Rainy Day

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Rain drops beat a calming rhythm on the roof top and windows. We are lying in bed wrapped in each other’s warmth. This is the moments I love. I breathe you in and hold on to your energy. Your skin is smooth and I touch you all over. I drag my nails up and down the length of your body. You shiver, yet not from the cold.

In your mind you see the things you know I’m going to do to you, and you silently wish I would begin. But where is the fun in that. I continue this over and over tracing circles into your thigh. I love seeing you this way with nothing but your bra and panties on, no makeup, nothing to hide the profound beauty that is you.

You turn and face me and your lips are the first thing I see. I touch them softly with my fingertips, they are perfect, rose colored and full. I look up into your eyes and they are a brilliant topaz and green and they are wonderful. When you look at me it’s as though you know my every thought you see my soul. I lean in and kiss your lips first softly, then with more force.

I hold on to you as though you are stealing my last breath, and you could have it. I flip you on your back and straddle you, my sarıyer escort short hair shapes my face as the shades of grey and black illuminate the room and shapes the silhouettes of our bodies. I lean down again and kiss you, your arms rap around my neck. My hands find your hair and I pull hard as I deepen our kiss. You begin to moan into my mouth.

With my right hand in your hair, I guide my left one down your body until I reach your sex. You were already wet and I loved it. I released your lips as I slid a finger inside you. You moan softly, leaning in I bite your lip. I let go of your hair, and proceeded to undo your bra. I pull it off of you, anxious to see you naked under me. I bite your nipple at first lightly, then harder. You scream.

I do the same to your other breast, then I hear your scream echo throughout the room. I smile in the inside, as you arch into me. My finger is still working inside you, I pull it out and taste you. Your face goes scarlet as you see me devour every drop. Thunder rumbles in the back ground and lightning brightens the room for an instant. The room for that second was brought to life by the colors istanbul escort of red, black and white, and descended back into the deep dark stormy shades of grey that inspired my wanting.

I get up and go to the closet and find my bow tie, that I use for Doctor Who cosplay. It is a red and silky, I also grab a red blind fold from the night stand next to us. I grab your arms and place them above your head, as you just stare at me. I flip you onto your stomach, then I proceed to tie your wrist to the bed post with the red bow tie, tight enough that you won’t move.

I place the blind fold onto your face, making sure the strap is underneath your hair. I turn your face and kiss you softly, as I begin to make my way down your neck. I stop there briefly, biting you in that spot where your vein protrudes from your neck hard enough to get another scream from you, from deep down within you. I lick, suck and bite your neck, over and over, hearing your moans and screams.

I rush and grab the strap-on from the drawer and put it on. I stroke your long hair softly as I begin to finger you from behind. I nibble and kiss my way down your mecidiyeköy escort back and squeeze your ass with my other hand. I hear your needing moans, so I place the strap-on onto your entrance. I slide my hand into your hair then grab a hand full of your hair as I ease into you.

I begin a smooth rhythm, listening to your moans and watching your body under the gloomy lighting provided by the storm. As the pace quickens thunder breaks through the sound of our moans, and I am lost. I bend over grabbing tighter to your hair, kissing and biting you harder than before. You are screaming, and your orgasm slams through your body.

I stay in you until your orgasm slowly dissipates. I pull out of you slowly and release your hair. I quietly untie you and remove the blind fold. Your eyes are still closed and your breathing has slowed I find my place next to you and hold you in my arms as I kiss your forehead.

You look up and smile knowingly, hazily we fall asleep. Thunder booms outside as I jump up from where I slept. Sweat dripped from my body as I looked over at an empty bed. It has been three months since you passed and I still miss what we were.

I look at the photo of you on the night stand and cried. Outside the rain poured down in gallons, but it was still not enough to drown out the sorrow of missing you. It was a rainy day the first time we met, and on a rainy day I shall let you go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32