Older Sister Teaches Pt. 01

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In the bedroom, two figures were naked and ready to take that big step. Eighteen-year-old Anson Willis, and his eighteen-year-old girlfriend Sonja Jorgenson were going to end their mutual virginity. Sonja’s parents were gone for the weekend, and her sister was out for the evening, so it was a perfect time, or so they thought.

Just outside the bedroom door, Sonja’s twenty-year-old sister Dagmar was peeking in. She knew they were virgins. Her plans for the night had fallen through, and when she had come home early, she had heard her sister and her boyfriend, alone in Sonja’s room. Being intensely curious, she had crept upstairs and quickly saw what was about to happen.

That took her back when her boyfriend had taken her cherry, right after her 18th birthday. Dagmar had been hoping for something sweet and romantic, and that had been a lost cause. Once her boyfriend shoved it in, tearing her open and claiming her virginity, three pumps, loud grunts and growls, and she was flooded with his load. After that sad sack introduction, he had become her ex-boyfriend.

Since her virginity was history, she had pleasured herself in the way that did the most for her sexual satisfaction. She had relied on a trusty 8-inch dildo for satisfaction, and she reamed herself nightly, enjoying the sensations, stroking her twitching clit, having all the time she needed to reach her orgasmic pinnacle. Being the older sister, she decided that her sister and her boyfriend could use instructions on what to do.

She pushed open the door and marched in. Two faces turned towards her, and the shocked expressions emboldened her. She noticed with a tinge of amusement that while Sonja yanked the blanket over herself, her boyfriend just gaped at her body.

”Going to do it tonight, are we?”

“Dagmar, what, what?”

”Well, my plans for the night fell through, I heard what was going on, and I decided that as your older sister, I can coach you, instruct you on how to get it done right the first time. My first time was nothing to write home about.”

She noticed Anson’s eyes locked on her, her 36D breasts shoved out the front of her halter top, nipples plainly visible, as she detested wearing a bra. Her denim shorts clung to her hips, and she saw his eyes travel downward, looking intently at where her pussy was nestled. Anson thought he was in a wild wet dream, surrounded by two very proto-typical Scandinavian bred girls, the blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes the hallmark of their Nordic heritage.

Continuing on, she said, ”So, being that Anson you are 18, you’ll go off pretty damn soon, Sonja, suck his cock. Get the pressure off.”

At Sonja’s dumbfounded look, she grunted, ”You mean you haven’t sucked him off yet?”

At Sonja’s shake of her Lefkoşa Escort head, Dagmar sighed. Virgins were so damn unschooled, you’d think they’d at least gone that far. At much as she’d like to demonstrate, his cock would no doubt explode in a minute, and Sonja deserved to get that first load into her mouth.

“Pretend his dick is a popsicle, and suck on it like it’s a hot summer day. When he explodes, suck and lick at his dick head, you’ll want to get every drop. Then, swallow it all.”

Sonja liked the way it sounded, and Dagmar instructed them some more.

Dagmar lectured, “You will ALWAYS be naked for cock sucking, which you are. Always get on your knees, the proper subservient cocksucker position. No teeth. Tighten up your lips as you suck, use your tongue to lave at the cock on each in stroke.”

“Play with his balls, gently squeeze them, that always gets the spunk building fast.”

“Feel the load get set to blow. Let your lips feel the swelling, so you can prepare to get your mouth flooded. Always swallow the load, do it now, while the instructions are fresh in your mind.”

Dagmar’s eyes were hazy with the glow of lust, as she watched her sister’s nude body take to her knees, and Anson stood up and presented his 7-inch cock to her mouth. She adored watching people having hot sex, and being this close to the action, made her pussy creamy slick, and wet. She unfastened her shorts, shoved her hand down inside her panties, and found the wet heat. She gently played with her wet pussy, she would explode in a few seconds if she diddled her stiff clit, so she forced herself to avoid it, and instead played with her wet pink hole.

Sonja started out, she was timid on the first few bobs, taking in maybe 3 inches. Anson’s grunts and growls of pleasure spurred her on, she started to get into a rhythm, down to 4 inches, Anson was able to hold onto it, as Sonja’s hot wet mouth took him in, 5 inches, her mouth was salivating like a spigot, she had 6 of his 7 inches stuffing her mouth. Her hands were gently playing with his balls.

Anson was getting the thrill of his life, his girlfriend was sucking his dick, while just a few feet away, her equally hot sister was playing with herself. The room was a symphony of hot sounds of lust.

Anson growled, “Gonna cum baby, get ready!”

Dagmar let herself go, she diddled her clit wildly, and as Anson bucked forward, his thick load pouring into Sonja eagerly sucking mouth, Dagmar’s loud cries of pleasure joined in, as she watched her little sister sucking, getting her first load of cum filling her mouth.

Remembering what Dagmar had taught, Sonja swallowed the first mouth-filling rush, and sucked hungrily, eager to drain his nuts, mmm, his cum was so creamy Girne Escort thick, coating the inside of her mouth.

When she pulled back her head, Dagmar’s face appeared, her eyes glowing, and cooed, “Kiss me,” then plunged her lips against Sonja’s. Sonja was startled, she felt Dagmar’s open lips, tongue sliding along her lips. The heat and passion took over, and she moaned deep in her throat as she opened her mouth to her sister, and Dagmar’s tongue quickly took advantage. Her tongue was alive inside Sonja’s mouth, licking at the creamy traces, eager to get a taste of Anson’s load. Sonja’s tongue rose to play, and they were clenched in tongue swirling passion as they showed some deep sisterly love.

When they broke, Dagmar cooed huskily, “Anson, get over here, lick my little sister’s pussy, make her cum, then mount her, and claim her tight little pussy!”

He quickly scrambled into position and dived face-first into the swirling pink vortex. Sonja gasped, then purred as his tongue started to swirl around her pink lips.

After he’d licked her furiously for a few minutes, Dagmar was eager to help out, and she reached in, peeled Sonja’s lips apart, and directed Anson to move his mouth up, just a bit.

Anson moved up to position her pink, hard clit directly under his mouth and felt the hard stiffness of her clit as his tongue took the first swipe and Sonja’s squeals as he began licking it.

“Mmmm, oh yes, Mmmmm, keep licking me, make me cum!”

Eager to please, Anson kept swabbing at her orgasm trigger, and Sonja could feel the wave approaching. She clutched at the headboard with both hands, moaning with her head thrown back in ecstasy.

Dagmar smiled, her little sister looked so damn sexy, rocking her hips, fucking Anson’s mouth, whimpering, and moaning. She’ll know what she likes, and be able to teach Anson, and whoever comes after him, how to please her. She wanted to help out just a bit more, and her hands covered Sonja’s heaving breasts, toying with the stiff, hard nipples.

Sonja could feel the tensing up, it reached the crest, and with a loud howl of pleasure, she went over, shaking and shuddering as her orgasm tore through her.

Anson rose up, his cock once again hard and ready, and Dagmar grasped his cock as he took the position, leading it on a true, cunt splitting path. Sonja’s legs were spread wide, a glowing smile on her face as she was ready for her cherry to be plucked. Sonja was trembling with anticipation as she felt his cock head nudge against her.

Dagmar stood by the two of them, she grasped Sonja’s legs behind her knees and hoisted them up until they were touching her shoulders.

Anson could see her totally spread out for him, god, that was so hot. He pushed, Magosa Escort listening to her grunts as he entered slowly, not wanting to damage her pussy on her first try. He felt the resistance of her womanhood and knew he was about to claim her cherry.

Sonja was doing her best to handle it, the feelings were so unfamiliar, having a hard cock poised inside her, it didn’t hurt too much.

Dagmar was face to face with Sonja as she cooed, “Are you ready for it baby?”

Sonja had gone this far, and she steeled herself, and grunted, “Yes, do it, Anson, take my pussy and complete my deflowering!”

Anson pushed, bearing down, and Sonja felt the pressure, a stinging pain, then the loosening up as it burst apart and his cock surged into her. She grunted as she lost her cherry in a hard, insistent thrust, and Anson’s loud gasp joined in as his cock was swallowed by her tight teen virginity.

He started to gently ride her, doing his best to give her as gentle an introduction to sex as possible. He could feel her pussy start to get wet and juicy, he was relieved, she wouldn’t be getting wet if she wasn’t enjoying it.

After the first few abrasive thrusts, the fucking smoothed out as her pussy juiced up, and Sonja felt the glow of passion building. The small amount of pain had been smothered by the warm glow of pleasure, and she knew she was going to enjoy this.

Anson looked down, the sight of his sexy girlfriend pinned to the bed on his cock was wildly exciting. He saw Dagmar lowering Sonja’s legs, helping her to wrap them around his waist.

At Sonja’s request, he started to fuck her faster, he pumped his cock hungrily into her, quickening his pace when it was clear she had gotten over the pain. Her juices flowed around his cock, making his thrusts into her a smooth pleasure-filled slide. Sonja’s virgin tightness wrapped so tightly around his rampant hardness, damn it felt so great, and her moans of pleasure were like music to his ears. He wanted to make her first time the best time, something she would remember and cherish all her life. Her short, staccato cries filled the room and mingled with his own lust grunts and moans of pleasure. He alternated between sucking her breasts, nipping at her luscious swollen milk jugs and her neck, and taking her mouth as his cock jerked and swelled up tightly.

“Mmmm, Mmmmm, gonna make me cum, gonna cum all over your cock, FUCK, FUCK, CUM IN MEEEEE!”

Sonja shouted her words as Anson felt himself on the verge of cumming. Her body spasmed against him and he could feel her pussy convulse and clutch around his steel hard cock, at full extension. He couldn’t hold it any longer and he came, squirting wildly deep inside her. They were surrounded by their own cries of orgasmic completion as his cock continued to pump his juices into her, filling up her inner sanctum, and her pussy pulsing with milking spasms, as he filled her with his thick load of cum. He slowly, deeply thrust into her until he was finished, her superb teen tightness milking his cock, giving her every drop.

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