The Doctor’s Visit

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He woke up before the alarm went off and felt particularly horny so he reached over to caress her breasts and see if he could interest her in a “morning quickie.” Her nipples responded immediately but she stopped his hand as he started to move it down her body and explained that this was the day for her annual pap smear and she didn’t want to go to the doctor “messy”. He faked a pout and she just laughed, promising him that she would make up for it that night. His false frown turned to a smile because he knew she would.

The alarm went off and they both began their morning routines of preparing for their work days. Thinking about what they would do later gave him a raging hard on while he was in the shower so he jacked off quickly and knew he would have difficulty concentrating at work today. In preparation for her exam she took extra care in shaving her legs and made sure she washed her labia, clit and ass very thoroughly. It was a “girl thing” but she wanted to be fresh and clean for her gynecologist. They grabbed a quick cup of coffee together and went their separate ways but she made sure the goodbye kiss she gave him was long and deep and sensual. She knew he would be wondering what she was going to do to make up for putting him off that morning and the thought of having him horny all day aroused her. She had to think of something special to surprise him with.

She arrived for her doctor’s appointment on time and was surprised that she didn’t have to wait long before the nurse called her back to the exam room. This was routine so she barely thought about what she was doing as she slipped out of her clothes and put on the thin gown that never kept you warm enough! Soon there was a knock on the door and her doctor came in with the nurse behind him. He asked her some questions and since she hadn’t been having any problems the exam proceeded to the “fun” part that puts women in the most humiliating position ever thought of! Even though she had been examined like this since she was 18 she still found it a bit embarrassing to have her legs spread wide open with her feet stuck in stirrups while her ass was stuck up in the face of a man with whom she had no personal relationship.

She lay back against the pillow and waited for the inevitable probing of her vagina and uterus in a very clinical way by her doctor. After assuring her that everything felt normal she felt his gloved hand exit her vagina as he told her to relax. She knew what was coming next. With a very well lubricated finger she felt the doctor probe her anus with his finger while he pressed on her abdomen with his other hand. In the past this part of the exam had been the most uncomfortable part but today she shocked herself by fantasizing about her lover doing this. She felt her clit twinge and hoped her doctor didn’t notice. As he pulled out his gloved hand she was aware that she now felt aroused and this caused her to blush. PLEASE don’t let him notice she thought to herself although realistically she knew she wasn’t the first woman to kozyatağı escort respond to this type of exam and she certainly wasn’t the last.

The doctor asked her again if she had any questions and then he left the room. The nurse handed her a wash cloth so she could wipe herself clean of the excess KY jelly that was now coating her pussy and ass. She was surprised to feel how wet she was as she wiped the cloth across her clit. When she reached around to her ass and rubbed the hole to remove the lubricant she felt her clit begin to swell and had to fight the urge to finger fuck herself right there in the exam room. Mmmm…she was starting to get an idea about how she would surprise him tonight.

He called her at the office that afternoon as he always did but she was in a playful mood and made several sexual innuendoes during their conversation. He played along and started to describe for her how hard his cock was and how he was stroking it under his desk. The mental picture that came into her mind caused her pussy to leak juice and for the second time that day she was very tempted masturbate. After a little more teasing they hung up, each with their own thoughts about what they would do later that evening.

She got home first and found he left a message on the machine saying he would be a little late but he also would bring home dinner. “Perfect” she thought, that will give me time to get ready. She wanted this night to be a very special sexual experience for both of them so she prepared a bath and found a sexy gown she knew he particularly liked. After drying off she put some flavored oil they bought at a sex shop in all the places she wanted his tongue to be. As she touched her nipples and inner thigh she felt her clit and pussy respond. She was already wet! Oh yes, this was going to be a good night!

He came home a little later and she met him in the foyer with a hug and kiss, making sure she brushed her nipples against his chest. He had stopped and picked up her favorite pizza so they moved to the kitchen and had a quick supper. She noticed him looking at her body through the shear black gown and made sure she stood in the light so he could see the outline of her naked body. “Nice outfit” he remarked and she just gave him a wicked smile. As he reached to take her in his arms her pager went off and it was a call she really had to return so she told him to go take a quick shower and promised to meet him in the bedroom.

The call took longer than she expected but when she finished she turned her pager off. As she headed toward the bedroom she heard the soft sounds of music and noticed that he had lit candles around the room. He was laying on the bed and had several of their toys beside him. His cock was already semi hard and when she walked toward him he started to stroke it for her because he knew how much that turned her on. She responded by doing a seductive striptease as she removed her gown. She watched his face as she rubbed küçükyalı escort her now hard nipples and let her hands reach between her legs to expose her swollen and wet clit. His cock was very hard now as he continued to stroke it. Joining him on their king size bed she sat on her knees and took one of the dildos in her hand.

As he watched her she rubbed the tip of it over her clit and then began to fuck herself with it, slowly at first and then faster. She saw the pre cum on his cock and knew from his groans that he was very close to shooting his load so she wiggled toward him and took his throbbing member in her hands. As she removed the dildo from her pussy it made a sucking sound, indicating to him how very wet she was. She began rubbing his red and raging head against her clit. She was so wet and horny that it only took a moment before his prick was covered in her pussy juice as her body wrenched with the intensity of her orgasm. She felt his fingers in her pussy and she knew he wanted to wait to cum inside her later.

Finally, after several “after shocks” she collapsed against him with her head in his lap. The tip of his now semi limp cock was right next to her nose and the smell of his sex turned her on because she knew it was her body that excited him. Gently she began fingering his dick, licking the head and circling the ridge with her tongue. It didn’t take long to get a response. She looked up at him and asked him what he would like her to do to please him. “Just keep on doing what you are doing” he said in between moans of obvious pleasure. “No, tell me if there is anything special you want to do.” Still stroking his cock, she sat up and looked at him, waiting for a response. “Ok, put on a show.” She picked up the dildo again and teased him by rubbing it around her pussy. His cock swelled even more in her hand as he watched her.

Putting on a show for him was such a turn on! She slid back slightly and spread her legs wide for him so he could watch her finger her clit while she fucked herself with the plastic cock. “Go baby…fuck yourself for me” he shouted and this only made her more excited. Her clit was on fire again but she wanted this to last. Her pussy was so wet that the dildo made those loud sucking noises as she pushed it deep inside her body and then pulled it back out. She loved doing this for him and knew the sounds and smells were driving him crazy. He was stroking his cock faster and she could tell by its swollen purple head that they were both going to have some very intense orgasms tonight.

She removed the dildo from her cunt and as he watched she circled each of her hard nipples with it. With his eyes still on her she took each of her breasts and lifted them to her mouth and began licking off her own pussy juice. His moans told her that he liked what he saw and she was getting more turned on by the minute. Suddenly her mind slipped back to her exam that morning and she had an idea.

After sucking mutlukent escort on her nipples a little more just to tease him she rolled over on her stomach. Spreading her legs for him to have a good view she plunged the dildo back in her pussy to get it wet. Then she replaced it with her fingers, making sure she probed deep and got them very wet. She could see the look on his face and knew that he was enjoying every minute of the show she was putting on for him!

Next, she spread her ass cheeks revealing her tight hole. She rubbed the rim with her pussy covered fingers and then gently inserted first one then two. The feeling made her moan with pleasure. She saw his swollen cock and debated about having him fuck her now. No, she wanted to wait just a little longer. She rubbed the dildo back across her now dripping pussy and got it very wet then she spread her ass cheeks open wide again and began slipping the dildo in her tight hole. She was so turned on that it went in easily and soon she was fucking her own ass with it while he watched. The sight of him stoking his cock only made her push harder against the artificial dick in her ass and she knew she was about to cum.

She moved slightly on the bed so her ass was directly in front of him. She felt his fingers on her clit and she shouted, “Stop! I want you to fuck me first!” He needed no more encouragement. He picked her up by her hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed and then standing behind her, he plunged his thick, pulsating cock into her slippery pussy hole. He fucked her deep and fast for a moment as she screamed for more. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my ass baby, NOW! With one hand he shoved the dildo in and out of her ass hole while he fingered her clit with the other. She began to convulse so hard he wasn’t sure he could stay inside her.

Her moans were so intense and she was bucking against his hand with such force that all he could do was hang on. Ahhhhhh…..YES, YES, YES…FUCK ME NOW, FUCK ME NOW, FUCK MY ASS BABY…FUCK MY PUSSY, Ahhhh…Eeeee…. He knew she was having multiple orgasms and this, combined with her screams and the squeezing of her pussy on his cock was more than he could stand. He began to fuck her hard and deep as she thrust her ass into the dildo in his hand. His body was overcome with a wave of feeling that seemed to start at his toes and rush toward his balls. He knew he was going to shoot his load into her now. Thrusting his cock into her with more force than he had ever used before he let his juice fill her hot pussy. “Yes baby…let me have it all…I want all your juice” she screamed as he continued to thrust into her wet hole.

He knew her so well that it was no surprise to feel her reach around to her own clit and begin fingering herself. His orgasms always turned her on and she nearly always had another one after he unloaded his cum. This time was no exception. Although he was totally exhausted he reached under her and inserted his fingers in her sloppy wet cunt while she rubbed her clit and before long he felt her pussy respond as she fucked his fingers. MORE baby…DEEPER baby! She moaned and whimpered softly this time as the orgasm consumed her body and then she collapsed on the bed. He lay down beside her and pulled the cover over them as they nestled in each other’s arms enjoying the closeness they both felt. With a sly smile she said, “Didn’t I tell you I’d make it up to you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32