Luanne Ch. 05

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I was in the middle of fixing dinner when Luanne got here a bit before eleven this morning. She walked over, kissed me on the cheek, and said, “Cute apron.” Then she poured herself a cup of coffee and leaned against the counter and started off by saying, “I thought it over and I think your idea would be kinda boring. I have a better idea.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Well, if you think about it, there are a ton of firsts. I thought I’d tell you about the firsts that led up to my first actual sex. Then, a couple of other firsts.”

“Hold on,” I said and walked over to the dining room table. I rutted around until I found my tape recorder, put in a new casette, and carried it back into the kitchen. Turning it on, I laid it down on the counter near her, and said, “Okay, lay it on me.”

She took a sip of coffee and said, “Well, I read what you said in your story about my loving cum so I was thinking about why that might be.

“And what’d you come up with?”

“I was like a lot of young girls, my first couple sexual experiences were handjobs. I can remember the first few very well.”

“How old were you?” I asked as I reached up and pulled down a bottle of sherry.

“Kinda early for that, isn’t it?”

I poured a glass and said, “I’ve been up since four and working on dinner since nine. It’s going to take me another two hours, at least and I need my wine while I’m cooking.” I fixed her with a glare and said, “Now, are you going to keep bitching at me or tell me your story?” then I smiled to ease the mood.

She chuckled and then said, “Okay, I give. Hmm, the first time I had anything to do with a man’s private parts was the first time I ever saw one for real, touched one, or found out what happened when a man came.”

“How old were you?” I asked again.

“A couple months before I turned eighteen. I was at a party and this guy and I were kissing and he kept trying to get his hand between my legs. Most guys I had made out with were always trying to grab my boobs, but this guy was intent on getting between my legs.”

“Gee, what a surprise,” I interjected.

“Yeah, I know. Nowadays, if I’m interested in a guy, I’ll let him play with my boobs, but I really want him to get busy down below.” Another sip of coffee, and then, “Anyway, we wandered out onto the patio and he had a bathing suit on and jumped in to swim a few laps. I didn’t have a suit and he kept trying to get me to come in with just my underwear or even naked. Naturally I didn’t and when he got out we started making out again. About ten minutes of that he finally said, ‘Ah, baby, you’ve got me so hot, how about taking care of me?’

“I didn’t know what he was talking about and when I told him that he just pulled his suit down over his knees and said, ‘Here, take care of this.’

“I just stared at my first hard cock and had no idea what he was talking about or what to do with it. Sure, my girlfriends Ataşehir Escort and I had talked about sex and men’s cocks, but none of us had ever actually done anything. He finally pulled me over between his knees, had me kneel, and pulled my hand out to it. ‘Here,’ he said, ‘either use your hand or your mouth, but do something with this thing.’

“I finally wrapped my hand around it and started moving up and down gently and he had to reach down and show me what to do. I guess I got one thing right because I was fascinated with his balls and reached down with my other hand to play with them. At one point he jerked a bit and said, ‘Easy, those are pretty sensitive. Don’t squeeze too hard. Everything else you’re doing is just right.’

“I guess I was, because it only took about five minutes for him to start jerking his hips up and down and groaning a bit. Suddenly he said, ‘That did it, I’m cumming.’ And then he started squirting cum all over his stomach and then more and more ran down over my hand. I was fascinated as I watched the sticky, slippery stuff running over my fingers and kept it up and even squeezed his cock and milked it for every last drop I could get.” She drained her cup and came into the kitchen, pausing to squeeze my butt as she passed, and reached up to get a wine glass.

“Okay, I guess it’s late enough,” she said as she poured a glass. So, I just saw, touched, and stroked my first cock. There was no towel around, so I just walked over to the pool, rinsed off my hands, and watched as he jumped in and cleaned himself off. We went back inside and that was the last time I ever saw him.”

“Last time?”

“Well, I saw him around school a couple of times, but I was a junior and he was a senior and more or less ignored me.” She sipped her wine and said, “Al, this is delicious. What kind is it?”

“It’s from the San Antonio Winery. Made just a few miles down the road.” I sipped my own and then said, “So, how about the second time?”

“That was just three days later when Bill gave me a ride home from school. He was driving and, for some reason, I reached over to stroke his crotch. I could feel his cock getting harder and poking up along his stomach until he pulled over and kissed me. ‘Geez, baby, you’ve got me hotter than hell. How about taking care of me?’ “

“Wait a minute, you’re riding home from school and just reach across and start playing with him?”

“Well, we had dated a few times and he was one of those that I had allowed to play with my boobs so it wasn’t as if we were strangers.”

“Anyway, I’ve done this before, so I opened his pants, worked them down a bit, and started stroking his cock. This time I knew what I was doing so I just jerked him off and he didn’t have any staying power at all. Two or three minutes and he grunted, “I’m cumming,’ and then he was squirting his hot jizz all over his stomach. This time, as soon as he was Anadolu Yakası Escort finished, I leaned down, took the head of it between my lips, sucked on it lightly, and then licked all the cum off the head of it.” She smiled and said, “That was the first time I ever had a dick in my mouth or tasted cum.”

I interrupted her by saying, “Okay, how about coming over here for a few minutes.”

She walked around the counter and said, “Oh, you need a hand with something?”

“Talk about getting hot, yes I need some help, but I’d appreciate something other than a hand.”

I put my arms around her and squeezed her ass while I kissed her. She pulled back, smiled up at me, and said, “I’m guessing whatever it is you have in mind will be easier if I take off my clothes, right?”

I reached down to open her shorts and pushed them down until she stepped out of them. “I don’t care about all your clothes, I just want these out of the way so I can get at your pussy.” Then I turned her around and, as she leaned on the stove, I pushed my own shorts down, and then spread her pussy lips with one hand while I guided my cock to her hole with the other.

As I slid into her warmth I said, “I’m sorry, baby, but this is just for me. You have me so hot thinking about what you’re saying, that I’ve just got to release some pressure.”

She moaned a bit and said, “Don’t worry, just do it. Do me fast and hard.”

So I did. She put her left foot up on the stove, opening herself wide as I powered into her pussy. I held her hips and pulled back each time I thrust forward, driving myself as deep into her as I could get. I normally like to hold her and stir my cock around inside her, but this time I just fucked her. I did better than the first time and held out for nearly seven minutes by the clock on the stove before I yanked back extra hard on her hips, drove my cock in and up, and started squirting inside her. I hadn’t warned her and she suddenly trembled and moaned, “Oh, yes, Al, that’s it, give me that hot sperm. Fill me. Oh, yes,” and then she was having her own climax.

As we both calmed down I kissed the back of her neck and said, “Well, one more first.”

She screwed her face up and said, “What do you mean? We’ve done it many times. And at least twice right here in the kitchen.”

“Yes, but every time I’ve been in you it’s been right after Pete has done you. This is the first time I didn’t follow him.”

She picked up her shorts and kissed me quickly on the cheek and said, “I’ll be right back.” Then she walked toward the back hallway. I heard the bathroom door close and it was nearly ten minutes before she came back out.

When she did, she came over, kissed me, and said, “Okay, you have that out of your system now?”

I chuckled, ran my hand down between her legs, and said, “Yeah, I think I got it out of my system and put it into yours.”

We kissed Kartal Escort for a couple minutes and then she walked back into the dining room and sat down. “Where was I?” she asked. Before I could answer she said, “Oh, yeah, my third handjob. That was also the first time I had cum sprayed on me.” She paused and then added, “That may have been when I started loving cum.”

“After playing around with the first two, I started dating a guy that was in college named Chuck. He worked in an office three days a week and one day at lunch, two months after Bill, I went to see him at his office. He showed me around the empty office and we went back to his cubicle and we started kissing. In just a couple minutes he had his hand between my legs and was stroking my clit. I was getting really warm when he, like the other two, said, ‘Oh, baby, you’ve got me hot. Let’s do it. Right here on the desk.’

“I had been stroking his cock through his pants and could tell that he was excited. I pulled back a bit and said, ‘Look, Chuck, I’ve never done it, I mean had sex. I don’t want to lose my virginity in an office. I’m sorry, but no.’

“He stopped and said, ‘I’m sorry, baby, I didn’t know. How about a blowjob?’ When I admitted I’d never done that either, he said, “Well, shit, can’t you do something for me?’

“I thought a moment and then said, ‘Well, I don’t know for sure, but I’ve been told I’m kinda good at handjobs. You interested?’

“It was funny watching how fast he had his cock out and pushed me down to my knees so it was about level with my eyes. Then I started stroking it and gently playing with his balls. It took him nearly ten minutes before he started jerking his hips back and forth and groaning a bit. ‘I’m cumming,’ he said, ‘here, now, here it comes!’ And then he shot out a long stream that went across my eyes, forehead, and into my hair. Then another stream that hit me on the cheek, then four or five more smaller ones that dribbled down over my nose and chin. I opened my mouth and got the last four or five drops on my tongue and I swallowed them, having the time to notice that the taste was a bit salty, but not too bad. Then he was done. I leaned forward and used my tongue to lick all the cum off the head of his dick and then looked up at him. I was surprised when he grinned at me and asked him why. ‘You have cum all over your hair and your blouse.’

“I looked down and saw several globs of it on my blouse and even some on my pants. As I was watching another drop fell from my nose onto my blouse. He handed me a handkerchief and I cleaned myself off as well as I could and then he showed me where the ladie’s room was and I washed my face. As I was using a wet paper towel to wipe the cum off my blouse another woman walked in and just stared at me. I felt really great knowing that she knew what I had been doing.”

She looked up at the clock and said, “And with that, I have to get home to fix supper.”

“Hey,” I said, “You said there were some other firsts.”

She came over, kissed me for a long time, and then pulled back, saying, “Yes, but you’ve been cooking the past several hours. I still have several hours of cooking to do. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

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