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Andrew is the name. I’m eighteen and in my final year at school. I’m what you might call average. Average looks, average personality, average intelligence, just plain average, or so I consider myself. Others have different impressions. My parents think I’m Mr Perfect, teachers give me the impression that they think I’m a fool who asks too many questions, girls consider me a non-entity.

There is one way that I’m above average but I tend to hide this fact. Basically, I have a big dick. Not noticeable in a standard situation but, when erect, god help me if anyone knows. I’d be ribbed mercilessly at school. Unfortunately, no young ladies have yet been in a position to appreciate my hidden talent, but one of these days.

I was standing at the bus stop, waiting for the school bus. I was the only one there until a couple of girls who are in one of my classes rolled up. Katherine and Jennifer. More colloquially known as Kat and Jenny. Nice enough girls, my age, but not interested in me. Both on the very pretty side but at my age any girl is pretty unless she’s got a moustache bigger than my father’s.

Both girls were wearing the school uniform which is a pretty drab thing. As they walked up to the bus stop the hemline of their skirts were swishing modestly around their knees. Once at the bus stop that changed. They started hitching up their skirts, rolling them up at the waist, drawing the hems up about mid-thigh.

This had both a positive and negative impact on me. I heartily approved of the display of legs but, and it was a big but, my old fella also approved and was rising to the occasion. I could feel my trousers starting to bulge in front and desperately willed the bulge to subside, which it did. A little bit, anyway.

I’d been concentrating so fiercely on persuading my bulge to un-bulge that I hadn’t noticed the girls noticing. The girls were giggling and throwing little glances my way and I could feel the bulge starting to re form. More concentration and more giggling as the girls spotted the movement.

All would have been well if they’d left it at giggling. Kat didn’t. She turned slightly away from me and made a production of bending over to buff a mark off her shoe, her shortened skirt riding up to flash her panties at me. Just like that the bulge doubled in size. Then Jenny got into the act. She dropped her bag at her feet and bent over it. No panties this time, as she was facing me. She must have slipped a button undone, though, because I saw some sizable cleavage, and I had a raging hard-on, fortunately confined by my trousers.

There were more glances from the girls, accompanied by more giggles, while I stood there with a red face, sweating blood. The giggling stopped and I heard Kat say something, sounding slightly puzzled. Jenny replied, whatever she was saying seemed to be expressing doubt. The next thing both girls were standing in front of me, considering me.

“Andrew, isn’t it?” asked Kat and I acknowledged that she had my name right.

“Yes, well, Andrew, I was slightly puzzled over something and thought I should check. Please excuse me.”

I’m thinking, excuse you for what, and I abruptly found out. The rotten bitch calmly reached for, and took hold of my erection through my trousers, actually moving it about so that it stood up straight, or as straight as it could get in a co9nfinerd area.

“I was right,” Kat said to Jenny. “Check for yourself.”

With that another little hand was groping me through my trousers.

The girls stopped groping me and they both stood there looking at me.

“So, Andrew, just how big is it when free?” asked Kat.

“Never mind,” I said hoarsely, face hotter than ever.

“But we do mind, don’t we, Jenny,” said Kat. “I’ll tell you what. We’ll play that old game we used to play as kids. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

“You have got to be kidding,” I said, feeling slightly stunned. “In case you hadn’t noticed we’re standing in a public bus stop.”

“So what? No-one can see what we’re doing.”

The girls looked at each other, smirked, and sat down on the bus-stop bench. A bit of wriggling and two pairs of panties were being stuffed into jacket pockets. The girls bounced back to their feet, blushing slightly, and forced me to sit down. It’s easy for a girl to force a boy to do something. She just has to shove him around and he either obeys or runs away screaming. I obeyed and sat there looking like a stunned mullet, the girls facing me, and they lifted up the front of their skirts.

I’d never really considered the subject but now I knew that young ladies start shaving when they’re eighteen. Two gleaming white pussies were facing me and I could see every detail of them. The girls held their pose for a good minute before dropping their skirts back into place.

“Your turn,” said Kat, smiling.

I just sat there thinking this isn’t happening, and wondering if I should panic now or later. It turned out that neither Kat nor Jenny had any patience.

“He’s shy,” announced Jenny. “We’ll have to help him.”

With Bostancı Escort that the girls sat down either side of me and unzipped me. I was trying to push their hands away, not too desperately, but trying, and they just slapped at my hands and continued their dirty work. As soon as I was unzipped Kat reached in and yanked my undies down out of the way and my erection sprang into sight for all to see.

“Wow. Impressive. I was right,” said Kat.

Apparently they’d been trying to assess my size through my trousers. I hadn’t realised girls did that sort of thing but now that I think about it, why not? We try to see through their clothes.

“Well, now that you’ve seen, can I put it away?” I asked. “We are in a public place. Easy for you two. All you’ve got to do is keep your skirts down. I have to tuck a complete package away.”

“Well,” said Jenny with a giggle. “That’ll be easier if it’s smaller.”

Her hand glommed onto my cock and started stroking. Not to be left out, Kat did the same, and two hot little hands were exploring and rubbing to the accompaniment of a series of giggles.

It didn’t seem to me that they were doing anything to make my cock smaller. If anything it felt as though it was growing in size. They kept busily at it, even though I warned them they were playing with fire.

“You do know the damn thing is loaded and likely to go off,” I pointed out rather acidly.

“We’re counting on it,” said Kat, sounding quite happy at the prospect. “Just warn us so we can get out of the line of fire.”

All eighteen year old boys are horny and ready to fire off at a moment’s notice. Why would I be any different? A minute or so later I gave the girls their warning and they moved discretely to either side, not stopping with their gentle administrations. Then they were holding a firehose that was operating in fits and starts to the sound of muted applause from the audience.

For all their care the girls acquired sticky hands. Jenny crouched down and dived into her school bag, apparently forgetting her pantiless state, displaying everything. She then remembered and stood up hastily, blushing as she realised just how much she’d been showing. She handed Kat some wet tissues and wiped her own hands with a couple.

I was fine with the girls wiping their hands. I wasn’t quite so fine with Jenny dropping a wet tissue over my erection (Yes. It was still standing tall.) and wiping it down, especially as she seemed to think that the head needed to be polished.

“Bus,” I muttered somewhat desperately, and the girls looked up to see the bus approaching. It was almost laughable at the way they hastily sat down and wriggled into their panties. Trouble is it’s hard to laugh when you’re frantically stuffing a hard-on back inside your undies and trying to zip up.

I got onto the bus with my bag held conveniently in front of my crotch. The girls got on and sat down with some friends, all talking away nineteen to the dozen. All I could hope for was that they weren’t talking about me.

None of the girls seemed to look at me any differently and I didn’t hear any sniggering from amongst the boys so I was willing to assume that Kat and Jenny had kept their mouths shut. I guess they had to, really. Wouldn’t do much for their reputation it was known they’d jumped me and given me a hand-job at the bus-stop. I put the whole think behind me, chalking it up as an interesting experience.

The memories came surging back when I got off the bus on the way home. I don’t know where Kat was but Jenny was on the same bus, sitting up the front. She got off and I followed her off. I don’t think she’d actually spotted me, heading on down the street with a spring in her step and a bounce to her bottom.

I lived quite near the bus-stop. Just down the street a little way. Jenny was going to be walking right past my place as she wended her way home. I picked up my pace slightly, catching up with her just as she was passing the driveway to my place. Both my parents would be at work for a couple of hours yet and I’d have the house to myself.

The memory of the morning actually gave my self-confidence a real kick-start. I put my arm around Jenny’s waist and tugged slightly, steering her into my driveway. She gave me a startled look, blushed, and walked down the drive with me.

“I wanted to finish discussing that subject you and Kat raised this morning,” I told her, “but somewhere it’s a little more private.”

She was dithering a little but followed me into the house.

“Forget the ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’ stuff,” I said. “You and Kat had a chance to make a very searching examination of mine. I think that it only fair that I have the same privilege extended to me.”

“Oh, come on,” Jenny protested. “You don’t really think I’m going to whip off my panties and let you touch me up, do you?”

“That’s precisely what I think as far as it goes,” I said.

“What do you mean, as far as it goes?” she asked cautiously.

“Just that there’s a little more Ümraniye Escort involved than that. I’m hazarding a guess here from the way you handled me this morning that the pair of you aren’t virgins.”

“None of your business,” she snapped.

“Mm. I didn’t think you were. Unfortunately, I am, and I thought you’d be the ideal person to initiate me and show me what to do.”

“You’re mad. I didn’t say I wasn’t a virgin and even if I wasn’t that doesn’t mean I’d do it with you.”

“If you were still a virgin you’d have said so in a deeply insulted tone. The fact that you didn’t tends to say non-virgin. What makes me think you’ll do it with me was that you were rather fascinated by what I’ve got and I could see you were itching to try it out. Now you’ll be able to.”

She was giving me nasty looks but she was also not trying to leave. Despite herself, she was interested.

“Why pick on me? Why not try Kat?”

“You were here. Kat wasn’t. I can assure you, I’ll be doing my best to catch Kat sometime in the near future. I’d just as soon you don’t tell her that you’ve initiated me as I want to use the same line on her. I suspect that she’ll get a real kick out of showing me what to do.”

Jenny blushed. “You’d lie to her and use the same line even if you’re no longer a virgin?”

“Like a shot if it’s going to get me laid a second time,” I said cheerfully.

“Yes, well, I haven’t said that I was going to initiate you, anyway.”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about deciding right now,” I said agreeably. “First things first.”

I reached over and took her school bag off her and tossed it on the table.

“Here, hold this for a minute,” I told her, lifting up the hem of her skirt. Like an idiot she promptly clutched hold of it, leaving my hands free to lower her panties, leaving her pussy on display for the second time that day. (Third time actually. I hadn’t forgotten that second accidental flash from the morning.) She squealed and let go her skirt but it was a little late.

I tapped on her ankles to make her lift her feet and slid the panties right off, tucking them in her jacket pocket.

“Come on,” I coaxed, hand on her back and gently pressing. “We’ll be more comfortable sitting down.”

I steered her down and into my bedroom, though she did falter a little when she saw the bed.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to force you. Bit hard to force someone when you’ve only got a hazy idea of how to go about it.”

Actually, I had a pretty good idea of how the different pieces fitted together but I wanted her owning the action. She could hardly complain if she’s the one showing me what to do.

I sat down on my bed, pulling her towards me so she was facing me. My hands slid under her skirt and up, my hands on her bare bottom, cupping her cheeks.

“Did you know I’m a firm believer in discipline?” I asked her, and she shook her head, having no idea what I was on about.

“Well, I am, and what you and Kat did this morning was a dirty trick and you need to be disciplined for it. Seeing I have you here I might as well go on and do precisely that.”

“What? You liked what we did this morning. You were enormous.”

“It was humiliating,” I protested. “I felt so cheap and used. No, discipline is what is called for.”

“Cheap and used my eye,” she snapped. “You were in the mood to bend us over the bench and try to take us both at the same time. If the bus hadn’t come along you probably would have.”

“Not at the same time,” I pointed out. “I only have the equipment for one at a time.”

“The hell you have. You’ve got enough there for two. I saw it, remember.”

Ah, flattery. Don’t you just love it?

“Just what do you mean by discipline, anyway?” she asked.

“Oh, for a first offence I think a small spanking will suffice. The fewer the clothes, the smaller the spanking. Do you want me to help you get undressed?”

As I asked that question I started tugging her blouse out from her skirt.

“I can do it,” she snapped, slapping my hands away, and then looked dismayed at what she’d just agreed to. I deliberately didn’t notice the look on her face, just gesturing to show that I’d keep my hands off while she undressed.

I’ll admit that I was a little surprised when she started to undress. She was chewing on her lip a little, but going ahead with it. Not that she had much to take off. Jacket, blouse, bra and skirt and she was done. The jacket and blouse she had no real problems with. Oddly enough she only hesitated for a minute before unclipping her skirt and letting that drop. Where she did seem reluctant was undoing her bra. Possibly because her breasts would then be so prominently on display. Still, after dithering for a few more moments it came off, leaving her nice and nude.

I let her see the appreciation I felt. She really did have a nice body. I stood up and started undoing my trousers.

“Ah, what are you doing?” she muttered. “I have not agreed to have sex with you and you know it.”

“That’s OK. I Ataşehir Escort just felt that while you’re being mercilessly spanked you would probably need something to hang on to.”

“Arrogant pig,” she snorted. “I haven’t even agreed to be spanked. A little touching, maybe, but that’s all.”

“A little touching?” I asked. “Like this?”

I pulled her face down over my knee, cock pressing against her side, and ran my hands over her bottom, sliding it down to go probing at the space at the top of her legs, exploring finger prodding at some very soft flesh there. She gasped and squirmed a bit and I explored a bit more. Deliberately or accidentally, her legs drifted further apart. I didn’t care which. I just cared that I now had more room to explore. Female flesh, I found, was fascinating.

Seeing I only needed one hand to slip between her legs my other hand just naturally sought out her breast and started stroking it. Jenny was wriggling a little but not trying to interfere with my wandering hands.

“OK,” I announced. “Preliminaries are over. Spanking time.”

I brought my hand down sharply on her bottom, noisy, but not overly hurtful. Jenny squealed and protested, pointing out that she’d never agreed to a spanking.

“Well, no,” I admitted, “but how often does the spankee agree to be spanked? It would be silly to wait around for permission that just isn’t going to come. It’s far easier to spank away and apologise afterwards if it was the wrong thing to do.”

While explaining this fine piece of logic I continued dropping some spanks onto her bottom. Not just her bottom, either. She had a fine fat pussy with nice plump lips, lips that it wouldn’t hurt to have slapped a little.

I started to drop a few more spanks to her pussy on a fairly regular basis, making sure I was rubbing her breast every time a spank landed there. Dividing her attention and confusing her.

Jenny was squirming and squealing and making little protest, but she was also staying right there where I’d positioned her. I know she was getting aroused by the action as I’ll swear that the last spank to her mound splashed, she was so wet.

I paused in the various spanks and squeezes and general touching and poking to take hold of Jenny’s hand. I moved it between our bodies and she promptly closed it over my erection.

I wanted to say I told you so but felt it might be dangerous. After all, she did have a firm hold on my cock. Who knew what damage she could do if I annoyed her? I kept my mouth shut and carried on spanking.

At least, I carried on doing something. The spanks decreased and the pussy touching and probing increased, my fingers wandering inside, sensing her reactions to the way I touched her. At the same time her hand was squeezing and relaxing against my cock, and it was getting harder by the second.

Any harder, I decided, and my cock would snap. I suddenly stood, lifting her up, turned and dropped her on the bed. Before she’d finished bouncing I was on the bed with her, kneeling between her parted thighs, my cock resting on her lower tummy.

She hesitated for a fraction of a split-second before coming to a decision.

“All right,” she said, trying to sound resigned and only sounding eager. “Go ahead and do it.”

“Do what?” I asked. “I’m the virgin, remember. You’re supposed to be showing me.”

“You’re kidding,” she said in a very small voice.

I shook my head, waiting. This I figured was a brand new situation to her. I was pretty sure she wasn’t a virgin BUT I was also damned sure she didn’t have much experience. She was desperately trying to work out what to do without making herself look silly.

She finally made a move. A hand slipped between her legs and eased her lips apart. Her other hand caught hold of my cock and dragged it down until it was pressing between her lips.

“Push,” she said in a small voice. “Just remember there’s a lot of you so you’ll have to push very slowly to give me time to adjust.”

I had actually decided that myself. I knew my sex education, and knew she’d have to stretch to accommodate me. It was my intention to screw her, not hurt her. I followed her dictate and pushed, gently.

Oh man, it was marvellous. She was tight and slippery, her body seeming to wrap around my cock as I moved in. As instructed I moved slowly, drilling deeper and deeper, feeling her pressing up against me, taking me in.

Jenny was making funny little noises as I kept coming. Fortunately, they seemed to be eager little noises, not horrified ones. One last little push and I was home. Jenny was looking up at me with an odd look on her face.

“Oh my god,” she said. “I don’t believe this. I seriously didn’t think it would fit.”

“Uh-huh,” I drawled. “Um, I’m waiting for more instructions, coach. What do I do now?”

“Don’t you give me that,” she yelled. “You know damn well what to do now.”

I must humbly admit that I did. Anyone who has the internet will have found out what to do – probably from an early age. I smiled at her and started doing it. Slowly. Very slowly.

It was an interesting and exhilarating experience feeling her passage clinging to me and sliding over me as I moved slowly back and forth. Also frustrating, as my cock was already yelling for more speed. I ignored it, ploughing steadily on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32