Jason Ch. 01

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I’m not sleeping with you down here, said my wife and she added to Jason I’m not sleeping up here either unless you move down to the basement. So that’s what happened, Jason ended up in the basement with me. We had already hugged each other for New Year on the stroke of midnight and cheekily kissed each other no tongue I reminded him (Jason was gay).

Now down in the basement, we stripped down to our boxers for bed and laid down under the sheets. I had an inkling that Jason might think that I was bi but didn’t really know.

I said to him now that we’re by ourselves, perhaps we could have some tongue and I reached over and kissed him hard on his lips, slipping my tongue into his mouth. He put his arms around me and returned to the favour. We lay there for a little while kissing passionately. I slipped my hand down to his cock, rubbing it through his boxers.

When I didn’t get any resistance, I slipped my hand into the boxers and felt his large cock getting stiffer. You don’t have to do that erzurum escort he said. Jason, I replied, I’m bi and have wanted to do this with you forever. I haven’t had many opportunities with men, but I have had a few and loved every minute. I think I’m a top but who knows.

We continued kissing, I leaned out and moved my mouth away from his. I slowly moved down to his nipples, Jason was a bear and very hairy. I gently sucked on his nipples and continued to play with his ever hardening cock.

He said I kinda thought you may be bi, but wasn’t sure, after all you have three daughters. I said I came to realise it quite late in life and only after some online discussions. I moved down to his cock and started to lick it and his balls, slipping my tongue up and down his shaft.

I popped the head into my mouth, triggering fond memories of my first time, I slowly sucked on it tonguing around his head, gradually drawing it into my mouth and throat. I pulled off and sucked my finger. I slowly ghpops.com slipped that into his man pussy and his cock back into my mouth.

Quicker and quicker, I jammed a second finger into his hole and sped up my sucking. Oh my God, I’m going to cum if you keep doing that, he cried. I of course kept doing it, I loved the taste of cum, especially some one else’s.

I could feel him tense up and then shoot heaps into my throat, swallowing hard, I managed to keep it down as he slowly softened. I cleaned his clock, making sure I didn’t miss any cum, and moved back up his body and passionately kissed him.

My cock was now rock hard too, we both slipped off our boxers, and he gently stroked me. Do you have any lube he asked as I want this inside me, squeezing my cock. I reached over to the drawer to get a tube (my wife and I still had sex but needed lube each time now). I squeezed some on to my hand and worked it into his pussy, don’t take too long he said, I want you NOW.

I laid him on his back and lifted his legs onto my shoulders. I rubbed the head of my cock on his opening and slipped a little in, I’m not big, just a little over 6 inches but am quite thick. I gently slipped a little more in and then Jason pushed on to my cock taking all of it.

I slowly pistoned him and next minute he came again, spreading cum between us, I kissed him again and kept pushing in and nearly out, faster and faster, and then boom sprayed my cum into him, I think the most I have ever done.

He held me tightly, and we kissed passionately again. I said I think we’ll need a towel as I started to shrink and slip out of him. I grabbed some tissues from beside the bed, wiped us. We were pretty messy, so I grabbed some baby wipes and cleaned both of us properly.

I wrapped my arms around him, and kissed him again. I reached down and started playing with his cock, and as It slowly came back to life, I said I think it’s time for me to feel him inside me. We had to be careful, and we started to plan to get together for another round. I didn’t mention it but we were staying with my daughter and we thought we’d better err on the side of caution for the next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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