The Out of Town Visitor

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She was giddy with anticipation; he’d said he was 40 miles away. That left her enough time to get her shower in and have the red outfit on, surprising him in the process. He was really coming this time, she thought. The last time she had seen him, he’d had her panting in less than 5 minutes. He seemed to know just how to pull her hair to make her go from completely normal to a sex crazed lunatic in an instant. Well, this time, he’d be able to finish what he’d started.

She stepped out of the shower and looked at her phone for the thousandth time. No missed calls or texts. Hmmm. I wonder if he’s lost. She wrapped the towel around her and went into the living room, intending to have a seat and call him and see what was keeping him.

As she passed thru her bedroom door to the living room, there was a knock at the door. Oh lord, who could that be? Not him. She didn’t tell him how to get to her building. She went to look thru the peephole and saw the flesh of a finger. Her heart skipped a beat. Was that him? Oh please please let it be him. She felt herself get wet at the thought.

She cracked the door and there he was. Her mouth started to water he looked so good. They made a little small talk as she closed the door, still wrapped in the towel. “I just got out of the shower,” she explained, “I’m still dripping, see?” She reached up and put her hand behind his head and stretched up on her tippy toes to bring their lips together.

This was no chaste kiss. Tongues intertwined, teased, lips were bitten, alternatively sucked on, brought to the edge of excitement but not letting the full force of it out.

She felt herself starting to be pushed back slowly. She stepped back with his urging and found herself against the wall. Wow, she thought, I’ve always wanted this. And it feels as good as I thought it would. He ran his hands down her arms and held her hands.

Suddenly, he pulled them up above her head, pinning her to the wall. The towel fell away from her body, leaving her completely naked to him. She could imagine what he saw: her arms above her head, head against the wall, her breasts thrust forward and heaving with excitement.

She leaned forward to continue kissing him but he wouldn’t allow her to, drawing his head back just far enough that she missed every time. Instead of getting frustrated erotik hikaye oku like always, she was getting more excited. Someone was finally taking charge. And she loved that.

He leaned down and took one nipple into his mouth. She arched her back, wanting him to not stop, loving the feel of his tongue on her hard nipple, his teeth nipping at it. He switched back and forth, making both nipples tight and hard as rocks. He kissed his way back up her neck, taking her mouth in his, releasing her hands in that moment.

She took advantage and grabbed the back of his head and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss, moving faster and faster over his lips, pressing her body more into his. She wanted that full body contact, craved it. And he obliged, grabbing her hips and pulling her into him.

He pulled her away from the wall, still kissing her, and slowly pushed her in the direction of the kitchen. She knew what he wanted but desired to hear the words come from him. Something cold pressed into the small of her back, announcing their arrival to the kitchen counter.

“I think you need to get on the counter,” he said. Glancing back, she saw it was still cleared of any debris. She turned back to him and went back to kissing him, running her hands along his arms, shoulders, back of his neck, thru his short hair. He went to pick her up and she pulled herself on the counter before he had the chance.

They continued to kiss with her locking her legs around his waist, dragging him closer to her so she could feel him pressing into her. Her hands wandered under his shirt and up his back, lightly scratching his back. How fair is it that I am the only one undressed? she whispered in his ear, tugging his shirts up. Off they went, falling to the floor.

Her heart tripped a beat as she ran her hands and fingers over his chest. That was exciting her more, imagining the feel of it on her bare breasts. She pull her legs toward her, pulling him close again, feeling the hair on his chest brushing her now sensitive nipples. A low moan escaped her as she rubbed against him, kissing his ear, jaw, and once more, his lips. She loved the feel of his skin on hers.

His mouth left hers and started down her neck. She tilted her head to give him better access but he wanted more. erotik hikaye She felt his fingers creep up the back of her neck and into her wet hair. She tingled at what was to come, knowing that he KNEW what to do to make her that much more excited.

His hand closed around a handful of hair and pulled her head back, sending shivers of delight down her spine, making her nipples hard as rocks and flooding her pussy with what he was craving. His lips, tongue, and teeth traveled down her chest toward her extremely wet pussy.

She felt him tugging her head back farther. At first she was confused. He had already passed her neck, why would he need to pull her head down farther? Then it came to her: he wanted her to lay flat on her back so he could reach her pussy, so he could lick and suck her to orgasm.

Her head went further than expected: it hung just over the edge of the counter. But she was not complaining in the least. He had lowered his mouth onto her clit. That tongue! She’d wanted it on her for weeks, wanted to feel it lapping at her pussy, tickling her clit, bringing her to orgasm.

He quickly worked her to a fevered pitch, her hips bucking as he sucked and licked. She was gasping and moaning, telling him she loved it. One hand reached up and played with her nipple, pinching and pulling, almost throwing her into an orgasm. She wanted to cum but she wanted to feel his cock in her when she did. She touched his arms, trying to get his attention. He was lost between her legs, oblivious to all but her pussy. She grabbed his arms and tugged.

“I want you to fuck me, she said, I NEED you to fuck me, please…”

“Did you cum yet,” he asked.

“I want to cum with your cock in me. I want to cum all over it,” she breathed out.

She leaned up, wildly excited, and wrapped her legs around his waist once again and pulled him forward. She took note of her cum in his goatee and it made her more frantic. Grabbing him and pulling him even closer with her arms, she slammed her mouth on his, tasting her own cum on his lips, licking it off wherever she could reach. He returned the frantic kissing, pulling her off the counter in the process.

She reached down and, with her own hands, fumbled with the belt and button on his jeans, wanting them off right then. Finally porno hikayeleri free of the buckle, she started pulling down his jeans and underwear. He took over tugging them off as she dropped to her knees in front of him. “I owe you something,” she reminded him.

She leaned forward and flicked out her tongue, licking the head of his cock. She looked back up at him as she did this, watching his eyes. She teased and played with him, taking as much as she could in her mouth. Then, she felt the familiar hand in her hair, rubbing her head, stroking her hair. His fingers made it to the back of her head and, once more, grabbed a handful to help control her mouth. He pulled just enough to where she couldn’t get to his hard cock. She even flicked out her tongue, trying to tease him that way but he didn’t allow it to touch. And like before, she realized no one had been allowed to do that without some problems arising. But she was enjoying the feel of his hand shoving her mouth down on his cock entirely too much.

This continued on for a few more minutes before he decided to end the bj, He pulled her up by her hair, pulling her close and kissing her deep. He grabbed her hips and turned her around, making her face the counter and applying pressure to her back, bending her over it. She reached down between her legs, feeling how wet she was from the combination of his mouth and her excitement from sucking him. She dipped two fingers in and pulled them out, spreading it all over her pussy, making it even easier for him to slide into her.

He leaned into her and slid in, holding her hips and pulling her back into him. She moaned as he moved in and out, reaching in-between her legs to play with her clit as he fucked her. He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled back as he pounded into her pussy, making her moan and gasp even louder.

Like always, as she started to get closer to cumming, she started to talk dirty:

“Your cock feels so good….”

“Fuck that pussy baby….”

“Oh yea, like that, fuck me baby…..”

“You like fucking that pussy….”

“You want me to cum on that cock of yours….”

“You want to feel me cum all over that hard cock….”

“Fuck yea….”

“I’m gonna cum oh gawd fuck I’m gonna cum….”

He couldn’t take much of her dirty talk either and started to cum as she did. Her body shook as she came, it was so hard.

They stood there for a few minutes, recovering from the excitement. He took a step back and she stood straight up and leaned back against him. “It’s great to see you again,” she said with a smile, “care to try the bed next?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32