Problem Student Ch. 03

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Thanks for the great comments and suggestions, I’ve tried to apply them to the third installment of the Problem Student story. Please enjoy!


The teacher had asked James to take the bandage with him, and try doing the wrap himself before the next Phys-ed class, but to come see her before class so she could check it. James headed to the boys locker room a little early, and did his best to emulate the snug, and slightly complex pattern Mrs. Meyers had created with the bandage. After pulling on his gym clothes, he headed to the teacher’s office, which adjoined the girls locker room, on the opposite side of the gymnasium.

James knocked on the heavy steel door and heard Mrs. Myers’ voice call “come in” from the other side. He opened the door and went in, closing it behind him.

“Hi James” the teacher said brightly, looking up from some papers on her desk. She looked different to James. Her dark, shoulder-length hair was wrapped in a loose bun, showing the fair skin of her slender neck. The upper of her thick, smiling lips protruded beyond the lower in a little overbite James had not noticed until now. Her lips looked darker, and more striking than usual, because of the lipstick she wore. She normally wore a much lighter shade, if any.

“James?” Mrs. Myers probed, waving her hand at James. He blinked and shook his head slightly. He had never looked long at this beautiful teacher who had been so nice to him, and he was nearly swooning as he took in the details of her face. Her nose was rounded, but not broad, with faint freckles across the bridge, continuing over the tops of her rounded cheeks, lifted by her smile. The light creases at the corners of her eyes gave her face a motherly quality, without detracting from her beauty.

“Uh, hi Mrs. Meyers.” he croaked, then swallowed “You just look so beautiful!”. The honest words tumbled out of his mouth before he realized what he was saying.

“Oh, why thank you.” The teacher turned her head slightly, looked back at him, and her cheeks colored. “That’s nice to hear from a handsome young man.”

James’ face became several shades closer to red and he couldn’t think of anything to say.

Mrs. Meyers stood up from her desk, walked over to James, saying “Let’s see how you did with your homework.” and flashed a warm smile. She immediately pulled down his shorts and began to examine his work with the bandage. He noticed her sweatshirt was partially unzipped, allowing glimpses of the inner curves of her Bostancı Escort breasts. She tugged gently at various parts of the wrapping, especially near the obvious bulge it was meant to contain. James could feel the pressure as he began to become aroused.

“Oops!” Mrs. Meyers exclaimed “Look what we have here.” James’ rapidly swelling penis had slipped out between two layers of bandage, and the teacher had gripped it between thumb and forefinger and was flopping it up and down. “You did a good job James, but the wraps didn’t overlap quite enough. Let’s get it fixed up.” She said and began undoing the bandage, starting at his waist. By the time she got it undone, his semi-hard dick was standing out, arcing down slightly, swaying by her left ear.

“Oh darn.” the teacher said in an even tone when she turned to regard the huge erection forming inches from her face. “I guess I should have told you to masturbate before class.” She pushed down on the massive phallus with one finger, causing it to bob up and down. “Not that it would matter I suppose, young men’s hormones being what they are.” Mrs. Meyers gently patted James’ fist-sized scrotum.

“Well, let’s try to take care of this quickly.” Standing up, she continued “Do you think it will help if I show you my breasts again?” Without waiting for an answer, the teacher stepped back, unzipped her jogging suit top and shrugged it to the floor. She then stood before James, hands on hips, her torso now completely bare, and drank in his reaction.

James had briefly seen the teacher’s lovely breasts before a couple of days earlier under similar circumstances, but was no less stunned when she stripped off her top. His eyes widened and wandered over her half-naked body.

Her torso was slender but not bony. Her breasts hung down slightly, protruding out from her chest at angles. They were about the size of softballs and came to gradual points where her dark nipples pointed gently upward. Mrs. Meyers’ slim waist was exaggerated by the way her plump breasts extended to her sides, almost as wide as her shoulders. The contours of her abdominal muscles were clearly visible, narrowing in contrast to the broadening of her pelvis, where the jogging pants hung, several inches below her navel.

“I can see this is helping.” the teacher said, sounding satisfied, gazing at James’ erection, now pointing up at a steep angle and throbbing visibly with his quickened pulse. “Let me get you some lotion.” She walked past him to the bathroom, Anadolu Yakası Escort not watching him, but she felt his eyes on her and smiled.

James admired Mrs. Meyers’ firm breasts as they jiggled and swayed with her steps. He was sure his cock had never been this hard. He thought it might explode if he touched it.

Mrs. Meyers returned with the bottle of hand lotion. “I think I’d better take care of it this time.” She announced “Why don’t you have a seat and relax.”

Slowly James lowered himself into a nearby folding chair. The metal was cold on his bare ass. Incredulous, he asked “You mean you’re going to…”

“Yes, I’m going to jerk you off.” She said, answering his unfinished question. “It will be faster that way. Is it okay if I rub your big dick James?”

James was too stunned to speak. The unexpected vulgar language had him trembling with excitement. He nodded his head vigorously, and watched his gorgeous topless teacher squeeze some lotion into her hand and kneel down in front of him.

Mrs. Meyers put the bottle down, rubbed the lotion between her palms, then gripped James’ massive shaft with both hands. James started as bolts of pleasure tore through his body. The teacher stroked up and down on the rigid organ, lightly squeezing with both hands, feeling the thick veins rippling under her touch.

James let out a soft moan. “Try to be quiet James, but let me know when you’re about to ejaculate, so we don’t make a mess like last time.” The teacher instructed him as she worked her hands along his hard penis.

Mrs. Meyers was becoming extremely aroused. Playing with this boy’s amazing penis was incredibly exciting. She noticed James leaning, trying to get a view of her bare chest. She raised up so her erect nipples were about the same height as the huge red-purple head of James’ club-like dick.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hide my tits on you. Here.” The teacher held the thick member near its base and began slapping it back and forth between her boobs, making them jiggle. “Is that better?” James nodded. “Do you like my boobies?” She asked. He nodded again. “I thought so. Not too bad for an old lady huh?” James thought she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

“I have to tell you James,” She started stroking him again, this time leaning forward with her breasts on either side of his dick. When she slid her hands up, her forearms lifted her breasts, making them bounce with each stroke. “I’m really enjoying Ataşehir Escort this. Your huge cock is beautiful and exciting. I love touching it.” The teacher squeezed it hard.

Hearing his lovely and sexy teacher say how much she liked his cock was all the stimulation James could take. He felt the stirrings of an orgasm, and remembered to warn Mrs. Meyers.

“I’m uh…” James began, urgently.

“Just let it go honey.” Mrs. Meyers said softly, then she opened her mouth and pushed her head down on the thick rod she was holding. The oversized glans filled her entire mouth, and she kept stroking with her hands as she sucked greedily on James’ fat cock-head. It spasmed immediately, the throb forcing her jaw open wider. The first jet of semen gushed against the back of her throat, making her gag slightly. The warm fluid quickly filled the remaining space in her mouth, and began to ooze past the seal her thick lips formed around James’ shaft to trickle down her chin.

She got her reflex under control and began to swallow rhythmically as jets of cum continued to surge against her throat. Mrs. Meyers sucked hard while rubbing her tongue vigorously against the sensitive flesh erupting inside her mouth.

James grunted and moaned, clapping one hand over his mouth to keep from crying out as his teacher continued stroking and sucking. He had never experienced anything like it. The orgasm went on much longer than either of them expected, and Mrs. Meyers dutifully gulped down everything the boy’s exaggerated sex organs had to offer.

“Well, James.” The teacher said after she pulled his softening tool out of her mouth with an audible ‘pop’. “I think I can skip lunch today.” she smiled impishly, then wiped the dribble of semen from her chin with one finger and sucked it clean. “And look, no mess! Now stand up and we’ll get you ready for class.”

James was panting, unable to move. He watched Mrs. Meyers stand, then don her sweatsuit top. As she began zipping it up, James said “I love you, Mrs. Meyers.”

The teacher stopped and looked at him. She crouched down and put a hand on his knee. “Now James. None of that.” She scolded “I’m a married woman, and your teacher too. I’m just helping a student with a special problem.” She reached out and held his soft, but still huge penis in her hand. “You’re a handsome young man with a very unique gift. I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding a nice girl.” James looked crestfallen, and Mrs. Meyers quickly added “If you ever need any more special help, just let me know.” James then smiled “And don’t be surprised if I call on you if I’ve missed lunch!”

They shared a laugh, then the teacher dressed him up with the bandage as she had done before and they left for class. She with a full belly, and he on shaky legs.

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