Meeting My Best Friend Down Under Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of my first story “Meeting My Best Friend Down Under” and the scene below picks up where I left off in the first story. I hope you enjoy!


“Wanna Join?”

Marcus’s words echoed in my ears over and over as I stared at the hot site in front of me. Two extremely sexy men were making out right before my very eyes. I was speechless.

Luke extracted himself from the embrace with Marcus and turned around to face me.

“Hi there beautiful” he said in a voice laden with passion. “Don’t mind Mark and I. We were just enjoying a little appetizer.”

Then, as if nothing had happened, the guys broke apart entirely. Marcus walked over to stir a simmering pot on the stove and Luke moved to the table, pulling out to a chair and gesturing to it.

“Have a seat and I’ll pour you a drink.” He said.

I stared for a few seconds. My pulse was racing, my nipples hard and my pussy tingling from the site I had just seen. Marcus’s invitation rang in my ears and I struggled not to shiver visibly. It was obvious now that Marcus had been jesting, but my body was already in full alert. My brain raced to process the sudden change in situation. One second I was ready to writhe on the floor naked with the two hot men and now Luke was inviting me to calmly sit down at the table for a meal. I worked to still my inner heat and walk to the chair as normally as I could muster.

As I sat down, Luke leaned down from behind me breathing softly on my neck before placing a quick kiss on my cheek.

“So glad to have you at our table beautiful.” He whispered in my ear.

My pulse shot back up again, my heart beating faster than ever. These men were driving me mad with their raw sex. I cursed, not for the first time, wishing they were straight and available. A slideshow of all the things I’d like to do to their naked bodies scanned through my head. I sighed.

Luke must have heard the sigh because he looked up from the bottle of red wine he was now pouring into a goblet and quirked an eyebrow at me.

“Something wrong Lillian?” He questioned.

I blushed. “No, nothing at all. I was just enjoying the smell of the amazing diner Marcus must be cooking over there.” The dinner did smell amazing.

“Only the best for my Lillian.” Marcus said, striding towards us to place a steaming bowl of pasta on the table. “I made Luke’s favorite – pasta with homemade Vodka sauce. I hope you like it too.”

My mouth watered as I realized how hungry I was from the long day.

“Thank you Mark. It looks and smells wonderful. I can’t wait to try it.”

“Then no need to wait.” He laughed and placed a generous serving on the plate in front of me. As they say in the States “Dig in.”

The meal was as fabulous as it had smelled. Wine and conversation flowed freely. Before I knew it we were all a little tipsy. After we were all done eating and had finished off the second bottle of wine, both guys rose up from the table. I stood up as well, picked up my plate intending to carry it off to the sink.

“No, no, no.” Luke stopped me, sweeping an arm around my back and steering me out of the kitchen. “Dishes can wait for another time. Now it’s time for dancing.”

“Dancing?” I laughed at his silly statement. “I am not anywhere near dress up izmir escort enough to go out.”

“No need. We have music, space and a beautiful woman right here. What else does a man need for dancing?”

I continued laughing as Luke led me into a large open living room with dark leather furniture and a huge big screen TV. Soft music played from a stereo system set up on one wall. Marcus followed us, bringing yet another bottle of wine and our wine glasses. Luke pulled me into the room and swept me into an awkward waltz-like slow dance. Soon though, I was melted against his chest enjoying his warm, strong, lithe body pressing against mine.

“My turn.” Marcus said from the other side of the room.

I expected Luke to release me and for Marcus to take his place, but to my surprise, Marcus came up behind me. He pressed his hot body against mine, pushing me more into Nick. His arms wrapped around my waist, his head rested against my shoulder and his groin pressed firmly into my ass.

“What are you guys doing?” I giggle nervously.

“Seducing you, of course.” Marcus breathed into my ear.

Shock reverberated through my body. What the hell was going on here? My eyes shot to Luke’s, which were full of heat and desire. Marcus began kissing his way down my neck. Luke removed his hand from mine, bringing it up to my face. He pulled me in and touched his lips to mine in a very deep, sensual kiss.

Marcus’s hands were running up and down my arms and hips as he continued to kiss his way around my neck and grind his now obviously hard cock into my ass. My heat swam with the dual sensations. I had never even imagined being with two men, much less these two beautiful men, but now that I was in the moment I couldn’t even think of stopping. Luke continued his assault on my mouth, his tongue reaching in to dance with mine while his hands ran down my side. They stop for a second as they hit Marcus’s hands to caress them and then moved forward to my breasts.

Marcus’s hands made a path downward and began lifting my top over my head. I started to protest for a second, but realizing any words I had would be swallowed by Luke’s deep kiss, I gave up and went with the amazing sensations coursing through my body.

Luke lifted his mouth from mine for a second and then guided my body around so that I was facing Marcus. Marcus’s mouth descended on mine with the same slow, intimate, passion as Luke’s had. Luke was down on his knees behind me, caressing my ass and placing little kisses on it through the fabric of my jeans. He reached around and easily undid the button and zipper. Putting his thumbs inside the waistband he began slowly sliding the jeans over my ass and down my legs.

Meanwhile, Marcus had pulled my 36C breasts out of the cups of my bra and was caressing one in each hand. His teeth gently nipped and sucked on my lip before he lowered his mouth to my breast. When he then proceeded to nip and suck on my straining nipple I gasped out with pleasure. Luke was working my thong underwear down my thighs.

Wanting not to be the only naked person in the room, I tugged at the bottom of Marcus’s fitted t-shirt. He helped me lift it over his head. As I ran my hands over his muscled chest, Luke stood up to come around and stand next to him, putting his hand on Marcus’s back. Marcus lifted his mouth from my chest, turned his head to give Luke a long passionate kiss and then broke away to whisper something into his ear. It must have aroused Luke, because he growled deep in his throat and murmured something back so low that I couldn’t hear it less than a few feet away.

Both men turned their heads back to me. Marcus gripped my waist and pushed me slowly backwards until my legs brushed up against the leather of the couch. Marcus pushed downward on my hips and I obliged his silent command, sitting down on the couch.

Marcus turned back to Luke who had pulled off his shirt. Marcus walked towards him and reached out a hand to cup Luke’s straining erection through his pants before moving up to undo the button. As the button and zipper were released, Luke pulled off his pants while Marcus quickly removed his own. Both men were now clad in dark boxer briefs which strained to hold their equally impressive packages.

Looking as me, Luke turned slightly so that I could see him in profile. He must have sensed what Marcus was about to do, because I had the perfect view as Marcus got down on his knees in front of Luke and lowered his pants to reveal a very, very hard 8 inch cock. Marcus looked at it for a minute as if admiring and then in one quick move, took the full length into the mouth. Luke groaned, grabbing a fist full of Marcus’s hair and began bucking his hips, forcing Marcus to continue to take the large cock deep into his mouth.

I felt a little like a voyeur, but I was so hot from the total display of masculine intimacy and hot sex that my hand found its way to my very moist pussy. My fingers flicked against my clit as I watch Marcus continue to devour Luke cock. After a few minutes of the relentless masterful blow job, Marcus released Luke’s cock from his mouth. He stood up to give Luke another searing kiss before both men turned to face me again. Without a work, both men walked towards me.

Marcus swung my legs up on the couch so that I was laying on it with my back and neck up against the arm. He removed his boxer briefs, laid down on the length of the couch, and lifted my legs up over his shoulders. He brought his mouth forward to inhale the scent of my pussy before burying his face in my curls. I cried out as his tongue hit my very aroused clit and flicked it.

Luke lowered himself on the floor beside the couch and crushed his mouth to mine. With his hand reached out to fondle my breasts. Marcus’s tongue was now circling my clit as he worked first one finger and then two inside my slick pussy. Luke’s fingers pinched and gently tugged on my nipples while his tongue dueled with mine.

Marcus’s work on my pussy along with my state of arousal and Luke’s teasing of my nipples already had me on the brink of cumming. I whimpered and Marcus nipped my clit with his teeth softly. I cried out as my hips lifted off the couch in ecstasy. Luke’s mouth crushed over mine, absorbing my cries, and Mark’s mouth somehow continued to ride my writhing pussy as I shuttered with an intense orgasms.

As my orgasm subsided, Marcus lifted his head and shifted his body so that his hard cock lined up with my pussy. He pushed inside me, filling me with his large cock. Fully sheathed, he stopped to allow me to adjust before pulling out and then plunging again deep inside me.

Luke rose to his feet and walked around behind Marcus. With my head elevated on the couch, I could see him crouch down behind Marcus and begin kissing his ass, as he had mine. Then, taking it a step further, he began slowly licking up and down Marcus’s ass crack before settling on what appear to be his asshole.

Marcus moaned loudly, assumedly from the dual sensation of fucking my pussy and Luke’s tongue on his asshole. Luke licked a finger and then began working it in and out of Marcus’s ass. After about a minute of this, he worked in a second finger. Marcus continued to groan as he began fucking me in rhythm to the movement of Luke’s fingers in and out of his ass. With each downstroke, his cock fully buried itself into my pussy. I moaned with my own pleasure.

Luke stood and ran his cock lovingly over Marcus’s ass before pushing inside him. Marcus stiffened for a moment, and then I saw a look of pure pleasure washing over his face. He fucked me gently for a second, getting used to the rhythm of Luke’s hard cock in his ass. Then they both picked up the pace. Within a minute, they were both pounding their hard cocks — Luke into Marcus’s ass and Marcus into my pussy. I ground as Marcus hit my G-spot and continued to hit it on every thrust. We continued this was, all of us caught up in extreme passion until I felt Marcus’s cock twitching in my pussy. The feeling of his hot cum spurting inside me put me over the edge and I began cumming with what could only be called a scream. His clenching ass muscles must have had a similar effect on Luke, because he let out a moan of his own as he came deep within Marcus.

All of us spent, we collapsed. I lay on the couch panting, while Marcus and Luke half sat, half draped on the couch next to me, Marcus in Luke’s lap. Both men gently ran their hands over me as Luke nuzzled Marcus’s neck. Marcus turned his head to give Luke a gentle kiss. Luke then turned to look at me and placed a similar kiss on my lips.

“What do you say beautiful? Time to get some sleep?”

I could only sigh in response as both men helped me off the couch and pulled me down to the end of the hallway into a dark bedroom. We all crawled into the bed and I felt the covers being pulled up over my body.

A gentle kiss was placed on my head with what sounded like a “good night beautiful” but I was so tired I honestly couldn’t have told you what man it was from. I felt warm arms wrap around me and I settled into the pillow, falling into a welcomed sleep.

I woke a short time later to find my head resting on a masculine chest. I pried open my eyes and lifted my head slightly to see it was Luke I rested on. Marcus was at his other side, his body curled into the contours of Luke, his hand resting over Luke’s heart.

What the hell had just happened? Somehow I had just had a sexual encounter with my two best friends. Even crazier, they were clearly in deeply in love with one another. Why had then included me in this? I thought about their words earlier around “seducing me”. Was this planned? I wasn’t sure. There was one thing I was sure of though. Looking at Mark’s hand on Luke’s heart, I hoped that our night of passion hadn’t started something that would create a rift between them. Tomorrow would bring those answers I guessed. Sighing I rested my head back against Luke’s chest and fell back asleep.

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