The Gigolo

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I met Timmy at a friends birthday party, he was our stripper and entertainment for the evening, if you wanted him to suck your cock all you had to do is cough up the cash. So many of my friends took advantage of this opportunity, most of them no longer having sex with their partners, or they were single and never seemed to connect with anyone.

As the night progressed I was basically watching the goings on, he was a very busy young man, he would go home with a pocketful of cash it seems. Most of the guys went home after they had a turn with our sexy young man. He came up to me and asked if I would be taking this opportunity to have my cock sucked.

I told him I was okay, I would not be using his services tonight, but I had heard rave reviews from those who had had sex with him. He was a good looking young man, I would guess around twenty one maybe two, but he actually would tell me he was twenty seven.

A good body on him, the hairy upper chest with his protruding pecs had me swooning. Handsome well trimmed bearded face, long hair tied back, it was his eyes so dark brown almost black, they twinkled when you engaged him in conversation.

He seemed to have a nice package on him and an amazing ass, I was really tempted to take him up on his offer, but I wanted something more than a quick blow job, or a hand job. I wanted the make out session before, I wanted to take his body and lick suck and kiss him everywhere. I wanted to hold him close to me at the end of it and hold him all night long.

He seemed to gravitate towards me for some reason, I would guess as I was not looking for what all the others wanted. He could stand with me and not feel any pressure to try to seduce me into paying him for sex. A couple of guys who waited till the end asked for his services while he and I stood beside each other.

He quickly accepted and came back to stand close to me once again, I guess that was the other thing I was not going to judge him for what he was doing. He was making a living, he was supporting himself, he was not some entitled young man who wanted handouts.

Looking at him he looked tired, like he needed a vacation from his life and what he was doing to make ends meet. He and I talked for hours, Bostancı Escort we connected at some level, we even seemed to have things in common. The later it got the more the place emptied, he and I and the hosts were left at the end.

“Well Tim I better be getting home, thank you for the conversation, you are a very well informed young man.”

“Thank you Bill, best night I have ever had in a very long time, and I do not mean by the amount of customers. You’re a very nice man to talk too.”

“Can I drop you off somewhere? Do you need a ride?”

“If you are going my way yes please Bill, but I do not want to put you out in any way.”

“Nonsense, where are you going too?”

“The hotel downtown would be perfect, the one on Main Street?”

“Sure no problem, let’s get out of here.”

The hosts gave us the eye as he and I left together, Tim held my hand as we walked to my car. I opened his door and got him in my passenger side of my car. I gently shut his door and got in the drivers seat, I sat there looking at him, he really was a handsome young man.

“Would you like to grab a coffee Tim? I am not ready to let you leave my just yet.”

“That would be very nice Bill, we could grab coffee at my hotel, or I could come to yours for the night.”

“I hope you don’t misunderstand Tim but I was not looking to hire you for your services, I wanted to get to know you better.”

“I know that Bill, I can just sleep on your couch, or a spare bedroom and I am not at work anymore, you have the real Tim now.”

I smiled at him, he was such a beautiful young man who I was so infatuated with, I drove us to mine, I had him stay in the car till I opened his door. I led him into my home, his eyes as I turned on the light in the house.

“What a beautiful home you have Bill.”

“Thank you so much Tim, would you like a coffee or maybe a glass of wine instead.”

“Wine sounds delightful actually, but I will have whatever you are having.”

“Wine it is, lets go sit by the pool, the evening is a perfect night poolside.”

Tim walked around the house, he seemed to really like what I had done with it, he and I went out the back to the loungers. We sat and talked for some time, Ümraniye Escort he yawned more than once, I knew he was tired as was I, we drank the last of our wine and would head to bed.

He asked if he could shower he felt like he really needed a shower, I showed him my shower in my ensuite.

“Would you shower with me Bill?”

I smiled at him, I knew I would I really liked him but I did not want him to feel he had to have sex with me cause he felt obligated. He clearly could tell what I was thinking.

“Bill I am off the clock, its just you and me right now.”

I pulled off my clothes, here I was naked in front of this gorgeous young man, he quickly shed his own clothes, I had seen him naked at the party when he did his striptease for us all, but he had not taken it all off.

He had a beautiful uncut cock, it hung there arching over his ball sack, he was trimmed perfectly, his cock and balls shaved smooth. He even turned to show me that beautiful bubble butt of his, hairless and so perfect in every way, he pulled in close and stood right in front of me.

“I better brush or rinse before I kiss you Bill.”

I handed him a new brush and some mouthwash, I too needed to do this before I could kiss this young man. Once we were done he and I stood there looking at each other, I placed my hands on his hips pulling him to me.

His arms went around my neck our lips pressed into each others, this had to be one of the best kisses I had ever had with another person. There were sparks, there was this feeling like I had finally found him, the one, the guy I had searched for for so many years.

Tim pulled back and he looked at me in the eyes.

“Did you feel that too Bill? I have never felt something like this before with anyone.”

“Same for me Tim, I have been in long term relationships but I have never felt anything like this from a kiss with anyone.”

He and I stood there in front of the vanity, his arms around my neck, I had his naked body pulled in close to my own. Both of our cocks rock hard and dripping, I wanted to get on my knees and take his big beautiful cock in my mouth and swallow it to the base.

He pulled back and guided me into the shower, we Anadolu Yakası Escort both got wet under the rain shower, then we soaped each other down, rinsed then got out and dried each other off. He and I stared at each other then we kissed, I picked him up and carried him to my bed.

I gently laid him in the center of the bed and hovered over him, he and I our eyes locked on each other, I leaned in and kissed him. I laid on top of him my entire body covering his own, I laced my hands into his and spread his arms wide. He spread his own legs our cocks wrestling back and forth.

He looked at me quite seriously, I was worried I had gone to far with him.

“Bill you’re not bothered by what I do for a living?”

I smiled at him, leaned in and kissed him.

“Not at all Tim, in my line of work I kiss more asses in one day than you will kiss in your entire lifetime, if you think I live the life of a saint you are sorely mistaken. I’ve had my ups and downs like most people, I’ve had to do things to further my career that I am not proud of. So I am not bothered by what you have to do to survive.”

He lay there a smile on his face, a tear running down the sides of his eyes, I leaned in and kissed him.

“Thank you Bill, so many guys judge me by what I have to do to survive, I do not have the education to get the good jobs I need to get ahead, flipping burgers will not get me the kind of money I need to get the education I want and need.”

He and I kissed, I kissed his neck I sucked his earlobes, I kissed his chest to his perky little nipples, I licked his arm pits down his rib cage, he was squirming, moaning groaning, I was driving him crazy. I kissed down his belly to his his dripping cock, past his balls to his thighs, his knees to his pretty soft feet. I sucked his toes licked his arches I licked and kissed my way back to his balls.

“Oh Bill please slow down, you’re going to make me cum.”

I sucked his balls in my mouth and his cock exploded, not sure I had ever seen a guy shoot so much cum in my lifetime. He lay there his eyes closed, his breathing labored, he did not move, he was frozen in place. His cock still poured out cum, his chest and abs were covered in a thick layer of white delicious cream.

I released his nuts and took his cock into my mouth, it dribbled out more and more semen, I milked it to get any and all he could feed me. He finally lifted his head and smiled at me, here I was his cock in my mouth sucking any and all cum he could feed me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32