Stephan Becomes Stacy

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The phone played a dance beat ring tone. Stephan rolled over under his black 800 thread count sheets and begrudgingly answered it.

A familiar woman’s voice said, “Rise and shine. I will be there in 20. Farmer’s market, remember?”

“Yes, Claudia, I’ll be ready,” Stephan groggily replied.

“Kick that guy you picked up at the club out before I get there.” She giggled as he hung up. He was alone. He’d spent the previous night working on a dress for a friend. Designing and making dresses was a good side job for him. His best friend Claudia encouraged him to take it up as a side job. She told him it could be lucrative. Well, it could be except he probably under charged everyone.

Stephan shuffled to the shower, determined to be presentable. He was deep into styling his hair when Claudia knocked on his apartment’s front door. After a minute or so she let herself in with her key.

“Stephan? Stephan’s hot stud one night stand? Where are you?” She snickered, shutting the door.

“We are in here.” Stephan called out, playing off of her joke that he was not alone. She joined him in front of the mirror, standing next to him acing like she was styling her dark red hair which was pulled back and tied into two pigtails on the back of her head. She broke out into a big smile.

“Should I go blonde?”

“Yes, you should!” Stephan playfully ran the leftover gel on top of her head.

“Ahhhhuuggghhh…” She protested with her hands before she embraced him in a warm hug. “I am so glad you want to go with me. You’ll have a good time.” She squeezed him and thought his firm body was a bit on the thin side.

“Yeah, yeah.” He groaned, finalizing his hair style. “Where is Chris this morning?”

“He is at a 10k which means he will be done in under an hour, but then spend about an hour after socializing. Then home, shower, and a nap.” Claudia’s voice trailed off.

“So he is spending the morning around a bunch a sweaty men and I am with you? The irony!” Stephan smiled in the mirror making reflective eye contact with her.

Claudia smiled back and quipped “But later he will have me on all fours holding onto my shoulders and screaming my name.” She turned around and escaped down the hall.

He groaned at her in protest. “Oh…TMI!” This was part of the game they played for years. Claudia went down the hall and stopped at his work room. Hanging on a portable rack was a stunning red and sequined gown. She admired it.

“Who is this red one for?” She called out. Stephen joined her. “A friend. ” He said, carefully lifting the hanger and stabilizing the midsection.

“What is her name?” Claudia cozied up to his side.

“Margot Figaroa. Big black hair, athletic legs, civil engineer.” He held the dress up in front of Claudia. She took it from him and held it up to size it to herself. It was made for a much taller and slimmer woman than her. Stephan added.

“Did I mention he is over six feet tall?”

“Just your type!” Claudia encouraged. Stephan shook his head “Yes, but he and his partner got married in Canada a few years back.” Stephan half smiled and hung up the dress. Claudia hugged him.

“Sorry. There is a guy for you out there.” *******************************

Claudia loved this farmer’s market. She brought her boyfriend, Chris, most of the time. She dressed for the cool spring air in her denim dress with a big belt. The hem stopped above her knee, but her beige fashion slouch boots came up almost to her knee. With Chris at the 10k, Claudia chose her outfit for comfort instead of going for the plunging necklines he adores. Claudia had her cloth shopping bags on her arm. Her free hand pulled her deep indigo, large brimmed sun hat from the backseat and set it on her head.

“Where did you get that sun hat?” Stephan asked enviously.

“At that trendy gardening store this spring. Nothing gets a man into helping your garden quite like a sexy sun hat.” She smiled and shut the car door. Stephan rolled his eyes.

“Admit it.” She challenged. “I look fabulous as an ‘earthy girl’.” They strolled to the market from the parking lot.

“They have everything from fresh vegetables, jams and jellies to local art and clothing.” Stephan noticed how excited she was. He fed off of her energy for over an hour before he began to get a bit bored. To him, it was all starting to look the same. Near the end of a row, Claudia was focused on a booth displaying an “Alpaca Trunk Show” sign. She was talking with the pretty owner of the booth, a svelte woman with longer red hair than Claudia. Knowing he would be bored if he joined them, Stephan scanned the booths in the area.

Off to the side, there was a booth with a sign that said “Luna Botantica.” The table was covered with aroma therapy oils and candles. He looked back. Claudia was being aided by the svelte redhead next to a big rack of clothing. Claudia would pick up an item, hold it to her chest, then put it back on the rack.. As usual, Claudia’s fashion Ümraniye Olgun Escort challenge was her bust line. Stephan knew her larger breasts combined with her size ten body played havoc with her shopping. He shook his head and walked over to the “Luna Botanica” booth.

He studied the table covered in various candles with Mexican tarot card characters on them. Tarot card placemats and coaster sets also covered the table. Stephan looked up and smiled at the booth’s owner, an elderly woman. She smiled back. A young girl looking about twelve popped up from a blanket on the ground. The elderly woman said something to her in Spanish. The girl cheerfully spoke up, “My grandma says ‘Everything is $3 but the bigger candles are $7.”

“Thank you.” Stephen said to her with a broad grin. He looked at the grandmother “Muchas gracias, senora.” The grandmother giggled.

“Does your grandmother do palm readings?” He asked.

“She is not supposed to here, but you can come to her store for that.” The young girl was interrupted by her grandmother speaking to her in Spanish.

“But…” The girl tried to butt in. Her grandmother looked over at Stephan and motioned him inside the booth. He looked around, and squeezed in between the tables to get to their side. The booth had a tarp for a roof and was surrounded by canvas drop curtains of tarot cards. Prying eyes might not easily see behind the tables. He sat on a blanket and awaited instructions.

The grandmother sat in a chair looking down at him. She said something to her granddaughter in Spanish and the young girl began to translate.

“My grandma wants to see your hands.” Stephan presented his palms to the older woman. She put her glasses on and held them. She studied them intently for what seemed like minutes, but was most likely only several seconds. She spoke in Spanish.

“You sew clothes?” The granddaughter asked.

“Si.” Stephan relied. “Dresses.” She pulled his hands closer to her causing Stephan to scoot closer. The woman bent down and looked at his face. Stephan held his smile thinking how odd this was, but he kept quiet. She whispered some things in Spanish that her granddaughter either did not hear or want to translate. She released his hands then tapped them in an affectionate way as he withdrew them. She turned, leaned down and retrieved a big purse from behind her. She dug deep into it. Much like her examination, it took a bit for her to find what she was looking for. Into Stephan’s hand she dropped three clear vials that each held a few ounces of opaque liquid. She rattled off in Spanish.

“She says you have to take this before you to go sleep. It will be like a dream come true. It only lasts until you fall asleep again.” The grandmother gave him a hug. He reached to pay her, but she shook her head and stopped his arms from presenting his wallet. He hugged her back and thanked her, stuffing the vials in his pants pocket. He bid them goodbye and slipped out of the booth.

He found Claudia looking around for him. “There you are! I thought you got abducted or something.”

“I could not be that lucky.” He said smiling. “I got something from that booth over there.” He motioned back.

“Oh, that one.” Claudia was excited. “Look what I got!” She presented a pale gray vest. “It is alpaca, and feel how soft it is.” Stephan palmed the fabric, nodded in agreement with his friend, then they both wandered off in search of new treasure. ******************************************

Stephan shuffled to his kitchen sink. The clock on the wall said quarter till midnight. He filled a kettle for some warm tea. After several hours of sewing, he was spent. It was Saturday night and his second job of dress making was killing his chance of a social life. He put the kettle on the stove and leaned against the counter stretching his back. He closed his eyes and looked over to the end table by the door where the three vials sat.

“Oh, why not.” He said out loud. When the water boiled and his tea was steeping, Stephan retrieved one vial, held it to the light and opened it. His nose smelled mint with a hint of pepper. He poured it in his tea and gave it a stir. Quietly he finished his tea and went to bed. ******************************************

The sun was already up and peering through the sheer curtains when Stephan stirred. He rolled out of bed and shuffled to the bathroom. He passed the mirror and something caught his eye. His profile looked different. He stopped and stared. Looking back at him was a thin brunette. She had an athletic figure like he did. He moved his hand. She mirrored his movements. Adrenaline and panic shot through him. Was this a dream?

“What the fuck?” He said in a voice he was unfamiliar with. He looked his new body up and down. Stephan realized he was now a she. For years he held desires to be a woman. Early on in his life he would dress as a woman for Halloween, a few theater productions, and when alone. Then as he grew into adulthood Ümraniye Sarışın Escort he began to cross dress. He found like-minded men who held the dream of being a woman; a real woman. A soft, tender, sweet smelling woman whose gentle touch could charm a man to romance and maybe, love.

He came to his senses. A quick text to Claudia got a return phone call. Stephan let it hit voice mail then texted her back. She HAD to come over. In the meantime, he headed for the shower. Within the hour Claudia came through the front door like she always did. The urgent text from Stephan caught her relaxing with the Sunday paper. She freshened up, put on a tracksuit and headed over.

“Stephan?” She called out. “Where are you?” Stephan took a deep breath and answered in his new female voice. “I’m in here Claudia.” Claudia did not recognize the voice and with a bit of an alarmed feeling she rushed into Stephan’s bedroom. At the doorway she paused. There in Stephan’s bed was a striking brunette with slightly shorter hair than hers. She was lounging with a laptop on his bed in a dark purple patterned silk robe.

“Who are…” Claudia stuttered.

“It’s me, Stephan, your best friend since 6th grade.” The woman said mustering as much calmness in her voice as she could.

“Nice try. Is this a joke?” Claudia turned to search the rest of the apartment. Stephan inhaled deeply and let out a laundry list of adventures and talks they had over the years. It lasted several minutes. After the first few Claudia returned to the room and took a seat at the foot of the bed. Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened in shock and surprise. Stephan related the story about the old woman and the special potion. After the story ended there was a long silence between them.

“So you have always wanted to be a woman?” Claudia kicked off her shoes and shifted on the bed moving up to be closer to Stephan.

“Yes. And this body is amazing.” Stephan nodded. “I decided on a new name, Stacy.”

“Stacy?” Claudia asked. Stacy nodded.

“How long will Stacy be around?” Claudia put her arms out as did Stacy, they hugged.

“It sounds like about a day. When I go to sleep I will change back.” Claudia laid down on the bed and Stacy rested her head on Claudia’s shoulder. The ever so practical Claudia was deep in thought before she spoke. “Well you have a few problems. Your driver’s license is useless as is your health insurance card. And…” Stacy’s finger shushed Claudia.

“Yes, I know. I may have to rely on you to help me when I am in this form.” Stacy hugged Claudia a bit more.

“Why?” Claudia kissed her on her forehead.

“Because I need you to help me get a man.” Stacy declared.

“YOU want me to help you get man?” Claudia was somewhat alarmed and taken back.

“Well, it is no different than before. I’m still attracted to men, now as a woman, I have different men to go after. It is not like I can call up my old boyfriends.” Stacy stroked her friend’s hair like she always did when they had emotional talks. “And…I need some other kind of help from you.”

“What’s that?” Claudia tilted her head to look Stacy in the eye.

“Um, I need to know about certain womanly attributes. I know some social things, but not biological things. I know what drives a man crazy, but what should I do as a woman. I could benefit from a crash course in being a woman. Please?” Stacy looked at Claudia for an answer. A thought, more like an idea, came to Claudia. She would help her best friend, even though he was now a she. Claudia’s hands moved from stroking Stacy’s hair down to her shoulders, affectionately stroking them.

“Of course I will help you…Stephan, I mean Stacy.” Claudia said, kissing Stacy on the forehead. She moved one hand down Stacy’s body. It moved down and under the fold of her robe. Her fingertips caressed the skin underneath. Stacy was fit like Stephan with a firm, muscular torso. Claudia felt it was not fair. Stephan’s dream was to be a woman and with a little potion he became a real woman, a skinny, desirable woman. It would not be hard for her to help him get a man. But now Claudia was thinking about Stacy.

Her fingertips caressed Stacy’s bare skin, moving around her diaphragm and abs. Claudia felt Stacy’s firm abs. Slowly, her caresses moved higher until they found Stacy’s firm B cups. Claudia’s fingers teased Stacy’s nipples.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Stacy rolled her head off Claudia’s shoulder.

“Shhhh….” Claudia smiled. “I’m going to help you get a man. But first just lay back, close your eyes and relax.”

Stacy rested her head on her propped up pillows. Claudia leaned down and kissed Stacy. Not a friendly kiss, but a passionate one lovers share. Stacy was taken aback, even as Stephan he was not attracted to women. But now her best friend was showing a side of her he never knew existed.

Claudia’s lips moved down to Stacy’s neck, parting the purple robe with her hands as she went. Stacy closed Ümraniye Şişman Escort her eyes and tried to relax. This was a side of Claudia she had never seen. She felt Claudia kissing on her neck with one hand stroking her hair, the other untying her robe. Stacy felt her robe open and Claudia’s hand caress her abs and sides. The kisses moved down from Stacy’s neckline to her chest and finally her breasts. Slowly Claudia’s tongue and lips focused their affection on Stacy’s nipples. Claudia was excited.

It was a closely held fantasy she and her husband Chris had. She confessed to him that she always wanted to try being with a woman. She had never acted on her desires, but now she was. Stephan in his Stacy phase was ideal. She had a connection with him, as Stephan, and since Stacy was a magical secret, the opportunity seemed too good to be true.

Claudia paused and slipped out of her track suit, tossing it to the floor. Clad only in her bra and panties she resumed her attention to Stacy. Stacy could feel Claudia’s warm skin touching hers. It was smooth and soft, almost as soft as that young masseuse he dated some years back. She could feel her ample breasts secured with her bra rub against her legs. Claudia’s lips had returned to Stacy’s breasts, alternating soft kisses and tongue lashes between the two. Stacy moaned softly.

Claudia moved downward. Her kisses and hands covered Stacy’s abs and sides. Stacy fought back a few giggles as she fought off a ticklish sensation. Claudia made her way further down. Her first kiss to Stacy’s mound caused goose bumps on both women. Claudia was sure she had wet panties. This was her long held fantasy about to come true. She moved further down and gently parted Stacy’s legs. She wanted to please her friend. Stacy inhaled deeply and arched her back when Claudia’s lips kissed her pussy for the first time.

Stacy started to squirm. The sensation was brand new and unexpectedly stimulating.

“Oh Claudia…” Stacy whispered.

Claudia looked up at her friend. Her eyes were closed; she was biting her left index finger. Claudia took her time, covering Stacy’s increasingly wet pussy with her tongue. Claudia knew what she liked when Chris was down there and she was going to do her best to give that to Stacy. Claudia reached back up with one hand to tease a nipple. Stacy let out another soft moan as Claudia made it erect again.

“Mmmmmm…Claudia….ooohhhhh….” Stacy kept her eyes closed and alternated between biting her finger and pursing her lips.

Claudia recalled her hand and moved it downward. She slipped it under her panties and gave herself a soft rub. She was very wet and her fingers caused a familiar tingle. This spurred her tongue to launch with renewed vigor.

“Oh Claudia…” Stacy’s breathing became more shallow and rapid. Her head craned from the pillow. Claudia sped up her own fingers. Stacy grabbed two handfuls of bed sheet and gyrated her pelvis. She was building. Claudia’s tongue was unrelenting. So were her fingers. Claudia steadied herself with one arm while her fingers were rubbing to catch her up with Stacy. Stacy inhaled deeply and let out a moan.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhh….aaaaahhhhhhh…” Her mouth was wide open as she looked to the ceiling. The rush from her orgasm took her voice. Claudia’s tongue was still going. It seemed much lighter with Stacy’s new intense sensitivity.

“No, no, no…stop…” Stacy tried to push Claudia’s head back, but she did not seem to have the strength or motor skills. Claudia continued with her tongue, tasting Stacy’s warm juices.

Stacy felt another orgasm building.

Claudia felt herself building too. Her fingers moved to the special place that brought her over the edge.

Stacy moaned again ending in a squeal as she inched herself away from Claudia. She opened her eyes to see Claudia bury her head on Stacy’s thighs. She could feel the vibration of Claudia’s moan and her warm breath as she panted. Soon they embraced again. Stacy put her head back on Claudia’s shoulder.

“Thank you.” Claudia said.

“Why do you say that?” Stacy closed her eyes.

“Because I have wanted to do that for a while now. With you there is a long connection and I wanted give you your first orgasm as a woman.”

Claudia smiled and stroked Stacy’s hair. Stacy smiled. “Well, you gave me my second. My first was in the shower before you got here. LOVE those shower wands.” *****************************************

Claudia took a big sip of her latte. Stacy sat across from her. Both women were in their finest fall clothes enjoying the cool weekend morning.

“And it was great Claudia! He took me to that musical at the Royal Grand theater downtown. Afterwards we went for a carriage ride. I know it seems hokey, but it was so romantic. Then when he dropped me off he gave me the most amazing kiss under the street lamp.” Stacy gushed.

“What dress did you wear?”

“This one I was making for a client.” Claudia nearly slammed her cup on the table. “You did NOT!”

Sheepishly Stacy admitted she did. “It is ok.

Nothing happened to it. I know I broke that unwritten rule, but I really wanted to look hot for Will.”

Claudia smiled. “See, told you I would get you a man.” They toasted coffee cups. Claudia helped

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