It Goes Full Circle…

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In case this is your first read of my story, this is part of The Soldier and The Cleaner series. Here is the full story from Chapter one to the last entry on March 03, 2020.

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Life Goes On 03/03/2020


When I work out, I try not to attract any attention. I go about my business in an orderly fashion and get out as soon as I’m done. But before I leave, I stand in front of the wall mirror and check myself out.

I like my body, no, I love my body. Looking at my reflection as I start to turn so that I can look at my backside a sly grin comes over me. I’m not very tall but I do have a nice tight body. I especially have a really nice tight, full, heart-shaped ass.

Grabbing my stuff and heading out of the weight room I can feel the stares from some of the boi’s doing their thing in the weight room. The ones that aren’t really there for the workout or should I say the ones that are there for a different kind of work out.

I can imagine them letting out a collective sigh of relief now that I’m leaving. Now they can have all the predators to themselves.

I kind of feel bad for them. Little boi/gurl wannabes looking to get picked up by some macho, dominant man that will use them. Once they’re used and get their little fill they can go back to their fake straight life, pretending to be straight. Not me. Coming out all those months ago was the best thing I ever did.

Getting into the elevator and pushing the floor number for my apartment my mind starts drifting. Now that I think of it, it’s been a few months since my one-night stand. My one-time fuck buddy that had worked me over. At the time I didn’t know it was going to be a one and done thing. I’ve been furious with myself for the past month or so because of it. I’m over it now and I mostly wonder if the asshole even remembers me.

He only fucked me that one night but I must have made an impression on him. He left before I could wake up and I would find $500 on the nightstand. So, he left me with money and a pouting asshole dripping with his multiple loads.

When I saw the money on the nightstand, I was furious. I’m not a whore or some boi toy that you can impress with money so that you can, somehow, get me on a comeback fuck. How dare he think that he could just fuck me and then toss money at me like I was some insignificant fuck.

Who am I kidding? I was an insignificant fuck. I gave myself up so easily. I couldn’t help it. At the time, it had been months since I’d been fucked. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a complete saint during that time. I had given one or two discreet blowjobs here and there. But before that night it had been a whole minute since I had felt the power of being fucked by a strong, confident man.

As the elevator doors opened, I thought of Mr. Myles Jeffries and how he had fucked me, well. An older gentleman that I happened to meet at my fathers’ social club. Or did he pick me up? He was in town finalizing a deal for a construction project and one thing led to another. The next thing I know, I’m taking his nice thick cock and loving every minute of it.

Now I’m back to square one. It’s been months and I’m starting to get restless…

As the day passed and the evening came around, I decided to go out. I don’t get out much these days. For me it’s basically studying to finish up my bachelor’s degree and not much else. I started to reminisce about a time when I had first discovered myself. About a man that I had fallen madly in love with. Which brought me to fond memories of a club that I was taken to many months ago.

My first man and my first true love that started my wonderful journey. Because of him I opened my eyes and realized that I was not living as my true self. He was my first and I still ache for him. Believe it or not I’m still in love with him.

But it wasn’t meant to be and it’s been a while since I’ve seen Thomas. Remembering him always ends with my heart aching and me in tears. Not tonight. No, tonight I’m going out and I’m going to enjoy myself…

I know what you’re thinking. “Won’t going to that club flood your mind with memories of him??”

Maybe, but I need to move on. It’s been forever and I want to enjoy myself with people that could give two fucks about who or what I may or may not be.

I don’t want to be a one-night stand and I certainly don’t want to be tipped for being a good fuck as an afterthought or an, “oh by the way.”

This place that Thomas would take me to was full of men that did not suffer fools. You see my man was a Navy SEAL and the bar is a secret haven for men that want only the company of men.

Businessmen, military men, policemen, firemen. You starting to see the pattern? It’s in a secluded area and the only way they let you in is if a member brings you in and you have to be accepted by the collective.

Needless beyoğlu escort to say, I was very welcome and unanimously accepted by the powers that be. I just haven’t been there in some time. And I have never been there without Thomas.

Looking myself over with my Zegna white denim jeans. My Etro faded paisley shirt and a pair of my Gravati, pebbled leather Venetian loafers, perfect. “Yeah, I look good,” I thought to myself.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Against my smooth creamy white perfectly shaped ass a pair of the sweetest, black with lace trim men’s bikini cut briefs. My sister calls them man panties but that’s an entirely different story.

My shoulder-length sandy blonde hair is on point. Inhale, exhale…time to go.

Driving there I can remember how wonderful it felt walking in on Thomas’s arm. Me, all of 5’6″ with my tight feminine, curvy body. Thomas all of 6’5″ with muscles everywhere, built like a tank. The military cut, his blond hair and overall fine as fuck, badass, motherfucker self.

If he hadn’t been my first male experience. If I had only experienced a man to man relationship before I met him. I might not have fucked it all up. Thomas and I might’ve made it. But, he was my first and I did…fuck it up.

Pulling up to the gate the security guy comes out and asks for my name.

“I haven’t been here in about a year but I used to come in with Thomas Thibodaux,” offering an innocent smile.

“One moment please.”

I watch as he starts entering information into his tablet, the glow from the screen reflecting off of a handsome rugged face. He pauses, looks at me, then back at the screen.

“First name?” He asks.

“David Fl..” Before I can finish my name, he cuts me off.

“Yes sir, your first name is fine. Your gentleman is a member in excellent standing with us and has you listed as his life partner.”

My mind wanted to explode as I heard the information being given to me.

“Wait. Wha..” Again, he cuts me off.

“Give me one-second sir.”

And with that he goes back to his gate shack and comes out with a laminated card.

“Give this to the person at the door and he’ll get you all set up. Please have a wonderful evening and please relay all the best to the Lt. Col.”

Taking the card, I’m speechless. “What does this mean?” I ask myself as I start to drive off. “Life partner? All the best to the Lt. Col.?” My thoughts once again running at warp speed. One right after another.

“Is Thomas back? If he’s back why hasn’t he tried to contact me? No way he’s back!” All these thoughts flooding my mind as I pull up to the valet station. Right on cue, as I stop, the young man opens my door.

“Mr. Floyd, welcome back sir.”

Stepping out my car the young man offers his hand. Without a second thought I take it, allowing him to assist me out my little red muscle car. Holding my card with the other hand, I step out and politely smile at his gentlemanly effort.

“Thank you,” I offer.

As I walk around my car and to the front door another young man is poised and ready to open the door for me, hearing my Shelby Mustang rumble and drive off.

“Welcome Mr. Floyd, you look very lovely if you don’t mind me saying sir.” He nods and smiles. A very handsome smile.

My heart flutters as the doorman’s words swirl in my head. He said, “I look lovely.” I think to myself. Walking inside I’m instantly greeted by the host and a little small talk as he walks me inside.

“Would you like a table or will you be going to the main bar sir?”

The main room is huge, I can feel the testosterone all around me. Glancing at the crowd, well-groomed, impeccably dressed men. Their exquisitely dressed plus one’s. The chairs are high back, plush leather. The tables symmetrically spaced out with couches and love seats placed throughout the room to fit just right.

The lighting is perfect. Lamps lit just right and placed throughout the room. Along with wall fixtures and overhead light fixtures designed to fit the rooms aura perfectly. The room is just dark enough to allow the main bar to stand out like the wonderful guy place to hang out if you just want to bullshit and share a few laughs.

Just one big glorious and wonderfully luxurious man cave…

Thomas loved sitting at the bar. After a few drinks and after he’d shaken a few hands, from those that knew him or wanted to get to know him, we would make our way to a nice cozy secluded table in the main room. The room had a nice crowd and I guess old habits die hard.

“The bar will be fine to start,” I softly replied as I offered a gentle smile to the host.

“Yes sir, this way.”

The gentleman gently placing his hand on my elbow as he guides me past the crowd. Making sure to steer me in the right direction and shielding me from any unwanted contact from the others in the room looking me over as I walk by.

Finally reaching the bar, he slides the tall bar chair back allowing me to settle in. My host making eye contact with one of the many bartenders. As the bartender starts walking sarıyer escort towards me, I can’t help to wonder where all these gorgeously handsome men are hiding during the day.

“This is Mr. Floyd…”

“David…please, David.” I interrupt my host before he can finish with the Mr. Floyd nonsense. He turns to look at me with an apologetic smile before responding.

“Yes, of course. This is David, please make sure that he is taken care of.”

Before I can order my drink, the bartender pours one and sets it in front of me.

“Compliments of Mr. Rocci,” he says with a smile.

A feeling of being dumbfounded starts to come over me but that is quickly interrupted.

“David! How the hell are you!!”

The loud booming voice coming up from behind me almost makes me jump out of the chair. Instantly I start to turn just as a big husky gentleman comes around me into my line of sight.

Broad shoulders, his upper torso V-shaped down to his waist. Attaching to a solid trunk with what I can only imagine a very solid lower body structure. Starting with his hips and thick thighs. Dark black hair, brown eyes with perfectly tanned, bronze skin.

Once I gather myself, I start to take in what’s he’s saying to me. He introduces himself as the owner of the establishment, Antoni Rocci. He swears to me that we had met before. When Thomas first started bringing me in but for the life of me, I couldn’t place him. I just politely nodded and went along with him.

“Yeah, you probably don’t remember me. Every time you were in here you only had eyes for L.T.” He says with a chuckle.

Wow, “L.T.” I thought to myself. Thomas would only allow those in the military to call him that. It was short for Lieutenant Colonel, Thomas’s rank when he retired. Everyone else called him Thomas or Mr. Thibodaux.

“Thank you for the drink.”

I start to look around the room as Mr. Rocci begins to speak. I can hear him but I’m not listening. His voice is just in the background of my thoughts. I remembered how I loved coming here. Here, I could be myself. Looking over at a dark corner, off in the distance, a sweet memory comes to me.

“C’mon, I got us a table.” I still remember his voice.

Remembering, taking his hand and following him to the secluded table. Sliding in first, I make room for my man. We sat there making eyes at each other and then, he kissed me. A gentle, warm, passionate kiss. My mouth instantly welcoming his tongue in mine.

His big hard arms around me, it was total bliss. As I’m mouthing and suckling his tongue, I can feel him take my hand. A soft moan escapes me as he places it on his ever-expanding cock. Oh, how I loved this man’s cock. My hand could never really close around his thick shaft. But I could grip it and play with it.

Here we are in a room full of men in our own little corner of the world oblivious to it all.

“Take it out,” he whispers to me.

“Yes sir,” I instantly respond.

His mouth goes back on mine as I fumble with his pants. The belt, button, and zipper before I can feel my hand press against his hard body and slide down to grab on to that silky-smooth cock. I start stroking it slowly.

He stops kissing me and begins to adjust his posture. I already know this posture that he’s moving into. It’s the same posture that he adjusts himself into when we’re in the back of a movie theater or at home on the couch watching a soccer match or a football game.

My man wants my mouth on his cock and I never denied that want. The fact that we were in this room with this crowd going about their evening all around us, had me dripping from my little cock instantly.

Moving down, the table and table cloth covering my movements. I was a breath away from his glorious cock. All of this had me moaning. I stroked his thick cock. I was always in awe of its length. I had struggled at first to get that huge mushroom-shaped head in my mouth when he first educated me on sucking cock.

But on this night, I knew, I knew exactly what I was doing. Taking that cock head in my mouth my tongue instinctively began to slather all over it. My mouth obscenely stretched to allow it in my mouth and my saliva glands in overtime.

I fist pumped the shaft and slobbered and slurped on the part that could fit in my mouth. I made sure not to get my saliva on his balls or make a mess. This night was special because every time he felt that he was going to blow his load he would stop me.

He would pull me up and hold me close to him. Offering me a linen napkin to clean my mouth before pecking me on the lips with a sweet playful kiss. At that point I was surprised to see two fresh drinks in front of us. He smiled at me and I smiled back. The thought of me sucking on his cock as the drinks were delivered put me in a seductive trance.

“Just relax precious. We aren’t in a hurry.” His words comforting and soothing.

My one hand never let go of his cock as I occasionally sipped on my drink. We sat there enjoying a little small talk and watching everyone do their thing. The maslak escort table cloth hiding my hand stroking his cock ever so gently.

Then with a knowing look and a smile I would slide back down out of sight and take that cock back in my mouth. Softly slurping, moaning all the while sucking his beautiful cock. This was how the next hour or so would go.

There were times that I would be sucking his cock and a friend or two would come by the table. He would place his hand over me and firmly squeeze. I would stop and he would relax his grip. While he was casually holding a conversation with whoever was there, I would obediently be still with his cock lodged in my mouth.

Once the person would leave and we were alone he would gently caress my back and I would go back to sucking his cock or he would pull me up and I would giggle at the whole scene. There was Thomas holding court with the occasional friend. There I was slightly, but not entirely, out of sight with his cock in my mouth.

Thinking of that scene now fills me with eroticism…

The entire thing would play out a few more times until finally; he would blow his thick load of wonderfully sweet cum in my mouth. The first two or three streams I would swallow instantly.

The last strands of cum I would hold and savor in my mouth. Slowly pulling myself back up and looking up into his eyes. Then take a big swallow. He loved watching me swallow his cum and I loved swallowing it…

“Have a wonderful evening David and if there is anything, I can get for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

Mr. Rocci’s last statement from whatever it was he was saying to me snapped me back from that wonderful moment.

“Oh, yes. Thank you, Mr. Rocci…”

“Antoni, please call me Antoni,” Mr. Rocci corrects me.

“Antoni,” I reply and nod with a soft smile.

Just like that he’s gone and suddenly I’m left alone at the bar surrounded by strangers. “Why did I come here,” I asked myself? The evening begins to slam me with one memory after another. “I should go,” I mumble to myself in a low murmur.

“What would be the fun in that?” The strangers’ voice pierces my private pity party.

Turning to the man sitting next to me I’m pleasantly surprised. The haircut, the physique. Yeah, this guy’s military. Brown hair, brown eyes with a nice tan. Young but definitely older than me. Maybe I’ll stay awhile.

Chad Mosconi, he says to me and I have to wonder if everyone in here is a Guido? Whatever he is, in one quick moment, he has my attention. He proceeds to run his lines and starts fishing to get to know me. I of course play the game. Coy, at first, before letting him know only what I want him to know.

One drink then another and the evening is going well. Finally, I can relax…

Before I know it, I allow myself to be taken to a more intimate setting and join my new friend at a private table. By now I’m relaxed and the high-end bourbon that I’ve been drinking all night is doing its job.

I sit there with my proper feminine posture and laugh and giggle on cue to his wonderful stories. The more he speaks the more he begins to assert his dominant role. I instantly begin to slip into my natural feminine self. Somewhere in all of this we become side by side, close to each other. His hand stroking my inner thigh.

I start to offer a cute response to his cute story but I’m cut off. Cut off with a kiss. Instantly, I’m breathless. I love being kissed by a strong confident man and this man oozed all of that and then some.

His initial kisses were sweet and tender. Then they gradually grew into passionate, deep kisses. He sent a shiver up my spine as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. My little cock was dripping now and I was in trouble.

I started thinking of how I was used not that long ago. I don’t want a one-night stand. I want more, much more. I have to stop this before it’s too late. But he is so wonderful, I think to myself. I pull back, releasing his kiss.


I whisper in my drunken state. Not completely drunk on the alcohol but also drunk on the sexual ecstasy that was now flowing through me.

“I’ve really enjoyed myself tonight but if you don’t mind can we please stop.” The minute I finished my sentence I held my breath.

Was he going to get mad? Was he going to be ok? What was he thinking? All of these questions going through my head as I gazed into those gorgeous brown eyes.

“Of course, we can stop babe. How about we take off and we can go somewhere more private. Somewhere that we can do what we really want to do.”

“Somewhere where you can fuck me hard and make me scream like a bitch in heat?” That’s what I wanted to say. Oh, how I wanted to say that. But instead…

“No, not tonight. We just met and I would like to get to know you better.”

As I gazed into those eyes, I could see a switch go off and it confused me. At that point I felt like I had just fucked it all up. This isn’t going to end like I had hoped but I’m tired of being used.

“Absolutely, we can get to know each other better.”

As I exhaled, a big sigh of relief escaped me. But something was different. We continued with some more small talk but from that moment on we never regained that intimacy that we had started.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32