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I was alone in the house, Tina was at work. It was 4 in the afternoon and i was looking over some pictures when the phone rang. It was Tina, “Hi Sweetheart” i said. The tone of her voice was harsh “Start getting ready, tonight you will be my sissy, you can choose to wear any of my clothes except the ones in the top drawer, I’ll be wearing them.” That was all she said and put the phone down. My tiny little dick instantly got an erection. This was really unusual, i normally have to hassle her in order to get her to roleplay my fantasy of being a sissy cuckold.

She had never initiated it before, in all the eight years we had been together. I had to jack off and ran to the bathroom.

After my release i was still shaking, this really was unlike Tina, so much so, it gave me such a thrill wondering about it. My nerves on edge i ran a bath, then i walked upstairs i couldn’t wait to see what she would be wearing.

I was delighted in what i saw in the top drawer. Her new black lacy garter belt, panties and bra, black seamed fishnet stockings, 5″ red stiletto heels (during roleplay she would often remind me how these heels were bigger than my cock) and my favorite dress. The dress is red, its very figure hugging, Tina’s tits are clearly on view! Its goes down to just above her knees but has a long split up one side which clearly shows the stocking top, i loved this as it is a sign she Hot for Black Cock and i was always encouraging her to dress like this.

I had time to choose what to wear before my bath. This is such a joy for a sissy like me. The feminine smell of her pantie drawer always turns me on and then the sheer delight of choosing what girly things to wear! I picked out some sexy undies, all white and lacy, bra, garter & panties with black stockings. I chose a short black skirt with a white blouse that she wears to work and my 3″ black court shoes. I am so lucky that i’m so skinny her clothes fit me. I laid out my outfit on the bed and went down to get into the bath.

Once in the bath i shaved my entire body, leaving a feminine little triangle above my useless little thing. It was now 5 o’clock, Tina would be back at around 6:30, this gave me an hour and half to be ready to greet her at the door. I showered to ensure i was clean and enjoyed the feel of my smooth body, boy does that make you feel like a real girl! Then i went back upstairs getting a frill upon seeing the clothes i had laid out earlier, but i had my nails (hands & feet) to paint first, i picked a nice shade of red. I love this, feeling so fem, sitting on the edge on the bed painting my nails looking at the woman’s clothes i was to wear! What would everyone i know say, Kurtköy escort bayan if they knew that i was such a wuss and that on top of getting my kicks dressing as a girl, i also wanted my wife to get f**ked by a well hung Black Man!

After my nails had dried, i put on the lingerie, pulling the stockings up my legs, enjoying the feel of them, the look of them on my shaven legs, Man! i feel like a Woman!. Then attaching the stockings to the garter belt before putting on the panties. Finally i put on her bra and went to her make-up box. I finished making-up (bright red lipstick, rouge & blue eyeshadow) and then put on her skirt and blouse, slipping into my heels. Then after putting on some gold earings, rings, bracelet and a neckless, i turned to face the mirror. I was pleased with how i looked, i was by no means convincing but the best i could be, and it made me feel so sissy and i couldn’t help myself from posing in front of the mirror. Luckily i noticed the time , it was 6:20! Tina would be home any minute, i rushed downstairs to wait for her to come home.

As i heard the key in the lock i prepared to greet her. Before during role play she had come straight in and shut the door immediately behind her, but this time she pushed the door wide open, exposing me to anyone walking past or any passing traffic! I was petrified, anyone might see me. “Stay where you are sissy” she demanded as she slowly looked me up and down, “look what i have to come home to, have you any idea just how ridiculous you look?” Her words hurt and excited me, but i was just hoping she’d just hurry up, she seemed to be taking a lifetime, i nervously curtsy and then she laughed and shaking her head said “pathetic”, with a look of contempt she walked past me, knocking me out of the way as she went. I quickly shut the door, hoping that no one had seen me and i followed her into the room.

“Hi Honey” was what i tried to say but i was told to shut up before i managed it. Smiling she produced a red ball gag, “this will make sure i don’t have to listen to you tonight”, she put it on. Being such a sissy all i could think was that at least it matches my nail varnish! She walked around me in slow circles, she couldn’t stop herself from laughing at me, putting me down with comments like “So is this your secretary look? ha ha” and “You know i don’t find you attractive at all, to get off i have to think about Big Black Men f**king me long and hard. If i think about you it turns me off”. Finally she said “Run me a bath, then come and get me when its ready” she ordered then went upstairs. WoW! she did mean business tonight! As i waited for her bath to fill i could Escort Kurtköy hear her laughing and talking to someone on the phone. I couldn’t make out what she was saying and there was no way i could go and ask her who she was talking to, even if i was brave enough!

Her bath ready i walked upstairs, seeing my reflection as i went and looking down at my feminized body made me feel so alive, so sexy, such a sissy! As i entered the room she put down the phone. I really wanted to ask her who she had been talking to but there was no way with this gag in my mouth. Seeing me she got up and began to head for the bath, undressing as she went, discarding her clothes on the floor, i followed picking them up. As she got in the bath she said “wash them, make dinner and lay out my clothes for tonight, be ready by the time i get out, off you go”. The bathroom door was slammed in my face, i had always asked Tina to be nasty to me and she had had trouble trying to be but tonight she had a look of disrespect for me on her face since she came home and she was being nasty naturally. I had a feeling of dread and was unsure of why my usually sweet loving wife (who was reluctant to fulfill my fantasies), was now behaving this way. Yet i had never been so excited in all my life.

I managed to do my chores and be ready in time. As i dried her body she snapped “make sure you only touch me with the towel, i don’t want your hands on me and pass my dressing gown, i don’t want you looking either, are my clothes washed?” i nodded “then they need to be put on the line to dry.” I wanted to protest it was getting dark outside but i could easily be seen by a neighbor, still i felt a wave of excitement rush through me, “Serve me my dinner and then do it!” Cowering i did as i was told. Outside the wind blowing against my stockinged legs and up my skirt felt great, so fem, but i still hurried to get the clothes on the line, i could see Tina laughing as she watched me from the window. I was going as fast as i could when to my horror she opened the window and yelled “Don’t rush, do it properly”. Fear engulfed me but i made sure they were on correctly before tottering back to the house, my heels clanking loudly on the path. Seeing a light come on next door i raced back nearly falling over, i think i made it without being seen.

Giggling she finished her meal and i followed her upstairs. She went into the guest room and she demanded that i lay spreadeagled on the bed. I wasn’t expecting this (normally there was lots of housework to do) but of course i did as i was told and lay facing the ceiling. She then went to our bedroom and returned with some old pairs of stockings. Kurtköy Rus Escort One by one she tightly tied both of my feet and hands to the bed. This was unbelievable, she’d never thought about surprising me like this before, it was great! “I’m going to get ready” she said leaving the room. There’s a clock in this room and it was over an hour before Tina came back into the room. I wish i could have watched her, i love to watch her tart herself up, fantasizing about her getting ready for a hot date with some Black Stud.

When she returned i nearly cried she looked so beautiful. Tina is a very sexy woman, she always gets attention from men and tonight she looked absolutely fantastic. She spun around “what do you think?”. I wish i could have told her how she deserves so much better than me, a silly little sissy. Then she lay next to me on the bed, sexy she kissed and licked my ear and speaking very softly she said “tonight i’m going to get Black F**ked and there’s no way you can stop me sissy-boy! A taxi will be here in half an hour which will take me to meet Penny in the City. She has arranged a blind date for me with Delroy. He’s 6ft 5″, an amateur boxer and of course Darlin’ He’s Black! So your little fantasy is going to become reality! After all those years of you going on and on about it, it will be true, in a couple of hours from now, you really will be a sissy cuckold! I hope your excited because i am!” But i was scared, did i really want her to Go Black? How it would change her, once she’d had a Black Man f**k her, she’d lose interest in me. What woman would want a sissy instead of a Black Stud? NONE! I tried to break free but i was held firm, i tried to tell her let’s talk about this, I’m not sure, but of course the gag stopped me from saying anything. I used all my strength and tried once again to get at least one hand free so i could attempt to remove my gag but it was no good. She laughed at my feeble attempts of escape before blowing me a kiss and going downstairs to wait for her taxi.

Alone upstairs i was going mad, Was this for real? Surely it was her playing, there was no taxi and she would come upstairs and give me a blow job before untying me and that would be that, i certainly hoped so. I mean i had asked her again and again to humiliate me, sissify me. I had also been equally insistent about her having a Black Lover, why should she put up with a sissy like me? But she had always protested and got annoyed, yes i concluded this must be fantasy play thankfully, hopefully. I heard her make tea and sit down, occasionally i would hear her giggle. Watching the clock, second by second, that half an hour seem like a month, i was waiting for her to come upstairs, as i had assured myself this wasn’t for real. Then suddenly i heard a car pull up outside and then our doorbell ring, Oh No it was Real! She shouted up the stairs “bye sissy!” and then i heard the front door shut, car doors slam and the car drive away…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32