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Big Tits

Some people get crushes on their teachers. Not me, plus I never had a good looking teacher, until my senior year in high school. One of my teachers caught my attention, not because of her looks, at first, but because of her age. She looked like she was 21 (I later found out she was 26). A lot of guys in the school thought she was hot. I thought she was very attractive, but not hot. She did have a very good body. She was 5′ 7,” 120 pounds, long sandy-blond hair, and brown eyes. She had a tight ass and nice B cup sized tits. I won’t give her real name, so I’ll call her Ms. G. Now Ms. G was a funny teacher, but kind of strict. Her class wasn’t the best, or the funnest to be in. She gave us a lot of work. I was only in there for a semester and when it ended I had mixed emotions. As a person and a teacher, I liked Ms. G, but I wasn’t sad to be out of her class.

A couple of weeks into the new semester, we had to research a career and find someone to study in that career. I chose teacher. I had a hard time finding a teacher to study, but Ms. G gladly agreed to. So when the day came, I showed up to her room half an hour before school, as she requested. She was wearing black overalls with a tight, tan colored shirt underneath. Her outfit showed her features well. The day started easily enough. Ms. G guided me through her lesson plans for the day.

( To make you familiar with the schedule at that school, we have block-scheduling. You have three classes a day. There are A and B days, so you have A classes and B classes. The school days go A day, B day, A day, etc. This was a B day. In between the first and second classes is a 15 minute break. In between the second and last class is lunch. Each class is 1 hour and 40 minutes long.)

After going over lesson plans, the bell rang and Ms. G’s B2 class came in. The class was boring. They just did a group assignment all period. I observed as Ms. G instructed the class and helped out the groups when they needed it. The first class ended. Ms. G and I went down to the office, made copies, grabbed a snack, and headed back to class. On the way back, I stopped to go to the bathroom. As I headed back to the room, I ran into a friend. He jokingly asked if I had screwed her yet.(During the time we had Ms. G together she told us she doesn’t get involved with her students. She would tell the class repeatedly because there was a kid in the class who always asked her out.)

I reminded my friend she doesn’t see her students and we both laughed it off. Little did I know what would happen by the end of the day.

The break ended, B4 came in. Same story Sakarya Escort with that class. Boring, they just did the group assignment. I was hungry and lunch couldn’t come soon enough. Finally the class ended and it was lunch time. Ms. G and I grabbed lunch from the teacher’s lounge and went back to her room. We made small talk, I learned she didn’t have a boyfriend, which surprised me. We finished lunch and talked some more. While we were talking, she reached across her desk for a paper. As she bent over I couldn’t help, but admire her ass. I instantly became aroused. When she sat down, she looked at me. First in the face, probably noticing I had been checking her out. Her eyes slowly crept down lower. I was sure she had seen the outline of my hardon through my jeans. Ms. G suddenly got up and walked out of the room. She said she’d be right back. She locked the door on the way out. She claimed she didn’t want anyone to come in while she was gone.

Minutes later, she came back in. I didn’t notice right away that she left the door locked. Ms. G walked over to a cupboard and tried to reach for something on the top shelf. She couldn’t get it. She tried again, but was still unable to reach it. She asked me if I would get it for her. I got up and walked over to her. I tried to reach over her for the small box she appeared to have been aiming for. She turned to me, put her hand on my chest, and said, “I lied.” She quickly pushed me onto a desk and before I could react, she undid my jeans and pulled them down with my boxers. She grabbed my cock with one hand and put her mouth over the head. She sucked and licked just the head. She danced her tongue in circles over the tip. Her tongue then ran down the shaft.

“You like that?” she said teasingly, “Want more?”

“Yes!” I replied.

Her lips covered the tip, then slowly started moving all the way down. She bobbed her head up and down at different speeds. Her hand worked my pole as her lips caressed the head. I was about to cum, then she stopped, and proceeded again. She did this about three more times. She was driving me crazy. As luck would have it, the bell rang for the last class. Ms. G straddled me and gave me a long passionate kiss. She said we would finish later. I pulled up my pants as she walked over to the door and let her class in.

Needless to say, B6 seemed like it took forever to end. A couple of times during class, she would look over at me and smile. I wanted to just run over, throw her on a desk and fuck her right in front of the class. When class ended, Ms. G scooted her class out the door.

She Sakarya Escort Bayan told me to stay seated as she walked towards me. She straddled me in the chair, kissed me again, and took off my shirt, followed by hers. She let me take off her bra. I pulled down my pants as she stood up and took off her overalls. To my amazement, she wore no panties. Her bald womanhood stared right at me. She straddled me again, kissing me some more as she rocked back and forth on the shaft of my penis. She was so hot and wet. I wanted to be inside her more than anything. She took my cock in her hand, put the tip to her love lips, rubbing it against them. Her juices moistened my rod. I raised my hips and tried to thrust into her, but she rose off me enough to avoid it.

“Patience”, she taunted.

She again ran the head against her slit. She inserted a small part of the tip into her. She rubbed my dick around in a circular motion, then removed it from her.

She looked me in the eye with a sex crazed look and asked. “Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want to feel your cock inside me, feeling me slide up and down your length until you can’t take anymore? Do you want to cum in me?”

“God Yes!” I groaned.

Once again she put my aching cock to her entrance. This time she lowered herself onto the head. She stayed there for a second before continuing, slowly. The walls of her pussy gripped me tightly, lovingly, as they engulfed me. I could feel every ripple of every muscle grip my meat until she had taken me all the way in. The pleasure was intense. She fucked me hard, picking up the pace, slowing down, then going faster. Ms. G reached up and turned the radio on to muffle our moans. I couldn’t believe I was fucking my teacher. The look in her eyes told me she had totally abandoned herself to the act. It felt so good driving my pole into her steamy channel. We continued fucking as I played with her ass and tits. Sweat started pouring off her body as she drove up and down my wet length as her ass slapped against my legs. Holding onto her hips was becoming impossible. The sensation was too great, but before I could cum, she stopped. Ms. G removed me from her completely. She slowly slid down my legs. She took my dick back into her mouth, tasting herself. Her lips worked up and down my rod ever so slowly. My climax started building. She sensed it and halted.

She slowly rose to straddle me. She slid me into her ever so easily. She went straight for the kill this time, riding me at an unbelievable pace. The fire in my lions built to the point of explosion, Escort Sakarya but before it could escape into her, she once again stopped. She really knew how to push my buttons. Every time she stopped, I wanted her even more. Ms. G kissed me again before continuing. She slammed into me hard until she climaxed and came with a mind blowing orgasm and collapsed onto me. We stayed there, holding each other for several minutes, sticking together from the sweat. Ms. G stared fucking me again after catching her breath. A few seconds into it, I started to cum, then she stopped, but this time she got off me, pulled up my pants, and pushed me out the door.

She said, “I’m not done with you yet.”

Our next meeting happened the next day, during school. I got called out of math class. On the way to the office, Ms. G stopped me and told me she called me out and to follow her. We walked out of the back of the school and out onto the football field. She told me she loved the snow and wanted to fuck in it. I told her it was crazy since it was cold and someone could see us if they walked out of the school. She said that’s what made it so exciting. She stripped off her clothes right there, then she stripped off mine. I laid down in the snow. She straddled me and picked up right where we left off. It was so cold out, my back was almost numb. Her pussy felt so hot, like it was on fire, and she was wetter than ever. We fucked out in the snow right in plain of the school. The thrill was awesome. I couldn’t take it and started to cum. Of course she stopped.

” That’s it.” I said.

I rolled her over onto her back and started pumping as fast and as hard as I could. I slammed my cock into her pussy like there was no tomorrow. The snow around us started to melt from the heat of our bodies. Each time I withdrew my dick, it seemed wetter and wetter. I rammed it back in to the hilt. I felt her clench her pussy muscles giving me even more pleasure. I ran my hands over her body and my fingers down her clit. The shock from the cold was something else, and it added more intensity. Ms. G was on the brink of the biggest orgasm of her life. She lifted her head to mine and we kissed as we made hot, passionate love in the snow on the 30 yard line. I didn’t know how much more I could take. I was holding off until Ms. G came. Soon, the feeling from fucking and the shock of the cold was to much as her body writhed around, and she shuddered as she screamed and came. It had become too much and I followed right behind her, as I climaxed and shot my load deep into her cunny. I kissed her for a long time, then asked, “I thought you didn’t get involved with your students?” She responded by saying, “You are not one of MY students anymore, remember.”

Since then we have had sex several times. Her goal is to have sex in every classroom and office in the school. I plan on helping her reach that goal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32