Jealous Bottoms Pt. 03: No Rod?

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One humid evening I was horny as hell, and Rod was out of town, so I’d hit up Eric via text message.

“Sup dude? How goes it?”

“Nothing much, just getting the finishing touches done on the yard. Rod’s not around, so what’s going on, what do you need,” he rebuttled.

Eric, my fellow ginger bear, came sharp at me, with a quickness.

“Damn, just wanted to check on my guy, that’s all. No need for the third degree,” I said back. “I know Rod is gone, but that doesn’t mean two bottoms cannot have fun, either.”

“Does for me. Hell, your cock isn’t exactly one to brag about. This ass needs a lot of inches to be satisfied, ya know?”

He was just being an embecile, and I wasn’t one for all the chit chat, so I stopped messaging him and took a shower, as I now planned to watch some porn to blow a load while laying across my couch. After the shower, I turned on a video and rubbed my dick into some lotion, but ended up falling asleep, waking up at 4:30 a.m. to my phone ringing and shriveling dick in hand. I looked at the caller i.d.: it was Eric, and I would pick up.

“Damnit dude, what are you up to,” he asked.

“Uh, sleeping,” I said to him.

“No you’re not, you probably got a vibrator up your ass right now,” he said. “I wanna come over.”

“For what? Rod isn’t here, remember,” I asked.

“Very funny. I’m horny, the wife just pissed me off last night as she wasn’t trying to give it up. You got company, don’t you,” he asked.

“If I did, its none of your business, for one, and well, I’m about to go to sleep, for two, so try another guy,” I told him.

Right when I hung up the phone, I heard the patter of rain hitting the house, which increased my mood to climb under the covers and snooze. I got off the couch, then cut everything off, and walked my nakedness into the bedroom, not evening cutting on the lights as lightning flashed outside, further enhancing my need for sleep. I got good and comfortable in the comforter, damn near dozing off when my doorbell rang. I was startled, trying to figure out who the hell was at my place this time of morning, other than Rod. I grabbed my robe, and started to grab my pistol, İstanbul Escort but didn’t, grabbing my bat instead and going to the door. I looked through the peep hole to find a drenched Eric, wearing nothing but a trench coat.

“The hell you doing here,” I asked.

“Dude, I’m desperate. I need it bad,” he said.

I was reluctant until he let that coat drop, and showed off that round, hairy body, and pulsating throbber between his legs. I got closer to him after shutting the door to stroke that cock, then looking into his eyes.

“You’ve got to be one hungry motherfucker to be here in the elements like this, and at this time of morning. Big daddy need to make you cum,” I asked.

“Oh, I do man, I wanna cum bad. I’m so backed up right now,” he said.

I grabbed his hand, and we walked into my bedroom, as I turned on the television. The porn channel from my cable network happened to be on, and there played a video of two black guys, both of them resembling our stud, Rod.

“Let me go to the boys’ room real quick,” he said.

I went into my dresser and grabbed a few toys, poppers, and some edibles, as I wanted to enhance the experience. After 20 minutes, he came out, while I was stretched out on the bed, stroking my small meat.

“Come sit on my face,” I told him.

I remembered how giddy he got when Rod put his tongue up his ass, so I wanted to repeat the act. He’d get on the bed, and position himself to squat over my face, and I grabbed his cheeks from the sides, letting my tongue lather his tight, puckering hole.

“How’s it feel,” I whispered.

“Wonderful,” he responded.

I reached over and grabbed my vibrating dildo, for it resembled an actual curved, veiny black dick, with its brown shaft and balls, and pink head. I put it to the tip of his hole, then hit the button to make it shake, teasing his squinting lips.

“Oooooh, what’s that,” he asked, as he was surprised.

“One of my favorite toys,” I told him.

“Push it in, please,” he said. “Ohhhhh fuck.”

I jammed that thing inside his hungry hole, as his puss immediately swallowed the thing to where all you could Escort Bayan see the balls sack. He’d end up falling forward, his ass still in my face, but now his knees resting on the mattress as the toy was deep in his trench. I wiggled it left and right, as Eric began to shake from the orgasms the toy caused. I knew it was hitting some spots, because I usually had the same reaction whenever I used it for myself.

“Whatcha look at that,” I said. “You’re already nutting!”

Eric got creamy, whimpering louder than the thunder outside due to what was happening. I started pushing and pulling the item as if it was a cock, and Eric buried his head between my legs, sucking my small cock as he whined in heat. His hole would stretch, and make the nastiest sounds as he was cumming internally, the juices running out of his hole, and down his balls, before hitting my chest and belly.

“Oh Jason, fuck me,” he said.

The way I was feeling, I wanted to take my cock and bang him into further submission, but I settled for what was happening. I punch fucked him instead with the toy, as the harder I pressed that prostate, the louder he moaned, and the wetter he became.

“Damn, look at you,” I said. “Not so worried about fun with another bottom now, are you?”

“Nooooo,” he whined.

I felt my own bottom tendencies coming back as I wanted to share the feeling of getting fucked. I pulled the toy from his soaked hole and threw it across the room, reaching over to the other side of the bed to grab my poppers, an edible, and my other toy, a double ender I purchased on a trip to Miami some years prior.

“Ooooh, you’ve got one of those, huh,” he asked.

It had a remote controlled vibrator, as we could both use it, and be super stimulated throughout the encounter. He seemed familiar with it, as he took it out of my hand, then got off of me so he could insert one end in his ass. I lubed my hole, then took a whiff of the poppers to instantly get sent to the moon with pleasure. He was already bent over with the long, plastic cock in his twat, urging me to do the same.

“Hurry up, baby,” he said.

I pushed it inside me, barely Eskort getting two inches in when Eric decided he couldn’t wait anymore. He worked me with that toy, as he squeezed his muscles together and used the stick to push it deep inside me.

“Oh baby,” I cried out.

He’d moan each time he’d pull it in his direction, penetrating himself, then thrusting it back to me. It was a ping pong sensation, the back and forth of us pleasuring each other. I hit the remote for it to give us light vibration, and we both exhaled, for it seemed to hit direct spots simultaneously. The gasping and heavy breathing was the language we spoke in confirming if we were enjoying ourselves, with Rod being a distant memory at the moment. I felt so slutty, my ass juicing from the back and forth.

“Let me get it,” I said to Eric.

I squeezed my muscles and took control, even turning up the vibration as now I was pounding my co-bottom. Eric became louder, with the storm outside being the backdrop to one steamy scene. The smell of sex between us made the room musty, but we didn’t care, as we were just letting go of our sexual energy. I’d take control, then he’d take control, each time going up and down with the vibration, and just making for a sticky situation.

“Oh, I think I’m gonna cum,” I told him.

I started jerking off and Eric was now in the driver’s seat, pounding me harder to get me to release a nut.

“Gonna shoot that load, baby,” he asked. “I already came five minutes ago.”

That would explain why he was damn near hollering when I was giving the thrashing. He already climaxed.

“Oh Eric, I am, I’m getting close,” I warned.

I for sure would bless my comforter with what seemed to be the biggest cum load. I swear he had damn near the entire toy inside me, and I just lost it. I’d push it out of my ass when I finished cumming, as it fell to the mattress. We laid beside each other, sweaty and exhausted, as now the sky outside started lighting up a bit.

“Rod would be mad if he knew what we just did,” I said to Eric.

“Who,” he answered.

We laughed, facing, and rubbing on each other, before we started making out. We learned that we could get along without Rod, and have a really good time, as our friendship evolved more. After 30 minutes, and the storm letting up, he went and put on his trench coat, and rushed out the door, for he’d forgot he was a live in husband.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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