My First Real Bisexual Experience

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In college, my two roommates both had classes opposite me on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On those days, I took advantage of the alone time either with girls I was dating or with myself and my roommates porn video. Pretty soon I noticed I was just fast forwarding and rewinding to the cum shots, pretty much skipping most of the rest.

A few weeks later, I was at a seldom used computer lab (it was on the far side of campus) and noticed some bookmarks that sounded interesting. This was the days before firewalls were so sophisticated or that people knew they should be using them. The porn links were to threesome photos. As I went down the links, they included some bi oral mmf scenes that definitely got the attention of at least one part of me. A couple of days later, I noticed that the computer had Bianca’s closet chat bookmarked. It was a chat room for the time but now it is more like a comment section on a blog. The room I went to was for bi and curious guys. Another person chatting in the room was a 25 year old professor from the same college I attended. He wasn’t one of my professors but was from there none the less. We chatted a lot about our curiosities for a couple of weeks and decided to meet at a local gym. Nobody used this gym for the most part because they either used the school or the Y.

When I showed up, I didn’t notice anyone that I thought might be him. Nobody seemed a likely candidate through all through my workout, shower and change. I left there thinking I had been stood up. I found him in the chat room and started in on him and he commented about he liked what he saw. I was confused at first but then he explained that he had been in the sauna and whirlpool the whole time just observing. I kind of remembered Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort a guy in the whirlpool but we had talked about working out together. We decided to meet again.

We decided to meet the following Tuesday at the same gym. This time I went early and worked out so I would be done and waiting when he arrived. Again, there was hardly anyone in the place and nobody in the men’s locker room when I got done with my workout. He was a little late. He took a locker just a few down from me even though the entire room was wide open. I made sure to remove my shorts, then my boxer briefs, then my shirt, then my shoes and socks, making sure he could take a nice long casual view of me. I then went and weighed myself, headed back to the locker to fold and put away the clothes and then finally said time to hit the showers. He was slow on changing, making more idle chat like you would with anyone in the locker room.

I’m not sure if you have been in men’s locker room showers but this one had a number of bigger poles in the shower, each pole had 4 or 5 shower heads coming off the circular pole. I took one so that I was facing the opening to the showers. Again, he could have taken one on one of the other shower poles that were further away but instead took one on the same pole as mine. Unfortunately, he was wearing his swim trunks.

I was disappointed but didn’t say anything. I faced him and lathered up my a chest a little and lathered up my cock and balls playing with them some, letting him watch. I then turned and washed my legs, bending at the waist not the knee, spreading my legs a little and pushing my cock back toward him so he could see it and my balls. I got up and turned to face him again and washed my hair and arms, shoulders, etc. and then my cock and balls again. After I rinsed my face and hair, I looked at him and he was rubbing himself through his trunks. You could see he was pretty hard. I was only half hard, maybe a bit more than that and I said that it was time to hit the sauna.

The sauna was L shaped and I took the side near the door so my back would basically be against the wall next to the door. I bent my knees and spread my legs so that if he took the opposite corner on the L, he could see up my towel. He did so and was trying to slyly look but couldn’t help it and finally took a good, long look and said – oh you are naked under there? I replied – yes, the sign says you are supposed to be. He mumbled oh, got up, took his towel off and then pulled his trunks down. Because he was hard and his trunks were tight, pulling them down pulled his erection down until the waistband passed over it fully and then it rebounded straight up, hard as a rock. He was about the same length as me, also trimmed but wasn’t as thick. He grabbed the trunks and headed over toward me. Seeing his cock bounce up got me a lot harder right away, not fully erect but pretty close. As he sat down next to me, he said watch the door and engulfed my erection in his mouth. My cock was sliding in and out of his mouth expertly, swirling his tongue and lips, rubbing my balls while I reached down and caressed his cock It felt so good. He really started pretty aggressively since we both were so worked up already After a number of minutes, i couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to suck on him and told him my turn and picked his head up and went down on him

His cock felt so good passing through my lips and on my tongue. I could feel all of the straining veins in his throbbing cock with my lips and tongue. I was surprised that it had less of a taste than I expected which probably made it easier to be more aggressive and have more fun with it. I was taking turns rubbing his balls and the base of his shaft while i swallowed his full mushroom head and his straining shaft. It didn’t seem like long before his balls were starting to life and he said he was going to cum. I took my mouth off him and feverishly jacked him off. He was trying not to moan and grunt but couldn’t help the moans when his first ribbon shot. He shot so far he hit the wall on the other side of the sauna with 3 consecutive ribbons of cum. I continued to milk his straining cock until every last drop was drained from it and then rubbed the cum on my hands into his balls.

My own cock was straining at itself to no end and he told me to watch the door. He went down on me and started bobbing up and down on my pulsating, throbbing member. My eyes were in the back of my head. There was no way i was watching the door. Seeing his cock pulsate and the cum fly everywhere, knowing that i had done that was too much to handle and it wasn’t long before I was telling him I was going to cum. He pulled off and stroked my throbbing meaty member up toward chest. I also was trying not to moan but couldn’t stifle them all as my body convulsed. The first ribbon of cum flew right onto my chin, turning my head. The second shot and landed on my cheek with the third landing even higher before the fourth landed on my neck, just under my chin.

He kept milking it until i couldn’t take it anymore and stopped him He then rubbed the cum on my chest into my chest and rubbed it into my cock and balls. I wiped my face off onto my towel. I was spent. We staggered going to the shower to get cleaned up and to wipe down the floor and walls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32