The Sauna Ch. 02

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Thanks to SexyKitty_B for editing.

Kim and I just stood there for several long seconds, me staring at the empty staircase, while she was gawking at the cum-drenched glass sauna door.

“Fuck, that was hot!” she suddenly blurted out, raising her long, chestnut hair with both hands, clearly horny as fuck. Then, as she lowered her hands, she ran them over her chest, grabbing her perky young tits and juggling them up and down for a moment.

“What do we do now? Do we go after him?” she asked, eager for some more action.

“Patience little one,” I smirked, “No need to rush things. Men are delicate creatures. We’ll have to take it slow.”

Reluctantly, she followed me back into the cabin and sat down across from me, like before.

“Shall I turn on the sauna?” she asked, glancing over at the control panel.

“No, it’s hot enough in here as it is,” I replied, as I gently began rubbing my clit. She smiled and started doing the same.

Unashamed and remarkably at ease around each other, we masturbated for over fifteen wonderful minutes and made ourselves cum, again, right there on the wooden sauna bench. It felt so naughty, yet so rewarding to climax in front of my girl and then to see her do the same.

“So, what exactly is the plan?” Kim asked, as she was catching her breath.

“Well,” I replied, “Now that he knows that we know, I think it’s important that we act normal around him, except for our little sauna visits… if we start coming onto him outside of the sauna before he’s ready, we might scare him off.”

“And then we take things further,” I added.

“Further? You mean…”

I just smiled at her, giving her the answer she needed.

“God, we’re such sluts,” she whispered, fighting a grin. And with that comment, I knew she was fully on board. I returned the smile.

“How long do…” she started to ask, but went quiet as we noticed Kirk sneaking back up, not bothering with hiding another enormous tent in his boxers. Although he was clearly very nervous — now that he knew that we could see him — he didn’t have too much trouble with getting on his knees in front of the sauna and pumping his big cock.

“I don’t think we have to worry about scaring him off,” Kim whispered, smiling at her brother.

“No,” I whispered, staring at my boy’s fat cock “I guess not.”

“New plan,” I whispered, after pausing for about ten seconds, “We’ll be the biggest sluts we can be for your brother.”

“Deal,” Kim whispered, no longer pretending to be shocked or playing hard to get, and just slid off the bench, getting on her knees right in front of the glass door. Kirk stared at her as she opened her legs as wide as she could and started playing with herself. At first, she just squeezed her boobs and stroked her clit for a bit, but after a few minutes she moved on to the real stuff. She slipped a couple of fingers in her wet twat and started pistoning them in and out for his viewing pleasure.

With that kind of view, I didn’t take poor Kirk long to start shuddering. Kim immediately tilted her head back and pretended to convulse, trashing and rocking her body back and forth — seemingly having an orgasm herself. However, she was — I suspected — simply putting on a little show for her brother. Kirk didn’t know — and didn’t care — and exploded violently, groaning loudly and flung his juicy load wildly all over the glass door.

After he’d finished, he simply hung his dick back in his boxers, turned and walked down the attic stairs. Kim promptly stopped her little performance, confirming my suspicion that she hadn’t actually climaxed. She sat back down on the bench beside me and joined me in staring at the dozens of ropes and drops all over the door.

“So, I guess he simply expects us to clean up behind him now?” I whispered.

“Is it wrong to be turned on by that?” Kim asked, tugging her left nipple pretty hard.

“No,” I replied, still staring at his goo, “I guess that’s basically all we’re good for.”

“Jesus mom,” Kim replied as she closed her eyes and started rubbing her clit again.

Horny, but not in the mood for another cunt fest, I got up and opened the door.

“What are you doing?” she asked, surprised that I was leaving.

“I am going to suck off your father,” I replied, “If I don’t get some fresh sperm in me, I’ll probably end up licking these two loads off the glass.”

“Fuck,” Kim whispered, biting her lower lip, “That’s not a terrible idea.”

“Have fun,” I smiled.

“You too,” she replied as she leaned in towards the glass, slightly hesitant. I headed down, passed by the master bedroom to put on a night gown and found Kent in front of the tv. I was down on my knees, sucking his big shlong before he could reach for the remote and pause whatever he was looking at. I fiercely bobbed my head up and down, giving him an extremely sloppy blowjob.

Little did he know that I was thinking of Kirk the whole time, imagining that it was his fat cock I was servicing, and his goo I was going to swallow. I had him spurting in my mouth Nişantaşı Escort in just a few minutes. I eagerly swallowed it all, and then laid down on the couch, my head in his lap, genuinely enjoying the aftertaste of his load.

He caressed my head for a little while, before dozing off. When I was sure that he was fast asleep, I slowly got up and snuck back upstairs. I was eager to check up on Kim, wondering if she’d actually gone through with her idea of licking up her brother’s sperm.

When I noticed, at the bottom of the attic stairs, that it was all dark up there, I tiptoed over to her bedroom and carefully opened the door. I grinned when I saw her lying on her bed, dressed in a very short plaid skirt — which had been pulled up for access to her twat — and a white top that was easily two sizes too small for her rack — and therefore didn’t even cover half her tits.

With her right hand she was pumping a dildo in and out of her sopping twat, while her left hand was wrapped around an even bigger dildo she was sucking on. She groaned and squirmed as she noticed me come in, but didn’t stop what she was doing. I closed the door and slowly approached her, gawking at this incredibly sexy scene.

“Need some help?” I whispered softly as I approached the bed.

“Yesss,” she hissed as she stopped sucking on the bigger dildo — letting it fall onto the bed — and started working the other plastic cock with both hands. I got down on my knees and ran my hands over her tummy, her tits and her arms, making her shiver and tremble.

“Did you clean up the upstairs?” I asked.

“I licked up every drop, from the glass and the floor,” she blurted out proudly, “Did you… do dad?”

“He never knew what hit him,” I grinned, squeezing both her tits, “He’s out like a light.”

Pleased with that answer, she squirmed and moaned some more.

“What’s with the outfit?” I asked, as I tugged her right nipple, “Weren’t you naked before?”

“Aaron got it for me, last Halloween,” she replied, referring to her boyfriend, “But I never wore it.”

“Why not?”

“I was afraid [moan] I’d look [grunt] like a whore.”

“Well, you do,” I grinned, “A cheap one!”

“Oh fuck,” Kim moaned, coiling her body like a snake while she kept fucking her pussy.

“You’re going to make it all dirty and wet,” I whispered, as I glanced down at her skirt, drenched and encrusted with her cunt juices and then at her white top, stained and soiled from her saliva.

“That’s [moan] kind of the idea [grunt],” Kim gasped.

“Oh, I can help with that,” I replied as I bent my head to her rack, pulled her top down to cover one of her tits — there simply wasn’t enough fabric to encompass both — and then started sucking on her nipple, through the top, deliberately using an excessive amount of spit.

Realizing what I was doing, she started fucking herself even harder, taking the fake cock out of her sodden twat every five seconds or so and wiping it on her skirt, before ramming it back in.

“Oh, you dirty girl,” I grinned as I switched tits, wetting another part of her top.

“You should wear this for Kirk,” I whispered, as I was fiercely sucking on her left nipple.

“But [moan] I never even wore [grunt] it for Aaron [moan],” Kim repeated herself, realizing she was going to cum soon, “I’d be a bad [groan] girlfriend if I [moan] did that!”

I stopped sucking on her tit and said, “But a very good sister!”

Her mouth opened in simulated shock as her body started convulsing. I promptly moved my head down to her pussy, which she was still furiously fucking with her dildo and pressed the tip of my tongue against her clit. I flicked it as hard and as fast as I could, trying to give her as much additional pleasure as I could.

She trashed and bucked wildly for almost two minutes straight. I loved seeing her cum like this. When it was all over, I kept my head where it was for a little while longer, planting soft kisses all over her pussy and her clit, as Kim lovingly caressed my hair.

When she’d had enough, she pressed the dildo — still in her right hand and coated with her juices — against my mouth and tried to force it in between my lips.

“You little brat!” I chuckled as I jerked my head back and jumped up.

She grinned and got up as well, dropping the dildo on the bed and looking down at herself, pulling her skirt and top back into place. Well, as far as their limited size would allow anyway.

“How do I look?” she asked, striking a pose.

“Like a whore,” I chuckled.

“So predictable,” she whispered as she started taking off the outfit, dropping it on the floor.

“You’re not going to wash those, are you?” I asked.

“Nope,” she replied as she turned and picked up her two dildos from the bed, “Just these bad boys.”

“Aren’t you going to put something on?” I asked, as she walked up to her bedroom door.

“Seeing how you sucked dad into a coma, I don’t see the point,” she replied as she opened Pendik Escort the door and stepped out.

“Still, you should be…” I whispered as I followed her to the bathroom.

But, upon passing Kirk’s bedroom, our interest was peeked by a small, low grunt. I stopped talking, having already forgotten what I was saying and peeked in through the keyhole of his closed bedroom door. To my surprise, I saw him jacking his fuck stick in front of his computer.

At first, I was amazed to see him this hard again, but when I took into account the fact that his mother and sister had declared themselves sluts to him, and that his last orgasm was over an hour ago, I guess it wasn’t all that surprising.

Kim also peeked in through the keyhole and whispered, “Jeez, look at him go!”

In the heat of the moment, I made a judgment call and quickly took off my gown.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Kim whispered, poking her head up.

“What does it look like?” I replied, throwing my nighty on the ground and grabbing the door knob, “Being a slut for your brother!”

“Mom…” Kim whispered as I opened the door.

When he noticed us walking in, he didn’t know what to do first — turn off the porn or try and hide his cock. As a result, he tried to do both at the same time — which of course meant that he didn’t do either one particularly fast. He only managed to stuff his cock away after ten long, awkward seconds.

And even then, it didn’t help the situation much. The fabric of his boxers simply didn’t have the strength to subdue his enormous erection. It looked even lewder stuffed away than it did out in the open — which was just fine by me.

“Wha… what are you doing here?” he asked, gawking at our naked bodies.

“After what happened upstairs, I wouldn’t want there to be any misunderstandings between us,” I whispered, as I walked up to his bed, which was right behind his desk.

“Mis… misunderstandings?” he stammered, turning in his seat as he kept his gaze on me.

I grinned and simply got on my back on his bed, spreading my legs wide.

“Jeez,” Kim whispered as she pushed the door closed, leaving it only slightly ajar, so she could keep an eye on the hallway.

“Mom, I…” he gasped, staring at my lewdly exposed cunt, clearly still in shock, and not really knowing what to do. I could tell from his facial expression and his body language that he was trying to figure out what I wanted him to do. Did I want him to jerk off, or… was I after something more?

“Well?” I asked, playfully looking up at him, “Are you going to fuck me or what?”

“F… fuck?” he stammered, “You… want me… to… to…”

“I do,” I moaned, tapping my twat with my right index finger. I didn’t know how to be any clearer than that.

Still hesitant, but too horny to turn down this unique opportunity, he jumped on top of me and promptly rammed his fat cock in my twat. He was rough, boorish and egocentric — having only his own climax in mind — just as I wanted and expected him to be. He fucked me zealously for about thirty rowdy seconds, then screamed as he was obviously about to cum.

“Mom… I…. I…” he stammered.

“It’s okay, sweetie,” I replied, caressing the back of his head, “Cum in mommy.”

He groaned, not believing what he was hearing and promptly started climaxing.

“Cum in my pussy,” I breathed in his ear, knowing how powerful a little dirty talk could be, “Cum in mommy’s pussy!”

He slammed into me, hard and wild, making the whole bed rock back and forth, as he growled deeply, depositing his young, gooey cream deep into my slutty twat.

I smiled up at Kim, who was gawking at us in absolute shock. She did her best to smile back, but it was clear that she was simply too flabbergasted to think straight.

With his climax over, Kirk collapsed right next to me, grabbed one of my tits with his left hand and whispered, “That was… amazing… I… I… never… thought I…”

“That’s okay, hon,” I whispered, “That’s what I am here for… your sister too.”

“It is?” he asked, his eyes closed, already drifting off.

“That’s all we’re good for,” I whispered, feeling his goo drip out of my cunt, “So, whenever that thing between your legs gets hard, just come and find either one of us… or both of us, and we’ll take care of it, okay?”

“O… okay,” he whispered softly, getting really sleepy now. I slowly maneuvered out from under his arm and tiptoed out of the room, followed by a flabbergasted Kim.

“What was all that?” she whispered after gently closing the door behind us, “I can’t believe what you did in there. You let him cum in your pussy!”

“I did,” I grinned, as I bent down to pick up my nighty.

“But… but,” she stammered.

“Good night sweetie,” I whispered, not in the mood for another lengthy discussion, as I walked into the master bedroom and closed the door behind me. I put my nighty back on and crawled into bed, with one of the magazines on my nightstand. Despite Rus Escort everything that had happened — and all I had done — I managed to fall asleep quite easily.

The following morning, I was awake before hubby was, but clearly not before his dick. God, I loved his morning erections. My twat was already — or still — soaking wet and so neither of us needed any foreplay. I straddled him and by the time he opened his eyes, I was bouncing up and down his fat cock.

He grunted, pulled my nighty down to expose my tits and grabbed them. He loved playing with them while we were fucking. Since I was in the driver’s seat, I took my time, making sure that I came before letting him spurt inside of me.

After cuddling for a while and letting him fall back asleep, I got up and snuck out, heading straight for Kirk’s room. I was planning on letting him fuck me as well — for some perverted reason, I wanted to feel his dick slide around in his father’s cum. Unfortunately, I found his room empty.

At first, I figured he had already left for soccer practice as it was Sunday morning. But when I noticed that Kim’s bedroom door was ajar, I took a quick peek. As her room was also empty, I was feeling more than a bit suspicious and realized that my daughter had probably beaten me to the punch.

I had a pretty good idea of where to find her — and most likely Kirk too — and so, I snuck up the attic stairs. Sure enough, there she was: stark naked, her feet just outside of the cabin, bent forwards with her hands on the sauna bench. Kirk was shoving his hard cock in and out of her twat.

From the looks of things, they’d been at for quite a while. Eager to help, or at the very least, be as slutty as I could be, I took off my nighty and squatted down next to Kim’s head.

Startled, but too horny to mind the company, she simply gasped, “Oh mom…”

“Morning hon,” I grinned as I planted my lips onto hers, glancing up at Kirk as I did.

Barely five seconds later, he arched his back, let out a deep grunt and dumped his cum deep in his sister’s willing and slutty twat. Kim grunted, clearly disappointed that it was over. Kirk pulled out, and then took a small step towards me, curious to see if I would take the bait.

A tad hesitant, but not wanting to be a party pooper, I slowly slid my mouth over his wet, shrinking cock. He lovingly caressed the top of my head as I dutifully sucked his cock clean — tasting Kim pretty strongly.

“Awesome, thanks mom,” he whispered, as he turned around and headed down the stairs. Needless to say, I felt wonderfully wicked, not to mention horny again. Kim quickly caught on to how raunchy I was and sat down on the sauna bench, opening her legs wide. Without even the slightest hesitation, I crawled over to her and put my face against her freshly fucked twat.

“What are you doing here?” Kim grunted, about two minutes later, getting really worked up from my zealous licking and sucking.

“I uh… fucked your father, and I came looking for a second cock,” I moaned.

“Did he… cum inside of you?” she asked carefully.

“Yes,” I whispered.

I could feel her entire pelvis tensing up.

“Seems like someone wants to switch positions,” I grinned, looking up at her. Shocked, she stared into my eyes for a few seconds before furiously nodding her head – surprising herself most of all.

“You’ve always been a daddy’s girl, haven’t you?” I whispered as we switched positions. Kim didn’t reply and instead eagerly pried my cunt lips apart as she stuffed the tip of her tongue inside of me.

Pleasantly surprised by her sudden enthusiasm, I gasped and moaned, “Oh, that’s it, you little slut… you want your daddy’s cum, don’t you?”

Furiously, she nodded her head and continued her oral assault on me, greedily lapping up and swallowing whatever juices she could find down there.

“I bet you’d like to swallow it straight from the source, too, wouldn’t you?” I asked, roughly squeezing my right tit. Shocked beyond words, Kim stopped licking me for a moment, as she struggled with her conflicted feelings – but only for a moment.

“Pffuck yeah!” she gasped, quickly surrendering to her lust, as she shoved her tongue back in as deep as she could.

“God Kim,” I grunted, grabbing the edge of the sauna bench with both hands.

“I am ssssuch a ssssslut,” she whined, as she started plunging two fingers in and out of her own sodden twat, “I wanna suck daddy’s cock!”

“Oh, you little bitch!” I grunted, aroused by her lewd confession.

She giggled, really working making a mess of both our pussies.

“Tell you what,” I grunted, “Make mommy cum and I’ll see to it that you get to swallow your dad’s sperm, straight from his dick, okay?”

“Deal,” she replied as she really stepped up her game now, taking her fingers out of her twat and stuffing them into mine. As she also kept licking my sensitive clit, it didn’t take long for me to climax. Motivated by the promised reward, Kim vigorously licked and finger fucked me through two intense and hugely satisfying orgasms.

Eventually, I had to beg her to stop. Pretty proud of herself, she sighed and collapsed on the floor, completely exhausted.

“Alright, a deal is a deal, you little whore,” I whispered, after taking a minute to catch my breath, “Kirk’s at soccer practice. Now is as good a time as any… for your reward.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32