The Boss Pt. 02

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Boss pulled his cum covered cock out of my ass, my legs still shaking from his hard pounding.

“Go get something to clean me up,” he snapped. “Hey, your husband always carries a handkerchief with him doesn’t he? Go get that from him,” he said. A mean, wicked look in his eye.

“Yes sir,” I responded, my ass still over full with his cum, as it trickled down the inside of my legs.

“And I guess you’d better use these to clean yourself up,” he said throwing my pink panties back to me from across the table.

Jeez, he was an asshole. He didn’t care about anybody but himself and always sought to satisfy his needs at the expense of others. Not only had he just fucked my husbands’ wife in her ass, delivering his cum up my anal cavity as he scolded my husband on the phone. But now he wanted to humiliate him even more by using his favourite handkerchief to clean his cum and my juices from off his still hard cock.

Confused as to why I should need it so desperately, my husband was not eager to part with his prized possession. I had given it to him when our relationship was at its best while dating in high school. Those days were long ago now, and my lofty ambitions for him had come crashing down. Now he was just a weak ass cuckold husband that couldn’t satisfy me at all. That was why I had given myself to bosses deranged desires.

Returning to bosses office, I kneeled down and cleaned him off.

” I want him to watch,” he stated from nowhere.

Confused and shocked I asked him what he meant.

“Your husband, I want him to watch me fuck you in the ass. I want him to know that he’s being cuckolded. And I want him to know that his boss is the one doing it. I want him to know that every time you’re in my office, and he’s out there at his desk, there’s a pretty high porno chance my hard cock will be in his wife’s ass, mere feet away,” he stated, almost is it were the most normal request in the world.

“But if he knows, he might leave me,” I replied, shocked.

“No. He’s too much of a pussy boy. He’ll accept his place and know there’s nothing he can do about it,” he said firmly.

“Are you sure,” he said hesitantly.

“Yes. One-hundred-percent sure. Tell him tonight at home over dinner. And then I will come to your home around seven. I want him to know that I’m the boss of your home too. Understood?” He asked.

“Yes, but…” I began.

“I don’t have time for questions. Seven tonight. Have him prepared to watch his wife fucked in the ass. Hell, I might even make the little bitch lick my cum out of your ass afterwards to make him sure he understands his place.” He laughed.

Holy fuck! I thought as I left his office. He was a dominant and demanding boss alright. I had thought he would be satisfied with fucking me in the ass over his office desk whenever he wanted to, but wanting my husband to watch, and in our own home, now that was fucked up.

As I arrived home that evening knowing I had to break the news to my husband, dread came over me.

“Sit down,” I said, “I have something I need to tell you.” I could tell already he was worried.

Sitting at the kitchen table, I needed to be fast as it was already close to seven, I knew boss wouldn’t be late and I would be bent over this table as soon as he arrived and fucked in my ass to the audience of husband.

“As you know things haven’t been the same with us for a while. You’re not good at your job, you’re weak and feeble. You know I have no interest in you sexually anymore.” I admitted. He knew, of course, his expression remaining solemn.

“Well I’ve needed to seek sexual satisfaction from another man,” I admitted, watching his eyes eagerly. I felt sure he must have expected it, maybe he even knew already who it was. Such was the gossip at work. Although no one there liked him, so chances were, that he was none the wiser.

“Who?” He asked. One word all he was able to muster.

“Our boss. When you lost your job and screwed up our finances I made a deal with him to get your pathetic sorry ass back. I let him fuck me in the ass.” I admitted without a care.

Now his face registered shock.

“In the ass? But we never…” he stuttered.

“And we never will,” I shot back. Then came the ring at the door. He was early. Fifteen minutes early. Shit, he was just playing with me. He was planning to barge in here and just let my husband find out the simple way, by coming in here and opening up my ass and fucking it, while husband watched, oblivious as to what the hell was going on.

“That’s him now,” I said rushed, “he’s come here to fuck me in the ass while you watch. So you’d better just accept it. He’s early, so he wanted to just let you find out when he waltzed in here and roasted me in front of you. But I’m not as heartless as he is, I thought you should know about it before he came in. And now you do.” I stated.

Standing up I went straight to the front door and let him in.

As if it were his own home, boss strode straight into the kitchen without a care for my husband and immediately unzipped his trousers and unhooked his hefty shaft ready to fuck me again.

“Sorry to have to do this to your wife,” he said to my husband, “but a pussy like you isn’t suitable for a woman like her.” He said. Pushing me over the desk, almost in a hurry he pulled down my panties and within seconds, his hard shaft was packed back up my ass where it always seemed to be these days.

Hubby just sat there, his mouth dropped in shock, as boss screwed my ass right there in front of him.

“Now you understand your place don’t you,” boss told hubby. “From now on, you are my cuckold and your wife is my office whore. But not just my office whore. I’m the boss of this house too,” he stated matter of factly as he pumped his cock into my tight ass, his hands grabbing around my slim waist.

“You’re going to have a key made for me tomorrow, and whenever I feel the urge to fuck her in the ass, I’ll come around here unannounced so I can fill her ass up again with my hot cum,” he stated.

“What the fuck!” I thought. He hadn’t mentioned that to me. I didn’t know that was part of the agreement.

“You can start work a little later tomorrow,” he told my husband. “You can go get the key cut for me. I want you in my office no later than ten, understood?” He stated, my husband, nodding like a dog in compliance. God he was such a pussy, he couldn’t even speak up for himself now while his wife was getting pounding in her ass right in front of his eyes.

“Yes sir,” he replied. Jeez, he was such a cuckold.

And with that, boss pounded my weak ass with his final thrusts and shoot more of his hot cum up my anal cavity before sliding his cum covered cock out again.

“I should make you clean off my cock and dig my cum out of your wife’s ass with your tongue,” he threatened. “But I’m not as depraved as you might think I am,” he said pulling his trousers back on, ready to leave.

“Besides,” he continued. I have a feeling your wife might make you dig it out of her ass after I’m gone, for being such a pussy boy. “But that’s her choice. In this house, after me, she’s the second in command.

With that, he was gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32