Mom’s in Town Ch. 15

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The two men had just sat down at their desk when their intercom announced Mr. Li Chow, their potential investor and international banker had arrived.

Ross turn to Max “I’ve got an idea, let’s sit him by the window, pretend to be busy and let him see what’s going on. Rachael thinks we hint that he could participate in something like this in the future and use that as leverage to get the $50 million dollar investment we are looking for.”

“Good idea,” replied Max “in fact -excellent idea.” as he got up to open the door and greet Mr. Chow. Shaking the banker’s very soft hands he noted the short fingers, one with a large jade ring. Showing the short squat banker to a fancy armchair with a view of the deck, he extended is arm.

“Please have a seat we will be with you in just a minute. Help yourself to coffee, tea or a water. We’re just wrapping up a couple of things enjoy yourself for five minutes if you don’t mind. Much appreciated, thank you so much.” he stated and went back to his desk and fussed with some papers pretending to be doing something.

He secretly watched Mr. Chow lean back in his chair and look out on the deck. He saw the banker stiffen when he realized what was going on outside. Max watched and Ross watched but neither said anything. It was obvious that Mr. Chow was indeed very interested in what was going on. They watched him squirm a bit in his chair, gaining a better look perhaps? They watched as he adjusted the tailor made three-piece suit. After a few moments the men got up and walked over to Mr. Chow.

“Beautiful day isn’t it thank you so much for coming. As you know you’re here because we’re thinking about expanding our business and we’re looking for investors. We think we have an idea that might work, provide us with the opportunity for future growth and provide you a significant return on your investment.”

Mr. Chow, while trying to pay attention to what they were saying, kept slyly looking at what was going on outside. While the men gave their pitch Mr. Chow was desperately trying to listen but he was totally distracted with the public display outside.

What was going on outside was that an almost naked she-male was continuing to thrust into either the ass or cunt of a topless woman on her knees and that woman was between the legs of another woman. OMG, in fact he recognized the other woman, it was Miss Ross -Rachel, Max’s niece. The one who, with both hands, was holding the head other one woman into her crotch.

Rachel’s head was back as she push her hips and vulva forward, making sure the woman on her knees was bringing her the pleasure she wanted. She was directing the other woman’s head from her clit down to her cunt and was pulling her in as tight as she could. All Mr. Chow could see was three individuals uniting into a common purpose of a magnificent orgasm.

“Mr. Chow, we are thinking what we might do is set up an Advisory Circle. A board of select individuals who invest with us. They would help guide the future growth. Pendik escort bayan This group – a very select group – would meet on a regular basis likely here or perhaps in one of the suites to get to know each other, to talk business, but also to relax – if you know what I mean. My niece, who you have met, is currently outside on the patio putting together a special group of assistants who might aide that select group. Don’t you think it would be beneficial to all for such a group to meet regularly and get to know each other shall we say – more intimately?”

Mr. Chow beamed, nodded quickly and said yes “I think I understand what you’re saying and I do believe it would be beneficial and something that my company and I personally would be very interested in. I think at the beginning, while we discuss general terms we should perhaps meet every week or so. I think that would give me the level of confidence that I would need in order to continue the placement of the funds. I think we can keep the exact details of the meetings confidential and that others at the bank not be included. Most excellent idea. Now about the amount of money you’re looking for?”

Just as Max was about to reply, the moaning and cries of passion from outside could no longer be ignored. Max stopped and they all set back and listened. Max and Ross, because they could not see out, had to imagine what was happening; but Mr. Chow had a front-row seat. Rachel began to shake her head from side to side, her eyes were closed her mouth was open and she was gasping as she reached the pinnacle of her orgasm. Christine, who had been slurping and licking at the inner walls of Rachael’s vagina felt her head being pulled and pushed, increasing the pressure to the rubbery nub of the swollen clitoris she was suckling.

“Suck it,… suck all of it!!” Rachel called out holding Christine’s head as tight as she could. Mr. Chow could see the back of Hamid was ramrod-straight. Its sensuous musculature bisected by the white bra strap. The banker gasped when he saw the fullness of the monstrous fat cock that was being pushed into great depths of an unknown woman. Hamid’s thrusts became faster and faster until, with a howl, he rammed himself as deep as possible driving body forward and Christine’s face further into the crotch of Rachael. Mr. Chow watched in stunned silence as the three united into a single shattering orgasm before collapsing.

“Oh my lord.” he said quietly “Is that the kind of meeting we would have on a regular basis?”

Ross and Max simultaneously replied “We hope so. Shall we continue our business discussion?”

Mr. Chow nodded affirmatively but tried to keep one eye on the outside activities. He saw the person with the white bra stand up displaying an enormous fat cock its full condom covered in pussy juice. The mushroom head hanging down to mid-thigh. He saw the kneeling woman stand up and let Hamid pull the back of her skirt into place. Then Rachel, who had been sitting in the chair with her Escort Pendik legs wide apart, her naked red engorged pussy exposed directly to him, stirred slowly from her debilitating orgasm, then using the arms of the chair raised herself up. Mr. Chow saw the three of them; one clothed women and one topless woman each on either side of a partially clad she-male. He did not know where to look as he tried subtlety to adjust the stainless steel cock cage and its mini-lock that held his genitals in check. Thank goodness for the silk panties he thought, as they meant he did not have to adjust himself further in front of his future partners. This deal was definitely something he was very interested in and something that his company need not know the specific arrangements… all that they needed to know was that it was a good investment.

Outside on the private terrace, the three individuals moved over to the catering cart and took separate white linen napkins. Rachael hiked up her skirt then slowly, carefully wiped her naked nether regions while she continued to come down from the crushing crescendo of her orgasm. Christine seemed to adjusting her thong and reached under her skirt to apparently clean herself. She then moved to pick up her blouse, adjust her magnificent tits before putting it on. Mr. Chow noticed that she had to continue wiping down her legs past her knees. Wow, she must have been very wet, he thought. All the while, Hamid stood there, breathing deep recovering from the exertions…enjoying being naked in public. The two women then each took their napkins and began to clean the long hanging cock. They wiped slowly over his balls, up and down the shaft, over the hairless stomach and then down the taunt shapely thighs until they were satisfied they had done a thorough job.

Mr. Chow’s body was tingling and alert while he continued to surreptitiously watch as they each bent over and gave the dangling cock a little kiss. While Hamid got dressed and slipped her shoes on, the ladies talked amongst themselves and then moved toward the office where the three business men were seated.

The two women entered the office followed closely by Hamid. Rachael said hello to the three men and introduced them to Christine as Ms. Smith.

“Just a second Christine. Hamid could you come over here for a minute to talk with Ross. Can we finalize lunch plans?” she asked.

“For lunch I think the red Cheongsam that you recently bought would be perfect.” Ross said quietly looking directly at Hamid. “I think, Mr. Chow should really like that.”

Hamid smiled knowingly, “What time did you want lunch served?” wanting to know how much time he had to get ready.

“I think we ordered it for 1pm” Ross responded. “That should give you enough time, don’t you think?”

“Yes, that will be fine. Do you think the red or the gold heels with the new dress?”

“I always thought the gold 4″ heels would be fabulous.” Ross said, closing this eyes and imagining the look. “Yes, wear Pendik Rus Escort the gold ones.”

With that request, Hamid nodded to everyone and turned away to push the catering cart toward the office door.

“Just a second Hamid.” Rachael called out. “Let me get the door for you and Ms. Smith and I will go down at the same time.”

Mr. Chow’s cock twitched at the words “go down at the same time” but he looked very disappointed at them leaving.

“I’ll just show our guest downstairs then I’ll be back.” Rachael added, as a small smile returned to Mr. Chow’s face. He had only talked with her once before when she had been arranging this meeting. Now that he knew she was the young niece of the owners and that she was so sexy, he indeed did want her to return.

Rachel spoke quietly to Christine as they walk down to the elevator. “I think that went very well, don’t you?”

Christine, still agog from the whirlwind morning, managed only a nod as a reply.

“Now the real reason for me talking to you. Do you think you would like to join my uncles and I and likely a few business associates on a somewhat regular basis?” Rachel continued as the elevator arrived.

“I think I can safely say that we will provide all accommodation, food and drink in addition to giving you an opportunity to fully explore your boundaries. You have a fabulous body, it seems like you have an almost insatiable sexual appetite and best of all, I really like you.” Rachel said as she looked Christine directly in the eyes and gave her arm a firm squeeze.

“I’m overwhelmed now, but let me think about it and discuss it with my husband.”

“Oh yes, of course. We heard about your husband. He would naturally be included and we think his interest in filming and photography could be a wonderful addition. Not to be too direct, but his cream-pie clean-up skills might be of interest to more than a few of us. Here’s my card, call me as soon as you can. If you know of any other’s like yourself let me know. Perhaps another one or two would provide the variety and numbers we would need for the get-togethers.”

With that she leaned in and gave Christine, not a muah on cheek, but a sultry kiss directly on her lips.

Pulling away and putting her sensuous lips close to Christine’s ear say sotto voce “One last thing, Max hoped that you might stay over this evening. Max suggested that as an enticement, the hotel treat you to full its full-service spa package – massage, and more. Then a make-over at Sephora before joining himself, Ross and myself for dinner. Check with your husband, but I do hope he says yes. One more night. One that I am sure, you will not forget. If you felt it was important, we could probably set up it that your husband could watch. I hear he likes to do that!”

She then runs her tongue gently over Christine’s ear lobe as she runs her hand down the guest’s arm before, grasping her wrist and pulling her hand to the front of her short pencil skirt.

“You have my card. Do stay. Do text me and I will set everything up.”

“Hamid, would you attend Mrs. Smith. If she decides to stay and I do hope she does, then take her bags back up to the owner’s suite.”

“Hope to hear from you.” Rachel says, pushing her mons into Christine’s fingers.

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