Neighborhood Tour

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I vaguely remember my dream but it vanished when I suddenly woke up. I have this feeling, a hunger, or an itch, but not sure how to react to it. The pull of it is strong, though.

“Damn, I wanted to sleep in.” Slowly stretching, I run my hands over my body and feel my skin tingle and come alive. With a long last stretch and a yawn, I slide out of bed and slipped my red silky robe over my naked body. Should I get dressed, I think to myself? “Nah, I need coffee first,” I say out loud.

Walking into the kitchen, I quickly glance outside the window over the sink and look toward the hills that sit behind my complex. It’s going to be another hot day. It might be a good day to do nothing but lounge outside on the deck with a few cold drinks and read. So glad it is Saturday.

My mind wanders while I lean on the counter and wait for the coffee to brew. That hunger or itch is getting stronger and I know I will eventually have to do something about it. What started it I wonder?

“Oooooh, yessss,” the words said out loud. “I remember now.”

It was that man at the bar last night. He was well over 6 feet with blond hair and the bluest eyes I have ever seen. At first glance, I thought he was the same age as most of the guys in the bar but noticed a few lines around his eyes and took him to be closer to my age.

When he glanced at me, he looked right at me and I felt sexy and hot, all at once. He slowly looked me over with those eyes; it was like he was making love to my body without touching me. Being that I was not the typical young, thin, cute blond babes in the bar and only one of the few brunettes with natural curves to my body, it was a unusual to have a man look at me with such sexual hunger, especially in this bar where I was used to being overlooked for the blonds. What a strange, sensual feeling that was.

Without being obvious, I looked him over and noticed his strong, muscular neck. I wanted to grab him and run my fingers over his broad shoulders and wide, solid chest while I nibbled on that neck.

I saw his big hands with long fingers and my mind started to picture them on my breasts, playing with my nipples, pinching and tugging; and his arms, so strong and muscular; I could practically feel them around me, holding me while he plunged his tongue into my mouth for a long hot, wet kiss.

When he turned to speak to one of the guys he was with, I got a wonderful view of his beautiful ass… you could tell it was tight and made me want to grab and caress it. I end my gazing of his body at his long legs.

It took every ounce of energy to look away and force myself to concentrate on what my friends were saying at our table. My last thought as I looked away was wondering if his cock was as beautiful as the rest of him. I knew I was flustered and flushed but let my friends think it was the drinks affecting me.

I felt his glances my way throughout the night, with a devilish grin on his lips and in his eyes. So when I left the bar, I was hot and horny and when I got home, I had masturbated with him in mind. I wanted that man to fuck me every which way and would have loved to pleasure him over and over.

The bubbling of the coffee pulls me from my thoughts and I grab a mug, pour some coffee into it and make my way to the patio deck. I see the book on the side table from a few days ago but it does not interest me. I sit on the lounge chair with my legs spread and hanging over either side. The robe slides open and I feel the warm light breeze on my pussy. I take a couple sips from the mug as I look around. Being on the third floor, I have a pretty nice view of the surrounding hill behind my condo complex with a building on each side of mine. Since there was nothing really to look at I take a few more sips of my coffee and place it on the table next to the book.

My mind wanders back to that man again and my body reacts to my thoughts; my pussy starts to throb and the hunger is stronger than ever. Unconsciously, my right hand moves between my legs and starts to rub my clit in slow circles while I remember how his blue eyes looked at me. I realize that I have become breathless and a constant fantasy of mine pops into my head; to play with pussy while I lay in this lounge chair. The element of being caught is so seductive and erotic. With this hunger plaguing me, I find my body needing release and fast.

I slowly look and being that it is pretty early in the morning, no one was around so I untie my robe and slide it open. I slide my hands across my breasts, down my stomach to my bare pussy. The feel of silkiness and the thought of having his hard cock sliding in and out, is so sensual and delicious, I get hotter thinking about it; wishing he was really here.

I bring my left hand up to fondle my tits while I close my eyes and picture him pinching and playing with my nipples, with his long, big fingers. With my right hand, I caress my body, slowly making its way to my wet, hot pussy. Just the thought of that man between my legs with his istanbul escort cock ramming my pussy is intoxicating. I feel faint and my body is ready to explode.

My fingers find my clit, and slowly I massage it, spreading my legs further apart while I slide more into a laying position on the lounge chair. I desperately want to feel that man’s cock inside of me, but knowing I can’t, I bring my left hand down and slide a couple fingers in my pussy so I can fuck myself, lifting my hips up, pretending it is his hard, rigid cock.

I picture him ramming his solid rod inside, deeper and harder, my fingers mimic the rhythm as I thrust my fingers in and out of my drenched cunt and my breathing becomes ragged as I feel the pressure build. I can feel my orgasm building and my fingers keep stabbing my pussy while I still assault my clit with faster circles. Oh, I can feel the heat building hotter until I feel like I am going to explode. I know I am moaning out loud but don’t care as I still picture his cock lunging faster and harder into my pussy. I start to pant and say out loud, “Oh, I am going to cum; oh, yes, I’m cumming; oh, yes, yes, I am cumming; I’m cummmmmminnnnngggg!!!”

As the euphoria of my orgasm slowly subsides, I realize that I am spread eagle on my lounge chair, with robe hanging off of me and my hands are still slowly fondling my pussy. It was the most incredible feeling my body has had in a long time. The fantasy of that man gave me the best orgasm I think I have ever had.

I pull my hands away from my pussy and sit up to tie my robe close, slowly glancing around to see if anyone had watched my show. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a shadow of a man step back into his condo. It was so fast that I didn’t see who he was but my face becomes instantly flushed with embarrassment, I get up and I grab my now cold coffee and step back into my condo.

What in the hell was I thinking? Someone had watched me pleasure myself in broad daylight on my deck. I really must be losing my mind. I walk over to the sink and empty the mug. I turn and fill it back up with more hot coffee. Who ever it was saw me legs spread and pussy in full view. What if I bump into him in the mail room downstairs? He would know it was me but I wouldn’t know it was him.

Flushed with embarrassment and my orgasm, I finish my coffee and set the mug into the sink and head for the shower. That might distract me enough to get that man out of my thoughts… I have to stop thinking about him and how he is making me feel.

In the shower, I let the warm water drain over me and realize that I can’t get him out of my mind. Those eyes really got to me; they looked at me with such sexual hunger. The man was not handsome in a conventional way but he oozed sexiness and it made me hot every time I thought of him.

I realize that thinking of him again was making my pussy was dripping wet, in spite of the water from the shower. I pull down the handle of the shower head and put it on the massage setting, so I can use it to vibrate and pleasure my pussy. I spread my legs and massage my clit while the stream of pulsing water hits my pussy, causing an intense build up of pressure I know will explode into an amazing orgasm. I continue to rub with my clit faster and harder as the stream of water pulses into my pussy. I feel my orgasm nearing and hear myself moaning out loud, wanting to make it last longer but can’t as I am ready to explode. When I finally cum, the intensity of it shakes me, that I almost slip and have to catch myself. Fuck, I really need to get out of this place before my poor pussy is assaulted again by my hands, the shower head or whatever is handy.

I finish in the shower, step out, grabbing a towel for my hair and one to dry my body. What to wear, I think to myself as I wrap the towel around my head and walk out of the bathroom. I need to wear something to keep me cool, as I can feel it getting warm so early in the morning.

As I am drying off, I walk towards the bedroom and find a thin, lightweight cotton red sundress from my closet. I turn to my dresser and find matching panties and throw them on the bed. I spread my vanilla scented body lotion all over my body and then reach for my vanilla scented body spray and mist myself with it, making sure to apply a little spray to my pussy and between my breasts. I pull on my panties and think that it was going to be too hot for a bra.

As I pull the zipper up in front of my sundress, I look at my reflection in the mirror of my vanity and think I look ok for someone who can’t think straight. I grab a pair of sandals from the shoe rack in my closet, walk over to the vanity and pull a brush through my hair and forgo drying it as rising temperature was sure to dry it soon enough. I put a little make up on, spray a little vanilla perfume lightly over me and I am ready to get out of here. No more thinking of him, I scold myself.

After quickly fixing my bed, I realize kadıköy escort that I am hungry and decide to go to the local café for a bagel. I grab my purse and walk out of my condo, heading towards the stairs. I reach the stairs the same time as a guy with a blue ball cap on his head. I can’t see his face but he is tall with longs legs encased in a pair of jeans and he is wearing a blue polo shirt that shows off his strong arms and wide chest. He stops to let me go down the stairs first and as I am walking down the stairs, I am very conscious that he is right behind me and I can feel his eyes looking over me. “Yum,” I hear him say under his breath.

When we finally get to the bottom floor and I turn to the café, noticing that the guy is following me. I am a little anxious but it is broad daylight on a busy main street, and the door of the café is within a few steps, so I didn’t think something could happen. He gets to the door first and opens it for me. I look up to him to thank him when I see it is my fantasy man. As I choke on my “thank you” he smiles at me with a very wicked grin and say in a very deep, sexy tone, “good morning, beautiful.”

Great, so much for the shower, I think… my pussy is getting drenched just looking into those blue bedroom eyes. And that voice! Whew, talk about a voice that could sex you up. I smile back, since I can’t seem to speak, walk through the door and he follows very closely behind.

I go to the counter, give my order and pay for my toasted bagel and a small coffee. As I move aside to wait for my order, he orders a bagel with cream cheese and a large coffee. After he pays, he turns to me and smiles. Those eyes, I think to myself, I can drown in them. My pussy agrees as it continues to gets moist in my panties.

“So, how are you?” he asks me.

“Ah,” I stumble over my words, “g-good, thank you. And you?”

“Ahhhhh,” he says slyly, “I am doing really great.” He winks and flashes another smile. “I’m Eric, by the way.”

“Hi, Eric” I say to him, “I’m Monica.”

“Weren’t you at the bar across the street last night?” he asks.

“Yes, I was with friends.” I reply.

“So what are you doing today?” he asks.

“Ah, um, well, nothing really. I just came out to get some fresh air and a quick breakfast,” I tell him.

I hear my order being called so I turned to the counter and pick up my bagel and coffee. He does the same as his order is done.

He looks at me and asks, “Do you mind if I sit with you?”

“Ah, n-no, not at all,” I stammer. Can my brain handle it, I ask myself, since I seem to be going insane.

We find a table, sit down and start to sip at our coffees. He looks across at me and says, “Hey, if you have time, I would love it if you would be a tour guide for me and take me around the neighborhood, since I am new.”

Would I be his tour guide, I think to myself? Yeah, can I take you on a tour of my condo, please, so you can fuck me every which way, all afternoon? But out loud, I tell him that I would love to show him around town and again with that wicked grin, he sips his coffee.

As we slowly finish our breakfast, we talk a little about our lives and what we do. About 20 minutes later, we finish our breakfast when I realize that the sandals I have on are not really good for walking and tell him so. He suggests that we go back to my place so I can get more comfortable shoes to walk in.

I am more conscious than ever that it is him walking behind me as we climb the stairs to the third floor. My body is on fire and my pussy has drenched my panties with my juices. I think I need to change them when I change shoes.

I open the door and the scent of vanilla hits our noses and I tell him to make himself at home while I go in my bedroom to change my shoes. As I look for walking shoes, I slide my panties down and off of me and walk to my dresser to find replacements. I pull open the second drawer when I feel hands on my waist and realized that he had been behind me the whole time and watched me remove them.

Without saying anything, he pulls me close to him, my back to him. His hands slowly cup my breasts that are straining to be released from the dress. His fingers pinch and pull at my nipples while he nibbles the side of my neck, breathing hard. I become breathless and he rocks his pelvis into my back and I can feel his cock, hard and solid against me.

Unconsciously, I push myself into him, wanting to feel more. His left hand continues to play and pull at my nipples while I feel his right hand slowly slide down my hip and down my right thigh. He pulls my dress up and his hand rubs across the V where my legs meet. He nudges my legs open and swiftly reaches to touch my drenched pussy.

“Ohhhhh,” I moan, as he continues to explore my pussy with his fingers. I hear him inhale my scent and rub closer against my ass while one fingers slides into my soaked hole and starts to pump in and out, slowly and gently. “God, kağıthane escort you smell so good, I want to eat you all up,” he says softly as he continues to pleasure me.

My legs feel like they are going to give out and I feel heavy with bliss. He chuckles as he feels me go slightly limp and pulls his finger out of my pussy and lets me go. I turn around to look at him in confusion but see him place the one finger into his mouth, licking it completely; my mouth drops open at that sight. Three words escape his lips, “sweet as honey!”

He slowly pushes me back until I feel the edge of my bed. I sit on the edge as slides to his knees, throws his ball cap off to a corner of the room. He spreads my legs and uses his fingers to pull my pussy lips apart so he can thrust his tongue deep into my pussy.

He stops for a second and looks up at me with flushed face; “You did say to make myself at home, didn’t you?” he asks, again with the devilish grin. At my look of surprise, he chuckles and puts his lips to my pussy again.

His tongue slides across my clit and he uses his teeth to nibble at it, slowly and gently, creating more juices to flow from my cunt. I feel his other hand spread my legs further apart and he slides a finger into my pussy, starts to pump it, in and out, slowly and deeply, while his tongue and teeth explores my clit.

“How does that feel, baby, when I lick your pussy?” he asks in a deeper tone, which drives me crazy.

“I am on fire and my pussy is ready to explode,” I moan back. My back is arched and my eyes are closed, the feeling being so intense. I grab his head while he continues his assault on my cunt.

“I want to feel you cum hard for me, while I play with your pussy and clit,” he demands passionately, his voice rough and deep with lust.

I feel my orgasm building as he pumps his finger faster and harder into my pussy. My hips start to buck and he moves faster with his lips, teeth tongue and finger, knowing that my orgasm was not far away.

“Oh, yes… oh, baby, lick me… oh, yes…. Oh, fuck, yes…. I’m going to cum… oh, baby, I’m going to cum.” I keep repeating and moaning.

The actuality of this man between my legs, making me cum has gotten me to a boiling point and I can’t wait any longer as my body tenses and my orgasm hits me hard while I am screaming for him to fuck me harder and faster, the waves of intensity overpowering my body.

As the orgasm comes to an end, I look down between my legs and he is still tongue deep in my pussy, taking in all of my juices. He looks up and pulls his face away and stands up in front of me, looking at me with such heat and lust.

I sit up on the edge of the bed as he pulls my zipper down slowly on my dress. He pulls the dress apart far enough to allow my tits to pop out. He takes one nipple into his mouth and sucks it hard while his fingers pulls and tugs on the other nipple. He stops sucking on the nipple and nibbles his way up my chest and around my neck.

Wanting to touch him, I pull his shirt off and massage his chest, shoulders and nibble on his neck in return. My hands look small against his wide chest but I want to feel every inch of him. I am on my knees leaning against him, while still on the edge of the bed.

“I want you to suck my cock, baby,” his voice pleading for me to comply.

With that, I hop off the bed, tugged my dress off and throw it over my shoulder. I walk in front of him, drop to my knees and pull his shoes off. I kneel up and tugged on his zipper. As I unzip his jeans, I could feel his hard, throbbing cock, against my hands beneath the fabric. Shaking with hunger for his cock, I pull his jeans off his hips, down and off his legs. I pull his dark blue shorts off as well and turn my attention to his cock. My surprise must have been obvious as I look up at him when he chuckles.

“Is anything wrong, sweet thing?” He innocently asks, smiling down at me.

“Oh, no,” I say softly, in wonder, “nothing is wrong.” I am looking at the biggest cock I have ever seen and it was mine to do as I pleased. The thought of sucking it thrilled me so much, my pussy was gushing moistness.

Lustfully, I slowly but firmly stroked his cock, up and down with my hands, while I pulled the head between my lips, sucking all of his pre-cum off. I hear Eric moaning as I suck harder and harder and try to take it deeper into my mouth and throat. The man was huge and I could only take a few inches so I did what I could to please him with my hands and mouth. He continued to moan while I sucked so I knew he was enjoying it as much as I was.

I took one hand away so I could stroke his balls and he hissed loudly, as it surprised him. “Oh, baby, you suck my cock so good,” he said heavily. “Oh yeah, oh yeah… Keep sucking it hard. Oh, baby, stroke my cock… oh, yeah; suck, baby, suck it hard.”

He grabbed at my head and started to pound his cock into my mouth and to the back of my throat. I took all I could and continued to stroke his cock and massage his balls. I wanted to taste his cum; have it run down my throat.

He kept moaning while my mouth and lips sucked deeply on his cock, the suction so hard that his breathing was becoming more and more ragged and breathless. I stroked his cock harder and faster, holding it firmly in my hands while I sucked at the head of his cock as hard as I could.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32