The Cherry Poppers Ch. 15

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“You sure you gals are ready for this?” Jason asked pulling his car into the parking lot behind the Theta Chi fraternity.

“We’ve been thinking of nothing else for days. I can’t wait,” Stephanie boasted.

“I’m ready too,” Pam responded but sounded a little less convincing than Stef.

“Okay … we’ll get you two situated in the room before I get the other guys. Chad might be in the room. You can start with him while I get the others if you like,” Jason proposed.

“Sounds good to me,” Stef stated, obviously quite horny.

“He’s cute,” Pam appraised as they got out of the car.

They entered the fraternity from the back and quickly made their way to Jason and Chad’s room. Chad was indeed there and put away his books when the two girls entered with Jason. Chad had some incense already burning and he lit a couple candles as the women sat on the lower bunk bed. He had purchased two air mattresses which lay blown up on the floor. Jason announced he was going to get the others.

“So, Chad, miss me?” Stef started things off by stating as the door shut behind Jason.

“Absolutely, Stef. The last time we saw each other was a lot of fun,” Chad added.

“Well, I’m up for more fun if you are,” Stephanie said.

“Without a doubt,” Chad agreed but looked over to Pam to access her reaction.

Stephanie noticed his glance and also looked to Pam. She was looking a little nervous now that the craziness was about to begin. Stef knew she would come around but just needed some encouragement. She stood up and pulled Pam by the hand with her. She walked Pam over to a sitting Chad. He went to stand but Stef put her hand on his shoulder.

“Just sit there and watch Pam give you a show,” Stef indicated. Pam and Chad both looked at her questioningly as she moved behind Pam.

“Just relax you two and leave everything to me,” Stephanie added and grabbed the front of Pam’s shirt from behind.

Stef lifted the shirt up slowly exposing inch after inch of Pam’s flat bare tummy. Pam was taller than Stef and she appeared to Chad as just two hands working from behind Pam. Soon the shirt rising exposed the lacy bottom of her bra. Pam and Stef had gone shopping for just the right outfits and under-garments for their evening of debauchery at the frat house. Pam had chosen a navy colored bra and matching thong. The lacy bra was soon completely exposed as was the swell of her smaller breasts from the cleavage accentuating bra. Chad watched as Stef helped Pam take the shirt completely off.

Next Stef’s hands reached around and undid the button at the top of Pam’s jean skirt. Pam looked between Stef’s hands and Chad’s face for reaction while Chad looked at what Stef’s hands were doing and up to look at Pam. He noticed how submissively Pam stood and let Stef expose more and more of her body to his gaze. Soon the skirt was dropped to the floor, where Pam easily stepped out of it, her lacy, navy blue thong right before his face. He could smell Pam’s perfume as Stef removed her clothes before him. The scent and sight of Pam were making his cock press into the crotch of his jeans.

Stef reached around Pam and grabbed the top of her thong but instead of pulling it down, she pulled it up. The reason was immediately apparent to Chad as the outline of Pam’s cunt lips created a provocative sight behind the taut thong with the bulging labia and the obvious cleft in the middle. Pam moaned lightly as the pulling dragged the lacy fabric across and deeper into her shaved pussy and against her clit.

“Look at her pussy, Chad. Doesn’t it look inviting?” Stef asked looking around Pam.

“God, yes,” Chad replied a bit weakly as the air seemed to be trapped in his lungs.

“Do you want to fuck that pussy, Chad?” Stephanie asked.

“God, you know it,” Chad responded.

Stef let go of the thong but it only relaxed slightly. Chad thought he could see moisture wetting the lacy thong right in the lower part of the cleft still visible in the front of Pam’s panties. He couldn’t take his eyes from Pam’s thinly cover mound until his peripheral vision noticed other movement above. He glanced up just in time to see Pam’s bra come loose and be lifted from her tits. His breath caught further in his throat as Pam’s luscious brown nipples came into view. Her tits were okay, not huge, but the nipples were like giant Hersey’s kisses ready to be eaten. All of a sudden his mouth felt wet with saliva as it contemplated sucking on those beauties.

“Aren’t they incredible?” Stef praised Pam’s nipples.

“Gorgeous,” Chad stated simply in his mesmerized stare.

Stef nudged Pam forward a half step right into Chad’s face, “Go ahead … touch them,” Stef encouraged.

Chad looked up into Pam’s face and saw no sign she would complain. In fact, Pam’s eyes were giving away the lust her body was feeling at this slow striptease before Chad. Her pussy was wetting something terrific and her greater fear was he would notice and be put off by her wet thong. Chad’s hands stole up her sides to caress her breasts and touch Anadolu Yakası Escort her nipples. She couldn’t suppress the low moan that escaped her lips at his touch.

“Go ahead and suck on them. She loves that,” Stephanie informed.

Due to Pam’s height, Chad had to push up off the seat a little to get enough height to align his mouth with her nipples. He did so and took the left brown morsel into his mouth. Pam groaned this time a little more loudly.

“She likes that, Chad. Suck those beauties,” Stef instructed.

Chad switched to the other nipple as the bulge in his pants was now getting uncomfortable and extremely noticeable even in his partially squat stance. A knock at the door drew Stephanie away temporarily. It was Trevor and Kyle, the first of the new guys to arrive as Jason went door to door. Stef ushered them in and shut the door. Both guys gasped lightly when they saw what Chad was doing even though Pam had her back to them. It was obvious all she had on was the tiny, lacy thong and Chad had his face on her tits. Stef asked their names, told them hers, and also Pam’s even though her back was still too them.

“Like what you see boys? Come closer,” Stef said taking Trevor by the hand and leading him to the side of Pam while Kyle moved to the other side.

Pam was concentrating on Chad’s mouth but glanced side to side as the other two guys gathered around. Stef heard her moan as she saw that these new guys were eying up her body and the wetness of her nipples as Chad switched between them. Her pussy pulsed with renewed vigor and lust as she was now on display for three guys.

“Oh, god,” Pam muttered.

“Look at those chocolate nipples,” Kyle exclaimed.

“Unbelievable,” Trevor moaned aloud.

“Aren’t they beautiful, boys?” Stef stated. “Wait till you see this.”

Stef grabbed the waistband of Pam’s thong and pushed down. The tight fabric rolled up slightly and stuck to her cunt momentarily. Her juices had soaked the bottom of the thong especially the part where it becomes little more than a string between her ass cheeks. The thong came loose and dropped to the floor where Stef helped Pam step from it. She was completely exposed now and Pam moaned as the guys feasted on every inch of her body. Chad even stopped his attack on her now erect and wet nipples to look at her shaved cunt.

“Good god, look at that pussy,” Kyle praised.

“Sweet,” Chad expressed.

Trevor had this look on his face like he might bust a nut in his pants. Stef spotted this and took his hand. She led him to the lower bunk and had him sit. Stef dropped to her knees between his legs and looked into his eyes. He was sort of handsome in a kid-next-door kinda way. He was obviously not very experienced with woman and Stef figured she’d show him the ropes.

“Let’s take off your pants, sweetie,” Stef said moving her hands to his belt.

“Oh, god,” Trevor gasped as he watched Stef adeptly open his belt and the button on his jeans.

He raised his hips as Stef swiftly pulled his pants and boxers off in one abrupt action. Trevor’s hard cock bounced free and stood erect as a steel girder as Stephanie pulled his clothes off his legs and set them aside on the floor. The bed might be needed for other things very soon. Stef glanced at Trevor and smiled. His look was like that of a deer caught in the headlights, but he intently watched her every move. Stef looked back to his cock. It wasn’t impressive, about five inches. Not nearly Jason’s eight inches or even as thick. It made her wonder how the rest of the guys would be. She hope for at least one good sized one but didn’t really care that much. So long as they were hard, could cum loads, and often, she would be happy and so would Pam. She looked back to his face.

“You’re nice and hard already,” Stef praised. She had read somewhere to make the guy feel good about his cock somehow even if it was a strain to come up with something.

“Can I touch it?” she added.

Trevor just nodded his approval. Stef stole a quick glance to Pam and the other two guys. Pam was seated on the desk now with Chad in the seat eating her pussy. Kyle was making out with Pam and playing with her tits and nipples. It was easy to tell he had some experience with women his roommate didn’t share. Stef turned back to Trevor’s cock just as her hands found his shaft and balls. She noticed his sack was already tight.

“Ahh,” Trevor moaned as he felt her first touch.

Stef noticed a drop of pre-cum form at the tip of his cock with the bedside lamp still on. She lightly smeared it around the sensitive head making Trevor groan aloud. She could tell he was close and didn’t want to embarrass him with cumming to soon.

“You close to cumming, Trevor?” Stef asked.

“I don’t know. I think so,” Trevor confessed.

“That’s cool, dude,” Stephanie said. “I’m sure you’ll be able to get it up again, right?”

“Sure,” Trevor proposed.

“How about I suck it a little for you then?” Stef asked. “Would you like that?”

“Sure,” Kartal Escort Trevor repeated but his eyes gave away his excitement and his cock twitched boldly in her hands.

Having been a virgin till recently herself, Stef seemed particularly patient with this guy. She could sense his hair trigger and didn’t want him to be put off by the experience of cumming to soon. She gently caressed his cock and balls, careful not to apply too much pressure. The sudden realization she could help some of these guys through their sexual shyness, like Jason had helped Pam and her, was a strong aphrodisiac to Stef. The idea of her as a sex instructor appealed to her and made her smile slightly.

Stef noticed another drop appear at the tiny slit at the head of Trevor’s cock. She leaned down and swiped this one away with her tongue.

“Oh, god,” Trevor grunted at the sudden contact of her tongue tip to his overly sensitive cockhead.

Stef knew he was very close, “Cum in my mouth, Trevor,” Stef offered.

“Huh,” Trevor moaned and looked into her face.

Stef just smiled at him and plunged her mouth down over his cockhead. She felt Trevor tremble at the warmth and wetness of her mouth. He growled like a wounded animal as her tongue immediately teased the hyper-sensitive nerve endings below the head.

“Fuck,” Trevor yelled and dropped his head back as he felt the grumbling in his balls become an instant earthquake.

Stef had barely begun to suck him when his cock exploded in her mouth like a geyser going off. She was actually surprised by the size of his load which continued to pulse cum into her mouth for several strong jets and several weaker ones. She was still learning herself and obviously the size of a guy’s organ or balls had little to do with the amount of spunk he could feed her. She wondered when the last time Trevor had masturbated had been. Had he been saving up for a week? That was impossible if it had been because of tonight. They had only arranged this little orgy in the last twenty-four hours.

Stef swallowed a mouthful and she still had more left and more still oozing from his deflating cock. She managed to get that down too. His sperm was salty and pretty thick which made it harder to swallow. She managed though.

When Stef removed her mouth from Trevor’s cock and looked up, his head was still back and his eyes were closed. Stef toyed with his softening cock until he eventually opened his eyes and looked at her. She smiled back at him.

“Wow! That was a good load,” Stef praised smiling. “Did you like that?”

“Oh, god yes,” Trevor replied.

“I can do it again when you’re ready or you can fuck me. Would you like that?” Stephanie offered.

“Definitely,” Trevor answered just as they heard the doorknob turning.

Jason was the first to enter followed by Chris and Corey. Jason immediately spotted Stephanie on the floor holding the wet and shrunken cock of Trevor. By the tiny white drop at the corner of her lips, Jason could tell what had just taken place. He also noticed Trevor’s bare ass on the comforter of his bed.

“Get the fuck off my bedspread,” Jason barked to Trevor.

“Sorry, Jason,” Stef said. “I brought him over to it.”

“It’s okay but I want to remove my bedspread. The sheets I don’t care about, I can strip it later,” Jason stated.

“Okay,” Trevor said, getting off the bed as Stephanie stood.

Jason pulled off the bedspread and bunched it up on top of his desk for the time being to keep it from any further soiling. When he turned he noticed Chad fucking Pam in the missionary position on one of the air mattresses while Kyle knelt at Pam’s head so she could suck his dick. He then turned to observe Stephanie with the two new guys and Trevor. He had wanted to warn her, it had taken more convincing by Chris and him to get Corey to come to the orgy. Despite the fact he was a virgin and likely to get laid for the first time, and get his dick sucked, he had been reluctant. It took a while but they finally persuaded him.

Jason saw his little informative talk with Stephanie would either have to wait or might not be necessary at all, as she already had introduced herself and more. She had the three guys helping her to remove all her clothes. Her shirt was already unbuttoned and the guys were feasting their eyes on the bursting bra trying to contain her fabulously large tits. Jason decided after his recent fucking of the two virgins earlier in the evening that he would sit it out and watch for a little while. He sat down on his bed cross-legged and leaned against the wall.

Noise from Chad, Kyle, and Pam drew his attention first. Pam was moaning loudly around Kyle’s dick in her mouth as Chad fucked her hard and fast. By the strain on his face, Jason could tell he was close to cumming. From the looks of things, Chad wasn’t waiting for Pam to orgasm first but instead just fucking her to get off and let Kyle replace him. As he watched, Chad grunted and buryed his cock inside of Pam. His face and her squeal gave away the Maltepe Escort fact that his cock was spraying her insides with his cum.

Jason looked back to Stef and the three guys had managed to remove her bra. She had a huge smile on her face as the guys caressed her tits and made comments about how great they were. Her smile was one of pride as the guys described the size, firmness, and color of her magnificent melons. Her nipples were already erect and growing more so as the guys took turns touching them.

“Mmm … that’s good, boys,” Stef said as they handled her tits.

“God, they’re fuckin’ huge,” Chris said.

“Good god, they’re beautiful,” Trevor agreed.

“Nice,” Corey praised.

“You can handle them a little harder and pull my nipples a little more if you want,” Stephanie encouraged with a smile.

Jason glanced back to the other group to find Chad pulling his cum soaked cock from deep inside Pam. He shifted around to her head as Kyle moved towards her pussy from the other side. Chad’s back blocked Jason’s view for a second but then moved further up Pam’s body. He watched as Chad pushed his cum slick cock towards Pam’s mouth. She didn’t hesitate but sucked it right in. Chad moaned with the pleasure of her mouth as Jason also watched Kyle push himself deeply into Pam in one swift stroke. Obviously, Chad’s cum provided plenty of lubrication.

“Mmm … ,”Pam groaned around Chad’s cock as she felt Kyle probe her insides.

Jason wondered if her moan was because Kyle was larger than Chad. He hadn’t noticed but wasn’t looking for that either. He glanced back to the other group to find Stephanie down on the other air mattress. Trevor and Corey were each sucking on a distended nipple and Chris was pulling off her cute shorts. Jason hadn’t paid much attention to Stef’s bra, only noticing it was red. Now he saw her red thong come into view. With her darker hair and pale skin, the red material looked great on her. It didn’t last long though as Chris pulled those off too.

“Fuck, she’s shaved!” Chris exclaimed.

Both Corey and Trevor stopped to look down, “Holy shit,” Trevor said.

“God, dude … look at that,” Corey added.

Jason laughed to himself as the rookies check out Stef. Stephanie had a great body, but he wondered what these virgins would do if they ever saw the beautiful redhead, Beth or the ebony wonder, Sheila. He was still smiling as he watched Stef get up on her elbows to look down where Chris was. If the guys liked this maybe he would see if Claire and Kim were up for it as well. ‘Those two babes would be a real treat for these guys to see and fuck,’ Jason thought. ‘Caitlin and Nina would be another great pair but not likely to go for an orgy like this.’

“Ever eat a girl before?” Stef asked of Chris.


“Give it a try. Just use your fingers to open me and stick your tongue in there. It’s great. You’ll like it. Isn’t that right?” Stef said turning to Jason on the bed.

“She’s got a sweet snapper,” Jason responded with a laugh.

“Funny … you liked it,” Stef boasted.

“Yes, I did. She’s good, Chris. Dig right in, dude,” Jason encouraged.

He watched Chris hesitantly part Stef’s pussy and gaze at the pink insides. Jason couldn’t see but guessed she was already wet from three guys ogling her and feeling her up. Corey and Trevor leaned down more to get a better look inside Stef. She seemed to enjoy having three pairs of eyes feast on her charms. She smiled at Jason before gasping as Chris stuck his tongue abruptly into her.

“Oh, sweetie, that’s it. Move it around, baby,” Stephanie encouraged Chris.

“Damn, she likes it, Chris,” Trevor said.

“Sure does,” Corey added.

“You boys come back to sucking my tits,” Stef instructed and the guys complied. She moaned as the three guys feasted on her ample breasts.

Jason shifted his gaze back to the other three. They had shifted again and Pam was now on her knees. She was being fucked at both ends. Chad had either kept his hardon or recovered quickly as he sawed his boner deep into Pam’s hungry mouth. Jason remembered how good that mouth could be. Kyle was pounding her pussy and from the look on his face was close to cumming. Pam groaned around Chad’s cock in her mouth. She was obviously close too. Jason watched spellbound as Kyle grunted loudly and buried his cock inside Pam. He was cumming inside her and Pam gasped as her orgasm took her too. Jason watched her tremble and push back into Kyle as his cock throbbed inside her quaking pussy.

‘Oh, god, this is a real fuckin’ orgy,’ Jason realized as his own cock finally recovered enough from the events earlier to be turned on by the erotic sights before him.

He shifted on the bed to ease some of the strain his big dick was making against his pants. He looked back to Stef and she was sucking Trevor’s cock again while Chris still ate her. Corey was still playing with her tits. As he watched, Chris quickly stripped off his pants and underwear. He was hard as a pole and moved to fuck his decent sized cock into her. Stef felt him pushing in the wrong spot and reached a hand down to help him. Chris moaned as his cock sank into her tight, soft wetness. He was probably experiencing his first ever entry into a pussy and from the look on his face he had found heaven.

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