The Long Weekend Ch. 03

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Scot woke early he had set his alarm on his phone to vibrate and had placed it under his pillow. It had woken him with a jolt. Scot almost reconsidered his plan as it was still dark and he was admittedly still a little tired from the weekend visit. He looked over at Adel who was sleeping peacefully next to him. It would have been so easy to cuddle into her and kiss her neck softly until she woke then make love to her again and again.

Scot snapped himself back to the reality of the situation he was falling in love with Adel but she only wanted to have his babies. Scot got gently out of bed, picked up his clothing from last night and put them in his bag quietly. He’d change downstairs so to not wake her. Scot stood up and went to walk around the bed. He looked down at Adel one last time.

Adel seemed to be dreaming she looked very serious and her hands had started to move around her body and she was beginning to moan. She turned onto her back and the sheet slipped from her body as her knees came up and opened widely. Adel’s hands were moulding her breasts and her nipples were already standing to attention. Scot put his bag down this display was arousing him and he couldn’t take his eyes off Adel. His hand moved to his cock, which was growing in size and girth rapidly.

Adel’s right hand moved from her breast and reached down between her legs. Her vagina lips were still covered slightly by the sheet. Dare he? He couldn’t help it Scot bent down and gently moved the sheet. He needed to watch the full display.

Adel’s fingers had already made her vagina wet. Scot could smell her juices. His cock now was fully erect. Scot rubbed his cock slowly but firmly. Adel’s fingers were moving quite fast now in and out of her pussy, twisting her clit and making her wetter and wetter. It would have been so easy for Scot to have gotten on top of her right now and pushed his cock deep inside that wet pussy. He was close to cumming too. Adel arched her back she was close to cumming too. She was moaning and mumbling in her sleep. Then as she came she shouted clear as anything “Scot! Oh yes!”

Within seconds he had squirted his cum too and was rubbing it into his belly. Adel’s head turned to one side and smiled as she returned to a deeper Kurtköy Escort state of sleep. Scot picked up his bag and continued downstairs.

Downstairs he dressed quickly pulling on his black trousers and a pale blue shirt from his bag. He went and cleaned his teeth in the bathroom and went to the toilet. Scot was starting to feel guilty. He couldn’t just run off without saying goodbye. Scot went back into the front room and picked up the telephone pad wrote a quick note before tearing it off and sticking it to the front door. Somewhere he thought she would see it. Then he left closing the door quietly so as not to wake her.

Adel stirred in her sleep and she turned to cuddle into Scot but he wasn’t there. She opened her eyes shielding them from the sun that was shining brightly into her room. Scot was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he’s downstairs she thought as her nose breathed in his scent from his pillow. A few minutes later Adel thought she’d go downstairs to surprise him. She got up put on her robe and went downstairs. Adel went into each room gently calling his name but no response came. As Adel went into the front room she collected the mail off the mat as she did she noticed the note on the door.

“My dear Adel. After a perfect weekend

I’ve decided to catch the train home.

I didn’t want to say goodbye, as I

wouldn’t have been able to look at

you without telling you that I loved


You are an amazing woman and I hope

to meet you and make love to you

again. I also know that you are not

ready for a relationship right now

but I hope that if ever you are you

will consider me. I hope we will

stay at the very least very good


Lots of love and good luck with


Scot xx”

“You stupid man!” Adel whispered as she ran upstairs to get dressed. As she did she called Scot’s mobile but he didn’t answer. She left about three messages asking him not to leave and telling him that she was on her way. She could only pray now that he got those messages before he boarded the train. Adel pulled on a pair of jeans and a jumper slipped into her house shoes and ran down the stairs. She picked up her keys and closed Pendik Escort the door behind her aiming for her car. Adel drove to the train station the quickest route that she knew. She parked her car in the multi story car park although it seemed to take forever to find a space. Adel ran to the train station and quickly scanned the boards for a train going near to his town. There didn’t seem to be one for at least another hour.

Her heart sank Adel was frantic as she assumed that she had missed Scot’s train. Adel tried his mobile again still no response. This was killing her. She couldn’t let him go without knowing that she loved him also, more than she had ever loved anyone in her whole life. Adel thought to go check the waiting areas and the shops to see if he was still there, she wasn’t planning to give up too easily. There were more people there than she had expected on a Sunday morning and she scanned the myriad of people in front of her.

Then she thought she caught a glimpse of Scot in a newspaper shop looking through the magazines. Could it be him? She couldn’t really tell from the back. His hair looked familiar, as did his shoulders lying beneath a pale blue shirt. Adel edged closer, she hoped he turned to his side so she could catch a glimpse of his face. Adel’s stomach was jumping around and she found herself holding her breath. He turned slowly and Adel realised that it was indeed him.

Adel walked towards him almost knocking a few unsuspecting shoppers over. “Scot!” she called out almost in a whisper. Then realising that he was listening to his MP3 player she called his name a little louder. No response came. She reached out her hand and gently touched his shoulder.

Scot spun around; looking puzzled as to who it might have been. His face didn’t change it remained puzzled. “What are you doing here?” Scot asked as he took his earplugs out.

“I woke up and you weren’t anywhere to be seen. Then I saw your note and I just had to see you. I couldn’t have you leaving without me telling you how I felt. Can we go somewhere quieter and talk?” Adel said quietly. Scot put the magazine down and followed Adel out of the shop. He followed her to her car.

“I can’t be long my train leaves in a short Mutlukent Escort while. I know I shouldn’t have left like that but I thought it was the only way!” Scot started.

“Can’t you stay?” Adel interrupted

“Is there any reason for me to stay around? I think the longer I stay the more I am going to get hurt. I don’t think I could handle that babe!” Scot said his eyes fixated on the floor now like he was nervous of the answer she might give.

“You are so silly aren’t you? Why didn’t you say anything to me before you left? You assumed how I felt and you didn’t even give me a chance to explain. Why do you think I asked you to father a child? I asked you as I thought you were a brilliant friend to me but I also thought that you were far to busy to even entertain feelings for me!” Adel said. It blurted out rapidly as she didn’t want him to miss these words.

Scot looked up at Adel now and he asked quietly “What does that mean?”

“Come here” she said as she moved closer to Scot. Adel put her hands up to his face and cupped his head, she looked him deep in the eyes as she said very slowly and purposefully “I love you Scot!” Adel smiled broadly waiting for his reaction, which mirrored hers before she leant in, and kissed him. She didn’t care that people would see them in the middle of the car park she just needed him to know how she felt. “Come on let’s go back to mine and if you still want to go home later I’ll drive you there!” Scot nodded. They found Adel’s car and drove silently back to her house,

As soon as she closed the front door behind them they started kissing and taking off each other’s clothes letting them lay where they dropped. Soon Adel and Scot were naked and sitting on the sofa entwined in each other’s arms. Adel mounted Scot’s eager cock as he rubbed her nipples and kissed her soft neck. He knew this wasn’t going to last long but he needed to cum. Scot was so turned on at the situation. He was making mad passionate love to someone he was crazy over and he could now be open as Scot knew Adel felt the same way. Soon Adel was cumming all over his cock he had never seen her so beautiful. As he came he looked her deep in her eyes and found himself saying, “I love you”.

They collapsed into a tangled mess of limbs on the sofa. Adel pulled the blanket on the back of the sofa down and covered themselves up. “Can you stay forever?” Adel asked quietly.

“Yes, of course I can!” Scot responded as he kissed her forehead and held her just a little bit tighter.

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