Inspiring Mom

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My name is Lori. I’m a 19 year old student in my second year at the local junior college and still living at home with my mom. I was supposed to be away at a university, but my dad had passed away two years ago, and we had to make some adjustments. I’m 5 ft. 8 and borderline skinny with small tits, but I like to think of myself as slim but curvy. Not curvy enough maybe. Medium length blondish hair and regular if not pretty features. Okay, but nothing special I usually say. For some reason I’d always dressed pretty conservatively and probably didn’t play up my better features such as my long slim legs enough. In some ways I wished I looked more like my mom who had fairly large tits and a well rounded ass. My father’s genes or some other quirk, I guess.

I had a boy friend until recently, but he had gone away to college, and it looked like we were pretty much history. I didn’t miss him that much. The sex was below average, and he was too much concerned with cumming quickly and getting it over with. My sexual history before him was nothing too inspiring either, and I sometimes felt I just wasn’t getting my fair share of erotic experiences.

It seemed to me that my mom, who was age 45, could be guilty of some “moping around the house” since my father’s passing. She hadn’t dated much at all, seemed careless with her appearance, and like me her manner of dress didn’t really play up her better features. I didn’t know for sure, of course, but I sensed that her sex life with my dad had been only fair at best. Middle aged doldrums maybe.

I was normally pretty discreet with my sex life, but one night I “got lucky” and picked up a stud and sneaked him into the house very late at night. Mom was usually a sound sleeper, but I hadn’t counted on this guy ringing my sexual bell quite so much. He soon had me crawling all over the bed, and we were making some noise with our grunts, cries and moans. I hoped we didn’t wake mom, but I felt like I had been really fucked for the first time in a while.

A couple of days later, I passed by mom’s closed bedroom door and heard some sounds like I had been making the other night. They were clearly sexual cries and moans, and I heard “Fuck meee”. I was startled but quickly realized it was not her voice but was likely from some kind of porno film. The film got quieter, and the moans I heard were from her. I was certain she was masturbating.

The next day I asked mom, whose name is Betty, why her dating and social life were so minimal since my dad’s death. She replied, “Oh, I don’t know, Lori. I’ve been pretty busy with all the adjustments that were necessary. I’m a few pounds overweight and haven’t done anything about it. Also, maybe I was just married too long and need some kind of jump start to get me going.”

Then I bluntly asked her if she missed her sex life. She said it wasn’t great before, but yes she did sometimes miss it. She admitted she had heard me with the “young man” the other night, and that had inspired her somewhat. I didn’t tell her I had heard at least part of her inspiration last night.

All this got me thinking, and a plan slowly took shape in my mind over the next week. At first I tried to dismiss it as just too kinky and taboo, but it wouldn’t go away. I remembered what my mom had said about needing a “jump start”, and I felt this would certainly do it. The plan I’d been trying to dismiss was for me to pick up some studs and have them take care of my mom. I wasn’t sure I could pull this off though, unless I got involved too. I reasoned it would only be for a fairly short time to get her going as she had said, and could be part of a makeover program for both her and myself.

After I settled on the plan, I brought it up with mom but started with the makeover part. I told her, “Mom, let’s you and I get on some kind of program to help you lose a few pounds while rokettube I maybe gain a few. Also, both of us are a bit too dowdy in our appearance and manner of dress, and we can solve that with some shopping and changes in habits.” Then I hit her with the rest of it, but I sort of disguised it to sound less kinky and taboo. I said, “I may know some guys who can help jump start your sex life. Could you handle that?”

She was flustered and stammered for a few seconds, but said she had been thinking about the makeover part anyway, and she might be able to handle the part about the guys if she started slow. And so we were off on the program with a whirlwind of shopping, exercise and workouts, diet changes, new hairdos and so on. I bought some short skirts, skimpy blouses, and some “fuck me” heels. I made sure my mom got some sexy clothes too and insisted on a couple of teddys, a short wrap around robe, thigh high stockings, and some strappy heels. Her new “do” with streaks of blonde in her brown hair looked good, and she soon lost a few pounds while I gained a few. Everything seemed to be going well. The next problem was could I come through on my promise to deliver some guys.

I was counting on the old adage about guys thinking with their dicks. Makeover or no, I was never going to be Paris Hilton, but I felt if I just rubbed it on them the right way, I’d get my share. I knew some places where I could likely pick up some hunky guys if I worked it right. One night I got dressed up in my new sexier clothes and told mom I was going out. I said I might bring her back a “friend” later, and she should wear her new white wrap around robe, the thigh highs, and some strappy heels. She was startled and tried to ask me some questions, but I darted out the door before I had to do any more explaining.

Long story short, I scoped out the action in the club and settled on a hunky guy about 25. A little older than I usually went for, but he was not strictly for me. It took a little doing and rubbing, but he got the message, and soon we were planning to go to my place for a little nightcap. I sneaked away to the ladies and called mom from my cell phone. I told her I was on my way with a guy and that she should wait in her darkened bedroom while I entertained him, and then I would introduce them. “Wh – What’s going on, Lori?” she said. I told her to just do as I asked and I would explain later.

Matt the hunk and I came in the door kissing passionately and quickly moved to my bedroom and started stripping our clothes off. I finished undressing him by pulling down his shorts, and as soon as his cock was visible I noted it was about eight inches and thick. If he fucked my mom later as I had planned she was going to get a workout. I took him in my mouth and sucked hard, but I didn’t do this too long, because I wanted him to “save” his cock for some later action. He sucked my pussy, but I was panting for him to fuck me. He started easing his cock into me, but I humped forward to bury it up to the balls. We fucked hard and fast, and soon I felt his throbbing cock swelling, and then I felt his cum spurts in my pussy as I scissored my legs wide and came with him. We wound down for a short while, but I stroked his cock to make it clear I wanted another round. Except in this case his next round would be with somebody else. This was going to be tricky, but I thought I could pull it off.

We hadn’t made too much noise with our fucking, but mom had to know what was going on. It should be clear to her what I meant by “entertain him”, and if she hadn’t bolted and run by now it should work out. As soon as Matt’s cock was mostly hard I told him I had someone else for him. He was so startled it was pretty easy to get him to put his shorts back on and just lead him to mom’s room. She was dressed as I had asked and she looked good sitting on the bed with asyalı porno her legs crossed and the lacy tops of the thigh highs showing. I introduced her as Betty, not my mom, and Matt was in his shorts with a two thirds hard on, so there could be no mistaking the purpose of this meeting. I told them I would see them later, and mom looked kind of panicky as I closed the door. I was wishing now that Matt had a more average size cock.

I heard some muffled conversation for a couple of minutes, and then it got pretty quiet. I moved to the door in time to hear some gasps and moans from mom and then the unmistakable sounds of a bed under the stress of its occupants fucking. If there was any doubt I heard mom wailing “Fuck meee” a little later. Soon this was followed by Matt’s grunts and mom’s cries signaling their climaxes.

Matt figured out that “Betty” was my mom of course, but I told him it was a long story, and I’d explain later if he chose to come around again. He thanked me for a very “stimulating” evening before he left.

The next day mom was on a guilt trip. “It’s such a taboo for mother and daughter to have sex with the same guy,” she said. I said this was just a pick up thing and might well be just a one night stand. I told her the old bait and switch trick might have been too much for Matt to handle unless I got involved too, so she shouldn’t worry about it. Then I asked her if she had enjoyed it, and she admitted she had. “He was quite large, and it felt really good once he was in me. He was very athletic and I had trouble keeping up at first. Having a young stud like that has inspired me to lose a few more pounds,” she said.

Mom had mentioned starting slow, so I didn’t worry about lining up anybody else for her for a couple of weeks. Truthfully, I was sort of dreading going through the same routine I had used with Matt. It had worked pretty well with him, but it was fairly complicated and hard to predict exactly how it would work out. Then two things happened which eased the way, so to speak. The hunk who had provided some inspiration for my mom when he and I fucked called unexpectedly. His name was Ron, and he said he had something going with a girl when we met, but that was over, and he wondered if we could get together. I had worked him over pretty good that night, and maybe I’d made an impression.

Right after that Matt called, and he also wanted to get together. I could tell he was intrigued by the experience with me and my mom and maybe wanted some more of that. I had promised I would give him some background on mom’s situation, so I did that and he seemed to understand.

So now I had some options, and it might be just a matter of how to best work those for the benefit of both my mom and me. I decided to go out with Matt first, since he had already fucked mom and seemed to be interested in a repeat. But her comment about having trouble keeping up at first led me to make some plans to watch them to see how she was doing. It should be pretty simple really. I would lead Matt into her bedroom as I had before, and when I closed the bedroom door, I would just pull it to but not shut. A slight push on the door from the darkened hall and it should open a couple of inches to allow me a pretty good view.

Matt and I went out, but I think both of us were wanting to cut the evening short and get on to the important stuff. We came back to my place, and I didn’t see mom, so I assumed she was in her bedroom wearing one of her teddys and some heels as we had planned. I wanted to take time to savor the fucking with Matt, and we started out a little slower than before. I mostly licked his cock rather than sucking it which some men like better anyway unless they’re planning to cum in your mouth. I’d been into oral sex long before I lost my cherry, so I felt I was pretty good at it. azeri porno No complaints from Matt as he groaned and humped my face.

Then I got on my back on the bed with my knees up, and Matt got his head between my thighs and sucked and licked my pussy. I was humping, gasping, and moaning, and I needed to be fucked now. I pulled him up, and he got his cock head against my pussy lips and moved it around. Juice was leaking from my fuck hole, and he finally rammed it in me. I lifted my ass off the bed and humped ’til it was in up to the balls. I circled my ass as he fucked it to me, and I think we may have been planning to go a little slower, but we were both caught up in it now. “It feels so good, baby. Fuck me. Cum in me,” I moaned.

“I’m going to fuck your tight pussy ’til you cum,” he gasped. I felt the heat rising in my cunt as his cock head swelled, and his hot cum triggered my orgasm. I thrust my hips against him and writhed and bucked as he filled my pussy.

I knew Matt would be back, but I hoped I hadn’t worn him down too much for my mom. We relaxed and stroked each other, and his cock did start to rise. This was a young athletic guy, and I need not have worried about wearing him down. When he was mostly hard, we did the same routine as before. He got his shorts on, and I led him into mom’s room. She looked good as she lay propped up on the bed in her teddy and the heels. She smiled at Matt and he smiled back. “See you guys later,” I said as I eased out the door, but I just pushed it to as I had planned.

As soon as I felt they’d had time to get into it I carefully moved back to the door and pushed it open slightly. Mom was sucking his dick, and he had one hand on the back of her head and was gasping and urging her on. She was trying to deep throat his big cock as much as she could, and she sucked hard as she came back up. I hoped she didn’t try to do this too long, and just then she traded places with him and got on the edge of the bed with her haunches drawn up. Her tits, ass and everything were more voluptuous than mine, and she made an erotic picture spread this way with her pussy hole gapping open slightly. Matt went right for the hole and slid his tongue deep inside her. She gasped and I gasped for her. Now she got her hand on the back of his head and writhed as he sucked and fingered her. My breathing quickened, and I stroked my tit and one hand drifted down to my crotch. I hadn’t counted on this. It was not my deal, but I was getting into it anyway.

She whispered, “Give it to me. Fuck me,” and he laid her out on the bed and moved her legs up with his arms. Her ass was up this way as he got his cock head at the entrance to her fuck hole. He eased it into her cunt, and I saw her pussy lips stretch to take him. He moved it around in her a few seconds, and when he pulled back his shaft was wet from her juices and her pussy lips were gripping around it. She moaned as he started to fuck his cock in and out of her. Slowly at first, and then picking up speed. She made little cries as his dick was pounding her, and in this position his balls and thighs were making a slap, slap sound against her ass. Then he got her ass up even more, and he was grunting as his cock was going into her almost vertical. With each stroke he was pulling his eight inches almost all the way out and then back down hard. Her cries were getting louder. I couldn’t help it. My panties were down to my knees, and I was stroking my clit. They moaned and cried out as they reached their climaxes, and I stifled my cries as I came too.

Mom was doing fine it seemed to me. Matt obviously liked the mature pussy, and I knew mom liked the young stud cock.

I went out with Ron, and he rang my sexual bell again. He seemed impressed with the results of my makeover. Ron was 21 and a student at the university I would be transferring to very soon. We seemed to have something going besides the sex, and I decided to save him for myself.

Mom was inspired now and got herself a mature boyfriend. Before I left for the university I had Matt promise to go over now and then and give her a “tune up”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32