Morning After

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Lazily, we watch the sun rise in the distance together with my arms wrapped around you as you lay between my out-stretched legs. I feel the cool breeze sneak up on my naked body over the patio edge and reach over for the blanket.

“You warm enough beautiful?” I ask as I lay the blanket over our entwined bodies.

“Now I am,” you reply, turning your head and smiling at me.

“Good, I was getting a chill myself” I say returning your smile. “See Goosebumps,” showing you my arms.

“Hmm I know how to make you warm baby,” you say with a wink.

Turning your body so that your breasts touch mine, you lean in and begin to kiss me. The feel of your soft lips on mine feels like our first kiss, even though we have touched lips so many times since then. Pulling you closer, I begin to kiss you deeper, my lips parting and my tongue touching yours. You return the kiss just as passionately as I kiss you, sliding your arms around my shoulders. I feel you move and position yourself so that your legs are wrapped around my waist and your body pressed hard against mine.

Sliding my arms around your waist, we kiss what seemed to me to be forever until you pull your lips off mine and l look deep into my eyes.

“Baby… “you whisper, hesitating and touching my cheek with your fingertip. “You’ve made me feel so many feelings I haven’t felt before. So many new sensations, I can’t even begin to describe.”

Bringing my finger up to your lips and holding it, gently stopping your speech, I hush you. With a slow motion, izmir escort I push that little tuft of beautiful blonde hair from your forehead. “Laura, you don’t have to say anything. I felt it with you. I still feel it, everything that we shared, and still are. I love you.”

Smiling, I meet your lips as they come to meet mine. Our lips move together and our tongues taste each other again and again. Sliding my hand down to your right breast, I gently begin to knead it between my outstretched fingers. Moaning softly, still kissing you but with more passion, I slide my thumb over your nipple over and over. Feeling it harden under my strokes, I take it between my thumb and index finger and start to massage it slowly. Taking your lips off mine, in a labored breath, you arch your back and give me more access to your breasts. Bending my head down, I take your erect nipple into my mouth, and begin to suck on it gently. Throwing your head back, you grab my hair and push my mouth harder on your swollen breast.

“God yes! God I love watching you suck my nipples baby!” you cry out as you bend your head down, eyeing me closely.

Sucking harder, I free my other hand from your waist and grab your left breast. With both hands kneading and massaging your breasts, I take your right nipple between my teeth and give it a hard tug. I hear you cry out again and give it another hard tug.

“Fuck Carrie! Fuck you make me feel so good!” you say, clenching your jaw and pulling my hair harder.

“God I want alsancak escort you Laura!” I groan as I move back and forth from breast to breast, nibbling and sucking each nipple. Your hips thrust slowly back and forth and I feel the heat exuding from your pussy.

I let go of your breasts and place my left hand on your lower back, and slide my right hand down between your thighs. Taking my mouth off your nipples I look up at you as I press my palm on your hot wet pussy. Starting to rub up and down slowly, I feel the moistness and whisper, “Tell me what you want Laura.”

Squirming on my lap, your legs tighten around my waist. I feel your arms holding tight to my shoulders and I hear you say, “I want you to fuck me baby, please fuck me!”

“Mmm fuck yes!” I growl and thrust my index and middle finger deep up inside you! I feel your body shudder and your tight pussy contract and squeeze. Watching your face, I pump my fingers in and out, your pussy starting to get so slick that I can hear the wetness of it as my fingers slide in and out.

“Harder! Fuck me harder baby!” you scream as your hips thrust your pussy on my fingers.

Pounding my fingers deeper and faster inside you, I can feel my own pussy throbbing, so wanting to cum with you!

“Do to me what I’m doing to you Laura! Finger my pussy baby! I want to cum with you!”

“Yes! Fuck yes Carrie!” you say through clenched teeth and take your left arm from my shoulder and place your hand on my soaking pussy. “Tell me how buca escort you want it, tell me”

Stopping my fingers, I hold them inside you. “Fuck me hard baby,” I rasp, my breath coming in short gasps.

With your fingers of your right hand digging into my shoulders for support, I feel you thrust 2 fingers deep into my drenched tight hole. “Ohhh oh fuck!” I scream as my head falls forward into your chest. “Yeah baby! Fuck that’s it! Harder!”

Both our bodies shaking, and our fingers pumping deep inside each other, we start to cum together. Lifting my head and not taking my eyes off yours, I whisper with my voice filled with passion, “Oh baby! Fuck yeah! Don’t stop!”

Your moans and the feel of your hips bucking back and forth bring me to my own orgasm. You throw your head back as you cum and your pussy squeezes my fingers tight. I feel the shooting sensations rush through me as I soak your fingers, and lose control of my senses. As our bodies press against each other, and our breathing finally becomes normal, our hands begin to roam, reveling in the feel of each other. Slowly we explore the softness of each other, and get comfort from each others sighs.

Smiling I look up at you and bring my hand up to your cheek, and slide my thumb over your lower lip. My eyes gaze over your beautiful blue eyes, the softness of the shape of your nose, and your perfectly defined red lips.

“Damn Laura you make me crazy” I say smiling at you.

“Baby, you do the same to me.” you reply laying your head on my shoulder. “Warm enough now?”

Chuckling, I pull you close and wrap my arms tight around you. “Oh yes beautiful, very warm, and very happy”

Laying there in each others arms, we both smile as we feel the sun shine its comforting rays down on us, beginning a new day.

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