The Gift

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I first met Kelli as a friend of my daughter. I helped her in college in selecting her business and accounting courses. She was an accounting major. I also helped her with some course work when she got stuck.

She is 22, cute and smart. She has brown hair with a touch of red and beautiful green eyes. Your typical girl next door. Her smile lights up a room.

Near last Christmas I bumped into her at a local supermarket. She had graduated and was working in the accounting department of a local utility. We exchanged business cards and I noticed she works near where I do. We agreed to meet for lunch.

We had lunch together at a tavern near our offices. We talked about her job. She thanked me for helping her over the four years of college.

I got a text a from Kelli a few days later. She said she had a gift for me. Kelli wanted to meet for dinner the following Friday after work. She drove over after work to my condo about 6:30 and then we drove in my car to a local seafood restaurant. We had dinner and then drove back to my place.

Arriving back at my place I put on some music on my new sound system and got some beers from the frig. I didn’t see a package so I thought either she left it in her car or that she had a gift card for me.

“You know you didn’t have to buy anything for helping you.”

‘Well…I really didn’t buy you anything. I’m the gift.”

“Excuse me?”

“Sex with me is the gift.”

“Kelli are you serious?”

“Very serious”

Kelli’s idea shocked me a bit. This was coming from a young lady who graduated from the local private Catholic high school and the local Catholic university

I lead her back to my bedroom. I thought she was going to back out but she didn’t. Kelli took off her slacks and blouse and sat on the bed in her bikini panties and bra. I took off my clothes down to my briefs.

I hugged and Tuzla Escort kissed her, reaching around to back to unhook her bra. That move totally surprised her. She was a bit nervous. I gently removed her bra from her shoulders. What a beautiful sight. A nice set of 36B’s.

“You know Kelli the thing about sex is that you have to be naked to enjoy it.” That got a giggle out of her.

“Kelli are you sure you want to do this?”

“Positive. Except there is one problem. I’m still a virgin”

“That isn’t a problem.” But why do you want to give it up to me? Why not someone

around your own age?”

“My mom said you’ve lonely since your divorce. I felt sorry for you because you were so nice to me when I was in college. I’m going to lose my virginity sooner or later so why not with someone I really like and trust.”

We both lied down on the bed. I slowly took off her panties by sliding them down her beautiful legs and I took off my briefs. Then I began fondling her beautiful breasts and playing with the her pretty pink nipples. I kissed and sucked on them like a hungry man eats a steak dinner. Kelli had an orgasm. I wanted her well lubricated before I tried to enter her. The fragrance from her perfume was intoxicating.

Kelli got on top of me and started to play with my penis. After a while I gently pushed her off and got on top of her. I got the KY jelly and started to put some inside of her pussy. I also sucked on her tits again. She came once more.

I knew she was ready. Figuring she was not on birth control I put on a Rough Rider condom.

“Kelli one last time. Are you sure you want to do this? I can stop now.”

“100% positive. I’m ready for you!”

I got on top of her and gently spread her beautiful legs apart. Her pussy looked like a flower bud ready to bloom. I began to enter her virgin pussy a little Gebze Escort at a time. Kelli guided me in. She started to moan a bit. Then I hit the barrier. I eased out a bit and pushed in again. It didn’t break. This time I eased out a lot more and pushed a lot harder. Bingo. It broke. Kelli screamed when it broke. I told her “Take it easy honey. This is where the fun begins.”

I began thrusting. Kelli came a few times and I climaxed too. We cuddled for a while and then Kelli got cleaned up and dressed. I got dressed and walked her to her car on the parking lot. I hugged and kissed her goodbye.

I sent to her office a dozen red roses in a vase. The card I sent with the flowers thanked her for the “gift”.

I thought that was going to be it; a one night stand. But Kelli surprised me by texting if we could get together again over the holidays. Of course I agreed.

Christmas eve and day were lonely for me. I got a text from Kelli saying that she was at a family dinner on Christmas Eve that she couldn’t get out to see me. Later I got another text from Kelli asking if we could spend New Year’s Eve together. I told her I would make us dinner and to be over by 6 PM. She agreed.

New Year’s Eve couldn’t come fast enough. I made us dinner; homemade spaghetti meat sauce.

My doorbell rang at exactly at 6PM. It was Kelli looking stunning as ever. We hugged and kissed. I got the wine bottle open and we started dinner.

She admitted to me that I had hurt her our first time but “it was a good kind of hurt.”

She hit me with two surprises. The first one was that she is now on the pill. She got on it thru Planned Parenthood since our last time together. I suggested we still use condoms to be safe. The second surprise was that her parents were out of town for a few days visiting friends. She could spend New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Aydınlı Escort with me. She had phone calls to the house phone transferred to her cell.

I had a surprise for her. I saw she needed a watch so I got her one. A ladies Citizens Eco-Drive watch.

After dinner she disappeared for a while. She came back to the living room wearing one of my old flannel shirts, her panties and as I later found out had also ditched her bra. I’ve never seen my old flannel shirt look better!

We had sex on the sofa that night. Kelli was a lot less nervous this time than the first. I made sure her pretty boobs got a good workout. Plus her pussy was stretched a bit so it made entering her a lot easier. I used KY this time just to be sure. I wouldn’t want to hurt my angel. The sex was fantastic.

I awoke on New Year’s Day to Kelli laying naked on top me playing with my penis. We had sex again. Nothing too adventurous; just the standard missionary position.

I made us brunch and we both cleaned up. Kelli showered and dressed. She had to get home before her parents got back. We agreed to meet again next Saturday for dinner.

Saturdays became our time together. Kelli would drive over for an early dinner. Either I would cook or bring food back. We would watch a movie or listen to some music and then have our weekly sex session. Kelli would fix up and then leave for home around midnight or so. Most guys would be happy with this arrangement but I wanted more. After three months of this arrangement I asked her to move in with me.

I’m not going to go into details about the problems with Kelli’s parents but let’s just say the problems are sort of resolved.

She finally moved in with me in late April.

I surprised Kelli with a late summer vacation to Ireland. Before we come back to the US we are stopping in London for a few days.

It’s early on a Saturday morning. I gaze over at Kelli next to me soundly sleeping. I can’t believe how beautiful she looks sleeping in the early morning light. I don’t know where this ride is going to lead but I’m in for the full adventure.

Thank you Kelli for your lovely gift!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32