Just Your Average Party

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Vic went to the bathroom to splash water on his face. How could he have these thoughts about his best friend’s sister Quinn? When did these feelings start? Were they starting because she was officially legal as of a week ago? He wasn’t sure but he couldn’t get her out of his head. He turned on the tap and let the cool water pool in his hands for a minute before bringing the water to his face.

He looked in the mirror at himself when he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. He looked at the scene through the mirror. He watched as if it was all in slow motion. In fact he could almost hear the cliche porn music in his head. He watched as Quinn stepped out from behind the shower curtain completely naked and dripping with water. Her hair was draped over her damp shoulders and was so long and curly that it hid the majority of her breasts from his sight. He could still see the curvature of her breasts and knew that she was well-endowed. She had nice hips and a small waist as well. Obviously, she took very good care of herself. She was completely bald below except for a small triangle patch of hair that was short and neat.

She made eye contact with him and stepped towards him slowly until she was in front of him. He couldn’t move and just looked at her through the mirror. She turned her back to the mirror and sidled herself sideways as he stepped back so that she was now between him and the sink. She reached behind her without taking her gaze from him and turned off the tap. She then brought both of her hands up and gently laid them on his chest pushing him until his back was against the wall. She brought her face close to his and softly kissed his mouth. He looked at her in stunned silence. She kissed his lips again, then his chin and down his neck until he let out a soft moan of pleasure. She looked at him as she unbuttoned his jeans and reached into his pants to find him. She watched as he opened his eyes to look at her. She wanted him to watch her. She kissed his mouth one more time before sinking to her knees in front of him.

She first kissed his rapidly growing member and then she slowly and gently licked its entire length. She heard him groan above her and smiled as she looked up to see his head had fallen back against the wall. As she put him in her mouth he tried to tangle his hands into her hair but she took his hands in hers and instead entwined her fingers in his and pressed them against the wall so he couldn’t grab her. She then went to work on him. Moving between slow long strokes and fast short strokes. She could feel his legs start to quiver and his hands started to become desperate. She then suddenly stopped and withdrew causing him to look down at her with a look that told her he was disappointed she stopped. While making eye contact with him she stuck out her pierced tongue and licked his entire length again before flicking the underside of his head with the tip of her tongue. His eyes became wide and she could hear his breath quicken as he stared at her. She then closed her eyes as she slowly Beylikdüzü escort wrapped her lips around him again making sure to take him deeper. She heard his breath become louder as little whispers of “oh fuck” escaped his lips. She felt his hands clench at the same time she heard his head hit the wall and knew he was almost there. She went faster as she heard him catch his breath. She kept the pace until she felt him convulse and a stream of something soft like velvet coated her tongue and throat. She slowly and gently withdrew from him making sure to swallow what was melting in her mouth. She gently and carefully licked him clean as he stood there shaking.

She let go of his hands as she stood up slowly. She looked at his handsome face as she gently put him back into his pants. He kept his eyes closed and his breath was panting. She kissed his neck one last time before she grabbed the towel next to his face on the back of the door. She wrapped it around her and tucked it in so it wouldn’t drop. He opened his eyes and looked at her. She went up on her tippy toes and kissed his mouth quickly before winking at him and leaving the bathroom. He watched her leave and then stared at himself in the mirror. What in the world just happened? When he could move he walked out of the bathroom and looked down the hallway towards her room.

She was at her door when she looked back at him, winked and stepped into her bedroom closing the door behind her. Once it was closed she put her back against the door and covered her mouth with her hand. What had she just done? She couldn’t believe she had been that brave. She wasn’t brave enough to speak to him before and now she just did that?!


After the first incident in the bathroom, he became protective of her and she would do little things for him that were seemingly nothing special. She would bring him drinks and snacks when he came over. He would find any reason to come over to her house and talk to her. He would also take every opportunity he could to pick her up from school. However, nothing happened more than the occasional touching of hands as they walked past each other until she enrolled in his university and got her own apartment to be close to school.

One weekend she went home in order to do some laundry but her real reason was because she heard her brother, his girlfriend, and 3 of his friends (including Vic) were going to be there as well. It had been a while since she had played with Vic. When she arrived she met her brother’s girlfriend Amber, another girl named Maegan, and another boy named Cam. Once she put her laundry in the washer she went to her brother’s room where they were all sitting on the floor playing Drunk Spin the Bottle. She sat with Maegan to her right and Cam to her left. Beside Cam was Vic and then it was her brother who was next to Amber who in turn was next to Maegan. She winked at Vic which Cam saw.

After playing for an hour or so it was Maegan’s turn to spin. She took a shot and spun the bottle Beylikdüzü escort which landed on Quinn. Maegan looked shyly at Quinn and giggled nervously. Quinn shrugged and got up on her hands and knees leaning towards Maegan. When Maegan didn’t meet her halfway she grabbed Maegan’s neck and brought their faces together. They kissed deeply and Maegan sighed before relaxing into the kiss. When Quinn pulled away, Maegan went with her so Quinn had to push her gently away to break the kiss. They both opened their eyes and looked at each other. She leaned towards Maegan and whispered in her ear, “We can continue later if you want.” She sat back and Maegan shyly nodded as she tucked her hair behind her ear.

After another hour passed, the group was considerably drunk. Her brother and girlfriend found their way to his bed and were making out loudly obviously forgetting they had guests. Quinn gently took Maegan’s hand and they stood up together. Quinn winked at Vic and Cam before pulling Maegan out of her brother’s room and into her own room. She kept her door open to let the boys watch. She kissed Maegan again and removed both of their tops. She then started working on Maegan’s shorts as she guided Maegan to her bed. It wasn’t long before Quinn heard the click of her bedroom door and the footsteps of the boys approaching. The girls were completely naked and running their hands over each other softly causing goosebumps. Quinn trailed kisses from Maegan’s mouth to her thighs causing Maegan to close her eyes and arch her back as she grabbed the pillow under her head with both of her hands. Maegan opened her eyes in surprise when Quinn bit her inner thigh. Quinn smiled at her and then indicated to the boys to let her know they were there.

Quinn held Maegan’s hips in place as she dipped down and licked her softly. Maegan moaned loudly and Quinn saw her indicate for Cam to come over to her. As Quinn went to work between Maegan’s thighs, Cam walked over to Maegan while also removing his shirt. She opened his pants and pulled out his cock. She was surprised to see that it was bigger than she thought it would be but the surprise melted into a smile as she slipped it into her mouth. She positioned herself diagonally across the bed so she could be in a better position and continued to moan at all of the sensations she was feeling.

Quinn continued licking and flicking her tongue on Maegan occasionally changing speed and teasing. As she enjoyed her own work she looked over at Vic and wiggled her bare ass at him. He raised his eyebrow at her but in response she spread her legs slightly. He got the hint and walked over to her removing his own clothing as he went. He knelt on the bed behind her and put his hand on her cheek to steady himself. He leaned down and licked her a few times before plunging his tongue inside her which caused her to groan against Maegan. He teased her for a few moments before gently pushing his cock inside her. She was so tight so he was moving slowly, careful not to hurt her. But that’s not what she wanted. Escort Beylikdüzü She quickly moved her ass backwards until he sank fully into her making her take her mouth away from its duty and gasped. He thrusted into her slowly but forcefully while she went back to work on Maegan. She used a combination of her fingers and her tongue to bring Maegan to climax a total of 4 times before she had enough. She pushed Quinn gently away because she had enough and soon after, Cam came inside her mouth.

Watching the scene in front of her and with Vic’s hard thrusting against her g-spot, Quinn came as well for the first time. He slowed down because she grew so tight. She could hear him try to pace himself and catch his breath. Maegan was in the bathroom washing up but Cam was touching himself again. Vic pulled out of her to lay on the bed beside her. He quickly pulled her on top facing him so he could watch her ride him. She leaned down to whisper in his ear. Telling him to not be so gentle. He guided her hips forcefully down as he thrusted upwards causing her to sit up straight and fling her head backwards. Vic looked over at Cam before sitting up and grabbing Quinn, bringing her against his chest as he laid back down. He held her arms so she couldn’t sit back up and a thrust faster until she came again yelling out in ecstasy. She didn’t even notice that Cam had joined them on the bed.

Vic let go of her arms but she stayed where she was. She wasn’t sure if she had the muscle ability to move. Vic slowed down until he eventually stopped which caused her to look at him questioningly. She then felt Cam’s hands on her ass. Vic smiled at her and she looked behind her to see Cam smiling too. She watches as Cam sinks down and licks her ass. She bit her lip as she closed her eyes and moaned. After a few licks she felt him insert two fingers into her which caused her to open her eyes again. He moved back and forth until she nodded to him. After a few moments her eyes rolled to the back of her head as he inserted his cock into her ass. She looked back at Vic with surprise and shuddered. Cam pushed deep inside her and she bit Vic’s shoulder. Cam only thrusted a few times and she came again. Shuddering with the convulsions both boys moved inside her.

She wasn’t sure how long it took Cam to finish inside her, nor did she know how many times she climaxed screaming in pleasure the whole time. When he finished, Cam withdrew from her ass and got off the bed to clean himself in the bathroom. Maegan had come back into the room and was touching herself watching them all. Cam finished in the bathroom quickly and decided to help Maegan finish. Vic rolled over so that he was on top of Quinn and she gripped his shoulders as he thrust hard into her. He was no longer concerned with being gentle or even kind to her. She scratched his arms as he came inside her. She wasn’t done yet but was so close and he knew it. He used his hands to help her finish before withdrawing from inside her. Both of them breathing heavily Vic rolled over to lay beside her. Convulsing violently she rolled to her side and laid her head on his chest allowing his arms to wrap around her comfortably. Maegan and Cam joined them with the girls in between the two boys and it wasn’t too long before they all fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32