Ryan’s Story Ch. 01

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Pt 1: First Time(1)

I looked at my face in the reflection as I shaved my face, I was excited, Me and Jennifer had been going out for almost three months and tonight was going to be the first time either of us had sex before. We had done other stuff before, kissing, making out, rubbing, touching, wanking, fingering, oral sex, but we hadn’t had sex yet.

We had planned to have sex last week, but unfortunately Jenn got her “monthly gift” so we decided to postpone the grand event; as it was our first time we wanted it to be a special as possible. My parents had gone away for the weekend, they had left the day before to go and visit Mum’s family who live in the countryside.

It was 1:40pm and Jenny would be here at 2. I went over to the big mirror, in my living room, to assess the situation; my hair was a bit messy, but other than that I looked fine, I quickly combed through my hair with my fingers and fixed it.

I was 18 and tall (almost 6ft 2″), I had quite good body; I ate well and went to the gym about 4 times a week, I had a slim, but Ataşehir Escort not skinny body, broad shoulders muscular arms, legs and back, and my six pack was coming along nicely. I have quite light skin, but due to our holiday in Spain last month I was still quite tanned, I had dark brown/almost black hair and blue eyes.

I was always quite popular with the girls, but I’d only been out with girls for a few weeks, so had only really kissed and made out with other girls. The girls who were interested in me where only interested in my looks, just wanted me as an accessory to make their girl friends jealous of, and because I was quite well off; my parents earned good wages and I had saved up a good amount myself from part time jobs and stuff. Before I started going out with Jenny I had had three previous girlfriends. They were all so materialistic, vain and vapid; I was the one to end the relationships in the end.

But Jenny was different; we met in sixth form college two years ago, we were in the same class for A Level Maths and Film Kadıköy Escort Studies, we were both going to university in September, we’re gonna try long distance. Jenny had long hair that just reached below her shoulders, it was light brown and looked almost golden in sunlight, her skin was an olive and she had sexy hazel/green coloured eyes and a cute smile. She was average height for a girl, probably 5ft 4 maybe 5″. She usually wore her hair up in a ponytail. The greatest thing about her was he nice she was, she would always help anyone who needed it, and she had a wicked sense of humour, best of all she loved me, I’m so lucky to have her. Her body was damn fine too, she has (size C) perfect pert breasts has a nice round bubble butt, it wasn’t huge (I’m not really into that), she had long sexy legs and in between is a nice rose coloured pussy.

I went upstairs to my room to light the candles; in preparation for tonight I had gone all out and got these white scented candles, and I had scattered rose petals on the floor and bed, 1 because Bostancı Escort the candle light made everything sexy, 2 it was romantic and 3 Jenny loves that shit. It was 1:50 Jenny would be here soon. I’m 18 almost 6ft 2″, good body; slim, but not skinny body, broad shoulders muscular arms, legs and back, and my six pack was coming along nicely. I have quite light skin, but it was tanned from my holiday last month, I have dark brown/almost black hair and blue eyes.

That night I had just gone for a plain white t-shirt , dark blue jeans and I had my black Calvin Klein boxer briefs on underneath.

I also had a good package going on; I was uncircumcised and when hard, from base to tip, I’m almost 8″ and I guess it was quite wide too, Jenny couldn’t close her whole hand around it. Earlier on, in preparation for tonight I had trimmed my pubes and shaved my shaft and balls, Jenny loved to give head and she did it well, so I liked getting it too, I always trimmed for her, I didn’t want her to get a mouthful of hair.

After the candles I scattered I trail of the rose petals out of the door and to the top of the stairs. Then I went down stairs and had a mint to freshen my breath, just as I had put in a second the doorbell rang, Jenny! I quickly crunched down the mint and rushed to the door.

(continues in part 2)

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