The Stranger in the Park

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The end of the working week signalled another bout of work-related drinking at the Moon & Sixpence pub in Perth’s CBD. Tonight’s slide into drunkenness was differentiated on two points: the first was the hot summer weather had given way to a week of torrential rain and thunderstorms, and Jacinta was spending the entire weekend with me which meant more time to explore our explicit fantasies. Where was Peter in all of this? He was ordered home by his wife at the end of the day.

It had been sometime since our threesome together, and that experience seemed to satisfy Peter and Jacinta as neither brought up the topic since. I would have quite happily participated in round two but perhaps the experience could never be bettered so why try when disappointment was the likely outcome?

At drinks, Jacinta and I always acted aloof to one and other to deflect any suspicion of what was going on between us. We’d been fuck buddies for most of the summer and as autumn was fast approaching, we might notch up six months together, but no-one in the office was any the wiser for it. Being a small office, everyone was friendly and during our nights out Jacinta and I would exchange banter in the company of our colleagues, but it was always clean. We would even exchange flirty glances at each other if we were chatting to other work mates. With Peter, the two of us acted like all the lads in the office. The three of us had quite the cosy — and secret – arrangement.

Anyhow, Peter’s enforced curfew didn’t stop him from chatting to us both throughout the evening on messenger, constantly moaning that he was bored and horny. Jacinta and I chuckled to ourselves and sent back replies designed to frustrate him more. As the alcohol kicked in, our three-way conversation evolved from flirty to filthy. Typical replies included:

“My pussy is so wet now, and I can’t wait to get fucked!” Jacinta.

“Looking forward to a three-hole weekend.” Me.

“Can’t wait to be three-hole fuck meat for my man.” Jacinta.

“Wish my arse was getting pounded right now.” Peter.

“Mmm, cum is my second favourite drink, but they don’t sell it here.” Jacinta.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got a full supply for you this weekend.” Me.

“I’m on the toilet peeing. I wish it was in your mouths!” Jacinta, outrageously.

I’ll be your toilet!” Peter.

“So horny right now, I’d suck cock, pussy and arse till you begged me to stop.” Peter, again.

“Go and wank then.” Me.

“Not the same as the real thing.” Peter.

On and on it went.

All three of us were super horny as the bells tolled midnight, but only two of us were going to get action this weekend. Peter always claimed he got nothing from his wife, but I’ve met her, and she’s a sexy woman. Slim and petite and blonde, very different from Jacinta’s solid, dark build. I was hard pressed to believe that someone as attractive as Peter’s wife had no interest in sex. Perhaps, it was Peter’s approach, or, more likely, he was getting woman sex but really craved the man-on man action that he’d been fantasising about for goodness knows how long.

Our three-way chat became silent not long after midnight, and we assumed that Peter had gone to bed. Speaking of which, I asked Jacinta how long she wanted to stay. There seemed to be no limit to the endurance of our work colleagues given very few had gone home at this time.

By way of a text reply, Jacinta asked me to meet her in the rear beer garden that backed on to Raine Square. Given the driving rain, there was obviously no patrons in the beer garden, but Jacinta pulled me under the protection of an awning. She undid the button of her pants and pulled down the zipper. Then, Jacinta grabbed my hand and pushed it inside her pants. I reached down her hairless crotch and gusset. My fingers were drenched in slime, Jacinta was overflowing with pussy juice!

“Isn’t it disgusting?” She laughed after seeing my reaction.

“No, it’s great,” I replied, passionately kissing her, “I want to drink that down!”

“I’ve already had a cheeky wank, and my pussy will not stop flowing!” Came the giggle of a schoolgirl.

“When did you do that?”

“Earlier,” Sighed Jacinta as my fingers were circling her clit, “When I sent that message to you two about being my personal toilet.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah, the thought of one of you, or both, made me gush!”

Two of my fingers were so lubricated that penetrating her tight love tunnel was super easy. Jacinta was now moaning gently into my ear, which drove me rock hard in an instant. I was about to suggest she lean against the wall so that I could fuck her, but then some non-work revellers came spilling out of the door to the deserted and rain-sodden beer garden. We were partially hidden by the darkness of the awning but would easily have been busted had this couple glanced in our direction. Suddenly, an arc of lightening lit up the environment followed by an overhead crack of thunder. With a giggle, this couple pulled their jackets over their heads and raced off into the darkness. Our Pendik Fetiş Escort little tryst remained undiscovered.

Jacinta was spooked by this encounter because those revellers could easily have been colleagues and might have spotted us, thereby exposing our secret romance. The weather was nasty, and water was dripping down the back of my neck.

“I think we’d better go inside,” Jacinta said, as she zipped up her pants. The scare might have damned the flow of pussy juice.

“Lead the way.”

“Can you go in through the front door?” Asked Jacinta, intent of preserving the secrecy, “Have your phone in your hand and say you took a call.”

“At this time of night?” That would be hard to believe, but the alcohol consumed would inhibit rational thinking.

“Let’s finish our drinks then you can take me home and fuck me senseless!” Jacinta said, kissing me hard on the lips.

We went our separate ways, and I spent a minute or two huddled in a doorway on Murray Street next door to the pub and reviewed our three-way chat from earlier. The back-and-forth seemed to indicate an appetite for another ménage-á-trois. Maybe, I’ll bring the topic up with Jacinta over the weekend.

I re-joined our colleagues who seemed none the wiser despite rain spots on my shirt. Jacinta flicked me a wink to indicate all was good. I noticed that her cocktail was still relatively full while my beer was one swallow from being drained. I decided to purchase a refill and wait until Jacinta’s drink was finished before suggesting we depart for my place.

While at the bar waiting to be served, I sent my message to Jacinta, who replied with an affirmative. I walked back to our group, but I became distracted and time seemed to drag, partially from the alcohol, from the lateness of the evening and my raging hard on at the thought of licking sopping Jacinta’s pussy dry (and anything else she cared to offer).

Finally, the signal was given to extract ourselves from the Moon & Sixpence without attracting any unwanted attention. I said my goodbyes first, exited through the back door again, made my way across Raine Square to the taxi rank on William Street and waited for Jacinta to join me.

Standing under the cantilever of a shop facing several cabs waiting for their drunken business, I noticed that the rain had slackened from its raging violence earlier in the day. The ambient temperature was warm enough that a coat or jumper wasn’t required, but damp clothes was not a comfortable experience.

At last, Jacinta’s familiar dark form rounded the corner and advanced to where I was standing. I opened the door of the lead taxi, and we both got in. Without thinking, I told the driver to take us to the park where the shopping centre was rather than directly home. That was the instruction I gave to cab drivers when Peter and I went back together because he lives at one end of the park and I the other, so that location is convenient for us. Jacinta seemed not to notice because she lives in a different suburb of Perth and is not familiar with Victoria Park.

It’ll be fine. The walk to my house is not more than five minutes, and the rain was tolerable. Jacinta and I held hands during the ride but otherwise said nothing, and mercifully the taxi driver was not a talker. When we arrived at the shopping centre, Jacinta shot me a quizzical look, but I shook my head. I paid the fare and we exited. I apologised to Jacinta and explained my error. She simply laughed and started walking in the direction of my house.

As we walked through the park, I pointed towards the road in front of us that led to my house and told Jacinta that was where I blew Peter a few weeks ago.

“That made me piss my bedsheets.”

“Nice one.”

“And over there,” I added, pointing to a bench nestled by an overhanging tree, “Was where I fisted his arsehole.”

“I think someone is over there.” Said Jacinta in a hushed voice and with an air of alarm.

I looked over and thought I saw the dark shadow of someone standing behind the bench the tree holding an umbrella. The figure never moved, however.

“Let’s get home ASAP!” I replied, sharing Jacinta’s concern.

Just as we picked up our pace, we heard the mysterious figure hiss at us, which chilled the blood in our veins. Then, immediately, we heard a familiar voice call out to us in a hushed tone.

“I wondered when you two were going to get here.”

“Peter, is that you?” I asked in an equally hushed voice.

“Yeah! Over here.” Peter stepped out of the shadows where the lights from the car park back lit his silhouette.

“What in fuck’s name are you doing here?” I demanded indigently.

“Hoping to run into you,” Peter began, somewhat amused by the surprise he generated at his presence, “But really, I couldn’t sleep and decided to go for a walk.”

“In this weather?” Asked an unconvinced Jacinta, as the two parties gingerly drew closer.

When we were convinced that the darkened figure was indeed Peter, we relaxed a little.

“How did Pendik Gecelik Escort you know we were going to be here?”

“I didn’t, but that was my good fortune when I saw you two emerge from the cab.”

Jacinta motioned for us to get out of the rain and to the relative protection of the tree by the bench. Peter’s umbrella was inadequate to the job of shielding the three of us from the slackened downpour.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were going for a walk?” Asked Jacinta.

“I didn’t want to intrude on your time together.” Came an unconvincing reply.

“How long have you been waiting?” Was my next question.

“I wasn’t waiting for you, per se,” Peter began, “I ‘m here letting off some steam if you know what I mean?”

“Naughty, naughty!” Jacinta let out a playful giggle and slapped Peter’s arm.

“How long for?” It was fast approaching one in the morning.

“Maybe twenty minutes.” Was Peter’s response, after checking his watch.

“Won’t your wife be wondering where you are?”

“Because I was tossing and turning a lot, she told me to sleep in the other room as she has an early start in the morning.”

“But she knows you’ve gone for a walk?”

“Yeah. She said I was fucking mad, turned over and fell back to sleep.”

All seemed a bit strange and contrived to me. I had no idea what Jacinta made of all this.

“I’ve done nocturnal ramblings before, so my decision is hardly new to her.” Added Peter, sensing our scepticism.

“Have you let off any steam yet?” Asked Jacinta in her usual way, eyes visibly fuller now.

“No. I was working up to it when the taxi startled me.”

“Yeah,” I added, “We’ve been lucky here that no-one has disturbed us, but it’s not the most discrete place for outdoor action.”

No, I can see that!” Laughed Jacinta casting her critical eyes around the park and recognising the exposure. We both fucked in public often during the week, but it is usually in firmly locked disabled toilets, well away from prying eyes.

The rain continued to fall, but it was lighter now and sensible people were indoors and in bed. Yet, here the three of us were standing underneath a tree in the middle of the night getting wetter by the minute which was not the wetness I sought.

“What you got there?” I noticed that Peter had brought a small backpack with him.

“Oh, a few things to get me started.”

“Such as?”

Peter grabbed the backpack, opened it up and produced a couple of European-style porno mags, and a bottle of Jim Beam.

“Looks like you were getting set up for an all-nighter?”

“Nah, I wasn’t going to drink the whole thing,” Peter responded with a derisive snort, “I’ve already polished off a load of beer, but this was for top-up purposes only.”

“What else do you have in there?” Asked Jacinta, noticing that the bag wasn’t empty.

Peter pulled out two items: a small bottle and what looked like a thin vibrator. The latter was obvious, but Jacinta and I both asked about the bottle.

“Amyl Nitrate.”

Judging by the stupefied looks on our faces, Peter went on to explain that the liquid is snorted and gives a tremendous high which is enhanced when combined with other substances such as alcohol and heightens the pleasure of sexual activity. Peter planned to get high and jerk off with the vibrator up his bung.

“Isn’t that illegal?” I asked incredulously.

“Erm, yeah probably,” Was Peter’s nonchalant reply.

“Where’d you get it?” Peter hesitated, and he seemed to turn read with embarrassment.

“I’d rather not say.”

When pressed by Jacinta, Peter admitted visiting a gay massage brothel in Cannington where he was invited to try this substance.

“I hope you used protection?” Asked Jacinta perplexed by Peter’s out of character behaviour.

“It wasn’t needed. I paid for an oily massage before being jerked to climax with a couple of fingers up my arse.”

“Was it good?” Continued Jacinta with more warmth.

“With this stuff,” Peter held up the bottle for our scrutiny, “I’ve never experienced anything like it!”

“Man, this gay sex fetish of yours is becoming an obsession!” I said, rather too judgementally.

“Yeah, I know,” Peter began, “After I left the parlour, I felt so bad, so guilty. Ashamed of what I did.”

There was a stunned silence at that juncture, punctuated only by the falling rain. Then, Peter continued his confession.

“A few days later, the guilt evaporated, and I couldn’t stop myself from returning to the brothel. This time, the masseuse told me where to get my own supply.”

“Oh, yeah?” I asked, wondering what trouble Peter was getting himself into.

“The masseuse made a call to a mate of his in Redcliffe,” By the airport, “then gave me the address and the cost.”

“And?” Jacinta prompted. Her hand was massaging her crotch through her pants, and she was clearly captivated with this story of descent and debauchery.

“After another fantastic massage, I made my way to the address given Pendik Genç Escort where this bloke answered the door and invited me in.

“He was clearly gay and not my type at all.

“He sensed my nervousness and poured me a bourbon before producing a bewildering array of bottles with quirky names.

“I explained how I came to be here, and he recommended a bottle for beginners. He generously offered me a sample to try, and it was terrific.

“I produced a wad of cash, and he told me that he would discount the price by half if I consented to sex.”

“Did you?” I was feeling angry, jealous that our comfortable three-way, mutually beneficial relationship based on sex was threatened by Peter’s actions.

“I was so horny by that point that I would have fucked the lamppost. I consented. We both had a snort of his personal favourite and more bourbon before he led me to the loungeroom.

“He put on some porn and took off his clothes. I did the same and, well, we just went for it.”

“What did you do?” The anger in me was becoming evident. To calm me, Jacinta stepped closer and placed a hand on my arm. Clearly, she had no issue with Peter’s activities.

“We fucked each other for a long time,” Confessed Peter, “and I did something I never thought I would.”

“And what was that?” Asked Jacinta in a barely audible tone, as if in breathless expectation of the answer.

“I won my brown wings.” Came a proud reply.

Jacinta let out a whisper of lust at this revelation as she grabbed her pussy through her pants. A small orgasm perhaps?

“How was it?” I asked, almost disgusted.

“Was ok,” continued Peter, seemingly oblivious to my rage, “I prefer orgasming from hand or mouth action. Felt weird shooting my load in a condom. Something I haven’t done since I was a teenager.”

The disclosure that a condom was used disarmed my anger somewhat.

“Was a good experience but not one I’m keen to repeat. I prefer our arrangements.”

Now, I was weapon-less and calm.

“Thing is,” Continued Peter, in full confession mode now, “I overindulged and before I knew it, the time was 11pm, and I was in the shit with the missus.”

“When did all this happen?”

“Monday,” said Peter, “hence why I wasn’t allowed out for drinks tonight. I told her I went for after work drinks and lost track of time.”

Made sense. Still, drinking, drugs and driving was so out of character for this family man.

“Can I try some?” Piped up Jacinta after digesting Peter’s sexual odyssey that broke another awkward pause.

“What?” I burst out, incredulous that someone like Jacinta, career-minded, results-focussed, would put herself at risk, inhaling an illegal drug.

“C’mon, live a little,” replied an animated Jacinta, “If these orgasms are what he says they are, then I want to try this!”

I admit that I was somewhat curious about the effect, and the promised sexual high, so I didn’t put up much resistance.

“Thing is,” Peter said, looking at his watch again, “I shouldn’t stay out too much longer.”

“How long?”

“Enough time for you to fuck me!”

Now, I felt warm inside again, like equilibrium had been restored. Warm that our tripartite arrangement remained intact.

“Then let’s get started,” I answered, simply.

“Yes!” Replied an ecstatic Jacinta.

Simultaneously, Peter handed me the bourbon and Jacinta the nitrate.

“What do I do?” She asked.

“Remove the lid and inhale through the nostril of your choice.”

Jacinta did as instructed as I watched in fascination, taking a long, deep swig of Jim Beam. We swapped bottles and repeated. I felt a slight burning sensation in my nose but nothing too objectionable.

Imperceptibly, the light-headedness from hours of alcohol abuse earlier in the day gave way to a feeling of euphoria, and I started giggling. Jacinta and Peter soon followed.

“How is it?” Asked Peter, as he drew the bottle to his nose for another blast.

I gave the a’ok sign while Jacinta merely exclaimed, “Fucking great.”

For a few minutes then, the three of us alternated with swigs of bourbon and snorts of nitrate until we reached our collective comfort zones. For my part, my euphoria brought rushing back to me, in vivid clarity, how turned on I felt earlier in the evening, and I grew rock hard in no time. Both Jacinta and Peter noticed me rubbing my cock before I knew I was doing it.

“You see, it’s working on Jason!” Laughed Peter, after he swallowed the last of the bourbon.

“I want to direct the action.” Stumbled Jacinta, unfamiliar with her euphoria, and trying to remove her pants. Wow, she wasted no time.

Jacinta sat on the rain-soaked bench, completely oblivious, and spread her legs.

“What do you want us to do?” Asked Peter, breath shallow.

“I want to watch you kiss!”

Readers will no doubt recall from previous instalments, that I broke my cardinal rule regarding M2M kissing, in a moment of riotous passion. In the cold hard light of the day, I had regrets that I kept to myself, vowing never to be so weak again.

My mental state, at Jacinta’s request, relaxed all inhibitions, including my kissing taboo. I looked at Peter, he at me, we smiled and melted into a passionate kiss. Our hard cocks pressing against each other through our jeans.

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