Sangitta Ch. 05

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Julie and Sangitta walked away from the party and managed to get round the corner before Julie pushed her up against the wall and began to kiss her. She was not the tender person who had shown her how to make love. She was fiercely passionate. She had her lips pressed against Sangitta’s and Sangitta soon found herself getting very wet indeed. Wetter than she had been when she had masturbated.

Julie soon forced Sangitta’s lips open and stuck her tongue into her mouth and tried to persuade Sangitta to do the same to her. She was trying her hardest to let herself go but Sangitta was still tense about kissing another girl but the passion that was being shown by Julie soon made Sangitta relax. She really was wanted by another woman and she actually wanted her too. She was a lesbian.

She let herself go and began to dance tongues with Julie. They were now kissing as lovers and Sangitta could not wait to get to Julie’s house where they could get down to some serious love-making. Little did she know that the last thing on Julie’s made was making love- she wanted hard raw sex and she needed to prove to Sangitta that she would be the dominant one in this relationship.

They stopped kissing for a moment and lit a cigarette and stood against the wall and chatted. Sangitta was curious about Julie and how she knew that Sangitta was a lesbian. Julie began to talk to her.

“The first day that I saw you in college I thought that you were the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen and I knew that I had to have you. I went about finding out all about you. I found that you did not have a boyfriend not even an Indian which at your age I knew was very unusual. I made sure that I knew everything about you Sangitta before I chose to chat to you.”

“When I first invited you to join our group of friends I noticed that you did not take any interest in any of the boys in the group. They were coming onto you and you did not notice but you would keep looking at me so I decided to come up with the plan to find out if you were a lesbian or not.”

“The day that I took you back to my house I gave you plenty of opportunities when you could have got up and chosen to leave but you never once showed any signs of wanting to leave so I moved things on nice and slowly and still you did not move in fact you began to get aroused.”

“You laid there Sangitta and let me do what I wanted to do to you and you did not flinch once or try to get away. Let me ask you something because I have waited for you to come to me.

“What did you do when you got home that night?”

Julie saw Sangitta blush and then she said.

“I masturbated not once but twice and it was the sight of you being naked that I masturbated to.”

“Can I tell you something else?” Said Sangitta

“Of course you can.” Said Julie.

“That first night when I now find out you seduced me I went home and I went on the Internet and trawled it for naked pictures of men. I looked at them and they did nothing for me but then I typed in women and I became wet and aroused again.”

“That night an Indian older woman came to me in my dream and she began to do a strip. I was asleep and I still got turned on. I got up to read and fell asleep in the chair and she came to me again and took off some more of her clothes and when I woke up in the morning I was naked and I had my fingers buried in my pussy and she has visited me every night since and revealed more and more of herself to me until she was naked and had climbed into my bed.”

“Last night she came into my bed naked and cuddled me. I tossed and turned all night and eventually I got up and ran a bath trying to be quiet so as I did not disturb my parents but I woke my mother up and she came in to check that things were okay with me.”

“Julie I told her everything that had been going and she just sat and listened. She did not give me the verbal tirade I expected. She was very understanding and she even suggested that I go and sleep with a man to find out for sure. She even gave me a condom to use tonight which is why I ended up with that man but the more that he touched me the more that I wanted to vomit and I had to get away and I knew then that it was you that I wanted.”

Sangitta turned to look at Julie to see if she had been listening and she noticed that Julie was totally engrossed in what she had to say but she also had slipped her hand inside her jeans and into her knickers and had cupped her pussy. Sangitta had to nudge her and say.

“Julie you are playing with yourself in the middle of the street.”

“I know.” Said Julie.

“That is the sexiest thing that anyone has ever said to me.”

“I just thought I would answer your question as succinctly as I could.” Said Sangitta.

“You certainly did that alright Sangitta. You have just made me cumm and no woman has been able to do that before. I like to be the one in control but it looks like you may be the one who is in control. I am completely under your spell.”

Julie looked on in awe at Sangitta and said with a pleading look Ankara escort in her eyes.

“Can I see your breasts please?”

“We are stood down an alleyway in an area of town where people know us and you want to see my tits.” Sangitta said.

“Yes.” Pleaded Julie.

It suddenly dawned on Sangitta. Julie was in love with her and would do anything for her. She took hold of the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it up and over her head and then she unclipped the bra that she was wearing. She held her bra for a moment covering her breasts but she could see how wide eyes Julie had got and she could not tease her any longer. She dropped the bra off her tits and her 36D’s came into view.

Poor Julie was almost salivating at the sight of them and put her hand out to touch them. Suddenly she felt her hand being slapped and Sangitta was saying to her.

“What do you say Julie?”

“Please can I touch your breasts Sangitta?”

“Of course you can.” Sangitta said.

Sangitta watched as Julie put out her hand and gently touched the flesh of Sangitta’s breasts. She massaged the flesh of her breast and then she touched Sangitta’s nipple. Sangitta felt a thrill run through her body and stop at her pussy but she was not going to let Julie know the effect that she had just had on her.

“Shall we move further down the alleyway Julie?” Sangitta said.

Julie stopped touching Sangitta’s breasts and said.

“Scared someone will see us?” She said.

“No I have a surprise for you.” Said Sangitta.

Julie walked further down the alleyway and was followed by Sangitta after she had picked up her bra and t-shirt. She met Julie at the bottom of the alleyway and this time it was Sangitta who pushed Julie back against the wall and kissed her. She was liking the power that she had over Julie and she intended to make the most of it

They kissed for several minutes like the lovers they now were and then Sangitta broke the kiss and said to Julie.

“Would you do anything for me Julie?”

“Yes Sangitta I would.” Said Julie.

“When did you realise that you were in love with me and not just in lust with me?” Asked Sangitta.

“What do you mean?” Asked Julie.

“I only want to have sex with you.” She shouted.

Suddenly she felt a slap across her cheek.

Julie was stunned at what had just happened and then she was even more shocked when in a calm and collected voice Sangitta said.

“No-one shouts at me Julie. Not even my dad raises his voice to me. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Said Julie.

“Now answer the question. How long have you been in love with me?”

“I got touched up by a woman in a bar recently and I followed her to the toilet and when she had finished doing what she had to I grabbed her and kissed her and suddenly I was looking at your face but it was the other way round. You were kissing me and I really wanted you to make love to me there in that toilet. So I guess from there. She said.

“Do you still want to make love to me or to use your own words do you want to have sex with me only so that you can say I fucked the Indian girl?”

Julie went to her pocket and pulled out a cigarette and lit it and leant against the wall looking like she was a beaten woman and just silently said.

“I want to make love to you.”

Sangitta stood there for a moment and then she lit her own cigarette and then she said.

“Get down on your knees Julie. Now!!”

She had such a sexy sultry voice and she never raised it but Julie knew that she meant what she was saying. She dropped her cigarette to the floor and then she got down on her knees.

“Now what do you say?”

“I am sorry.” Said Julie.

“Sorry for what?” Sangitta asked.

“Sorry for saying that I was not in love with and that I only wanted to have sex with you. It was wrong of me. I am absolutely besotted by you. You fill my every thought of every day.” Julie said.

“So what would you do if I had said something like that to you?” Sangitta asked.

“If I was the dominant that I thought I was I would punish you Sangitta.” Julie replied.

“How would you do that?” Sangitta said.

“At this stage I would probably put you over my knee and spank you. ” Julie replied.

“Julie I like your idea and we will get to that later but first of all I want you to learn the lesson that I might look like the Indian nerd but inside is a strong minded woman and I will not be shouted at by anyone and I will certainly not be lied to. Now I want you to do something.”

“What is that?” Julie asked with trepidation in her voice.

“I want you to take all your clothes off and hand them to me.”

“Yes Sangitta.” Julie said.

Sangitta leant against the wall and smoked a cigarette and watched as Julie removed all of her clothes. When she was naked Sangitta said.

“Very nice except for one thing.”

“She stepped forward and grabbed Julie by the pussy.

“That piece of shit has to go.” She said pointing at Julie’s pubic hair.

“Yes Sangitta Ankara escort bayan I will remove.”

“No I think I will remove it for you.” Sangitta replied.

“Now let’s go to your house.”

Sangitta started off walking and struggled to hide how wet she had become. She did not know where this dominant side had come from but she liked the idea of it. When she got to a suitable point at the end of the alleyway she threw Julie’s clothes over the wall. She turned to Julie and said.

“You won’t be needing them tonight.”

Julie eventually caught up with her. She was embarrassed that she was naked and could be seen by any of her friends or family but she was also glad to see that Sangitta had not put her top back on and she could at least gaze at her breasts as they walked to her house.

Sangitta made sure that they walked nice and slowly and what should have been a five minute walk took them fifteen minutes. Eventually they arrived at Julie’s house. Sangitta had the good sense to take Julie’s purse out of her jeans before she had got rid of them.

She pretended to struggle to get the key in the lock so that Julie would have to stand there naked in her own street but made sure that she eventually opened the door and told Julie to go into the house.

“Go and get me a drink.” Sangitta said.

She watched Julie walk away and admired her arse. She would enjoy having that over her knee to spank. It was a couple of minutes before Julie returned with the drinks. She handed Sangitta a large shot of vodka and Sangitta noticed that Julie’s was even bigger. She watched as Julie took a big gulp and then Sangitta said.

“I am going to give you a choice Julie. You can either go and shave your pubic hair off or you can have your spanking. So what is it to be?”

Julie took another swig of her vodka and then she said.

“I would rather get the punishment out of the way Sangitta then I can do the shaving.” She said.

“Okay. What do you me to spank you with and how many times?” Sangitta asked.

“I think your hand would be good enough for tonight Sangitta but if in the future I disobey you then perhaps you would use something else.” Pleaded Julie.

“Put your drink sown and come and lay across my lap.” Commanded Sangitta.

Julie hesitated for a moment and she was just about to tell Sangitta where to go when she saw the look in Sangitta’s eye and she decided that worse was to come if she did not do what she was told. She put down her glass and walked across the room and laid herself across Sangitta’s lap.

She was surprised when at first all Sangitta did was rub her pearly white cheeks. Her touch was so tender that Julie became very wet between the legs and she so wanted to rub herself. She hoped that she would get the chance to do so when she was shaving off her pubic hair. Suddenly.

Slap, Slap, Slap.

She was stung by the pain and it was not helped when Sangitta began to rub her arse cheeks again this just seemed to make things ten times worse but what helped even less was the fact that she had just had a small orgasm on Sangitta’s lap and she was worried about what she would say. She had no chance to dwell on things because just as quick as before came.

Slap, Slap, Slap.

This time Julie felt tears well in her eyes but they were for both the pain and the pleasure and she had to reflect on her role in this relationship. She would never have thought that she would be enjoying having her arse smacked by another woman but that was exactly what was happening.

“Stand.” Said Sangitta.

“Go and start your bath running and then come back to me and we can chat.” Said Sangitta.

“Yes Julie.” Said.

Naked she walked from the room and went to the bathroom. She started the bath running and then she passed water and came back downstairs to Sangitta. Sangitta was just sat there cool as a cucumber smoking a cigarette and drinking her vodka. Julie looked at her as she came down the stairs and realised why she loved her. She was beautiful.

She took her own seat back and picked up her vodka and took a slug from it. Her hand was shaking she was that excited. She was thinking.

“I am actually going to be made love to by another woman.”

She finished her glass of Vodka and she was just about to go upstairs to check on her bath when Sangitta said.

“Julie come and sit on my lap please.”

Julie thought she was going to be punished again but then she recalled the words Sangitta had said she had told her to coma and sit on her lap not lay across her lap. She quickly stood up and walked across the room and straddled Sangitta’s lap. She was leaking moisture onto Sangitta’s lap but she did not seem to mind. Suddenly Sangitta began to speak.

“I do not know what has come over me Julie but I have become very dominant all of a sudden and I want you to be my pet. Would you like that Julie?”

“Yes.” Was out of Julie’s mouth before she realised it.

“Good.” Said Sangitta.

“From now on you will be called Baby Girl and Escort Ankara whenever you hear or see those words you will come to me. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sangitta.” Julie responded.

“Good girl” Said Sangitta.

“Now I think that you deserve a reward.”

Julie watched as Sangitta bent forward, put her hands up to Julie’s face and began to kiss her lips. Julie just melted on Sangitta’s lap and went with the kiss. She kissed Sangitta back as tenderly as she could. Sangitta took one of her hands off Julie’s face and began to massage one of he own breasts.

Julie heard Sangitta let out a sigh of pleasure and then she began to pant a little and then she let go of her own breast and started with massaging one of Julie’s breasts. Julie let out the same kind of sigh as Sangitta had just done. She had never felt this kind of pleasure. Sangitta stopped kissing her and bent down and kissed each of Julie’s erect nipples in turn and then she said.

“You can go and have your bath now Julie. I know you will masturbate whilst you are up there but you have twenty minutes to shave, masturbate, cumm, slip into something sexy and bring me something to wear.”

“Yes Sangitta.” Julie said.

She climbed off of Sangitta’s lap and almost ran up the stairs. She had to make herself cumm and do so much in a short space of time. She was that aroused she just began to rub her clit furiously. She took one of her nipples and twisted it as hard as she could and then she exploded in orgasm. She was not a squirter she was more a shaker and she shook so much she almost fell off the toilet she was sat on.

With wobbly legs she got herself up off the toilet and walked around the bathroom. She found some razors that were new and also she found a new can of her father’s shaving foam. She climbed into the bath and quickly bathed and then she stood and washed her pussy before applying the foam to it.

It was a tricky thing to do. She started with the easy bit and shaved her hair around her pubis and that came away easily enough. Next she shaved her outer lips and her perineum and finally came the tricky part. She parted her pussy lips and shaved them too. She cleansed away the foam and then she felt herself. She was happy with the way she felt she just hoped that Sangitta would be.

Julie stepped out of the bath and quickly towelled herself dry. She added some matching deodorant and perfume to herself then naked she walked to her bedroom. She rifled her secret stash of sexy lingerie that she had worked hard to buy and she slipped into a purple negligee with a matching thong. She selected a black negligee and thong for Sangitta and made it downstairs with a minute to spare.

“Good Baby Girl.” Said Sangitta.

As soon as Julie heard the words she walked across the room and stood in front of Sangitta. She was shaking with excitement as she could not wait for Sangitta to feel her smooth pussy. Sangitta put her hand inside Julie’s thong and cupped a feel of her pussy. She smiled at Julie.

“That is a good job Julie but you could do better.” Help me to stand up.” She said.

Julie reached down and helped Sangitta to her feet and Sangitta stood in front of Julie and looked down at her. She was a 4in taller than Julie.

“Julie please will you finish undressing me.” Sangitta said.

“Of course I will.” Replied Julie.

She reached forward and began to unbutton Sangitta’s jeans and then she pulled the zipper down. She tried to be gentle as she pulled the jeans down. She saw Sangitta’s knickers and thought that she would have to spend some of her money and treat Sangitta to some new lingerie. She helped Sangitta step out her jeans.

Sangitta was stood there in just her knickers and Julie put her hand in the waistband of Sangitta’s knickers and pulled them down to reveal Sangitta’s pussy. It was as naked as Julie’s. Sangitta stepped out of her knickers and then she said.

“Julie feel your pussy for me then you can feel mine.”

Julie did as she was told. First of all she felt her own pussy and thought it was nice and smooth and then she touched Sangitta’s and could not believe how smooth it felt. It was so much smoother than hers. How did she manage that?

“Julie you must be as smooth as me. I wax every day to keep myself smooth. As you can imagine with my dark hair it soon begins to show. I want you to be as smooth as me so you must wax every day. Do you understand?”

“Yes” Said Julie.

“So what did you bring me to wear?” Asked Sangitta.

Julie handed Sangitta the black see-through negligee and matching thong. Sangitta had never seen a thong before but she soon sussed out how to wear it. She pulled it on and then she slipped the negligee over her head. It was a bit small because of her height and a bit tight because of her breasts but Julie still thought she looked amazing.

“What do you think?” Asked Sangitta.

“Beautiful.” Replied Julie.

“Pick up my clothes please.” Said Sangitta.

Julie bent to the floor and picked up Sangitta’s jeans and knickers and her trainers.

“Shall we go to bed?” Asked Sangitta.

“Yes please.” Said Julie.

“Make sure that the door is locked and then join me in your bedroom.” Said Sangitta and with that she disappeared upstairs.

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