In Days of Olde Ch. 07

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The days continued to pass somewhat uneventfully again. The chores were done each day, meals were shared, and life went on. Charity loved her life among the People, living in complete harmony with nature. She had managed to apologize to Raven a few days after the incident with the bear, but he had convinced her that none was necessary. She also apologized to Storm for her behavior, and the young woman assured her that it was not needed. “After all, you only reacted the way any woman would when being aroused by one such as Raven,” had been her reply, with a sly smile. Inside, of course, she had burned with her secret loathing of the other girl, but Charity had no idea of this. A few weeks had passed since the events had happened, and now, visitors came to the camp.

Storm’s cousin, Spotted Lynx and his mate, Rushing Water, had come to visit along with a few other members of their own tribe. The visitors were introduced to any that they did not know, including Charity. Raven and Hawk did not like the way the couple eyed the girl, with a barely disguised hunger in their mutual gaze. They vowed to keep a close eye on the young woman, to make certain she remained untouched during the visit. For her part, Charity was unaware of any danger lurking, and greeted all the newcomers with open arms. She was always happy to have new friends. Storm seemed particularly glad to see her cousins, and walked away with them, arm and arm, smiling.

When they were alone, Storm sat with them, and filled them in on the situation with the other young woman. She told them of what had happened to cause Charity to be among the People, and of Raven’s obvious desire for the girl. “He will be mine, and no one shall stand in my way,” she vowed fiercely. “If Charity were not here, I believe that I could easily convince him to become my mate. As long as she is here, I do not think I can.”

“She is a delicious looking treat. Don’t you think so, my Love?” Water purred at her husband. “I should love to taste her sweetness…”

He agreed. “Yes, and to be her first…that is always a bonus. I would be most happy to plunge into her tight cavern and show her what being a woman is all about.”

“That is not enough,” Storm said. “She must be taken from here, but I cannot do it alone. I know that the other tribe will still be looking for her, and Stalking Panther will not rest until he has her again, even if he were never to find her. He is ruthless, from what I have heard.”

Lynx smiled craftily. “So shall we kidnap the lovely little one and take her to him, then?”

“Yes, but she must remain a virgin until he has her. If you deliver her to him, untouched, I’m certain he will give you a taste afterwards. She would still be nice and tight then. izmit escort bayan Of course, you may play with her along the way if you like, just don’t deflower her.”

“When do wish us to do this?”

“After you all leave from your visit, I would like for you two to stay behind, hidden. In a few days, I will drug her for you, and you can take her away in the night. By the time she is discovered missing, it will be too late, hopefully.”

“That can be arranged,” Lynx said, “In the meantime, we’d like someone to play with while we are here. Can you arrange that?”

Storm smiled. “Oh, yes, I can. Dappled Fawn has just passed her eighteenth summer, and she is a lovely little thing. She is very cooperative, and will not protest anything you may choose to do with her.”

“Excellent. Let us meet her tonight then, after the evening meal.”

In the meantime, Raven and Hawk hunted for Charity and found her, washing some clothes at the stream. For a few moments, they stopped to admire her slender form, then Raven stepped forward. “Charity, we wish to speak with you.”

She looked up, smiling warmly at the two young men. “Of course. What is it?”

“You must be wary of the visitors from the other tribe. I know you trust everyone, but not all people have your best interests at heart. Sometimes they may wish evil upon you.”

She looked surprised. “Who would wish to harm me?”

“Perhaps no one, but always be wary when people you do not know well are about, until you know them further. Will you promise to do this?”

“Yes, if you ask it, I certainly shall, but I think there is no need for worry, Raven. You are very sweet to care, however…both of you.”

“It is because we care for you, Charity,” Hawk interjected. “We would never wish harm to come to you in any way.”

Standing up, she reached out a hand to each of them, which they took. “I know that, my dear friends. You are both so kind and good to me, it’s more than I deserve, truly.” She pulled them to her, giving each a hug and a soft kiss on the lips. As they all stood there, still connected by the clasp of their hands, the air seemed to crackle with tension. Charity’s lips parted slightly, and she felt a yearning for something she could almost, but not quite, grasp. Her body suddenly felt extremely aware of everything, and she felt her nipples harden unexpectedly. The two young men were both sporting erections at the moment, and their bodies felt tugged towards hers, as if she were a target and they the arrows to pierce her. They began pulling her slowly to them, and she offered no resistance, then a voice broke the spell.

“Here you are. Dove is looking all over for you,” Sparrow Song said, in her bubbly way, to Charity. izmit eve gelen escort She didn’t really notice the dazed look on the faces of the three, just continued to chatter, and the moment was gone.

“I…I supposed I should see what Dove wants. I’ll talk to you two later.” Charity smiled and gathered her things, moving away. The two men splashed into the stream together, letting the water cool their ardor again for the moment. At the campfire that night, Charity sat between the two of them, as usual, with Dove alongside Hawk. They all enjoyed one another’s company, and spent much of their free time together. After the meal, the Chief stood and raised his hands for silence. “First of all, we wish to welcome our visitors to our home. Please stay with us as long as you are able. You are always welcome here with us.” After they had voiced their thanks, he continued. “We have another matter to attend to as well. Charity has been with us for many months now, and has become a valuable member of our People. It has been discussed amongst the Elders, and we feel it is time to adopt Charity fully into our Tribe, if she so chooses. Come and stand beside me, Daughter.” Shocked and happy, the girl rose and went to stand beside the man. He looked about. “Are there any who would not wish this young woman to join us as Family?” No one spoke a word, or moved a muscle, not even Storm.

“Very well, then.” He turned to Charity, and spoke to her directly. “Charity, do you choose to become a member of our People, and share in our joys and sorrows, perhaps one day join with a young man or men and have a family to increase our numbers, from this day forward?”

Tears of happiness shining in her eyes, Charity nodded, unable to speak. “As you have been accepted, and you accept us, you are now a member of our People.” He placed a hand on her head. “From this day forth, you shall be known as Little Flower, as you brighten each place that you are with your sweetness and beauty. Go and join your friends and family, Little Flower, and may peace always be with you.” The girl was too overcome to speak, and made her way back to her seat, where she was hugged by all three waiting there.

“How wonderful!” Dove exclaimed. “Now you truly are my sister.”

There was much rejoicing that night and many couples slipped away into the darkness, to be alone, including Hawk and Dove. Flower was not ready for that yet, and so Raven escorted her home, leaving her with a gentle kiss at the door.

Meanwhile, as Dappled Fawn was making her way towards her hut, Storm stepped onto the path beside her. “Oh, you startled me,” Fawn said softly. She was a very timid tiny thing, with a very elfin quality about her. izmit otele gelen escort She was an orphan, as her parents had been killed by a raiding party many years before, so she had been raised by the whole tribe.

“I am sorry, Fawn. My cousins would very much like to meet you, and I wanted to catch you before you had gone to bed.”

“Oh….alright…” The petite young woman followed Storm into the dark forest, unsure of where they were going. After a bit, Storm led her into a clearing, where a small fire burned, and Lynx and Water sat, talking softly. They looked up and smiled at the two, and invited them to sit. As they sat and talked of inconsequential things, they managed to convince Fawn to try some of the herbs that they had. Before very long, the young woman found herself feeling very strange, and disconnected. When her eyes glazed over, the couple looked at one another and nodded, then rose and sat on either side of her. They began touching her softly, stroking her long dark hair, rubbing her arms and shoulders, and caressing the tops of her legs.

Gently, they eased her back until she was lying down on her back, and they were lying on either side of her, their hands wandering over her sweet body, over her clothing. She was very dimly aware of what was going on and that it felt very good, so she made no protest. They kissed above her mouth, then each leaned down and kissed her deeply. Now as Water continued to kiss her, Lynx began to slip her clothes off, caressing her body as he did so. Fawn moaned a little against the other woman’s mouth. Her clothes were suddenly gone, and a mouth pressed eagerly to hers, and two others sucked her nipples to pertness, then the mouth that had been kissing her moved between her legs, and a tongue moved against her most secret place. Mouths and hands moved over her untried flesh, teasing and arousing her into a frenzy of need. She could hear soft moans above and around her, as she felt the head of Lynx’s cock slide into her, and Water’s pussy covered her mouth, grinding onto her face, and Storm was moving against Fawn’s fingers, showing the girl how to touch her. Even when the man pierced her and she was no longer a virgin, she felt no pain, only tightness, and then he was fucking her hard, his mouth on his mate’s breasts as she rode the young woman’s mouth. Water slid her fingers into Storm’s puss to tease her as well, and soon all were cumming together. Lynx filled the tight pussy beneath him to the hilt, as he gushed inside her, and Water flooded her face with juices. Then, all three took turns lapping at the sweet pussy that had just been taken with such ease, until the young woman was cumming again. All that night, they played with her body in every way imaginable, and just before dawn, carried her back to her bed and left her there. She would have no memory of the night before, save a very hazy one of losing her virginity, but she would have no idea to whom.

“A very enjoyable night indeed,” Lynx commented, and the others agreed, as they headed to bed.

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