Lauren Wants a New Dress

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This can be a one-shot story, or a series. Let me know in the comments if you want to see more of Lauren.


Friday night. Lauren didn’t feel like going out. She had the dorm all to herself for the weekend – her roommate, Katie, had left to go see her boyfriend. Lauren was shopping online. She wanted a new dress, something new to go to parties in and make heads turn. Her closet was filled with dresses and outfits like that. It was never hard for her to get guys’ attention, no matter where she went. She was about 5’6″, with dirty blonde hair, large green eyes, 36DD’s, and a round ass. Dressed in one of her many outfits, she could get into any party she wanted, and usually leave with any guy she wanted. Especially if she found a new, slutty dress to catch their eye.

Aha! She found a tight, black number. It was low cut, to show off her ample cleavage. It would barely cover her ass, leaving little to the imagination, and would go with a pair of 4-inch heels she had in the closet. She loved it, until she saw the price. It was $100, and on sale. She didn’t have that kind of money just lying around. Lauren pouted. It’s not fair – that dress would look perfect on me, she thought. There has to be some way I can get it.

Her phone chimed. She picked it up. Congratulations, the screen read, you have a new match! It was from Tinder. She sighed, annoyed, and put the phone back down. And that’s when it hit her. She picked up her phone, opened Tinder, and looked through her dozens of matches. One of the guys she had matched up was bound to be willing to help her. She looked back at her laptop screen. $100? I might have to give him a reason… It was for the best that Katie had left this weekend. She had a plan. First step was to find the right guy. She wanted someone cute, but not too good looking. They’d be more grateful. Rich might not hurt either, she thought with a smile.

After a few minutes, she settled on Jake. He was about medium height with dark hair, a little heavy but not fat, with a nice smile. I’m definitely out of his league, she thought. He’s going to be so grateful. And she knew, from some conversations on Tinder, that his father worked on Wall Street. Perfect. She started to get a little wet from the thought, loving how sexy and slutty her idea was. Maybe she’d spend some time with her vibrator afterwards.

Scrolling through her phone, she found his number and dialed. “Hey, what’s up?” Jake asked, surprised.

“Not too much. You busy tonight?”

“No,” Jake laughed, “Just homework and Netflix tonight. What about you?”

“I’ve been doing some online shopping. I found this really sexy dress and I want it so bad.” Lauren let a little Escort Beylikdüzü pouty whine creep into her voice, “But it’s so expensive. I don’t have 100 bucks!”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” Jake answered sympathetically.

“Yeah… Well, do you want to come over?” she asked, “I’ve gotta be better company than homework and Netflix.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Josh answered. Lauren could imagine him shrugging as he said this. “I’ll see if I can.”

If I can? Lauren thought, irritated. Let’s see if I can change his mind. “OK, then. Hope to see you.” She hung up. Standing from her desk, she left to take a shower. Once she got back to her room, she picked out her outfit for Jake, settling on a pair of yoga pants and a tight, low-cut, hot pink tank top. She got dressed, blow-dried her hair, and put on a fresh coat of lipstick, puckering her lips for the mirror. With a smile, she got her phone and opened Snapchat. Holding the phone at arm’s length, she slipped a finger into her mouth, sucking so hard her cheeks were hollowed. After making sure her chest was prominently displayed, she took the selfie. She added a message, “Think you can come over?” He’ll be racing here, she smiled to herself.

She was right. Within a minute, Jake Snapchatted back. “Leaving right now,” his message said, his selfie showing a blurry face with a goofy grin. Bring your wallet, she thought, and I’ll make it worth your while. She put the phone away and waited for his knock. It came only ten minutes later.

Jake was almost breathless as he stood in front of her. “Hi,” he said with a smile.

“C’mon in,” Lauren answered, leaving the door open for him to follow her. She noticed that he immediately shut it behind him. “Let me show you this dress I really want,” she said, motioning for him to sit down. As he did, she saw his wallet’s bulge in his back pocket. Good, she smiled to herself. She leaned forward and pulled up a picture of the dress.

“Wow, that is really sexy,” Jake said, “You’d look amazing in it.”

“I know,” Lauren answered, sitting on his lap. She felt Jake shifting under her, and squirmed a little bit more into his lap.

“Uhh, yeah,” Jake said, clearing his throat, “It’s a pity you can’t afford it.”

Lauren ground her ass against his crotch again. “Well, maybe if I had a little help.” She smiled as she felt Jake start to get hard against her. I have him right where I want him. Pressing up against Jake, she started to kiss his neck gently, “Isn’t there something I could do?” she whispered, gently biting his earlobe. She took his hand and moved it up to her breast. Jake pulled her into a kiss and started squeezing her breasts, gently pinching Escort Bahçeşehir and twisting the nipple, his tongue sliding into her mouth. Lauren moaned against him, getting wetter.

They broke the kiss and Jake smiled, stroking her hair. “I think we can work something out,” he answered, taking her hand and moving it to his crotch. She took the hint and began to rub her palm against his growing bulge. He moaned softly and kissed her again, with more force and passion this time.

She slipped off his lap. Jake stood up, his bulge prominent. He took off his shirt and unzipped his jeans. Lauren pulled off her tank top, her large breasts falling out. She slipped off her yoga pants, wiggling her ass a little. Standing in just her pink panties, she kissed Jack. Then she moved downwards, kissing his chest and then his stomach, dropping to her knees in front of him. “Let’s see what we’ve got,” she said with a smirk, pulling his jeans and boxers down.

Jake’s cock popped out. Lauren’s eyes widened as Jake kicked off his jeans and boxers. It was surprisingly long – Lauren guessed about 7 inches – and wide. She wrapped her fingers around it, feeling it stiffen even more. “Oh, I think this’ll do just fine,” she told him with a giggle. She kissed the head and popped it into her mouth.

Mmm, she thought, pushing more cock into her mouth. Jake let out a moan, his hands reaching out to her hair. Lauren hollowed her cheeks like in the picture, sucking hard. “Oh fuck!” Jake gasped. His hands took more force as his fingers weaved into her hair. Lauren moved hers up, one grabbing his shaft, the other fondling his balls. She felt Jake pushing her head further down his cock and let him go with it. As her head bobbed up and down the length of his shaft, she moved her hand in tandem with it. It looked like she was taking the length of dick at every moment. The fingers of her other hand continued to tickle his balls.

She decided to surprise him. Lauren had long since trained herself to suppress her gag reflex. Lying naked on her bed, she’d slid one of her larger dildos into her mouth, pushing more in down her throat. Her fingers would work against her clit, rubbing faster and faster as her dildo pushed further into her throat until she finally squirted, screaming in ecstasy. After dozens of practice sessions, she had become a pro. Now she used Jake’s cock to her advantage. She took all of it into her mouth, the head hitting the back of her throat and sliding down. She couldn’t breathe, but made sure to let out an exaggerated gagging sound for him. I’ll be his little pornstar, she thought wickedly.

“Oh, shit!” Jake moaned, his knees almost buckling, “That feels incredible.” He held Lauren’s head and guided her as he fucked her face, his cock head hitting her throat. Lauren bobbed with him as one hand snaked into her soaked panties, rubbing her pussy. The other hand moved to her tits, playing with the nipples. She felt herself getting more excited, her fingers working faster, her breath running out. Finally, she looked up to Jake and made eye contact.

Jake got the message and let go. Lauren pulled back, letting all of his cock out of her mouth with a loud, exaggerated gasp and a smile. She slid her right hand, nice and wet, from her panties and grabbed his shaft and stroked it fast and hard, loving the wet sound of her hand against his spit-soaked dick. “It’s so big!” she gushed, jerking it faster. Jake looked like he could barely stand as Lauren jacked him off. He leaned down and grabbed one of her boobs while she played with his dick. She moaned as he pinched her nipple and bit her lip.

Lauren moved to his balls and took them into her mouth, licking and sucking them gently, feeling the load that was building there. She kept jerking him off while she did that. Jake moaned loudly, “Fuck, I’ve wanted this forever.” I know baby, she thought, good for you I want that dress so badly. She sucked hard enough to pull one of his balls completely into her mouth, jerking his cock faster. Mmm, he’s gonna cum soon. Jake’s moans were getting louder, his knees shaking more.

She moved to take the head of his dick back into her mouth, bobbing her head faster and faster. Once every several strokes, she deepthroated him again for a second before returning to the bobbing. It was time to push him over the edge. “Oh, fuck! Fuck!” Jake moaned, “I’m gonna cum!”

With a smile, Lauren pulled his cock out of her mouth and starting stroking it, “You want to give me a facial?” she asked with a wicked little smile. She jerked his dick faster as she asked this question.

“Yes,” Jake answered breathlessly, nodding eagerly. Lauren giggled and aimed the head at her face as she stroked faster and faster. She could feel it build up. “Give it to me, baby,” she purred at him. That sent him over the edge. With a loud groan, his hips bucked and he started to shoot. Ropes of sticky, pearly white jism shot out of his cock, hitting Lauren in the face. They hit her across the cheek, the chin. One streaked past and caught part of her forehead, mostly landing in her hair. A fair amount shot into her open mouth. She let it drip down onto her tits. Once Jake finished shooting all over her face, Lauren popped the head back into her mouth and sucked the last bits out.

“Ahhh, God,” Jake moaned, “That felt fucking incredible. Thank you so much.”

Lauren kissed his cock one more time and bounced up. “You’re so welcome!” she answered perkily, “Thank you! I love this big cock!” She grabbed it and stroked it a few times playfully. “Now, get your wallet.”

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