Pedro Story Ch. 03

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An appropriate reminder. In Pedro story. Ch 2 : My girlfriend’s name is Bianca. She is a student in college. We both live at her parents’ house most of our free time. Her mother, Amanda, is married to a pilot named Jerry, who’s frequently away. One day I saw Amanda doing her morning exercises in skimpy clothes and she looked gorgeous. The two of us were alone in the house several times after that. Mutual attraction us led to sexual encounter.

The days after we had our forbidden sex were unbearable to Amanda and me. We both knew that we’ve done something that was very wrong,yet our mutual attraction only grew. When Bianca or Jerry were around, we tried to converse and behave as if everything in life was perfect. But when we were alone, we hardly talk to each other. Our eyes said it all. Every time we met in the hall, Amanda was staring at me with a longing and pleading gaze, while I lowered my eyes embarrassingly.

Amanda’s 43rd birthday was coming up. Jerry and Bianca planned to celebrate it by having the three of them go to a good French restaurant followed by a movie of her choice. They asked me to join them as well.

As often happened, Jerry’s plan was ruined – He was called to fly to London the same weekend due to sickness of the originally scheduled pilot.

I took charge and reserved for the 3 of us – Bianca, Amanda and I – good seats in the restaurant ( I promised the reservation manager a fat tip if we’d be placed in a nice corner table ).

The evening of Amanda’s B’day I shaved and dressed up in nice blue pants, clean white shirt and a sport coat.

The 2 girls promised to be ready on time, so… they started preparing 2 hours prior to departure time.

Right on time they entered the living room together, waiting for my approval.

I couldn’t take my eyes of them : Both had midi party dresses, Bianca in grey and Amanda in a shade of burgundy. Both had matching high heels shoes, nice necklace, hair down, and lipstick on – just the way I like it… I stared speechless at the 2 beauties who looked almost like 2 sisters.

The ladies noticed my reaction and Bianca commented : “Pedro dear, I guess you approve…”

I woke up from my daze and whistled appreciatively.

Amanda blushed while Bianca chuckled.

On the way to the restaurant I behaved like a true gentleman : I opened the car doors for them, I let both of them enter before me to the place, took their coats and hung them in place, followed the waitress and navigated ‘the team’ to our chairs. Our seats were the best in the house : It was a quiet corner with dimmer ceiling lights and a single lighted candle in the middle of the table.

I looked around and saw several people istanbul escort staring at the 2 beauties I was leading to our seats…

I felt like king of the world – These guests were jealous of me accompanied by the pettiest ladies in the room!

We sat down and while waiting for our menus, Bianca started describing her fun in college. Amanda listened enthusiastically and was asking questions every couple of minutes. I was nodding my head every now and then, but I was mostly staring at the 2 pretty faces on both sides.

I ordered a bottle of Chardonnay and poured from it to our glasses each time a glass was half empty.

1/2 an hour later we’ve already finished our salads and most of the wine.

I put my left palm on Bianca’s hand on the table and caressed it lightly.

Less than a minute later I put my right hand on Amanda’s thigh under the table. She looked at me, but didn’t flinch. I started gently moving my right hand along Amanda’s long leg. She lowered her left hand on to mine and tried to stop me from trailing her thigh. At this point I held her hand in mine and stopped moving it. We sat like this for several minutes until our waitress showed up with the food.

I let Amanda’s hand loose and glanced at her – She was blushing.

I said to Bianca : “Your mother looks wonderful tonight. Everybody here assumes that you two are sisters. I bet that everybody envies me now”. Both of them smiled at me and then to each other. It occurred to me that these two love each other dearly and have excellent relationship ( for now?… ).

What would happen if Bianca found out about me and Amanda?… Although I already had a plan in mind to ‘remedy the situation’, I still felt guilty… I tried to get over it by drinking more wine…

We ate quietly our main course. Bianca and Amanda ordered desserts – I didn’t care much for it.

While waiting for the desserts I again played with Amanda’s hand under the table. At the time she was talking to Bianca and let me proceed with it. This time she did not blush. I thought to myself that she was getting used to my hand and adjusting fast.

When the desserts arrived, we were well into our second bottle of wine. All three of us felt relaxed and the conversation moved from shopping to relationships. Bianca seemed tipsy and was talking and laughing a lot. Amanda was quieter, but also looked somewhat under the influence of the alcohol.

At that time I was caressing Bianca with my left hand ON the table while moving my right hand UNDER the table up Amanda’s thigh. When I approached her groin with my hand, she spread her legs and let me rub her pussy over her dress.

She finished istanbul escort bayan her dessert, leaned backwards and closed her eyes, oblivious to Bianca who was talking to her about an article she read lately…

When the bill arrived, I paid it and then added 30% tip as promised.

I helped the ladies up, brought their coats and we went to see the film American Beauty – Amanda’s choice.

There were about 20 people in the audience, less than I expected, perhaps because of the late starting hour ( 9:30 pm ). We climbed toward the last row. I sat down between them.

When the lights went off and the movie began, I put my hands around both girls shoulders. Bianca turned half back to me and leaned on my left shoulder, which gave me an access to her breast over her dress. She didn’t mind at all and tried to concentrate on the movie.

I moved to cup Amanda’s right breast too, massaging it and later pinching it gently.

Initially Amanda was peeking every couple of minutes to her left to make sure that Bianca wasn’t aware of what we were doing, but noticing that Bianca’s eyes were focused on the screen, she gradually relaxed.

At this point I inserted my left hand into Bianca’s dress and began playing with her hard nipple inside her bra. Bianca didn’t say anything – She put her hand on mine and our hands were trailing in unison, my hand on her bare breast and her hand over the dress.

At the same time I continued to knead Amanda’s breast over her dress and whispered in her ear to look in Bianca’s direction. She leaned forward and to her left and saw my other hand on her daughter’s boob.

She looked at me silently for a couple of seconds, then leaned back and closed her eyes.

I continued rubbing Amanda’s breast for another couple of minutes, observing that her breathing became more rapid.

I hardly watched the movie – the scene with the two girls was making me horny. My dick was creating a noticeable bulge in my pants and I needed relief.

I moved my right hand from Amanda’s chest, took her left hand and put it on my boner. She was still leaning backwards with her eyes closed.

She opened her eyes, stared one more time in Bianca’s direction and since her daughter’s mind was immersed in the movie, she closed her eyes again, leaned backwards, gripped my hard tool and started moving her hand up and down on it.

Subsequently I moved my right hand toward Amanda’s groin. She spread her legs for me, still with her eyes shut.

In the dark I slowly maneuvered my hand, gradually lifting Amanda’s dress up and up, until I was touching her bare thighs.

Her breathing became more elaborate escort istanbul and her left hand was accelerating the motion on my erect cock. Toward the middle of the movie, I was close to coming. I whispered to Amanda : “Open my zipper!”.

I have no idea if it was the alcohol or she was so aroused by now, but she unzipped my pants, inserted her small hand inside my briefs and massaged my throbbing cock until I came all over her hand with some drops staining my pants.

At the heat of orgasm, my body was jerking somewhat, but Bianca did not seem to feel it ; She was absorbed in the movie and in her own aroused state as a result of me continuing to pinch her sensitive nipple.

Amanda’s left palm was covered with my goo. She moved her palm from my genitals and left it leaning on the wedge between us.

I whispered to her : “You were a very good. Now it’s your turn”. With my right hand still on her groin I inserted one finger and then the second into her wet snatch while circling her clitoris with a third finger. Amanda’s moans became more audible, so with my right hand I took her semen covered left hand, smeared the spunk on 2 of her fingers, inserted them into her open mouth and let her suck it. Her moans became muffled.

I then inserted my 2 fingers back into her vagina massaging her G spot while stroking her clit with my thumb.

In less than a minute she was coming. She was shaking but kept her lips around her fingers, so there was hardly any noise coming from her mouth.

After relaxing for a moment she opened her eyes, smiled at me and nodded her head from side to side. She looked at my still open zipper and slowly zipped it back.

Then she leaned against my shoulder again, took my hand in hers and for the rest of the movie we were sitting this way.

Just prior to the end of the film I gently kissed Amanda on her cheek and said to her : “Dear, you are the best”.

During the short time of darkness when the movie was about to finish, I hurriedly moved my left hand from Bianca’s breast, covered the stains in my groin with my coat and we left the place.

In the car Bianca tried to talk to us about interesting parts of the movie, but both of Amanda and I ( after exchanging stares at each other ) agreed that we were too tired and perhaps somewhat too drunk to have a meaningful conversation.

I said to Bianca that I really enjoyed the intimate evening with her and her mom.

When we were already in bed, before going to sleep, Bianca cuddled with me saying that she was so happy that her mom enjoyed our fun evening : “It was nice of you to do it. You know, my father is often away and I really didn’t want mom to be lonely, especially on her birthday evening”.

I said : “Bianca, your mother is awesome. I am sure that we can include her in other things we do as well, if you like that.”

Bianca : “I love you! You are so good to me and my mother…”

It took me 3 hours to fall asleep – I was feeling like the worst jerk in the world…

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