly circling her breast and then raked down her ribs to her hips grabbing them tightly. Her skin began to turn a light pink and I see goosebumps begin to appear. I leant down, kissing and sucking just on the inside of her pelvic bone. I let my tongue trail up and along the outside of her breast making her squirm. She grabbed my hips and dug her nails deep causing a nice dull pain.

“Mmmmm please don’t stop Quinn you’re driving me crazy,” she said as she begins to pant with anticipation.

I moved my tongue up to her hard puckered nipple and sucked very lightly. She gasped as if she had just come up for air after being underwater. Her chest rose and I knew her blood was now rushing to her hard pink nipples. I sucked harder and flicked my tongue over sending her knee hard against my soaked panties.

“Quinn your soooo wet babe,” she said as she let out a slow moan.

I kept my mouth hot and wet on her nipples as I alternated between the two and started to trace one hand back down to her panties. My hand hooked right above her panties and she immediately began to buck.

“Pleaseee I’m soaking wet,” she said between her teeth as if the anticipation was too much.

I began to kiss back down her stomach and traced my tongue along her slit with her panties still on. I made a slow hot and wet lick driving her nuts as she tangled her fingers in my hair. The smell of her was truly intoxicating.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh . . .” she moaned arching her back causing her soft wet cunt to press firmly against my tongue.

My pussy was throbbing and I let out a soft moan. I hooked my fingers and slipped her panties off … all the way to her ankles. I kissed her ankles and crawled back up taking in her earthy smell. I ran my hands up her legs. She responded by opening them and exposing me to her soft wet folds.

Her cunt was red with desire with her clit standing tall and hard. I grabbed her inner thighs sucking and licking slowly circling her vagina but keeping myself on the outside.

“Your pussy aches for my tongue doesn’t it baby?” as I began to suck the most outer lips.

“Ye..esssss ,” she whimpered trying to hump my wet mouth.

I took one hand and spanked her clit causing her to jolt. I could hear her suck in her breath and let out a short cry.

I ran my fingers down her slippery slit and into her warm soaked hole. I pumped hard and fast and she immediately put pressure on my fingers forcing them to slide in deeper and deeper.

“Oh God yesssss,” she began to moan as her pussy hole contracted tightening around my fingers making me let out a moan.

I took my tongue and ran it along her hole tasting more and more of her inner cream. She pushed my head down and my mouth encircled her hard clit. I began to give her slow flat licks to really feel her hard clit underneath it. She moaned long and slow. “My clit loves your tongue,” she moaned humping to the same rhythm.

I picked up the pace sucking her now rock hard clit harder and pumping my fingers in and out of her cunny. She began to moan louder and louder almost to a scream. I felt my own juices dribbling down to my lower thighs and was so ready to cum with her.

I gave more pressure to my tongue and felt her body lift and rise.

“Oh fuckkkkkkkkkk” she moaned with her whole body shaking; her head to the ceiling, her eyes closed and her soft pink lips open.

My own body called for the same experience and I moved against her wet contracting cunt. We both fell onto the bed completely exhausted.

I managed to get enough strength to pull myself up and lay right next to her kissing her on the neck.

“How long will you be willing to stay?” she asked in a whisper while smiling.

“For however long she wants me too” I said as I trailed my finger along her.

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