Reconnecting Pt. 01

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This is my first attempt at writing so please bear with me. I know this story might be short but I’ll likely turn this into a series. Feedback and criticism is most appreciated!


It was a hot summer day when I got his text.

“Hey sweetie, how’re you doing?” it said.

This was the first text I got from Marc since a long time. Living time zones apart usually does that to people you once were super close with. Marc was our neighbour when I was 10. He must’ve been 25 around that time. He was handsome, to say the least, with dark hair, tan skin, piercing blue eyes and a charming smile. He worked as a financer and from what I had heard, had a good pay.

I called him Marc Uncle. He was my confidante. He had an easy going personality and loved to spend time with me, helping me with homework and taking me out occasionally to the fairs and carnivals. He took care of me and had many times listened to my bickering about boys and callous girls. If I’m being honest, I guess I always had a tiny crush on him. It was all before he was promoted and had to move to the States when I was 14.

“Hey! I’m doing good, long time no see!” I replied. And from then we got into the easy casual conversation we’ve always been able to pull off. We were informal; the ‘uncle’ was dropped when talking to him this time around.

Marc told me he was off on a holiday and I, I was just enjoying the summer before my foray into the busy university life, settling into my shared apartment close to the university with a friend of mine, and doing all things 19 year old do. He asked me about my plans and I asked him about his, discussing cricket, dogs, music and what not in between.

I signed off for the night, texting warm goodbyes.

A couple of days passed in packing and unpacking, going for registration of classes, setting up a time-table before I could text him.

“What you doing?”

His reply was almost immediate. “Just lounging around and soaking the Sun on this beautiful morning.” along with a picture of his almost naked body, save for the shorts he was wearing. His boy was not sculpted, but was muscular. He was lean, beautiful, with a trail of dark hair running down his chest.

Blushing, I replied, “Oh… looks fun ;)”

“Why don’t you join me?” he asked, sending me a picture of a slightly vacated space besides him on the lounger.

I giggled, feeling a slight blush darkening up my cheeks a deeper shade. The skies here were luckily blank, and even though it was mid-noon, the sun was perfect for tanning so I went to the small balcony of my apartment and striped off to my bikini style lingerie. I brought a wicker chair out and settled on it, snapping a picture of my sunning body and sending it to him with a “Why not?”

“You’re so gorgeous Sophie.” Marc replied and I blushed some more, feeling tickly. Büyükçekmece escort bayan I was not the gorgeous kind. I was slender, with dark blonde hair and little soft places over my belly. What can I say? I love my food.

But I chose to be sarcastic, “I know that, tell me something new” and hit sent.

“Hahaha, well, I seriously hope you were here and we were bickering and laughing” he said.

“Aww, that’s sweet of you.”

And our texting continued all day, all through the week, and two. With each passing day, the lines were getting blurred. A little innuendo dropped one day, a little flirting done on the other. Day by day the texts were getting more personal, more sexual in nature. We had been close but platonically, and this sexual twist was happening so smoothly that I didn’t realize it. Each night I’d fantasize how it would be to be with him, held by his arms. My body would light up with arousal but I’d squash it down, regarding it as weird.

Then came the night when all lines were crossed.

It was around midnight and I was in my room, having completed my assignments when I get a text from him.

“Sweetheart, what you doing?” he asked.

“Just completed my assignments, maybe would see a movie, what about you?” I replied.

“Came to a club with a couple of friends, it’s Friday night after all ;)”

“Won’t bother your plans and your possible chances of getting laid :p” I texted him.

“Haha no sweetie, no problem it is. I’m here to unwind and get drunk. I will text you when I get back home alright, see if you’re up?”

Smiling, I said, “Sure xoxo”.

It was around 2 a.m. when he texted.

“Sweetheart, you up?”

I hit pause on the movie and replied, “Hey, I’m up. Got home alone? ;)”

“Yeah, wish you were here though.”

“Why so? To clean up if you throw up? Haha”

There was a pause after which he said, “No. Have you here to satisfy myself Soph.”

And that was the most overtly sexual thing which Marc had said to me all this while. An open invitation for me to either take or dismiss his line of thought. My body was already, since the past few weeks, had started responding to his flirtatious texts. Little tingles bubbling up in my core and travelling up my spine. I could not resist this.

“And how would you be doing that hmm?” I asked, knowing that there’s no coming back after this point.

“In ways you wouldn’t believe it’s possible.”

The line was crossed. All I wanted to know was how he was going make me feel all that I was aching to feel. My body was demanding to feel such, demanding to feel the heaviness of arousal and intimacy with this man.

I took off my oversized t-shirt and took a photo of my upper body. My breasts still enclosed by my simple black cotton bra and sent him.

“God, Escort Çatalca you’re so fucking gorgeous. I want to see them free. Would you show me?” he asked.

I took my bra off and clicked a picture of holding one mound in my palm and hit sent.

“Sophie, baby, fuck. They’re so soft looking and beautiful.”

My breasts were not my most appreciated asset. They were okay, an average B cup. But hearing him say these things made my nipples hard. I pinched one and moaned slightly. I asked him to show himself and a few minutes later I got his picture. Laying on the bed, upper body naked, one arm behind his head, Marc lay in all his glory.

“You look comfy” I said.

“Comfy?? That’s the last thing I am right now.” And I wondered what he meant by that.

My mind got right back to track with a gasp when just a minute later I see a picture of his lower body, and an impressive bulge tenting from his boxers. It took me a minute to gather my wits. My whole body felt as if on fire. Wetness had gathered at the point between my thighs, my nipples so hard they looked like bullets.

“How’d you feel better?” I enquired.

“By having your hands on me.”

“Wish I could fulfill your wish. Would this suffice?” I hit sent, along with an up-shot of my pussy. It was hairy, since I hadn’t been able to take time to trim or shave it recently.

“Ahh… that’s a start.”

I downloaded the picture he had sent along the text. A picture of his hand wrapped around his huge cock. It was easily 7 inches, uncircumcised, with a wide head. It was hard, stiff. I salivated just looking at it.

“I want to hear you as I talk dirty to you. I want to hear when you reach the point of breaking. Your cries of pleasure…”

And I wasted no second after reading that text before I called him. He picked up immediately.

“Marc… I’ve fantasized about this, about you.” My voice was husky, just like his.

“Do you know it has been like this every night after the first time I texted you these weeks ago? I’ve fantasized doing this too.”

I could not contain my moan when he said that. Couldn’t help arching my body. “I wasn’t aware. I want to make you feel better.”

“Yes, baby, yes. Do you want to know what I’d have done to you if you were here? I would’ve slowly undressed you, kissing your sweet pouty lips. My hands would’ve held your soft breasts, fitting perfectly, flicking your protruding pink nipples.” I was touching myself, taking his words as instructions. My fingers were rubbing and pulling my nipples.

“Then, I would’ve gone down on you. Parting your legs, inhaling the scent of your arousal before licking up your wet slit.”

I had opened my legs by this time. I took my phone between them, parting my pussy lips with my fingers and clicked a picture, sending Esenler escort it to him. I could hear his growl when he must’ve seen it.

“Mhmm Soph… I want that pussy so bad. I want to push my cock through that tight hole and fuck you.”

“Yes. Yes, please Marc. Do that to me”

“Have you had sex, Sophie?”

I was silenced by this question. I was still a virgin. I had no boyfriend with whom I wanted to take this step. What if Marc stops? What if my lack of experience turns him off? But I couldn’t lie to him so I spoke, “No, I’ve never had sex”, before waiting for him to say something.

There was a pause before he said, “Goddamnit darling. You don’t know how hot it makes me feel to know that you’re untouched. I am going to fuck you so hard.” And seconds later an image came. And God did that make me purr with want. It was of his cock, standing tall and curved towards his stomach, thick and veins running over its length.

I moaned in relief and in anticipation begging him, “I’m touching myself to your cock baby. Please, fuck me.”

“Yes… yes baby. I’d line my cock up with your pussy, holding your knees back, pushing it in.” I was imitating the positions, my body reacting in the way he wanted it to. “Then I’ll start pushing in. You’re going to be so fucking tight. I’ll be gentle, I promise.”

“Marc… my fingers are coated with my arousal.”

“Yes… that is what’ll help me thrust in baby. I’d pop your cherry Sophie. It will hurt but I’ll make it good for you. Ahh… thrusting in you… you’re so warm and slick. Gripping my cock in your tightness.”

My fingers were working furiously over my pussy, my clit.

“I’ll thrust hard. And then harder. Over and over. My cock slick with your juices. Kissing you on your lips, thrusting my tongue in your mouth, exploring you just like my cock explores all your sweet spots.”

“Fuck, Marc! I’m close, so close!”

“Me too Sophie, me too. Push your fingers in and fuck yourself.” I started doing that. One finger, then the other.

“Shit, it’s so fucking tight and good. I wonder how you’d fit if it were real” Our breathing was ragged by that time, speaking in moans and groans, feeling the collective ecstasy. My hips were pumping up on their own to the rhythm of my fingers.

“Sophie… I’m gonna fit baby, I’m gonna fit alright.”

I could hear his hand making contact with his base as he pumped himself. I’m sure he could hear the sloppy noises my fingers were making in my wetness. We were talking incoherently, chasing our climaxes. I was calling him by his name, and he was reassuring me, telling me he was with me.

“I’m going to come, Soph, soon.”

“There with you Marc, yes! Coming!”

We both gave loud guttural groans at the same time. Blood ringing in my ear, my heartbeat frantic, I closed my eyes and felt my body burst out in sparks, nerve ending drumming over my skin. I saw stars. Never have I ever felt this free, fallen apart but held together. Eventually, I eased my arched back down, hearing Marc’s heavy breathing on the other end.


“Hey. Did you feel good?” he asked.

“Awesome.” And it was true.

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