My Journey Pt. 03

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After my second time with Mark, I didn’t experience any soreness. What I noticed the most is that everything we did felt very natural, and I was looking to keep exploring and experiencing new things.

I didn’t feel any different about myself. However, the openly gay guy at work, who I previously only had exchanged pleasantries, suddenly started talking to me more, asking about my weekend plans, if I was dating anyone, etc. Maybe gaydar is a real thing, I thought to myself.

I chatted with Mark on a regular basis, but he was traveling so we weren’t able to meet for awhile. Then one day he messaged me that he was having a small “get together “, and asked if I would be interested. I had to think about it, because although I was entirely comfortable being with one guy, I wasn’t sure about a group setting. But Mark assured me it would be low key and discreet, and so I finally agreed.

On the day of the gathering I did my usual prep, and made the drive over to Mark’s place. When I arrived, there were 3 guests that arrived before me. A couple, Sam and Emily, and Adam. Sam and Emily were in their early 30’s. Sam was about 6′ tall, and I would guess around 200 pounds. Sam was good looking, but Emily was a knockout. About 5′-6″ tall with long brunette hair, and a perfect hourglass figure. She had on a sleek black dress that hugged her figure. I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and saw just a thin outline of her thong. I must have been staring at her, because Sam said ” Whoa, slow down guy, in due time”. The other guy was Adam, who was about 5′-8″, and on the thin side. He was almost naked, just wearing some leather straps and a leather collar. Mark introduced everyone, and explained that Adam would be providing the entertainment for the evening. We all had some drinks and traded small talk. After about half and hour, the final guest, George arrived. He was older, mayber mid-50’s, and on the heavy side. Mark explained that Adam was George’s plaything, and would do whatever George told him to do.

Mark instructed everyone to strip down, so we all took off our clothes. Emily pulled her dress over her head and her body looked even better than I thought it would. I was disappointed that she kept on her thong, but the view was still amazing. I thought to myself that I still am attracted to women, and I was wondering what Sam meant when he said “in due time” earlier.

There was a little planning of what was going to happen. Since I was Anadolu Yakası Escort the new guy, Mark said to have a seat on the couch. I was already hard from staring at Emily, so George told Adam to suck my cock. Without a word, Adam got on his knees and grabbed my cock with both hands. His touch was soft, and he started flicking his tongue over the tip, then slowly licked down one side and up the other. He did this for a minute of so, then put the head in his mouth and started sucking on just the head. George said “get on with it”, so Adam looked me in the eyes, and slowly slid all the way down the shaft, never breaking eye contact.

It was incredibly erotic. He continued looking at me and kept my cock down his throat for about 5 seconds, then slowly slid up and down all the way to the base, never breaking eye contact. I was mesmerized at his ability to swallow the whole length without gagging. George said, “OK, that’s enough”, and just like that, Adam withdrew. I felt Aa little disappointed, but then I looked around and everyone was smiling at me. Mark said not to worry, there will be more. Then it was Marks turn with Adam. As we all watched Adam continued the expert deep throating, and Sam whispered in my ear “I saw how you looked at Emily. If she likes you, maybe you will have a chance to play with us.” I didn’t know if he was serious or joking.

Adam continued to suck Mark until George once again told him to stop, and Sam took a seat. As Adam was going down on Sam, Emily stood next to me and said, “I wish I could do that, I always gag.” Then she explained that they were both bi, and had been swinging for a few years. They had a couple that they played with for some time, but they moved away, and that they currently only had this small group that meet occasionally. She said Sam likes to be deep-throated, and she lets him come to these gatherings to get them. But they usually play together with another man or woman, and that she has final say as to who they play with. Then she turned her attention back to the action and said ” You go honey, give it to him!”, and soon after Sam tensed up and started cumming. Adam continued deep throating him until he swallowed every drop. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to cum. Mark saw the look on my face and said, “Don’t worry, there’s more to come”. I asked him what that meant, but he just smirked and walked away.

Then George walked over to Adam, who was Avrupa Yakası Escort still on his knees. Adam just opened his mouth, and George shoved his cock down Adam’s throat. George’s cock was pretty big, about 8″ long and pretty thick. Then George grabbed Adam’s head and began face fucking him. George stopped after a minute, and turned around. Adam spread George’s ass cheeks, and began rimming him. I had never seen this before, and I was fascinated. My erection had gone down a little, but seeing Adam eat George’s ass got me fully hard again. Adam had a definite technique, and would lick around the hole, then dart his younger over it, then slightly lick it, then finally stick his tongue in George’s asshole. Emily leaned over and said “Taking notes?” and gave my cock a little tug. I looked over at Sam and he gave me a little smile and nodded. I wanted to grab Emily’s ass but I resisted the urge. I said to her that I never did that but I would love to try. She smiled and walked over to George and said something to him, but I couldn’t hear what she said.

George stopped Adam and said that it was time. Adam got up and got a bottle of lube, then poured some onto his hand and started lubing his ass. Mark said that Geaorge wanted me to fuck Adam. I wasn’t thinking that was how the evening would be going, but I was here for new experiences so I agreed. I had a seat back on the couch, and Adam came over and started deep throating me again. Then he stopped, got some more lube, and coated my cock. He looked at me and stood up and straddled me. Emily said “Let me help”, and walked over, grabbed my cock, and placed it at Adam’s puckered hole. I loved the feeling of Emily’s hand on my member, and she squeezed a little, and gave me a little smirk.

Adam slid down slowly until I was all the way inside him. I had never fucked an ass before. It felt different than a woman’s pussy, and very pleasurable. George instructed Adam to start moving and he started to ride me. He had a faster pace that what I had experienced with Mark. I thought that with experience it would be easier to get fucked harder than I had been, so I started paying attention to what Adam was doing, so I could copy it for my next session with Mark. George asked Adam if he was ready, and he nodded and stopped with my cock about halfway up his ass. Then I saw Mark walk up behind him.

He had lubed up his own cock and started pushing his cock into Adam’s ass too. He İstanbul Escort got in with relative ease, and slowly pushed in until the was about halfway in as well. I could feel the head of Mark’s cock against mine. Then Adam slid down until my cock was all the way in, and Mark started fucking Adam. I can’t say it was the most pleasurable feeling, and my cock was being squeezed more that I would like, but it was the most sexually wild thing I had ever done. My heart was beating out of my chest, it was so stimulating.

For his part, Adam was slowly humping, but Mark had his hands on Adam’s hips, so Mark controlled the pace. I looked around at everyone else. Adam was looking to George for his approval, and George just gave him a slight nod. Sam looked like he wanted to be a part of it, and Emily was licking her lips. She noticed me looking at her and gave me a little smile. Mark was concentrating on fucking Adam’s ass, but gave me a little wink. The friction of Marks cock against mine was too much, and I started to cum. After cumming I stayed semi-hard, and soon after Mark dumped his load as well. When Adam got off of me and I saw the cum oozing out of his ass, I realized that we both fucked him raw. Mark later explained that everyone had been tested, so there was no concern.

George instructed Adam to clean himself up, so Adam reached around, grabbed the cum escaping from his ass, and licked it off his hand. It was off-putting and fascinating at the same time. Then George pointed down, and Adam dropped to his knees. George once again started face fucking Adam, at a much faster pace this time. Mark explained that no matter what happens at these sessions, George is always the last one to cum in Adam.

George was relentlessly face fucking Adam. It looked pretty rough to me, but Adam seemed to be really enjoying the pounding. In a few minutes he grunted, and held Adams head with his cock all the way down Adams throat as he came. When he was done, he just stood there as Adam licked his cock clean.

Then Adam got up and dressed, and thanked everyone for a fun evening. George also dressed, and the only thing George said as the left was “See you next time.” Emily said that this was Sams turn to play, and he would take care of her later. Then she asked for my number and put it in her phone.

As we all dressed, Mark told me we would talk soon. As I drove home, i recounted the days events. it was the first time i had fucked anther guy, my first threesome ( sort of), and the first tome i have been watch, and watched other people having sex. I got horny thinking about it all and when i got home i took a shower and jerked off, thinking about all that happened, and especially fantasizing about what could happen with Emily and Sam.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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