The Medic

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Walking into the hospital bringing in a patient…oh what do my eyes see before me…oh the most wonderful piece of work…he was 6’5 with brown hair and blue eyes and a smile that could stop your heart…instantly I knew I had to have him… I yet wasn’t sure how to go about it but I knew in my soul it was my destiny and I would succeed.

Suddenly as we are getting ready to leave to go back to the garage our pagers go off again for another call…this time the medic was needed…knowing he couldn’t be the only one on tonight… I prayed to myself that he would come with us…walking back out to the rig getting ready to get in the back when I hear the most wonderful music.

”Don’t close that door on me I’m going with you” he called out…Looking back quickly to see which medic we had gotten…to my surprise it was him…thinking to myself…(oh my god now what do I do?).

As the rig pulls out he says something to me…I hear all that he says to me yet I am in a fog…snapping myself out of it we get to the call… he takes over…getting the patient in the back of the rig watching him work his magic, (oh how I would love him to work his magic on me) I think to myself… we get to the hospital… he goes to get out… he didn’t notice me slip something into his box…getting inside he goes into the back room to restock his box finding this piece of paper. Reading it …he smiles.

I thought I would faint to see him smile like that.

Not saying anything at all… he comes out of the back room …I slowly walk away…hearing steps slowly coming up behind me… this very sexy voice sends me a command.

”Stop right there” he says sternly.

Stopping dead in my tracts…he comes up behind me now very close…close enough that if I reached out… I could feel his body heat into mine.

Blushing slightly as I turn around Bostancı Escort knowing who’s standing behind me…looking up at him…”Yes”…Was that you that put that little note into my box?” he asks…looking away.

”Yes it was” blushing I reply softly, as I begin to walk away again.

“Girl where are you going I told you to stop”.

”What are you doing tonight after you get off shift? He asks.

“ Ah…I don’t know” she replies.

“Well you do now… your going out with me.”

“AH OK”… I reply softly…whistles going off in my head.

Kissing me on the cheek…”until this evening then” he whispers softly in her ear.

“Yes until this evening.” She replies

Oh I couldn’t wait for the shift to end, I knew this evening would turn out to be absolutely dynamic…getting home slipping into the shower getting ready for tonight…I wore my little red strapless dress and my red heels knowing heels were required as he stood much taller than me… I didn’t care I would do anything for him…I wanted him…I needed him… actually its more like my body yearns to have him touch me yet I had never seen him until today.

Arriving promptly on time to pick me up…the door bell rings as I open the door looking up to see the most beautiful blue eyes looking down at me…oh I just couldn’t move …his eyes Mesmerizing me.

Suddenly I feel my feet leaving the floor as he bends down and picks me up and hugs me… kissing me softly. “Girl you look so beautiful tonight”…oh thank you…you look very nice too… I reply…kissing me again I could feel the attraction and I didn’t want it to end.

“Well are we going out or are we going to stand here in my doorway all evening?” I ask in a sexy tone… Smiling at you.

”Oh you’re a regular little smarty aren’t you shorty?” he replies Anadolu Yakası Escort with a soft chuckle.

Kissing me again deeper this time as instincts take over… my fingers run through your hair…tongues searching for one another as they meet dancing feverishly…stopping for a moment.

”Why don’t you put me down and come with me we can move this to the couch if you want instead of standing here”.

“Oh no I’m not putting you down” he replies in his ever so sexy voice.

Carrying me to the couch he lays me down on the couch gently…laying next to me as his hands begin running over my body exploring my outer being running my hands up and down his back…whispering…”Why don’t you take this off”…pulling on the back of his shirt lightly.

Sitting up he removes his shirt for me very slowly (oh he is so sexy) thinking to myself gently his hands begin running the course of my body moving slowly up my thighs… he kisses my neck kissing his way slowly down my chest unzipping the zipper on the front of my dress slowly…kissing each breast lightly as his hand slips up inside my dress as his fingers trace my thong.

He gets up and takes my hands…Stand up with me for a minute he whisper softly, ”Now close your eyes for me”…closing my eyes I feel my dress being lowered off my top and over my hips slowly down my legs…stepping out of it…bending again he kisses me… as his hands slip onto my ass tracing the back of my thong…my nails running across his back gently as moans escape him…pressing against me I could feel his manhood had grown.

Slipping my hand down onto it rubbing it gently as his body shutters from the feel of my hand.

“Baby why don’t we move somewhere we can be a little more comfortable” I whisper.

”Ok” he replies.

Taking his hand Pendik Escort I guide him to my bedroom…closing the door behind us he picks me up again carries me to the bed laying me on the bed gently…standing on the side of the bed he lowers his pants removing them…looking at me he smiles as he opens my legs moving in between them, feeling him removing my red thong with his teeth gently.

Feeling his breath against my skin was just more than I could bare…looking down at him as his eyes met mine.

”I want you,” he whispers

“Oh god I want you too,” she cries out with desire in her voice.

Moving up on top of me… I take his hardened cock into my hand as I slowly guide it to my wet hot pussy…as the head touches my lips… moans get louder as he leans into me kissing me.

”Are you sure this is what you want?” he asks

“Oh yes I am so sure”…pushing his cock into me slowly we moan together simultaneously.

Moving slowly at first as you pick up your pace…pushing deeper into me a little harder and faster…wrapping my legs around your waist as the passions and desire takes total control over us…moans turn to screams as the sweat covers our bodies…”OHHHH MY GOD BABY OHHHHHH THIS FEELS SOOOOO GOOD DON’T STOP”.

Pumping harder and faster my nails digging into your back as he suddenly feels my pussy squeezing his cock …milking it as my back left the bed…”OHHHHHHH SHITTTT BABY I’M CUMMMMING” she screams…fucking harder and faster now…”OHHHHH BABY CUMMM FOR ME GIVE IT ALL TO ME!!!!!!

Feeling your body tense and your cock and balls tighten…your head throws back as your body shakes as you explode shooting hot streams of cum into me…”OH BABY OHHHHHH MY GOD YES” he screams …as he begins to settle down he lays on top of her, his body shakes lightly wrapping her arms around him…looking up at him.

”This was the most wonderful evening one that I will never forget,” she whispers.

”Well baby you wont have to forget I promise you that”

Kissing each other passionately one last time…slowly we begin to drift off to sleep together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32