Nicole Desired Ch. 03

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Gazing upon Nicole’s beauty Linda felt her body heat up as her growing desire consumed her senses leaving Linda feeling as if so were about to explode. She just had to have that sweet ass in the air so she could enjoy administering a vigorous spanking to Nicole. She wanted to see that ass bright red and hear the pretty little creature whimpering and sniffling. After that she would just let her imagination go wild but one thing was for sure she was going to enjoy this pretty cunt that now stood before her.

Linda unbuttoned her blouse and removed it as she wanted nothing restricting her movement. When Nicole saw the pretty red lace bra she was wearing a slight gasp escaped her lips.

“I am glad you like my bra sweetie if you are a good girl I might let you get a glimpse of the matching panties.”

This brought a beautiful smile to Nicole’s lips as she was also anxious and excited for things to begin. She had been intrigued by Linda since the first day she had met her five years ago. Nicole had been 17 then while Linda had been a stunningly beautiful 23 year old woman who had custody of her 16 year old brother. Nicole had fantasized many times about Linda seducing and making love to her. Now here she was and Nicole had been given orders to make sure Linda enjoyed herself. No order was needed for Nicole to submit and obey Linda as she was happy to do it and could hardly contain her excitement over the situation.

Linda looked into Nicole’s eyes and saw a burning passion blazing within her. Nicole’s eyes sparkled with excitement and Linda was honored that for some reason this beautiful treasure standing before her appeared to have an intense desire for her. Linda was certain that no matter what she did this hot little cunt was going to love every minute of it.

“Take that dress off, as well as your bra and panties sweetie I want to see that pretty body of yours. You may leave the stockings and garter belt on as I like how it frames that delicate bottom of yours.”

Nicole did as she was told removing first the dress then the ruffled panties and last she removed the matching lace bra. When her soft creamy breasts came into view Linda almost came in her panties right on the spot. They were the most exquisite breasts she had ever seen. Each breast was perfectly rounded and formed. Firm yet Linda was sure they would be very soft to the touch as these were no fake tits they were 100% all natural woman. They were at least a C cup and topped with the prettiest nipples that protruded outward reminding Linda of the eraser on a pencil. The nipples were hard as little pebbles and indeed gave proof that Nicole was very turned on. The areolas were about the size of half-dollars and they were the prettiest virgin pink.

Linda moved closer to Nicole and slowly dipped her head towards the sweet creature’s tender breasts. Her lips had a moist shine to them as they parted then gently closed around the delicate nipple. Linda began to twirl her tongue across the little pebble as she applied a slight suction.

Nicole was enraptured as waves of pleasure started to wash over her. Nicole’s hard nipple felt wonderful under the tender manipulations of Linda’s tongue. Linda moved from one nipple to the other all the while Nicole was floating on a cloud, thrilled that her dreams were coming true.

Linda continued to enjoy the delicate nipples and loved how it made Nicole moan and gasp. It was at this time when she began to bite down on the hard little pebble with increasing pressure.

She knew that Nicole’s nipple was hurting but true to Helen’s description she did not try to pull away. Rather instead she arched her back forcing her nipple out more so Linda could bite it harder if she chose to, which she did.

Nicole cried out and it was music to Linda’s Kadıköy Sınırsız Escort ears she just loved the sound of the little cunt crying out yet in her own way begging for more.

Linda removed her lips and teeth from the nipple and walked over to the bondage table. With a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face she reached for a pair of wicked looking nipple clamps.

They were the pinch type that had a very strong spring. Linda knew that these clamps were going to hurt a lot and that just made her wetter.

She took the clamps and called Nicole to her ordering the little slut to push her nipples out so that Linda could get a good grip on them with the clamps.

Nicole did as she was told and watched as Linda applied the clamps to the most tender part of her nipples.

They clamped down with force right on her erect little pebbles as the spring caused the clamps to press together the delicate flesh of her tender nipples.

Nicole began to whimper a little but strangely she also enjoyed the clamps as they made her feel alive. She couldn’t help it as she just kept getting hotter and hotter over what was happening to her.

Nicole at times wondered if something was wrong with her for enjoying the torments she was being exposed to. It turned her on even more that the woman she had secretly fantasized about was the one enjoying her charms. Linda seemed to derive extreme pleasure from hearing her moan. This fact made Nicole love and crave the attention she was receiving all the more.

Linda was going to use her and she was going to enjoy every wonderful touch and sensation Linda gave her body. She understood fully that there was nothing sweeter that she could ever wish for than to relish the sensations shooting through her nipples as she lost herself in the beautiful smile on Linda’s face.

Linda sat on a padded chair covered with black leather, and accented with gold metal studs. The chair was comfortable and it provided the perfect place to administer a good hard spanking. Next to the chair was an ebony colored stand made from a very handsome grained wood. The stand contained a number of paddles both wooden and leather as well as the old standby hairbrush.

Linda looked at Nicole and enjoyed watching the sweet torment the nipple clamps were causing. She could see the little dear was hurting, yet there was that sparkle in her eyes that showed how the little pussy enjoyed it and would not stop it even if she could.

“Sweetie bring that pretty ass over hear as it is time I reddened it for you.”

“I want you to drape yourself over my lap so your cute little bottom is sticking up high so I can get a good swing. Make sure your breasts are clear on the other side as I want the chain connecting the nipple clamps to be able to swing freely with each swat.”

“Yes ma’am” is all Nicole said as she laid herself over Linda’s lap, wincing a little as the chain began swinging freely.

Linda was floating in the clouds and could feel her panties were soaked with her sweet pussy juices. She had never in her life been so turned on and was surprised that she had soaked her panties before anything had even started. She liked this feeling and was going to make sure she could experience it whenever possible from now on. To think all she had to do to discover this bliss was get tired of her lazy do nothing brother. Very soon he was about to become a good little servant girl and wife for Sue. Linda smiled and marveled at how wonderful life had become as she lifted her hand and brought it down hard on Nicole’s soft plump bottom.

The swat landed with a loud smack that shuttered through Nicole’s body causing the chain on the clamps to begin a swinging motion that twisted and pinched the tender nipples Kadıköy Suriyeli Escort cruelly with every swing.

As Linda drew her hand back again, she saw a big red handprint that her swat had just left on the slut’s bottom. The jolt from the smack had sent vibrations through Nicole and right straight to Linda’s aroused clit, which in turn drove her completely over the edge. As she started to orgasm she began to rain blows down upon Nicole’s ass. Over and over she swatted the soft bottom which was turning deep red fast and causing Nicole’s eyes to fill with tears from the pain coming from her ass as well as her nipples. Linda didn’t stop but instead she started smacking the pretty ass harder as she enjoyed her orgasm wash over her. Every swat sent a jolt of electricity straight to her clit. The sweet sobs she heard from Nicole were like a wonderful chorus to her ears and she planned to become very familiar with their sound.

As Linda’s orgasm subsided she slowed the swats down and then finally stopped. Her hand was stinging now from the spanking she had just delivered but she was sure Nicole was stinging a lot more.

By this time Nicole’s ass was on fire as well as her nipples were screaming in pain. Each time she sobbed her body shook causing the nipple clamps to cruelly bite deeper as the chain moved.

Linda ordered Nicole to remove herself from Linda’s lap and kneel in front of her. Nicole complied with Linda’s orders and Linda saw the tears that had been running down the sweet girl’s face. She looked and fully expected to see resentment in those eyes and maybe a little hidden anger but was surprised to see behind the tears a longing and what appeared to resemble an intense desire or maybe even a sort of love. Linda found herself completely astonished and mystified by the look in the darling creature’s eyes.

Linda had always felt an attraction to Darryl and liked his generally feminine appearance when he was a boy. She had convinced herself it was her desire for the fairer gender, which attracted her to his feminine appearance. Believing this reasoning to be true she worked to dismiss the carnal thoughts she developed whenever she saw him. Now here she was living out one of those carnal desires as her dreams became reality.

“You have been a very good girl so I will take these off you.”

Taking hold of the clamps Linda opened the jaws and remove them from Nicole’s sore nipples. She loved watching the instant surge of pain that hit Nicole nipples as well as the new tears that formed as the blood rushed back into the sore nipples where they had been pinched.

“Oh do they hurt? Well bring the sore little things here dear.”

Linda leaned forward as Nicole rose up a little to allow Linda to take a tortured nipple between her moist lips and gently run her tongue across it. This action sent a mixture of pain and pleasure washing over Nicole. Linda heard the sweet sounds of pleasure escape Nicole’s lips as she moved to the other nipple and repeated the process.

Linda loved that she had just spanked this little cunt very hard and tortured her nipples the whole time. Yet the sweet thing was now awash with pleasure and moaning while Linda enjoyed her tender nipples.

Linda could not believe that she had allowed herself to miss out on all this for so long. She removed her lips from Nicole’s nipple and looked the pretty girl in the eyes as she wiped away the remaining tears on Nicole’s cheek.

“Because you were such a good girl I have a treat for you.”

She stood up and removed her skirt and set it on the table next to the chair. Then she slowly hooked her thumbs into the waistband of the lace bikini panties she was wearing and gently slid them down till they were completely off.

Nicole Kadıköy İranlı Escort beheld for the first time Linda’s beautiful pussy. It was glistening from Linda’s orgasm and the pink lips were still engorged and sensitive. There was no hair what so ever on this goddess’s body as Linda preferred to keep her pussy clean shaven. This sent Nicole’s excitement level sky high as she thought to herself that this was the most beautiful pussy she had ever seen.

Linda sat back down and spread her legs wide so Nicole could get a good look at her pretty pussy.

“Sweetie I am going to give you the privilege of eating my pussy till I have enjoyed several more orgasms”.

“Thank you ma’am I promise you will be satisfied with my efforts.”

“If it is anything like the way you took your spanking I am sure I will enjoy every second.”

Linda watched a beautiful smile appear on Nicole’s face as she thought about how she would give anything to have such a loving and obedient little pussy as her property. However, at this exact moment she would settle for Nicole’s pretty face buried in her wet cunt.

“It’s time to get that sweet tongue of yours to work.”

Nicole slid her soft hands along Linda’s thighs and up to her moist mound. Gently she slid her fingers across the swollen pink lips and gracefully parted them. Leaning forward she began tracing her moist tongue around the warm entrance to Linda’s cunt. Teasing the tender entrance she slowly began to insert her tongue until her face was literally buried in the steamy folds of Linda’s tender pussy. Probing as she twirled her tongue she could taste the delicious nectar that remained from Linda’s first orgasm. She devoured ever drop she could get her tongue on as if it was some sort of life saving medicine she needed to live.

Linda let out with a gasp as her tender little muff was nuzzled and tickled by Nicole’s tongue. It was not going to take very long at this rate for her to start riding the waves of multiple orgasms.

She wrapped her legs around the back of Nicole’s head and pulled it forward, grinding the maids beautiful face into her steaming cunt.

Nicole slipped her tongue out of Linda’s hungry canal and let it slide upward between the delicate lips till it found the one spot it had been searching for. Stiffening the tip a bit Nicole began to flick the underside of Linda’s clit.

This was all it took and Linda began to literally gush with each flick. She pulled harder as she loudly announced she was cuming and ordered Nicole not to stop.

Linda was now screaming out as she ground Nicole’s face into her pussy so hard that she could not breathe. Nicole was completely enraptured and did not stop flicking the underside of Linda’s sensitive clit.

Nicole was in love and she could not stop as her passion overtook her senses. She reached forward grabbing Linda’s ass with both hands and pulled the delicious pussy to her as hard as she could. Clamping her wet lips over the clit she applied pressure as her tongue continued its assault on the sensitive little button.

Linda was lost, her mind nothing but a huge mass of pleasure and she could not stop cuming. She had missed out on so much and was so happy she found the right person to help her catch up on all she had missed.

Nicole was to the point of passing out because of lack of oxygen when Linda’s orgasm finally began to subside causing Linda to loosen the grip her legs had on Nicole’s head. Taking a big gasp of air as her face pulled clear of the soaking cunt the pretty maid continued to lick at the sweet nectar Linda had spilled till it had all been devoured.

Linda stood and on wobbly legs she walked over to a huge overstuffed couch and sank down into it. Looking over at Nicole with loving eyes she spread out her arms and called for the sweet creature to come to her.

Nicole crawled over to the couch and up into Linda’s arms then laid her pretty head on Linda’s beautiful breasts.

Linda whispered sweet words into the maid’s ear and she stroked her hair as the two of them drifted off to sleep.

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