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Alternate Entry

Chapter 1

My wife, Lucy and I, decided to splurge on a winter getaway to Barbados for us and Lexi, our 18-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, two days before we left an emergency developed at Lucy’s work. She is a corporate lawyer and one of her firm’s biggest clients, a big high-tech company was suddenly caught up in a sex scandal. This meant the trip was off. And we couldn’t get a refund on such short notice. However, Lucy’s boss said they would reimburse us.

Lexi took it well. She just wasn’t the type of kid to complain. But then Lucy convinced both of us that it would be stupid for us miss out because of her work. It was March break for Lexi and I had booked the time off work. Lucy’s boss said they would reimburse us even if Lexi and I went. So, we did. Then Lucy’s boss surprised us by paying to upgrade our plane tickets to first class as an apology for taking Lucy away from our holiday.

Lexi and I felt a little guilty on the flight over. We had never flown first class before and it sure was nice. Big comfy seats. Great movie screens. And excellent food. Lexi had the window-seat and I had the aisle. Early in the flight Lexi got something out of the overhead compartment. As she did that, I noticed a guy in his thirties checking her out in her skin-tight leggings. I had conflicting emotions about this. On the one hand, what parent doesn’t want their child to be attractive? On the other, that thirty-something, mother-fucker was checking out my teen daughter. To be fair, Lexi was beautiful. Slim, athletic body and still growing perky b-sized breasts she had been turning heads for a while. But still, mother-fucker.

I’m not a big drinker but it was a nighttime flight, so I decided to have wine with dinner. Lexi said it wasn’t fair that she wasn’t able to have some as well. I told her there was no way they were going to serve someone underage on a plane. She correctly pointed out that at home we let her have a glass of wine occasionally at dinner. So, when the stewardess wasn’t looking, I let Lexi have a few sips from my glass. It felt a little bit naughty and fun. By the time I as on my second of those 250mL bottles I had to take a leak. When I got back my wine glass was empty.

“It’s the strangest thing, Lexi.” I said, with a frown, “I could’a sworn that glass was full when I left.” She smiled at me with a slight glow on her cheeks, “That bursa escort is strange, Dad. I guess you’ll have to order another and keep a better eye on it this time.”

I ended up ordering four bottles in total, of which Lexi drank about 2. At one point it was Lexi’s turn to go to the bathroom; she scooched by me without giving me a chance to stand and let her out. This meant she had to lift one slim leg over my knees, step into the aisle, and then lift the other leg over as well. It was impossible not to notice her tight round ass as she did this. To make matters worse, because of the alcohol, she lost her balance and fell back. Her ass was now on my lap. I grabbed her slim waist and helped her up and over. With a silent sigh, I watched her walked up the aisle and then noticed the thirty-something mother-fucker looking at her — then his eyes connected with mine. We both looked away, mutually embarrassed.

I was reading on my tablet so didn’t notice when Lexi got back. Again, she just lifted her leg over me, but this time did it facing me. Those damn leggings were very tight. Her shirt rode up exposing her flat, firm tummy. Once again, Lexi fell. This time forward. One hand on my shoulder the other on my thigh. She was basically straddling me. Her small tits were inches from my face and her blonde hair tickled my nose. One of my hands was on her waist while the other landed on her ass. My god it was firm! “Thanks for catching me, Daddy.” After a weird pause, she pulled herself up and slid into her seat. As she did this, I noticed her glance to the side with a smile. I followed her gaze to see the mother-fucker in the adjacent seat leering at her. Did she just smile at him?

I shifted in my seat and realized I was hard. I was shocked. I had never had the slightest reaction like this to my daughter. I dropped the tablet into my lap. “Daddy?” I said. Lexi hadn’t called me that in three or four years. “Sure, why not?” She giggled.

When the stewardess came around for last call, I ordered scotch and water and whispered to Lexi, “I have a feeling, whatever gremlins have been getting at my wine probably don’t like scotch.” She gave me a sad look and called me a spoil sport. Halfway through the scotch I added a little extra water to it and asked Lexi if she wanted to try some. She looked around to make sure no one was watching and picked bursa escort bayan up the glass. Then, to my surprise, downed it. “Not bad, Daddy! This gremlin likes.” She slurred her words ever so slightly and I thought to myself, the cutest little gremlin I’ve ever seen.

When we were waiting at the luggage carousel Lexi’s phone chimed. She looked at something and giggle. “What is it?” I asked. Lexi said, “You don’t want to know.”

There was something about going on a beach holiday, just the two of us, and me letting Lexi sneak drinks on the plane that made it feel almost like we were not father and daughter. I felt it and I think she did too because she then said, “Well, maybe you do. But you have to promise not to judge.” Hmm. Interesting. Still feeling the effects of the alcohol, I told her, “I promise not to judge.” She lifted up the phone but before she turned it on said, “Not now or at any time while we are on holiday.” I nodded amiably and said, “okay.”

She smiled slyly and said, “I will hold you to that promise.” Then showed me her phone. On the screen was her friend Carmen on a street that must have been somewhere in Europe smiling for the camera and holding up the front of her skirt so that the camera could see her panties. It was a little risky but looked like the people on the street behind her didn’t notice. Carmen is a nineteen-year-old university student who works at the same coffee shop as Lexi.

“Carm is on holiday for two weeks in Spain.” Said Lexi.

“Okay. Not judging anyone, but why is she sending you a picture of her flashing her panties?”

“Because she just does crazy things. Carmen likes to live life to the fullest.”

I shrugged, “Whatever turns her on. I guess”

Later in the taxi heading to the resort Lexi’s phone chimed again. She looked at it and laughed, then showed it to me. It was a text from Carmen: ‘YOUR TURN.’ I asked what that meant, and Lexi said Carmen wanted her to take a similar picture and send it to her. “No way!” I said it before realizing I was saying anything at all.

Lexi gave me a stern look, “That sounded a little judgy. And that is not allowed on this trip.”

Chastened I said, “Okay. You’re right. Sorry about that. But you wouldn’t, would you?”

She laughed her musical laugh, “How could I take a picture like that of myself? I would need someone escort bursa else to take it.” With relief I said, “That settles that.”

At the resort check-in desk, it was late and there were just a few people scattered around the opulent lobby. When the desk clerk was working on her computer Lexi threw her arm around me and said, “Smile.” I did and she took our first selfie to send her mother. Then Lexi handed me the phone and stepped a few feet away and asked me to take a couple of shots for her friends. I framed in as much of the tropical lobby as I could. On the third snap Lexi said, “And one for Carmen.” And pulled down the front of her leggings down past her crotch, exposing her peach-colored panties.

I paused for a moment. The desk clerk couldn’t see below Lexi’s waist from the other side of the counter and the other people in the lobby were further away or not looking in our direction. My finger hovered over the button to take the picture. Lexi smiled nonchalantly but I could tell she was watching me intently. In the blink of an eye my brain processed that this was a line. A critical line that should not be crossed over. Snap! I took the picture.

“Thank you, Daddy.” She took her phone back and was immediately busy sending it to Carmen.

Our suite was gorgeous. Such a shame, it was the nicest place we had ever rented and Lucy wasn’t there to enjoy it with us. Lexi opened the bar fridge and asked if I wanted a nightcap. I told her it was after midnight, and she had had enough for one night. We both had. With that Lexi kissed me on the cheek said good night and, god help me, I watched her gorgeous young ass as she walked to her room and closed the door. But not before glancing over her shoulder: to see if I was staring?

I washed up and climbed into the big king-sized bed (one of the few times I had done so without Lucy in over twenty years). I lay there admonishing myself for my behavior on the plane and for taking that picture of Lexi. Tomorrow I would re-establish proper parent-child parameters. DING! I looked at my phone. It was an Instagram message from Lexi. She had sent me the panty flashing photo of Carmen. I have to say, that young woman was beautiful: mixed race with a slim body and fairly large breasts. She also had one of the most innocent looking faces I had ever seen. But Lexi definitely should not be sending me a revealing picture of one of her teenage friends. Clearly, I had to take control of this before it got out of hand. DING. Another message. This time it was the picture I took of Lexi exposing her panty-covered crotch with the message: “Pleasant dreams, Daddy.”

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